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This is a commission. Someone asked me to draw Toph and Mai from "Avatar the last airbender". Who are both very, very awesome. At first I was going to draw them all action-posed, but Mai and Toph are the type of rich, badass chicks that just kinda like to chill. So here they be, chillin'.

It's almost Christmas, you guys! Today I need to clean my apartment, wrap presents and finish Namesake pages! I bought a lot of sugar and gingerbread cookies to add some cheer in my belly. And have have wrapping paper featuring jolly dancing santas. So all in all, I gotta say I have the spirit this year. :D

- Isa
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So, i've been kinda ditching my artwork and seeing folks this week, mostly a group formed by the girls from the bookstore I work at. Hum, everyone is awesome? All the girls are kind, funny, creative, and we get along extremely well. We've got ideas for themed meetings and a list of movies to watch that should last us for the next two years, or something. It's turning into a fun little exchange group, since almost everyone is an artist or a writer. It's like... Ah, I dunno what it's like. Amazingawesometastic? Can that be a word? It's that fun.

I actually feel a lot better then I have for a while. I lack time, I lack health a bit, and I lack money, but I feel surrounded by great people, old friends, new friends, online friends, family, inspirations, and despite that glitches from my life I actually feel like I could cut a mountain in half with a chopstick. It's a good feeling. So, happy Isa. :D 

I think I just needed a break and more balance or something. I need to learn to relax more. Be zen with the bad in my life when it happens.

One of the girls of the group even drew this really great Namesake fanart. I mean, look at it. Doesn't it just rock?

Also, I just learned that this new "Avatar the last airbender" comic is coming out. It's basically what happens between the end of Aang's series and the beginning of Korra's. YES, PLEASE. I just want to draw Aang and Katara a million times. Yes. I think I might just do that.

- Isa


Jul. 15th, 2011 12:14 am
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Because it makes me happy!

I like all ships, so sue me.

This is repetitive of the last twenty posts, BUT... I really need to get my head in the game. Lately, I seem frustrated and impatient, and people like [ profile] dqbunny waste way too much of their time calming me down. I made a list of my ongoing projects. It makes me feel busy, but reassured since I can see the evolution. I really need to figure out why i'm so angry all the time lately so I can stop. I have issues and I'm always pissed off when I see people. That's no fun. I know there's a fun loving Isa somewhere in here. I just need to put her in the forefront and leave depressed Isa in the back. It's only been 2 weeks since I left the weird job, so i'm probably still EEEEEH because of that. But I really hate this. I hate being so angry all the time. :( A couple of people told me I should go see a professional to deal with my frustration and depressions, and maybe I should.

Well, enough of whining. I do too much of that too.

Well, tomorrow, there's Namesake sketching. That always puts me in a right mood.

Also, yay confortable work shoes! I bought some great shoes for the whole standing-all-day deal my new job is all about. So long, back pains. You will not be missed.

Watched The Gobelet of Fire with the boyfriend. Mc Gornagall is my favorite professor. EVER. Way to be amazing, Minerva.

Also, did you guys know that there's this French comic for pre-teens that is basically a steampunk version of "the little princess"? I'm not kidding. Sarah Crewe's dad is the head of a robot/android making company with a factory in India. The story is pretty much the same as the original novel (that I loved as a kid) except with cool background events. It's a really interesting adaptation and it's quite popular i'm told. I'm thinking of taking photos of the books I read for work (yep, i'm required to read what we sell to help customers. How cool is that?) to kinda share this experience. In this one, the story is pretty good (the novel is excellent after all, for pre-teens). The steampunk setting kinda helps a couple of the more... dated elements to seem a bit fresher and less offensive. The art is really, really influenced by manga and kinda weird-looking, but it gets better as the books come out, so at least it's evolving nicely. Check it : 

Princess Sarah )

- Isa
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Man, I want to draw a bunch of comics so bad. I'm really loving all these comics other artists are posting online. Short little things, just a couple of pages, but always so gorgeous. Like Emily Carroll's dream journals or Ryan A.'s strange and dark universe. Love. Love. Love. There's just a huge lack of short comics i'm not doing. This journal needs more comics. All I keep posting is illustrations. Comics dammit! COMICS!

