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On the bad side of things - Link and I have had our bikes stolen this week. Which sucks, since mine is my main form of exercise and his is his main form of transport. The thieves actually took pretty much all the bikes of the building. See, a large group of bikes was stored below the staircase in our apartment complex. The staircase is behind a locked door (for which you need a code). The bikes weren't tied to anything, but the wheels were locked together, which means that to get them, you need to either lift the bikes, or cut the locks. 

There was no sign of breaking in, so i'm assuming this is an inside job. Someone who knew someone who lived in the building got them to open the door, threw all the bikes in a truck and drove off. They took our bikes along with other bikes (those bastards!), they also took kid's bikes (well, that's even worse) and a wheelchair stored there (now, that's really horrible). 

I've already filed a complaint with the police and transferred said complaint to my insurances, who are going to give me money to buy new bikes, so I guess everything turned out okay. I loved that bike though, best bike I ever owned. 

On the good side of things, I saw Paranorman this week too. It was pretty amazing. It's really interesting to see what the can do with stop-motion these days. Those special effects? Stop motion. Laika is amazing. I already got dazzled by Coraline. Paranorman is even cooler. Although it felt more like a Halloween or thanksgiving movie. Out to early, perhaps? I was amused to see Vera Brosgol in the story credits, she's the comic artist that created Anya's Ghost. It does seem like her type of story :D

- Isa
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So, i'm still sick. I think i'm going to have to spend the week in bed. Sorry folks! I wish I could party. I do. But I have to stay here and look damn sexy in my baggy pajamas. Rrrrrrrr.

Good news today, Namesake is officially a year old. It's not doing quite as well as I would have hoped, but the updates go well, we seem to have a stable readership that goes up a bit every month and I still love doing it. So all and all, generally a success!

Other good news, the "Monster in Paris" soundtrack is available on the North American itunes. You have to type in the French name ("Un Monstre à Paris") to find it, but it's fun and includes the English songs. I can't wait to see this movie. I plan to go with a couple of the girls from the bookstore. :D

In... neutral news, one of my balcony chairs is pregnant. With a family of squirrels. We left the cushions on the chairs for too long, so a group of squirrels decided to dig inside of one to make a nest. We brought the undamaged cushion in and kinda let them have the other one for the winter. It's already ruined anyways. And it's kinda cute. There's babies and they stick their heads out for tiny holes. We'll probably take care of them a bit (remove the snow from the chair and such). It kinda sucks that they did that since the cushion was really comfortable and the chairs matched and they won't anymore if we buy another one... But...heh. Such is life. Sometimes stuff goes well, and other times, a squirrel eats your chairs.

Last and not least, you guys should check out this college humor video [ profile] ichiban_victory sent me while we were having a discussion about inappropriate female fantasy gear. Aka, nothing to protect those very vital vital organs.

Still working on commissions. I finished this one for [ profile] snapdragon!

That is all.

- Isa
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Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry for not posting while I was gone. The hotel charged us something like 40$ per night for the internet. It was outrageous. I was gone to Fanexpo up to monday at 3am. It was fun. Met cool people, got to meet Jeff Smith, got a portfolio evaluation from Marvel and got a really cool book about period costumes. We met a couple of Namesake fans who, I swear, have the best costumes, including a Tardis Lolita.

We didn't sell that many books, unfortunately. I think this con was more for small, cute commercial goods. Which is why, on the second day, I was struck with a stroke of genius, and started offering cutesy 5-minute-directly-in-ink-whatever-you-want-as-long-as-I-know-what-it-is-or-you-have-a-reference for 2$ drawings. Those were really popular, easy and fun. We sold a lot. I'll post a couple of the ones I did in the photos below. Be warned, I was asked to draw a lot of Harry Potter.

I drew a LOT LOT LOOOT more. These are just my favorites.

When I got home, I had to work my butt off to finish the Womantology pages in two days. I just got that done. Whew. A break.

Finally. In other news, you guys may have heard me gushing about the upcoming movie "A Monster in Paris". Well, good news. The movie is getting an English release. The dubbing seems really good, and i,m happy they kept Vanessa Paradis as the voice actress for the songstress in both languages. This means that we are getting a cool French animated movie overseas and that, living in Québec, I get to choose between the French original or the dub. Yaaay!

