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Yesterday, I was responsible and made list of my tasks for 2012-2013, to meet the goals I had previously listed. Everything from "draw this comic" to "buy a rice cooker". So, the short-to-long termness varies. Feels good to have this. Makes me feel less...idle? Seems to have re-ignited my motivation a bit, which is good.

I'm trying to find something creative I can do that isn't drawing. To relax. Because when I draw, although i'm always having fun, it's still somewhat "work" in my brain. I dunno. It needs to be something I know i'll do. I was thinking either learning a language or starting painting. I never really learned painting all that much (preferring to work with ink and watercolors rather then acrylic). Mostly because colors and me don't get along all too well. I figured i'm enough of a beginner at it for it to feel different from drawing. Either that or wood burning, maybe? Mwer.

In others news, I recently discovered the pure, granny talent that is Sheilah Beckett. Can someone please just publish an artbook of all her stuff? I promise everyone will buy it.

Kinda fell in love with a Cat's Cradle, a youth comic by Jo rioux. Which is interesting, becasue I knew Rioux's art from this series of books I found a bit flat (which she did not write), so I was happy to see her colorful and adorable art with a good story.

On Tuesday, at the bookstore,someone asked for :

“That book everyone reads, it’s by this like, popular guy, it’s about this guy that goes crazy and talks to dead people.”

Aka Hamlet.

Made me want to draw Hamlet. Maybe i'll draw Lady Macbeth later. 

That is all.


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 Today, I gave a class in a school about manga during the lunch break. I expected maybe 40 or so teenagers. Turns out, I got 100. Yowza. I still owned though. so that was fun. It's fun to see kids excited about comics. I've got another tomorrow in another place. I love doing these things. It pays well, it's fun and it's about comics. Can't complain. 

Generally, stuff is advancing really well. The Namesake Kickstarter is almost over. Whew. 

For TCAF, I want to get a little sketchbook of my inked works printed as well. I designed the cover. I really love it. I got all my drawings scanned and prepared for the sketchbook. All that's left is to send it over.

The Namesake book is almost all done too, thanks to the efforts of myself, Megan and Link. I still need to design a few things for the necklaces (to be sold) and to draw all the kickstarter rewards. So, i,m not out of the forest yet, but I can see the lgiht shine thru the trees. I can definity go back to having a normal life after next week. Until the next insane project, that is.

I also just finished watching the BBC series of Sherlock with Link, Sherlock being a modernized version of the tales of Sherlock Holmes. It's really, really, really good. I don't know the books that well, but I did notice a few things they took from the source material. I really admire the writing team for their efforts and the actors are just brilliant.

Welp, i'm off to collaspse on a couch now. today was productive, but tiresome.

- Isa
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I think that my be my favorite portrait of myself ever. Of course, there's a skull, chubbiness and something causing me pain. I think this proves that I have a low self-esteem and a high appreciation for skulls. Now sure why. I wish I had a full, authentic crow skeleton in a frame I could display. Skeletons are really interesting to me. :D

Sooooooo, mostly i,m doing a post, because I figured I should. I got very distracted on this side and kinda forgot to speak to the internet. Hello internet! 

Things calmed down, but they are about to pick back up! I need to catch up on Namesake, and i've got another secret project starting. I think I just cursed myself to stay busy.

I'm very, very sad that Diana Wynne Jones, writer of many awesome fantasy books, including Howl's Moving Castle, has passed away this weekend. She was one of my favorite writers. I kinda feel like buying and re-reading all her books now. She was a pretty dynamic lady, with a lot of imagination. And she deserved to see her work adapted as an animation.

This weekend, I am visiting my family in Ottawa. My friend Fauve, who is in the process of preparing a wedding, as asked me to accompany her and her friends to a Wedding Convention thing while i'm there... I'm told it's a lot like a Comic Con, but with more loud females (I didn't think that was possible) and more revealing and poofy costumes (again, I didn't think it was possible to beat cosplayers). Hey, at least i'll have comic material, amiright? I'm also going to celebrate my brother's birthday and do my taxes. Woo. I kinda want to download a movie to watch on the trip. Two hours sure fly by when you are watching a 2 hour movie.