At least i'm motivated.

Still no news about the trip to France to attend the Lyon Comic Festival. I'm going to clear that up this weekend with my editor. Which is a good thing because this is currently super-last-minute. Yikes. I'm currently working on drawing all the Namesake pages I need so that the comic updates while i'm gone. Considering there's like.... 12 pages needed, I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. Thankfully, friends have offered to do some guest art, so whether I manage to or not, at least the comic will update. I don't want to go on hiatus. I really feel like going on a hiatus while the comic is still developing like that is basically putting a death sentence on it. So i'm using other solutions.

In other news, my parents are back from their travels across the USA. My mother actually got me some Alice and Oz themed stuff she found around (they also stayed at an Alice in Wonderland themed Inn. No joke. STEAL THE LAMPS, MOM. STEAL.)

I started sketching again in this simplistic style I really enjoy but don't use often. Here are the "Thor", "Avatar" and "Namesake" themed results.

- Isa
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So, for the past couple of days, me and Link gained Window Squirrels. To get to the balcony of our apartment, there's a door, surrounded by two windows. The windows a composed of an exterior panel you can open, a bug screen, and then an interior panel. Basically, there's space in between the two panels for something like a squirrel to reside. We left the outside panel of one of the windows open. And sure enough, the next day, Link and I notice a little squirrel sleeping there. The next day, a whole family of squirrels decided the window rocked and moved in. There was 5. 3 were sleeping, and two were climbing all over the bug screen. Of course, they were basically destroying the bug screen, so Link had to shoo them out. He stepped out to the balcony, and all the squirrels panicked and climbed to the top of the window on the screen. He basically slid the screen panel until they had to drop and run out. And the the outside panel was closed to prevent further squirreling.

But sleeping squirrels are the cutest thing ever, no joke. :D I could see the squirrels from really, really close. It was awesome.

Aside from that, I decided to work on some more fanart prints for future cons. Presenting, some idea for Avatar : The Last Airbender. I love most of the canon and fanon couples, so I decided to draw a "kataang" (Katara/Aang) and a "Zutara" (Zuko/Katara) set of pictures that would basically be companion pieces. You could get both, or just your favorite.

Both show the couples together, with lanterns, in a window. In both images, the elements of wind and fire are present. In Aang's case, I used good old sky lanterns and an Indian design for the window. In Zuko's case, we get classical Chinese paper lanterns, and a window inspired by China as well.


Here are the sketches!

I kinda wanted both images to have the mood usually associated by fans to the couple. So one is super cuddly and happy, and the other on the angsty, soft side. Enjoy.

- Isa
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 So, not much to say today. I'm glad this week is over. I'm just going to stay in my apartment and draw for the weekend. I tried seeing if some people felt like going out, but nobody responded :(

Just as well though. I'm feeling inspired, so I might as well put this inspiration to good use!

I started getting into new series to pass the time as I drew. I just downloaded massive amounts of Doctor Who off itunes (all series are 12.99$ right now, so i'm quite happy!). I've never watched Doctor Who. I hope i'll like it. I also started watching "Walking Dead", the zombie series based on the comics by the same name. It's an interesting experience for me. Because I really enjoy horror, but I spend most of it utterly terrified, and have nightmares. Link says it's because I have an overactive imagination that just takes whatever creepy suggestions it gets as paranoia fuel. He's probably right. It's a good series though. Surprisingly quiet. 