The english commercial is so different from the French, it weirds me out. In the French we learn that : Paris is under water. The monster is a bug grown huge by mistake by the male protagonists. The bug and the songstress sing together. Pretty songs are sung. The police dude wants to kill the monster, who is in fact, nice. A wild hot air balloon chase follows.

The english trailer : funny people, funny people, MONKEY MONKEY LOOK A MONKEY, funny people, animosity which is obviously love, background music and hey, by the way, there might be a monster in there. Behold, the difference.

Well, that's all for now.

- Isa
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 I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. It was fun! The animation quality was amazing. Really play up the kung fu movie classics and there's some amazing action scenes. The characters are still a ton of fun. And plushy. So much plushy. I'm also deeply in love with Tigress. Tigress. TIGRESSSSSSS!!! The story itself was pretty okay to good. Just like HTTYD, it's kinda predictable, but in a good way. It doesn't really feel like a second part. It kinda just feels like a took a long break watching a single movie. So that a good thing. 

The message of the story, that the present is what matters and that you basically shape your own future, no matter what your past is, was pretty cool. And well timed for me. Kung Fu Panda is speaking to me? Well played movie, well played. I need some changes in my life. And i'm currently working to make them happen. And Kung fu will help me, apparently. :D

Also, I need to take a second to talk about the colors in this movie. This movie was incredible on that point. so many beautiful colors and designs. Gaaah.

I also realized that almost all my favorite animated women are in the Dreamworks movies. 

LAYDAYS. Rapunzel is also part of them though. And so will most likely be Merida, from the upcoming "Brave" Pixar flick. Did you guys see the first images? She looks fierce. It's a shame the female director working on the movie had to leave the project.... So sad.

Oh, you probably noticed up there with the ladies : Loki and Darcy from the Thor movie. Thanks, [ profile] paynesgrey , I ship is now.  Did Loki even have a chick in the original comics? I know there's two Thor experts on my f-list. SPEAK UP!

I'm totally babbling right now. Dammit sangria. What are you doing to me? I went to grab lunch with a group of friends to say goodbye to a pal going out of the country for a couple of months. There was booze. I drank it. I'm sleepy now.


- Isa
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I seriously have a short temper lately, and I apologize for whomever is at the receiving end of it. I think the weather, multiple flues and sheer job annoyances are slowly reducing my patience in this fine powder-like substance. Grrrr. Oh well.

Today, I managed to get many of my "obligations" out of the way early, so I got to sketch a bit for fun, which happens rarely these days, unfortunately. So I drew sketches about "Labyrinth", that I had watched a few days earlier. 

I love that movie and it's it's 80's glorious Bowie-themed cheesiness. Link hates it. He calls it "that creepy children's movies from our childhood" *laughs*. He probably feels this way because he's not a girl, since mostly girls seem to have liked this movie for some reason (some reason other then the contents of Jareth pants, in my case). Too bad this story is still copyrighted, Sara fits the "Namesake" description to a T. Oh well. I'd still like to get my hands on the book that was the inspiration for this movie, "Outside Over There" by Maurice Sendak. I love Sendak's drawings and dark humor. I didn't manage to get my hands on one of his artbooks yet. I wonder what tools he used to draw...

Speaking of awesome drawings, an artist I strongly admire on deviant art just finished her animated movie. She studies at a school called "Gobelin" in France, which is basically one of the best, if not the best school for animation out there. And it show. Click on the image to see her beautiful film. and be sure to check out her deviant art too.

That's all for now, folks!

- Isa


Apr. 20th, 2011 03:09 pm
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So, I found a neat new pen brand to try out. It's basically a calligraphie pen, but instead of dipping it in an inkpot, it has a cartridge in it and comes in several sizes (my favorite being ultra-thin). In a way, using a cartridge pen is kinda lazy and expensive for no reason I guess, but I love how practical it is. I can carry these a lot easier then an ink pot. So far, the results are pretty good! So I might buy other sizes.

I drew Agha, the munchkin character from Namesake and Aang and Katara with it. Everything is adorable and classy. I'm kinda amused that Agha is so popular with the readers. I was kinda expecting people to find her annoying, but she's loved! Which makes me feel pretty good. I love "small" characters like her, munchkins, dwarves, hobbits... I'm sad they are often used as comic relief. I loved versions of dwarves that were as rocking and fantastic as elves. They deserve so much more love. I think I might actually draw a whole bunch of dwarves this week! :D

Did you guys heard about the Hobbit movie in preparation? There's BOUND to be some cool dwarves in that one. There's 12 of them!

