Sep. 28th, 2011 04:48 pm
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Today is not a good day. I'm tired or everything. I'm tired of needing to yell at people to get stuff done. Right now, in my apartment, I have mice (rats?) and bed bugs (again?) and I have to scream and bully people for them to do something about it. I also have to bully UPS to get my damn packages because they keep riging the bad doorbell. Just. Urgh.  I'm tired, i'm uninspired, and I kinda wish I didn't live in this stupid city. You know how well you sleep on a bed full of things that suck your blood? NOT WELL. I'm going to go sleep on my couch for a week I think.

Yeah, i know tomorrow won't suck as much, but today, I just feel like being cranky and doing nothing.

Have an image of Sailor Saturn, destroyer of worlds. It seems appropriate.

Isa over and out.

- Isa

Off I go.

Aug. 23rd, 2011 11:28 pm
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Been reading too many ghost stories, methinks.

I'm packed and ready. Tomorrow i'm going to work, then early the next day (6am) I get up to head to Toronto at FANEXPO. Me and dqbunny got a table for Namesake and we are sharing it with the fantastic, lovely and humorous writer of fall on me. That table is A106. Come one, come all. We,ll have prints, pins, books and all!

Namesake will keep on updating while i'm gone. I,ll be gone until early Monday, where I need to rush to a wedding. Then, the following week, I need to work on my pages, work at the bookstore and hopefully see some living people in the area of Montréal. I'm not gonna lie, I miss seeing human people and hanging with them. Where are you, my human friends? I hope you are all all right. I miss you guys.

Have more Adventure time style Sailor Moon. This was incredibly popular on TUMBLR for some reason.

- Isa
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Does anyone know a couple of good ghost stories? I'm trying to write a little booklet about ghosts, and I need some inspiration, it seems! This means that pretty soon, i'll be on my way to a big LIBRARY ROAD TRIP (that's quite nerdy, my friends. Just the way I like it). :D

I'm back from weddings one and two. It was all very fun. Lots of happy people, a bit of drama among the girls, a bit of long moments where I didn't know what to do with myself, dancing and food. So all and all, a great success. Best of luck to the happy couples!

I’m a big fan of Adventure Time, it’s an adorably original kid’s show. The last episode was a genderbent” episode, and as a nod to Sailot Moon, the main character had to wear Princess Serenity’s dress to a bal. So that made me want to draw the scouts in the Adventure time. Turned out well. These are the inner scouts, with Luna and Tuxedo Mask.

I also did the outerscouts with chibimoon and Helios.

Because I can.

- Isa

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So, let's start with the artness!

I drew a picture of Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus looking badass. Well, Venus looks badass anyways. She looks a bit too... butch-ish. But I kinda wanted her to looked bigger and stronger then in other fanarts (I Xena-fied her or something). Plus, in their past lives, she and the other senshi are a bit older then the princess, which might explain the height difference. Anyways. It's not the great art, but I do love it so...

Sketches and lineart below cut. )

In other news, oh god oh god, why is there so much crap on my computer? I'm slowly trying to re-build my online porfolio. It's hard to find images and decide which ones to take. I'm also in a bit of a pickle, since I seen to be lacking recent "original" art I can use. Lately, I seen to be drawing a lot of fanart or comic pages. I don't seem to be taking the time to draw original non-comic-formatted things. I really should get on that. My portfolio needs more originals...

Maybe fairy tale stuff? and some pretty ladies?

So for the next few weeks, I might be focusing on drawing some cool, non-fandom related things! If you have suggestions, let me know!

It's crazy cold today. I wish I was home in my warm bed...

- Isa
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[ profile] ilikebigtoes  and [ profile] elle_white  have already posted this, but since this journal is pretty much a dumping pile for all fairy tale things and animation things I find awesome, i'll post it too.

Ex-Disney employees (EDIT : They don't work there. But they are clearly talented enough to do awesome stuff) made a video  "animation" of a storyboard for a scene from a potential "Wicked" animated adaptation. This would be an adaptation of the musical or course, not the book per say. First off, I love this video and this idea. "Wicked" the musical had a very Disney-esque quality to it (despite the storyline itself being more the type of scenario Dreamworks would pick up). This would make a great animation. And the people who did this story board clearly know that. The tracks used are from the "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and "Wicked".

Click image for video.

I love this type of thing. Animated storyboards? Love it. I adore this type of crude animation with a voice-over. It's so simple and beautiful. "How to train your dragon" had 3 animated storyboards and I think i've watched them all 10 or so times. The worse part is, I could totalyl make this type of thing. This requires no knowledge of animation programs. Just some good old pencil drawings, a basic editing program and a soundtrack. So why didn't I EVER do this? I guess I need an idea and a song/dialog.