I also re-watched a couple of videos but my favorite comedians. Figure I should introduce you guys to Laurie Eliott, whom I adore :

Also, have some sketches! I've been procrastinating and drawing my Namesake pages slowly, so unfortunately, these sketches are pretty unfinished. An aang and Katara for [ profile] the_flowergirl . A table was suppose to be involved, but apparently tables are too cool for me to draw them, because they refuse to get drawn. And some Harry Potter sketches!


Apr. 20th, 2011 03:09 pm
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So, I found a neat new pen brand to try out. It's basically a calligraphie pen, but instead of dipping it in an inkpot, it has a cartridge in it and comes in several sizes (my favorite being ultra-thin). In a way, using a cartridge pen is kinda lazy and expensive for no reason I guess, but I love how practical it is. I can carry these a lot easier then an ink pot. So far, the results are pretty good! So I might buy other sizes.

I drew Agha, the munchkin character from Namesake and Aang and Katara with it. Everything is adorable and classy. I'm kinda amused that Agha is so popular with the readers. I was kinda expecting people to find her annoying, but she's loved! Which makes me feel pretty good. I love "small" characters like her, munchkins, dwarves, hobbits... I'm sad they are often used as comic relief. I loved versions of dwarves that were as rocking and fantastic as elves. They deserve so much more love. I think I might actually draw a whole bunch of dwarves this week! :D

Did you guys heard about the Hobbit movie in preparation? There's BOUND to be some cool dwarves in that one. There's 12 of them!

I'm taking it easy this week. My health still seems a bit... iffy. My body feels overtired. But i'm still in good spirits. I'm going to try to make a bit of an update cushion for Namesake and work on my super-special-secret project. I can't wait to tell you guys about that one!

Oh, in June, I'm thinking of, for the second time ever, opening commissions. Try to see what I get out of it. Maybe nobody will want anything. First time I tried I got like... one. All money made with said commissions would be going to fuel the Namesake ads all over the internet. Anywho, we'll see. I,m not opening the commissions before then because the super-secret project is taking all over my time.

I have other super-secret awesome news... But i'm keeping it under wraps... until the next post!

...........I kinda screwed up Aang a bit. It's because of the new pen, I tell you!

Oh, it's rare but... MEME TIME! I actually like this one :

Meme taken from EVERYWHERE.

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will reply saying:
* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

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After a looong conversation with an artist friend last night, we decided to switch the gender of popular video game characters. I chose Mario (Maria), Luigi (Louise) and Princess Peach (Prince Paul). I also drew Daisy (David? Derek?) but I didn't manage to fit him in the sketch... so later... I'll try again.

Today, I saw "Rango". It was good. Though, it's really not for young kids. The movie is kinda violent and a lot of characters clearly die. It's a bit like "The Guardians" (you know, that armored owl movie). Pre-teens and parents will enjoy it. It uses a lot of amazing things from the western genre, re-creating scenes from classic movies almost frame-by-frame. The humor is subtle enough most of the time. There's a few fart jokes, probably in an effort to make things more kid-friendly. I loved the strange visuals, the western themes and the really, really strange mystical desert visions. If you like Clint Eastwood, definitely go see Rango. I mean, really. There's a Clint Eastwood easter egg. Basically, I really liked Rango. It's a bit weird and gritty, which is probably why it appeals to me... Also, one of the characters was a spunky female lizard, another a crow, and of course, there was a chicken with an arrow permanently stuck in his eye.... Heck yeah, strange creatures. and strange cacti... The whole thing kinda feels like a strange dream, in a good way.

Happy birthday to [ profile] yukinoomoni ! Have some Suki and Mai sketches!

- Isa
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I'm taking a small drawing break tonight because I drew my arm off this weekend. As many of you know, I was at the Geekfest convention this weekend, hosting a little activity called the "Quickdraw" where people described things and got free 5minute sketches of what they wanted. 