I'm taking it easy this week. My health still seems a bit... iffy. My body feels overtired. But i'm still in good spirits. I'm going to try to make a bit of an update cushion for Namesake and work on my super-special-secret project. I can't wait to tell you guys about that one!

Oh, in June, I'm thinking of, for the second time ever, opening commissions. Try to see what I get out of it. Maybe nobody will want anything. First time I tried I got like... one. All money made with said commissions would be going to fuel the Namesake ads all over the internet. Anywho, we'll see. I,m not opening the commissions before then because the super-secret project is taking all over my time.

I have other super-secret awesome news... But i'm keeping it under wraps... until the next post!

...........I kinda screwed up Aang a bit. It's because of the new pen, I tell you!

Oh, it's rare but... MEME TIME! I actually like this one :

Meme taken from EVERYWHERE.

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will reply saying:
* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

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After a looong conversation with an artist friend last night, we decided to switch the gender of popular video game characters. I chose Mario (Maria), Luigi (Louise) and Princess Peach (Prince Paul). I also drew Daisy (David? Derek?) but I didn't manage to fit him in the sketch... so later... I'll try again.

Today, I saw "Rango". It was good. Though, it's really not for young kids. The movie is kinda violent and a lot of characters clearly die. It's a bit like "The Guardians" (you know, that armored owl movie). Pre-teens and parents will enjoy it. It uses a lot of amazing things from the western genre, re-creating scenes from classic movies almost frame-by-frame. The humor is subtle enough most of the time. There's a few fart jokes, probably in an effort to make things more kid-friendly. I loved the strange visuals, the western themes and the really, really strange mystical desert visions. If you like Clint Eastwood, definitely go see Rango. I mean, really. There's a Clint Eastwood easter egg. Basically, I really liked Rango. It's a bit weird and gritty, which is probably why it appeals to me... Also, one of the characters was a spunky female lizard, another a crow, and of course, there was a chicken with an arrow permanently stuck in his eye.... Heck yeah, strange creatures. and strange cacti... The whole thing kinda feels like a strange dream, in a good way.

Happy birthday to [ profile] yukinoomoni ! Have some Suki and Mai sketches!

- Isa
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This post is going to be a mix-match pile of stuff methinks. 

First off, my boyfriend is really awesome. I,m glad I have him around. He'll be doing all the coloring and shading for "Namesake" until i'm done with "Jabberwocky". This helps a lot. It's a good 6 hours of work I don't have to do every week. Yay! Plus i'm not very good at it so...

I found an amusing drawing on the internet showing how to create an icecream cake. I want to make this so bad. As soon as I have more free time, you bet this is happening! (Original art by the French Toast Girl). I love ice cream cakes. This one is like... custom. I should use soft sunday ice cream though. And maybe mix the cookie crumbs directly in it.... YUM.

For a lactose intolerant girl, I sure like eating them forbidden things.

Oh, and awesomeness - The studio behind the Gorgeous film "Secret of Kells" is working on a new movie called "The song of the sea". This movie seems inspired by fairy tales such as the "Mermaid Wife" or "The Seal woman". It's fairy tales similar to the "Feather dress" in the sense that it is about a fantastic being that sues a piece of cloth to change fro her magical form to a human form and that she is bound to a man who hides the cloth. Sometimes, the wife is truly in love. Other times, she is a prisoner. This type of tales are amazing, and i'm sure this animated film will be as well. I can't wait. 

Click here to watch the teaser trailer. Yes. You want to.

On this side, Jabberwocky is going well. Only 10 or so pages left, if I include all the extra drawings. Heck yeah.

As soon as Jabberwocky is done, I have a few commissions to work on (mostly, wedding invites for a few people). Then some storyboard work and some more comic work... I'm really busy but I love it. Though, as soon as Jabberwocky is over, i'll be able to put a bit more of my free time on the social side. The other projects aren't quite as insane. 

Drawing is awesome.

