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Been working on commissions today. Well, that and answering a large email pile. Most of my current commissions are original characters invented by the commissionee. It's kinda fun to do those. People always have long descriptions and references and stuff. And it's cool to think that everyone all have a special or several special characters they invented, close to their heart. Something to work on, to motivate them. Some turn into characters that they share with the world (Harry Potter was once someone's "OC"). Makes me think back to the time when Namesake was only happening in my head. I hope my art encourages them to create even more.

Plus everyone is always so stylish.

In other news, i've been reading two manga series, Monster and Fullmetal Alchemist. Unlike many people, I had never read the FMA manga in full (i'm a couple of books short) or seen the "brotherhood" anime in full. So, this is a fun experience. I already love everybody thanks to the books I did read and the first anime. Now that i'm reading the manga, I can see why they decide to make a second anime that follows the manga's story more closely. 

It's not that the first anime was bad. In fact, it's pretty good. But it removes a lot of the really, really good things and original things the manga had. Heck, the second anime toned down a few of those things too. Among those things, there was Alphonse's turmoil. There was a bit of it in the first anime, but not as much as in the books. In the books, it's really all about Ed, Al and Winry. All three are the main characters, rather then just Ed. You see what all of them go thru, and realize how much it sucks to be Alphonse, stuck in an armour and unsure of his existence. The girls are a lot more respectable in the manga. The first anime (and the second one a bit too) tended to put girls "back in their place" as the "hero support team" rather then characters in their own right.

As much as I love manga and anime, I have accepted that a lot of it is very sexist, both in shonen and shojo. Girls do their girly thing. And it's fun to see a series that subverts that. I can see why people who had read the manga hated Winry in the first anime series. She looses a lot of her awesome. She gets "rectified". And that's a bit sad.

Either way, I still love all forms of the series. Though manga gets the first place. I need to buy them all.

Also, Edward's faces. Man. They always get a laugh out of me.

- Isa

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Check it out. I managed to finish the Namesake prologue (9 pages) and now i'm working my way thru the first chapter. A total of 25 pages must be drawn before the launch, 15 to be already posted and 10 for me to have a good 3 week advance on my pages.  So far, 12 pages are completed, 3 are almost completed. 10 are left to go. And i've still got about a month. Not bad, not bad.  I'm advancing well.

In internet news, have you guys seen Anime Network News this morning? Apparently, is Ed was a real person, he could have won a contest. Because one of his manga quotes was entered for him by a fan in a contest. What type of contest? Click the link and find out!

(WARNING, spoilers for the last Fullmetal alchemist manga. Only click on the link if you have not read it, or if you don't care about the series and just want a cute story that includes anime.)

Wow. I don't have much to say today. All I seem to do lately is draw Namesake and surf the internet *laughs*

I,m slowly turning into the hermit of the third floor again.


I kinda wish I had a pet. Maybe a pet crow. Maybe a dozen pet crows. That I could sic on people while "Ride of the Valkyries" is playing

- Isa
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 Here's a birthday sketch for you!

It's Katara and Winry, being awesome. I kinda wanted it to look like Katara was bending the water out of the mechanical oil. 

Awesome chicks are awesome. :D

That's pretty much it for today. Tired...

- Isa


Jul. 20th, 2010 03:21 pm
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There's a lot of jerks in the world. What's up with that?

Maybe i'm too much of an idealist, but I expect people to get up on the bus for old ladies and children. I expect people to hold doors for each other, to discuss things politely, to be honest, to respect animals. Why doesn't anybody respect the animals? Where's the respect in general?  I saw a really beaten up dog this morning on the way to work. I emptied my water bottle in his bowl. Hopefully he won't be dehydrated.

Am I just too nice? Or stupid? Am I one of the last gallant idealists in the world? Where's D'Artagnan and Cyrano de Bergerac and Don Quixotte, men who were knights when no one else wanted to be? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a knight or a musketeer or a samourai. Someone with honor and pride.

At least fictional characters still make nice role models for people. Fanart of Fullmetal alchemist and Hellboy characters on top. The Hellboy characters aren't really good role models, but Nuada does present an interesting debate about honor and respect. I wish people would talk more about how fiction inspires them to be great. Places like "fandom secrets" only seems to have negative secrets these days.

I'm proud to say that I adore fictional characters, they are precious friends, just like people are. Fiction is in my blood. Or rather, I have ink in my blood? Hahahah!

- Isa

EDIT : I'm going to see if I can't make positive "Fandom secrets" messages. I just need to think of stuff to post. Who's with me!
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Full Metal Alchemist Fanart now under cut by request (potential spoilers) )

I like fullmetal alchemist. I watched the first series. A part of the brotherhood one and read about 20 books of the manga. I still read the manga as it's translated to french (we are up to the 24th book. I'm a little behind).

I love the characters, and both versions of the story. Then again, I'm the type of person that really appreciate all versions and adaptations of stories (like "Howl's Moving Castle" for instance) because I like to see the different ideas people can bring. That's why I also adore fairy tales.

However, I have to admit, I was pleased to see the manga's ending was a happy one. I caved, despite not being up to that point, I read the last two chapters online (tantalizing posts and art by people is tantalizing!) I was very happy and moved by the ending. I prefer this ending to the bittersweet ending of the movie "Conqueror of Shamballa" (even though I found the idea of our world being beyond the gate kinda cool).

Happy frolicking characters are awesome.

Opinions with spoilers )

Now that I know FMA has a an ending, i'm more inclined to buy the book myself rather then just borrow them from my brother. Inuyasha and Bleach caused me to spend more money then I wanted on books. At least with FMA I know it's a good story with a limited amount of volumes. And pretty art.