The first day didn't go so well. I was in the worse possible spot for drawing. No lights and right next to a loud speaker. On Sunday, I got moved to the dealer's room where stuff was a lot more fun. I spoke to a lot of nice people, drew a lot, got a lot of ideas for future cons where I would be selling Namesake. I met a few... stranger beings that kinda creeped me out. Conventions are very different from behind the table. As a con-goer, I didn't notice the creepers. As a con-artist, they were right in my face. guess I should consider it a right of passage. I got to draw a few... interesting... things.

On a positive note, I learned a lot, hung out with my friend Val and I think I may have found another great person to hang out with here in Montréal.... I love meeting awesome people who want to go have tea and geek out with me! I felt bad for another of my friends, Pat, who was managing a lot of the con's issues. Poor guy seemed to run around a lot. I hope he's not too tired.

While I was waiting for people to come suggest sketches, I just doodled around :

(This is on a huge piece of paper)

As of tomorrow, my quest to finish "Jabberwocky" so I can regain a social life in April continues. I'm really motivated. Only 15 pages left you guys.

Oh, in entertainment news, we finally get to see the face of Korra in the new Avatar season. Clicky clicky.

I'm also kinda disappointed in the "Beastly" movie that just came out. It was based on a very beloved book in my circle of friends.  A modern retelling of the "Beauty and the Beast". The movie kinda turned it into... I,m not sure what. The movie is cheezy. And Twilight-ified. And everyone is pretty instead of plain or ugly, like in the book, which should be expected, I guess. But I was really annoyed by the Beast. Instead of turning into a monster, the guy just turns into something that looks like a Skinhead who likes tribal tattoos. What? And that makes it monstrous? How? What kind of shallow city is that? I mean... I get the whole scar aspect.... but... huh.... He looked better with them.

This just makes me want to write a comic about metamorphosis and fairy tales who feature it.

I think i'm going to go nap for a while now.

- Isa


Feb. 3rd, 2011 10:46 pm
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Okay, because i'm gradually re-watching Avatar while I draw, have some sketches of Mai. I love this character. I really dislike how the fandom seems to hate or ignore her. She's badass! Then again, I love Daria-like characters and characters who hide weapons like ninjas, so if you present me a character that is basically Daria mixed with Xena and a ninja, of course i'm going to adore her.

Gradually, i,m getting back on my feet. Aside from the sick, I think I had a serious amount of yucky thoughts in my head and feelings on my heart. I need a bit of time to find my inner balance and strength. It's going to take a while, but I want to. I cut back a bit on "extra things" (like Rps and games and fandom stuff). I want to focus mostly on my stuff and on my friends. I want to try to be the center of my universe for a while. A few months of cooling down will do me good. No more yucky buildups around my mind.

I'm visiting my mom and friends in Ottawa this weekend. I need a weekend of "loved ones, shower me with love so I can feel special and rested" time.

I officially promise this is my last "waaaah my life sucks" post for a while. I'm gonna try to think positive.

In other news, BLIZZARDS!!!! SO MUCH SNOW! It was a cold couple of days with crappy weather and crappy public transport service. I mean, Montreal, could you move any slower? I had better bus service in my lost little town growing up. The buses barely ran today. I walked to the subway and walked back home from it (20 minutes both ways) this morning and this evening. Froze my legs (I really need some eskimo boots) but I got warm chicken and hot chocolate when I got home. Warm food is AMAZING.

And so are peaches. 

I have no idea why I would live if I didn't have drawing, animation and food. Seriously. These simple things make me so happy.

Also it's the year of the bunny. I guess this year will be lucky, fluffy or delicious. YOU DECIDE.

You know, if they change the occidental zodiac, are they also going to change the Chinese one? Because it would be awesome to throw in a fox or a unicorn in there. Just saying....
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 So. A whole day of drawing pages and cleaning the apartment. I'm kinda tired. I'm hopeful this actually killed all the bed bugs (we found a few and sucked them using the vacuum) but i,m aware that they might still roam. I'll wait a until wednesday. If we are still getting bitten, i'm calling the exterminator. Me and Link barely have any bites and we found a dozen or so bugs, and probably sucked in a whole bunch by vacuuming all the crevasses. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the infestation, explaining the small numbers. 