- Isa


Mar. 4th, 2011 05:29 pm
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 The trailers for Kung Fu panda 2 and Puss and Boots are now available online (click on the name to see the videos). I have no idea how good these movies are going to be, story-wise. I'm hoping they will rock. Then again, I like Dreamworks and their films, so i'll probably be happy with the result. And you really can't trust a trailer. However, I can honestly say that visually these movies look stunning. I mean, WOW. Especially Kung Fu panda. The colros, the fur, the fabrics. DAMN.

I also hope they will reference the original fairy tale in the Puss in Boots movie. Just... Because.

- Isa
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 Today I had a day off! As mentioned before, for the whole month of March, I took all Fridays off to work on Jabberwocky. So Today, I got up, prepared my stuff for the Geekfest convention that starts tomorrow and drew. While I was drawing, I decided to watch the "My little pony : Friendship is magic" series that [ profile] yamiloo , [ profile] earthstar_moon  and many others recommended. 

Damn. I kinda like it. 

I like the designs, I like the animation, I like the voice acting. Kinda like Samurai Jack, Tinkerbell, Avatar or Kim Possible, it's a kid's show that is quite watchable for adults. It was born from the imagination of Lauren Faust, who in addition of being a talented artist is deal model of what a female animator should be. She was also the animator of Sawyer on "Cats don't Dance". 

So yeah... I guess as I blast thru the episodes i'll have to think up of excuses to allow me to admit publicly that I like girly things and children's animation... Oh no, wait. guess that was already out in the open! Dodged a bullet there!

But seriously, it is a good show. It's the type of thing that I would buy on Dvd so that if ever have kids, they can watch it and instead of being annoyed by a bad, low-quality show, i'll be able to watch it with them and enjoy it. At least for the first 10 viewings or so. 

The show is all on youtube (for now), so check it out!

Oh, and have some centaur-rified versions of the ponies. I could not help myself. The only reason why these aren't inked and colored is Jabberwocky.

I've loved centaurs since I was a kid. When I was a kid, I even drew a study about a centaur transfert student (from Greece, of course) and his many adventures with his Canadian friends. Yeah, I was a dork that way.



Okay, back to work for me.

- Isa
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Art for my good buddy [ profile] torreadora of her character Jenny and two of her beaus, Jude and Eli. I could not decide what version of her character to draw, so I ended up drawing her in two different phases of her life, and inking the crap out of them.

I'm actually really glad I met [ profile] torreadora  and her sister [ profile] kit_a_licious because they are turning into indirect drawing teachers. I spend a lot of time looking at the art these two produce, and it's teaching me some new stuff about textures and lines. So thanks guys! :D

Another something beautiful to look at : [ profile] threeeyesworm  linked me yesterday to a video made by "L'école des Gobelins", a French animation school, possibly the best animation school in the world (graduates get hired by Disney a lot). I simply adore this video. It's the story of this seamstress in a doll world waiting for her come back from the war. He comes home... different. The seamstress tries to fix the world around her, but it's not so simple. This is like a mix of Howl's moving Castle, Disney's Fantasia and French war stories. And it's GORGEOUS. Please take the time to watch this and other things on the Gobelin's youtube channel. Well worth your time.

Seeing things like this reminds me of why I adore animation. It's simple, powerful and communicates with pretty much any viewer.

Some times, I wish I would have gone into animation, but i'm really more of a comic artist at heart. I don't think I would have been that good at it.

Tomorrow, i've got a day off! Link is heading to Ottawa to see some friends for New Year's. I'll be sticking around here (I don't know the people and I already lost a whole week of drawing.. I really can't afford to slack off for another 2 days). So i'll be around home, eating, inking and being buried in my fluffy new pajamas.

- Isa


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:19 am
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Animated features should beat Harry Potter!

As said yesterday, i'm going to be gone all weekend. I probably won't get to check Lj posts. So, if you can't reach me all weekend, that's why! don't do anything interesting without me (like taking over the internet!)

Oddly enough, one Deviant art again (and here) my art got compared to Dr Seuss once more. I really need to go check out Dr Seuss' books. I mean, i've seen the "Grinch" animated movie, which is kinda like Seuss' style but I don't see a resemblance. Maybe i'll see it more when I check out he books?

In other news - Link finally got an interview for a position in a video game company! I'm also applying to positions in other video game companies for 2D artists. Wish us luck. I'm making a tiny portfolio on "carbonmade" for the occasion.