Music wise, I am currently in love with Kate Nash's Skeleton song and Sara Bareilles' Fairy Tale. Are my music tastes getting jazzy? Or something?

- Isa
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Inspiration is a funny thing. I didn't have ideas for sketch comcis for like, ever. And now that i'm working on Jabberwocky and have no free time to speak of, I have a TON of ideas. Muse, you sneaky bitch. I noted all the ideas down though. So hopefully when i'm done... COMICS!

But for now, you guys get Jabberwocky! Page 1 :

I almost replaced the text with "Oh hai. I'm just here with mah sword. Being EPIC"

The art on my Jabberwocky pages is okay. If I had a whole year to work on this project, it totally would have been better. But for something done in a single month, it's quite good. Not bad, but not perfect either. Definitely got the woodcutter style down at least. I really hope people will find this comic pretty and pick it up. argh, so nervous. "Psychopompes" will definitely have better art. This is slightly above "Namesake" level. Don't get me wrong, "Namesake" still has some dang good art. But it's not perfect.

I'm a perfectionnist-obsessy-face-workaholic.


My art has levels and layers. Just like ogres. Or cake.

In other news, i'm happy. I love manga and anime, but I haven't had many series I was really excited about lately. We have more series and books being translated, but it kinda feels like a lot of it is crap. But, I found a few things I feel in love with. First off, FLCL. I'm falling in love again because they just re-realeased this OAV on blue-ray and despite being rather down on my cash right now, I bought it like it was on fire. I'm so happy.

My second great love of Japanese origin right now is Otomegatari (by Kaoru Mori), the story of a married couple living on the silk road back in the 1500's. Why do I love it? Well, first off, despite being manga, it feels like anyone could read it and understand the cultural aspect. The focus on the every day lives and characters is gorgeous. And finally : THE DETAILS.


This is an example of how I want my inking to look one day. awesome.

This book is getting translated to English and French and should be available for pruchase in May. For now, I read the scanlations online. But I really want to buy this printed. To really take in the lavish illustrations.

Gaaah so awesome.

- Isa
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Hear that? That's the sound of my brain melting.

Well, no, not really. I got better.

Long story short, you guys know I work both on printed comics, an online comic and some random illustration work (plus my random tech support day job at 37 hours per week).

I was working on "Psychopomps" this week, with the help of [ profile] putri_nih  and [ profile] dqbunny . I was working on dialog and storylines and basically doing "thumbnails" (aka small sketchy versions of the real pages) and I realized pretty quickly that "Psychopomps" was freaking LONG. I'm talking 100 pages here. And this comic needed to be finished in two months so it could be presented and sold to the TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival).  Now, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can draw 100 pages in 2 months. No, really. But only when i'm not working. If I was jobless, this comic would have been draw, colored, printed and wrapped weeks before the TCAF. But since I do have and require a job to live, this isn't going to happen.

Because i'm such a stable girl, this send me in a weird spiraling loops of freaking out. I wanted to finish this comic for the TCAF. I wanted to go to the TCAF to meet a whole bunch of artists friends. I wanted to achieve this.

But yeah. I'm not an idiot. I realize that under the current circumstances, it ain't happening. My editor reassured me that he had no problem with me getting this done later and therefore only presenting it at the TCAF for next year. So I guess 2012 will be my year for comics. I plan on having two wonderful books ready for the 2012 comic conventions.

I wish I had cash that fell out of the sky or something.

I was still going to work hard on the off-chance that I manage to finish in time for the TCAF, but really, I think it would be better if I took my time and produced good pages with good inking instead of pages inked quickly in a fashion that just screams "PANIC". Because inking by hand can look great, but not when you nervously squibble.

I wish I could draw all day and get income that way.

Guess i'll need to work on my portfolio and start applying to agencies for artists and such.

ALSO REALLY GOOD NEWS : Link finally got a job as game designer in a small company. He's finally going to be able to live off his art, after 5 years of trying. I'm so happy, proud and jealous at the same time. This calls for an epic party.

Sorry for unloading on you guys again. But your comments always make me feel better! :D HUGS ALL AROUND!

Have an Alice and Lewis Carroll drawing. This got turned into a colored donation wallpaper for Namesake.