Basically, i'm optimistic, but as they say on all the sites about bed bugs - prepare for failure. They are very hard to eradicate without professional methods. But I wanted to at least try. Just in case. I'm not a big fan of throwing a ton of chemicals on my books and plushies.

This was a long day, so I sketched a few things.

It's a mixed bunch of How to Train Your dragon, Avatar and Namesake.

Also, a portrait of my current sworn enemy.

If you see him, knock him dead.


- Isa
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This drawing is for YOU, [ profile] angelchan_2004 ! It's Aang and Katara hugging with winter coats. I always loved hugging my boyfriend when I was wearing a coat because it was always extra squishy and comfortable. So yeah! Aang has wool on his coat. Little detail, just like that.

If it's not obvious, i'll be continuing with this whole gift-art thingy past the holidays. I just had way too much to draw to finish them all before hand. :D

I'm going to be offline starting tomorrow for a few days, since i'm running off to see my family in Ottawa and then my extended family in Quebec city. But it's the hoidays. I think most people will be busy, eating, being guilt-tripped by a family member, drinking, playing with toys and younger family members, decorating trees, painting cookies, watching snowflakes, drinking coffee, skating, driving, wondering why there's so much people on the bus, working, dreaming, sleeping, smiling and crying BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT, AMIRIGHT?

Seems a lot of people go thru as much bad as good during the holidays. Maybe it's because everyone is stressed. Maybe it's because some people just have horrible family situations. Maybe because that's just human nature.

But at least from me, you'll all get hot cocoa and a warm hug for the holidays. Because I love the lot of you! *huuuugs*

Best Holidays to all. Ad if your holidays aren't quite so fun for some reason, remember that you still have next year, and friends that love you!

I sent emails to a few people I know have been offline for a bit due to the season and the things to do. So if you guys stumble on this post, consider yourself HUGGED TWICE.

- Isa
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C'mon, you all know I love superhero movies like this. Of course i'm obsessed. I was pretty obsessed with Dr. Horrible 2 months ago :D

I kinda want to scrap this drawing because a) I got the Megamind art book yesterday and now that I have MODELS of the characters, I feel bad for not drawing them with the right facial shapes. And b) the perspective is AWFUL. But I liked the idea behind the drawing too much. So screw the perspective. I liked the expressions too much.

Speaking about expressions, someone on Deviant art as requested that I should do a facial expression tutorial, since i'm pretty good at it. It's not the first time I get this request. Seems like something that would be hard to ...tutorialize... But I think I might actually do it. Heck, if people find it helpful. Plus it might get more people to visit my page, and by extension, my webcomic. What do you guys think?

I'm really amused by itunes. They made a BIG DEAL out of the fact that they now have the Beatles as downloadable content. Well, I guess the Beatles are a big deal. Considering the "Beatles" version of Rockband also just came out, i'm wondering if someone in the Beatles estate just decided to do a big marketing push or something.

I just got the "Arietty the Borrower" soundtrack and the "Tangled" soundtrack (off itunes). Tangled as some really adorable songs. They seems to have kept the number of songs down in the movie. Perhaps to focus more on adventure. Arietty has music that sounds like...celtic remixed with traditionnal japanese. It's....AMAZING. If the movie is as good as it's music, it's going to be a great movie.

Oh, for you "Avatar the last airbender fans"... Remember the awful movie. Someone spoofed it. It's a lot better as a spoof. Behold.

- Isa
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Yay, McIntosh season! The delicious red-and-green kind. Not the white technological kind.