Goodbye, Fullmetal cast. Thank you for entertaining us in your various existing storylines and formats. We'll miss you.

- Isa
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WoW can be a scary thing.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I've been wanting to make a "Think of the kittens" joke for a while. I finally caught an idea. So without further delay, here is another one of my humorous disclaimers:

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Okay, so I would not expect this quite as much, especially considering that I DO have a cinema background, but it seems cartoons and comic books have a stronger emotional impact on me. I guess you never really "cure" from that.

I cried during howl's moving castle too....


Weeeeelllllll, in other kinda related news,  i'm wondering about something.
What is up with japanese people and surprise kisses?
Seriously!? *flips through gigantic collection of shojo manga* It's EVERYWHERE!
First off, even if I was interested in the guy, if he'd kiss me out of the blue, I think my reaction would be negative and/or puzzled. Not to mention kissing someone by surprise is difficult. You mainly manage it when you are with someone you are used to kiss, because then the couple is actually attuned to each other. Trust me on this people, from my own (and friend's) experience, i've learned that surprise kissing is hard for your brain and your nose.

It IS kinda cool to draw but it realistic...?

And yes, I do know the reality issue is a bust considering these manga have girl transforming into whatever with magic wands and talking creatures, but work with me here.

Other then my usual "What the heck is up with this fad?" question of the week, i've also had a truckload of homework. I'm a freaking stressbal called paradox and I hate it. Stress makes me loose weight. I can see me damn ribcage. Somebody bring me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate.
I'm afraid that my projects won't be as good as I want them to. I really want to give it my all this year. I AM a third year after all, should I not be knowledgable and mature and inspired?

*snorts* sure. Well, I try to be. I really do. University is hard. At first I though "hey, two bachelors at once! Cool! Time saving! How neat is that?"


But despite my eternal grouchiness, depressions, whinings and apparently stomach pains, I know i'll end up doing as well as usual. I just need to vent once in a while and ingest some nutriments.

I'm going to Toronto this weekend. Let's see anyone try to stop me.
I really want a hug.

See you all soon!


p.s. I found some cool Noah/ed FMA fanart on deviantart. It's not the best drawings, but I love the ideas in them.
*people behind isa roll their eyes and think "Dear god, not another Slayers-magnitude obsession!"*

Everybody does the dancing theme. I might draw one too.

Family traits. Love it.

This one just rocks! Now if the background was a cloud like [profile] ichiban_victory saw, it would be even better!
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Considering all the costumes I put Link through, this was only a matter of time. (no pun intended)
And really can be quite annoying sometimes, but never has much as Navis I think. I dunno about you people, but after a while, I was ready to shoot the damn fairy...
Fairy: No! Lisend! Hey! You most Go THERE NOW NOW NOOOOOW!
Isa: Sure, why don't I jump to it over they PILE of BOULDERS? I'm TRYING to get there you stupid light-bug.
Isa- Shut it!

Aside from that, this is gonna be somewhat of a fat post, because i've done a few drawings this week. Considering i've been quiet for a while, it will compensate.

First off, here is two drawings about my current anime Obsession: The movie of Hagaren (Full metal alchemist!)

I know most of the people who read this journal probably don't know Fullmetal alchemist, but it's a very good story. The characters drawn here are Edward and his little brother Alphonse post movie with Noah, a gypsy telepath that Edward rescues in the movie.

I really like the relantionship between those three characters. At the end of the movie, you see them as a good family. The movie ending sucks for another female character (Winry) most fans wanted to see her end up with Edward. She was pretty much left behind, which is unfortunate, by both brothers when they skipped off to another world.

But on a personal level, I do like the Edward/Noah coupling. And I think Alphonse is most huggable. He's a very cute 14 year old, that he is. ^^

The movie is very well done and the images are pretty. It's the ending of the series though, so you can't grab it and watch it just to get an idea of what Fullmetal is all about. Seriously. If you do so, you're ruining the ending for yourself big time.

It's a bit of a violent series, but it's a lot of fun. 

A cute official art (or really good fanart) of the family in the new world.

Edward (tail boy) and his brother Alphonse (the shy one) Notice how Edward is short: Alphonse is 14 years old and he's 18, but they are the same height.
Fear the death of elder brother's pride.

I din't really respect the height difference between Noah and Edward in my drawings ^^;; For shame. He's supposed to be ultra-short (it's a running gag in the series)

The end this post, here's a little fanart from the Secondworld. [personal profile] savvyliterate as posted her turn, so if you haven't read it, rush over there now XD

I though Anlise's little reference to her buying underwear to Renge would be a funny scene. I picture her in a market place trying to purchase some underpants while teasing her friend. Renge's face in this picture screams out "I don't freaking know you." while Anlise's is saying "Tease, tease, tease."
I really like the friendship between those two characters (best friends apparently) that [personal profile] savvyliterate chose to illustrate. I mean, you gotta be close friends to know the content of each other's underwear drawer.

Anlise- How about these Renge?
Renge-I don't need underpants.
Anlise-Sure you do.
Renge-I don't know you.
Anlise-C'mon, it will help you find a boyfriend!
Renge-I don't need a boyfriend.
Anlise-Then you should get a cat.
Renge-I hate cats.
Anlise-Then you should get a goldfish.
Renge-Goldfishes are boring.
Anlise-Then you should get a boyfriend!
Renge-I'm going to go buy a bushel of carrots now. Don't follow me.
Anlise-Oh, these are purple! They match your hair!
Renge *off to buy carrots*

Oh! on a last note, people asked me why I never cleaned up my drawings on here, aside from the colored ones. 
It's a method of protection. It's hard for people to steal "unfinished art" without having them transform it and therefore making it different. It's easier to track down assholes that way ^^

I'm also just lazy.



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