Oh gosh, I watched the Nostalgia critic's two videos on top 11 Christmas specials (so 22 films, really). I got hit by such a wave of Nostalgia. Man! Some of my favorites were "Frosty the Snowman" and the Muppet's Christmas carol and Garfield's Christmas movie. The critic had also included South Park's "Critters Christmas". That made me laughs. That's a South Park episode I never tired of.

Yeah, I watch South Park. It's one of my guilty pleasures! I didn't actually like the show in it's first 5 seasons (when it relied on toilet humor). Nowadays, it's more of a social critique geared at mocking society and offending pretty much every social group in existence. It's cruel, rude satirical fun. I know a lot of you aren't into shows like that. But I really like this one. I'm really amused by the latest storyline with the kids dressing up as superheroes. That was hilarious!

Gark. I posted almost everyday this week. Yet, I drew no comics, neither for Namesake or here. I really gotta concentrate on comic-making. I'm such a fickle artist. Boooooo.

- Isa
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Just a little sketch of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. Inspired by the "Tangled" art book.

You guys "Tangled" comes out sooooon!!!!

This is SUCH a good year for animation. And with Ghibli's new feature "Arietty the Borrower" coming out in December, it's just going to get better. I just can't wait for this movie too. I love stories with "little people". And I love the Borrowers. And Ghibli. 

In a somewhat related note, i'm kinda getting tired of all the Dreamworks bashing. It's no secret that I adored Megamind. However, upon reading reviews of the movie online, I felt like the negative reviews were written by people that may have not have seen the movie at all. For starters, they got major plot points fully wrong. And also, almost all these reviews opened with the line "Dreamworks sucks". 

Personally, I love a TON of Dreamworks movies. All the Shreks minus the third, How to Train your Dragon, Megamind, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Antz, all feature among my favorite movies. Yeah, it's true, Dreamworks does seem to be very different from Disney. They have more "pop" references and have animation that seems to speak more to teens and adults then children. But is that really deserving of so much aggressive reviews? Even "How to Train your dragon" reviews opened with the line "Look, Dreamworks stopped sucking!" I found that wasn't fair. It's a good studio. Their work is just different. Not all animation companies can produce the same thing. Disney has the heartwarming. Dreamworks has the zany. And sometimes, they trade (Darkwing duck anyone?). Dreamworks are learning to be more subtle in their style (Megamind's pop culture references were very fitting of the character and story). So people really should give it more of a chance and stop dismissing it just because "It's Dreamworks". I'm sorry, but not being Disney should not be a crime.  So they had a few flops. So did Disney. The only flop-free studio seems to be Pixar. For now. Critics have been pretty harsh on Disney lately too (Bolt and The Princess and the Frog got ripped the shreds) but never on the grounds that they were a specific studio.

Little joke to conclude - You know how everybody jokes that Dreamwork's M.O. is to have critters do something critters that do something critters don't do? Well, the new M.O. seems to be "Gadgeteer genius switches sides, has a scaly companion, defeat something big and powerful and gets the girl while learning to be himself". This fits both Hiccup and Megamind. New trend? Perhaps.

- Isa
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The non spoilery part :

Well, I loved it. I feel this movie exists in the same unvierse as The Incredibles, Dr. Horrible and Despicable me. It's not the best movie of the yeah, but it has a nice mix of humor. It's a storyline similar to the Incredibles (in the sense that it subverts then confirms and plays with various superhero tropes) but with a bit more goofyness. The goofyness mostly comes from Megamind himself who is flamboyant and fun and has what I think is the BEST ANIMATED SMILE EVER. His smile is adorable and hilarious and wonderfully natural. Plus I have a thing for goody-two-shoe villains, i'm quite happy. So yeah. Good movie. I don't think it tops How to Train your Dragon, but it's still in the same vein. Most of the humor is based on wacky body movement and language and witty dialog. So I had fun.

Also, good god, so much leather.

The movie had an interesting storyline, but it wasn't unpredictable. Like Megamind himself, it's good old predictable villainery. However, the different twists and turn to get to the classical points in the movie that are interesting. It's kinda like the movie is a weird baseball game. They hit all the usual bases, but they do wacky and intricate backflips instead of running to one or another in a straight line. The way the story is told is really interesting too. Basically, you kinda expect where the movie is going, but the ride to get there is the original part. And I find that often makes the best stories. Familiar yet twisty.