I'm addicted to McIntosh apples. Whenever the season rolls in, Isa is all like "Om nom nom appples apples apples pie apples"
Unfortunately for me, I have a wound in my mouth is seems. I'm not sure what it is. It's rather painful and looks like a zit, but on the gums. According to Link, it's really common. I've never had something like that, but he seems to have gotten a lot. He told me to rince my mouth with salt water 4 or so times a day. When I first did that, it hurted like hell, but now the pain is going down, so I guess it's working. Or my jaw is being zombified.

So yeah. Put a little damper in my entousiasm since apple acid + mouth wound = ouchies. Still, APPLES. Yaaaaay. *Is excited for the silliest things*

In other news, Terry Pratchet rocks my socks. He's channelling his inner-Sokka by getting himself a shiny meteorite sword.
Pratchet, stop making me jealous of not being you.

Finally, about NSFW (Not safe for work - aka sexy - art) :

[ profile] torreadora  is an amazing artist (some of you may know her from bri_chan's Alice/Hatter fame). She took down a few more risqué pieces of artwork from her deviant art because she was tired of the rude commentaries. This kinda makes me angry. Her art is beautiful, and no more "offensive" then a lot of other stuff i've seen on that website (Heck, i've seen "stock photos" that were basically porn and Yaoi images that were in about the same poses!!).

Another friend of mine had posted a while back a really beautiful "How to Train your Dragon" fanart. The fanart showed Hiccup and Astrid nuzzling (as in "rubbing noses") while being partially covered by a fur-carpet-thing. It was implied pretty clearly that the characters were in the nude. But it was not sexualized. It was a really soft and cute piece. The art piece got tagged as offensive by a few deviants and eventually the friend was banned.

It's weird. That friend, and torreadora, seem to be getting this not because of the contente itself, but because they are using copyrighted characters (Disney and Dreamworks).  As much as I get that some people may find their childhood menaced by this, the work of both these artists was far from tasteless. The art itself was gorgeous, and even the very sexualized pieces had a feel of "nice" and "loving" and were drawn in good taste. I've seen artwork on deviant art showing the same characters in more "depraved" settings (read : rape art) and nobody says a thing.  I think these two artist were aimed at because of the quality of the drawing. They have proportions and expressions down to a t. It looked realistic and was therefore menacing, Or something. I don't even know.

This kinda just confirms something i've always disliked about Deviant art. Don't use it to determine your quality as an artist.
A lot of bad artists get a lot of favorites and a lot of good art gets pinned as awful or ignored. I say there's nothing bad about something a bit risqué, especially when it's done in good taste. When you can truly feel the love poured in the work and the love between the characters.

[ profile] torreadora , please ignore the silly people. You rock my socks too. Just like Terry Pratchet. You make me want to draw characters in corsets.

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These past few days I had Sokka's singing in my head "Badgermole, badgermole coming towards me, c'mon guys, help me out!". So I had to draw a bagdermole. The first earthbender with the best earthbender is yet ANOTHER Avatar the Last Airbender fanart. Let me know when you guys get tired of these *laughs*

Deviant art link.

SoI decided to try watching something that is new to me, but rather old to everybody else. I have never seen Comboy Bebop. And I noticed all the dub was available on Youtube. So I started watching it while drawing today.

First off, the dub is amazing. It's rare that I watch dubbed anime and that one of the voices doesn't make me want to switch languages. But Comboy Bebop has a good, fun and humorous dub. And it's an older series too. Bravo.

Second, HOLY CRAP. The animation is allright, but the mood, style and music is mind-blowing. This series kinda feels like Trigun and Escaflowne where a few things that really don't make sense with basic physics happen (comets making people immortal? Explosions in space? Helium voice planet?) but you just don't care. Because the nonsense fits with the universe of the series. "Yeah, it doesn't make sense, but holy crap lookattiiiitttttt!!!!"

So far i've watched 8 episodes while coloring. Thanks to my new dual screens, this is awesome. I have to admit I really enjoyed the episode with the space truckers. And how the inside of their space trucks are decorated and cozy in a multitude of styles. Love it.