I'm kinda amused by how many guards Elphaba is tossing aside with a BROOM. One of the recurring gags in the Oz books is that fact that the Emerald city has barely any guards. I guess they all quit after getting their ass handed to them by a broom. It's pretty embarrassing.

Aside from that, what is new? Well, I pretty much spent the weekend recovering from my horrible, stressful week. I'm never doing that much stuff ever again. I also realized i'm way behind on stuff I need to do, emails, rps and coloring drawings. I need to make a to-do list again. I want to try dividing my time more. I want to see people (so i'm not quite so horribly lifeless and boring) while still keeping enough time to draw.

Pascal really wants me to find a part-time job and invest more time into becoming a comic artist. It was a plan I had formed myself, but like most plans I make, this one seemed to translate into a bad idea. I didn't really like the idea of cutting back on work. It made me feel like I was irresponsible or ungrateful, since so many people seek full-time work. But Pascal says I should try to develop my artistic career while I can and make the monetary sacrifices while it's still actually possible. He's right? I'm right? I don't know. I would love to be able to draw more and focus on really getting into the comic world. Maybe i'm afraid to take on the part time job because i'm also afraid it officially means i'll have to really start being a "professional" artist. And that's a lot of work and scary things.

What do you guys think?

Well, as a random finishing touch, I drew some sailor moon. I'm really unhappy with these sketches... But I like the feel of them, so i'll post them anyways. For some reason, I seem to adore the pre-destruction-silver-moon-millenium-kingdom. Why could they not give us more scenes from that?

Over and out.

- Isa
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Sketch for [ profile] dqbunny  of our Namesake characters, Alice and Jack. I decided to color it because I almost never finish any Namesake sketches, aside from the comic pages. And that's not cool.

[ profile] dqbunny  is a pretty epic Alice/Jack shipper. Though it doesn't mean the couple is official or anything. OR IS IT? QUICK, LOOK AWAY TO THE SHINY NOT-PLOT RELATED DISTRACTION!

I love drawing Alice. Why? Because her proportions are non-existent. I mess up her proportions on purpose to make her crazy skinny with long legs. That's how I wanted the character to look. I wanted her to be mostly legs. She was one of the character that really came to life quickly. She has almost always looked like this. Her costume was a little different before, and she had long hair for a few sketches, but Alice really came together quickly, with a side of hot badass.

I love awesome ladies in books/movie/tv series. I'm a little sad that some turn out to be less badass then promised. In a lot of comics, a girl is shown as powerful, capable, awesome... And then she winds up getting saved all the time. Sometimes it's because the villains are just too strong. But really, how come the hero gets to win then? I find that odd.

Another odd thing of the week. I was re-reading my Sailor Moon mangas and noticed something a little ridiculous. Mamoru (Tuxedo mask), in the 16th book, leaves for the USA to study. And Usagi (Bunny/Serena/Sailor moon) is sad, because she won't get to see him often. Then, about a chapter later, you see this same girl teleport to another country and other sailors teleport to other planets! HELLO? Why is she even sad? SHE CAN TELEPORT? I love this series, but I think it's hilarious that everytime I read it, I notice something that doesn't work with the logic of their own universe. Weird.

- Isa

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Just a little sketch of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. Inspired by the "Tangled" art book.

You guys "Tangled" comes out sooooon!!!!

This is SUCH a good year for animation. And with Ghibli's new feature "Arietty the Borrower" coming out in December, it's just going to get better. I just can't wait for this movie too. I love stories with "little people". And I love the Borrowers. And Ghibli. 

In a somewhat related note, i'm kinda getting tired of all the Dreamworks bashing. It's no secret that I adored Megamind. However, upon reading reviews of the movie online, I felt like the negative reviews were written by people that may have not have seen the movie at all. For starters, they got major plot points fully wrong. And also, almost all these reviews opened with the line "Dreamworks sucks". 