- Isa
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 I had a bit of free time this weekend, so I drew this. You know that as soon as Minion puts them down, they are going to Accio a can of woop-ass. I love these three movies to bits, even though I haven't seen "Tangled" yet. I've seen Harry Potter though. I want to draw jokes about it, but i'm gonna wait another week and give everybody the time to see it before pummeling you guys with Potter-humor!

However, I have to say, my favorite part of the movie was the animated sequence where they told the story of the deadly hallows. Death looked great. I also want to draw pictures of the trio. A few people have asked me to, actually. They wonder what the trio would look like by my hands.

Anybody else feels Hermione is too pretty? Wasn't she suppose to be sorta homely? I guess the movies needs sex appeal. The twins grew so tall too!

I wish Voldemort was a bit more human. He looks, moves and talks very un-real and campy-like. I dunno. I would find someone who looks like THAT but talks in a dignified, regal, normal voice and moves like a gentleman to be much, much creepier. I always imagined Voldemort to move in a really regal fashion. More like Snape I guess. 

Happy late thanksgiving to all the Americans on my F-list. I hope you all celebrate with your families. I kinda want this holiday to evolve into "family and being thankful" then "Pilgrims offing some natives with guns and diseases".

- Isa
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 Whew. I managed to finish the first ten pages of my printed comic Psychopompes. The first ten pages are needed for a preview magazine. So, that's a whole week to sketch, ink, shade and letter 10 pages. Didn't think I could do it, but I did. I spent my vacation on this. Tired now. I'm happy with the result.

I can't show you guys the actual pages. But here's a few select panels from those pages, just so I can show off a bit.

Aside from that, i'm loving all the Tangled (Disney's "Rapunzel") concept art all over the internet. Behold :

Tangled concept art AKA BEEAUTIFUL STUUUFFFF )

As always, Disney knows how to do expressions. I love it. I hope the artbook for this movie will be instructive. Pixar artbook tend to be a bit meh. I,m hoping the Disney 3D animated feature ones might be better. You can learn a lot from artbooks.

- Isa
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To continue on yesterday's post about how my free time most be divided between working my art and anything social or cultural I need to be doing... I feel like my cultural knowledge is going down lately. I used to read books for classes, and even in class (I was bored). I learned so many fun things. I used to keep up with newspapers too. Nowadays? Not so much. The more I seem to work to make books, the less I seem to actually read them. I have a pile of novels and comic books wanting to be read in my living room.

Really Cool Book # 1 - Read me Isa! I will teach you about German expressionism!
Isa - ....grmbl....not now. Busy.
Awesome Book #5 - No, read me! I'll teach you about Lewis Carroll and his life!
Isa - .....Guys, c'mon...
Random comic #3 - What about me? I take traditional characters in a new compelling direction with strange spooky art!
Isa - I...what.....?
Dvd I just bought #6 - DOGPILE!
Isa - Aaaaaauuuuugh! *is dogpiled*

I used to read a lot of books on the way to work. You know, back in Ottawa when it took me about an hour to get there. Nowadays, it takes 30 minutes, and that's including 10 minutes of walking and a switch between the subway and a bus. It's just harder to read.

So I decided to use technology some more. I watch movie when I draw thanks to the computers in the studio and i'm finally trying out Audio Books. Hopefully this will bring my cultural levels up. Or something. I'm beginning to feel pretty stupid when I talk to people. *laughs*


Aside from that, here's a little peek at "Psychopompes", the printed comic i'm working on. This book is basically based on a story by Sartre called "The chips are down". It's about a couple who awakens in a (highly texturized) version of the underworld and are told they weren't suppose to die. They are sent back for 24 hours to fall in love and fill out their roles has soulmates. I focus greatly on the character travelling thru the underworld to reach the door that leads back to the surface. The characters meet odd and terrifying creatures of all kinds and, of course, death, who doesn't really like seeing her good work being sent back up.

Hopefully this will be good. I have high hopes for this comic.

First page, when the male lead called Lucien wakes up in the underworld, not remembering who he is, or his own death. he'll remember gradually later. That knife he wakes up next to? Yeah, that's how he died. Of course, there was someone holding that knife at the time. XD

More Psychopompes sketches below cut )

This comic is in french, but i'm going to try to get some english prints too. :)

- Isa


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