My favorite part is how they decided to open with the ending. Very interesting storytelling choice.

And now for mild spoilers and spoiler-ish art :

Mild spoilers. Read if you've seen it, or if you're going like... tomorrow )

Oh. Stay after the animated credits. Little spoof visible there.

And I must say : teen Megamind is the cutest thing ever. End of story. 

And the music is by Hans Zimmer, so officially chock full of epic.

ALSO "BAD TO THE BONE" PLAYS. This had me rolling in my seat, laughing.
- Isa
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This Lj was created 5 years ago today (yeah, I created it on Halloween on purpose). That's 5 years of almost daily drawing posts. I,m really glad I have this. It's a great drawing motivator, gave the courage to start Namesake, and allowed me to meet amazing people whom I adore. GIVE ALL OF YOURSELVES BIG HUGS! I know i'm going to keep posting here for another long while. 

In other news, i'm not doing anything for Halloween, aside from watching spooky and pretty movies. It's a bit sad, considering how much I adore Halloween and look forward to it every year. But such is life.

If I could have a pet crow, I would call it "Phylactery". Because it's an object used by a lich to contain its soul, but also because in French, this word is used to designate a talkbubble.

Happy birthday [ profile] yamiloo ! Have some Nightingale sketches! I'm really looking forward to seeing this hero in action. remind me to make you a nice drawing when it's launched!

The Nightingale )

[ profile] brendala , have you seen today's google banner? It features the Scoobies! I saved it here for you :


Finally, my good buddy Von (the male half of [ profile] vonandmoggy ), has a new book out. You can read about said book and about ordering it here. I haven't read this one, but I've read his first book, "The road to god knows where" and found it very poignant. I have high hopes for the second. So help a comic artist out if you feel generous and want to read a great story!

So, a toast full of chocolate and good cheer to all my artsy, dedicated, and fun friends. Happy Halloween, thanks for reading, and stick around!

It only gets better from here.

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Namesake Image! This is the color cover for chapter 2 (see, I told you guys I was ahead). 

Lately i've been drawing while watching Disney movies. I re-watched "The rescuers down under" and watched for the first time Tinkerbell's Movie. I had never seen that movie, and didn't really want to that much, since it looked more kiddish then normal Disneys. Turns out, it was okay. It was really kiddish, but I have to admit I loved the opening sequence (aside for the cheesy narration) where Tink was born. I was a little bugged by the fact that Tink could speak (it violates Peter Pan's original story) but I liked the fact that fairies had a specific ability. Then I had to get over the fact that Tink had Katara's voice and that Glinda was another one of the fairies. Though the whole Katara thing gives the parts where Tink is manipulating water a fun new dimension. The fairy friends are okay. I found them kinda funny, aside from the stupid Tinkers WHO TRY TOO HARD TO BE FUNNY. Tinkerbell turns out to be the fairy of Lost Things. I kinda liked that. I was amused that, at the end of the movie, she returns a toy to a little girl called Wendy. Well, if it's the same Wendy that meets Peter Pan, it's kinda ironic that the little girl that first inspired Tinkerbell will be the future target of her hatred. 

In any case, cute movie. Definitely watchable. But also REALLY aimed at kids. A good thing to watch while doing something else or if you have kids.

Rescuers was still as awesome as I remembered. GIANT. EAGLE.

My parents came by yesterday to visit and bring a brand new drawing table. The Ottawa university just gutted my mom's department. A good bit of furniture was gotten rid of, including a giant drawing/light table. My parents saved the table from a faith in the trash. So now I have a 30-year table who is in great shape! I think nobody was using it. Not since the internet lets people print stuff rather then trace it for presentations (It's the children's education department). We then ate a restaurant and they left.

Today my friend Sandra. We went on a quest for screws (to fix the chair of the drawing table), ate food, drew a bunch and watched "Secret of Kells". By the by, Secret of Kells is a magnificent European chidren's animation. All of you who love animation, please rent it. It's...amazing. The storyline is a bit harder to follow (it's not built like an american movie), but it's amazing none the less. Don't believe me? Check it out. 

*laughs* All I talk about is drawing, animated movies and food! Shows you guys what I do as of late. I'm busy, yet not busy at the same time. It's a little odd. But I think this weekend showed that I should go out more.

- Isa
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 Tada! Finished coloring my Slayers picture!