Personally, I love a TON of Dreamworks movies. All the Shreks minus the third, How to Train your Dragon, Megamind, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Antz, all feature among my favorite movies. Yeah, it's true, Dreamworks does seem to be very different from Disney. They have more "pop" references and have animation that seems to speak more to teens and adults then children. But is that really deserving of so much aggressive reviews? Even "How to Train your dragon" reviews opened with the line "Look, Dreamworks stopped sucking!" I found that wasn't fair. It's a good studio. Their work is just different. Not all animation companies can produce the same thing. Disney has the heartwarming. Dreamworks has the zany. And sometimes, they trade (Darkwing duck anyone?). Dreamworks are learning to be more subtle in their style (Megamind's pop culture references were very fitting of the character and story). So people really should give it more of a chance and stop dismissing it just because "It's Dreamworks". I'm sorry, but not being Disney should not be a crime.  So they had a few flops. So did Disney. The only flop-free studio seems to be Pixar. For now. Critics have been pretty harsh on Disney lately too (Bolt and The Princess and the Frog got ripped the shreds) but never on the grounds that they were a specific studio.

Little joke to conclude - You know how everybody jokes that Dreamwork's M.O. is to have critters do something critters that do something critters don't do? Well, the new M.O. seems to be "Gadgeteer genius switches sides, has a scaly companion, defeat something big and powerful and gets the girl while learning to be himself". This fits both Hiccup and Megamind. New trend? Perhaps.

- Isa
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Matrix happened because nobody read the user manuals.

It's been a slow week. I worked a lot to finish some work-related projects. So I didn't draw much. On Wednesday, I went out to meet some new people, a big group of geeks. It was fun and I look forward to seeing them again. Since I was in Chinatown I also bought enough japanese candy to fuel me for quite some time. 

I also read some more of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. It's confusing super ultra mega crossover series by Clamp. But it's good, sorta, if you don't think too hard about the fact that there is about 5 of each Sakura and Syaoran, all potentially related or clones and that none of them may actually be the Card Captor versions.

I like Clamp, I really do. But they seem to do the best series ever and the worse series ever. X/1999 and Clover are amazing comics, even despite the fact that they have no ending. However, things like "Suki, A Like story" are just terrible. I'm still deciding if Tsubasa goes in the good or bad category. It's not bad per say, but it's so confusing that even the characters are stating outright that they don't know what's happening.

Clow Reed is the real god of their multiverse. I would believe it to be an acceptable twist if Reed would suddently reveal that he's the one that created Cephiro in the form of Mokona. That would explain why Yuuko used the same creature to create "transporters" in Tsubassa. I mean, it doesn't make sense, people have copies of themselves in some worlds once in a while. But inter-dimensional gods should not have interdimensional copies of themselves lying around.

It's clear, no matter the series, no matter the form of Sakura, that she was always meant to be Clow's chew toy/mess picker-upper. If I was her, I would have inserted my star wand deep in the butt of whichever version of Clow I could get my hands on.

Oh and in the last chapter, we see the possibly future/past sakura that may, or may not be, the clone version's reincarned form (though she most likely is). She's now friends with the Magic Knight Rayearth school girls trio. I wonder if they are the "canon" MRK trio? That would have made an intresting bonding moment : "I have the power to cross space and time to other dimensions." "wow us too." "Cool, let's be BFFs forever and on all planes of existence."


Confusing manga side... I started doing the finished, colored versions of the Creepy Sailor Moon characters. Check it!

Again, like I told you guys when I posted the sketches, I based the creepiness on the sailor's stories and powers. Mercury is "drowning" because of her water powers. Princess Serenity has a death wish because, in the manga version, she takes her own life after her boyfriend prince Endymion bites it. I think she dies with him in the anime version. Suicide is a little not-kid-friendly.

Mars is fire based, hence her creepy form. I turned Venus into a heart (man) - eater since a lot of her attacks sound S&M and that she killed in her spin-off manga her one true love (in her defense, he was evil and working for beryl while she was being Sailor V). I didn't change much about Saturn. She does destroy the universe in the canon. 

Anyways, I gotta go pack. This weekend i'm visiting my parents in Ottawa and my friend Fauve.

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 Today was the earth day, Even Google said so. And what better way to celebrate earthday then a picture of Toph earthbending?

What amuses me with fantasy series is that even though magic kinda encourages the big bad ultimate bad to rage on in the universe, it also promotes a more ecological lifestyle. Rather then invent a new way to do something with mecanics, you kinda adapt you're magical ability to your needs. I was always fascinated by stories that put magic against mecanics. Both lifestyles had good parts and bad parts. I think if our world would have had magic, we would have had a similar conflict.

So yeah, earth day, respect the planet. She's tough but she needs a hand. I try to do my part by recycling, closing the lights and such and re-using paper (big big thing for artists!). However, what I would really like would be for people to stop testing nuclear bombs and weapons. It's like...instant giant pollution for nature and scary cloud of doom for human nature...

We gotta help our planet, in real life we don't have Sailors to defend it!

(and yes, i'm about a million years late for a pluto-is-not-a-planet joke.)



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