No wonder it's an anime classic.

- Isa
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Today Marco left. He was Link's old roomate in Toronto and had just spent 2 years teaching in Tokyo. He really loves Japan, and he loved being back. He brought us one of those wind chimes you always see in anime. I love the sound it makes. This was a really fun visit for everyone. I loved it.

In other Japan related news, Satoshi Kon died. He's the director that gave us awesome movies like Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika. I'm sad he died. I was hoping to see so many more movies made in his distinctive style. If you've never seen his movie, definitely check them out. Most of them drabble in the strange. But I recommend Tokyo Godfathers to people who don't like mind screws and love stories full of love and good cheer. That movie just really tugs the heartstrings over and over.

I'm just working on Namesake pages right now. And sketching on the side, silly things like the ones on top. 

A cute Medusa, some Aang and Katara fluff (trying to meditate!) and Jasmine Talking to the Genie. I always wondered if those two ever really interacted. You know, in the tv series or the sequels or something. I always imagined them as bestest buddies, but I can't even recall if they ever had a significant conversation...

- Isa
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 Here's a birthday sketch for you!

It's Katara and Winry, being awesome. I kinda wanted it to look like Katara was bending the water out of the mechanical oil. 

Awesome chicks are awesome. :D

That's pretty much it for today. Tired...

- Isa

You guys!

Aug. 11th, 2010 12:21 am
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 First off, you guys rock. I love talking to all of you. This is the best LJ friend list of all time.

Tonight was a quiet night. I mostly worked on commissions. 

I first finished this inked version of [ profile] bonemarch 's personal characters. They were rather fun to draw. They have a lot of personality in their bodies. I love it!

Drawing HERE )

Then I finished this Gourry website banner for [ profile] dqbunny . Doesn't Gourry just look dashing under the moonlit sky? I love how hopeful this piece is. It looks like it's Gourry's first evening out in the world, way before he met Lina Inverse.

And finally a "get well" card was draw for yukinoomoni who is still recoving. It's everybody's favorite Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar the last Airbender; SUKI! I love Suki. She's awesome. 

Hum. That's all for now. ISA'S MORALE AS IMPROVED!

Bring it on, universe. 

- Isa
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Why is this so fun to draw? I don't even knoooooow. It makes no sense!

When Vladimir Nabokov wrote "Lolita", I bet he wasn't expecting to inspire Japanese fashion movements.

I'm pissed off. My carpets are now all smelly. Due to the leaking, yellow water. I want to go complain to my landlord and pin the cleaning bill for the carpets on him. Oh, my beautiful middle eastern carpet! Noooo! I'm really hoping nothing is dripping on my drawing table while i'm away. My fury will be limitless. Link thinks the elak is due to them emptying out the radiators upstairs and doing a half-assed job. Awesome.

In funner news, i'm going to go see Inception this weekend.  Seems like a good trippy movie. I want to see it.

In just occurred to me that, since I don't have cable, I won't be able to watch the new Futuramas or the new Avatar episodes when they come out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I think there's a few places I can find them online, but most of those places don't allow you to watch if you are in Canada. *sniffles*

- Isa

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I promised [ profile] earthstar_chan  and [ profile] amelia_seyroon  that my next Avatar : The Last Airbender fanart would be Zutara flavor. So here it is. I don't know what it is about this pairing that makes/forces you to draw smexy bathing suit Katara. No really. It's like the art forces you to do it. There's a reason why everybody and their mother drew this couple like this. You're compelled to do it, almost against your will. But it looks damn sweet. This was fun to draw XD

Gave me a nice break from coloring Namesake pages, that are advancing really nicely. 

I've got only one commission left to do. Ironically, it's the commission I got before all the other ones. So i'm totally late. Sorry [ profile] bonemarch . I don't know how that happened! I kinda want to more income to buy something special... i'm debating as to if I should open commissions again.  Hummmmmmm.


- Isa


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