I rather like how it turned out :

I tried using the canon colors, but I altered a few. Because honestly, some of these are UUUUUU-GLY. Why is Beige so popular in the slayers world? It's mostly a forest world. It doesn't even camouflage! My favorites in this are Amelia and Naga. I tried to make them look alike.

Video spamming of the week : first off, a video from Batman the Brave and the Bold showing Black Canary, Catwoman and... a third one I never recall (basically, the birds of prey trio) getting caught and escaping the villains using an enchanting musical number full of super-hero negative innuendo ("Flash is sometimes too darn fast!"). Second, another Tangled trailer. This trailer is my favorite. I loved the first one because it was action-paced. The second I disliked because all the princess did was call for help. This one gives us a bit more of the princess' personality. I just want to hug her. She's adorable!

In other news, I saw "Legend of the guardians - Owls of Gahoole" this weekend. Aka, 3d movie of epic owls. Epic Owls wasn't bad. The animation was, well... Epic. And the story was pretty good, though it had a pretty distinct "Star Wars" meets "Lord of the Rings" flavor. I'm still amused by the OWL BLACKSMITH. And the use of pop songs by a group called "Owl City" (good group too. I rather like them). Overall, without spoiling, I would have to say it's a good movie, worth a watch. But it's the less good animated movie to come out this year. Then again, this year had some pretty mind blowing movies. The competition is hard.

I need to buy new glasses. I hate mine so much. Most unconfortable things ever. and I have to wear them ALL THE TIME. GRRR.

- Isa

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 As promised to [ profile] snapdragon76  and [ profile] lycorne , my next nostalgia-themed fanart is Rainbow Brite.


I tried to keep the characters in their original hair and costumes instead of "updating". I learned quickly everyone had "Toph" hair (think she invented the hair ball? THINK AGAIN). This is basically all the color kids, plus Rainbow Brite, Krys, Moonglow, Stormy, Brian, Baby Brite (who turns in the Sphere of Light), Starlite the horse and On-X the

Everyone kinda always forgets about poor Brian, the human who was given a key allowing him to visit and see Rainbow Brite. You know, I always though it was amusing when a male character was given a magical key in old tv shows. Especially to go visit a girl. My mind always went the way of the dirty metaphor. I'm sorry.

If you're looking for a good place to refresh your memory about the characters and the episodes, be sure to check it out here :

This took a long time. didn't really work on much else because of this, but I've been feeling sick since Friday morning. And relaxing drawings are good to keep me occupied without killing of my energy levels.
Hey, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is coming out soon! This movie's trailer is composed mostly of epic shots of epically flying owls in epic armor. But I haven't heard much about it. Does anyone know how the reviews are? I mean, aside from people going "ooooh, shiny!"

- Isa


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:44 pm
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 So, Today was a brain dead Isa dead. Returning to work combined with the fact that I spent the weekend working double on my comics... I'm really tired. I needed an evening of nothing but internet and calm to make me feel less like a zombie and more like me. I still drew a bit, but it made no sense :

A gothic lolita with a faun? What? See, this is why I need to take brain days. Looks cool though.

I also made sketch of Lady Amalthea for [ profile] snapdragon . I loved her sad eyes in the Last unicorn. Drawing her reminded me of my love for the series Elfquest. Boy, when I was younger I was in a huge Elfquest/Last unicorn kick. so I drew a lot of sad looking pale skinned pretty girls and elves riding mystical creatures. Anybody else remembers Elfquest? I still love it, though i'm not really impressed by all the spin offs. My favorite character is and remains Skywise. I think him and Schmendrick are the ones who started my love the the sarcastic ones in a group. 

The Elfquest books got translated to french in color, which is why i'm aware of the series despite the fact that I didn't talk English as a kid. I remember my school library had the first 10 books. One was too damaged, so my mother (who worked there) needed to throw it out. She gave it to me instead. It was my precious for years. I STILL own that destroyed book. I tried to salvage it with tape and read it delicately. Lately, I bought all the english re-prints. Man. I loved this so much. If you don't know this and you like elves/nostalgic comics, read it now.

Aside from that, i've been craving the 50's. I want to buy a bunch of dresses from that era. I don't even know why! Why am I so obsessed with clothing from the 50's and 60's? 

If you guys know a good website aside from Etsy where I can get my 50's fix, let me know.

- Isa


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