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A drawing of Holly, for my buddy Sanne. Holly looks like her hair is made of melted sunlight. So I wanted to use partial coloring like I do on Namesake to really push the attention to the awesome that is Holly’s locks.

Happy birthday, Sanne. Let me love you.

Well, i'm totally going to go see the 3D release of Beauty and the Beast, I think. I really want to see the Tangled short and I just love BatB... So... Yeah. Disney sure knows how to get my money. Those sneaky guys.

In other news, Namesake will be officially at the Toronto Comic Art festival in 2012. Meaning, now me and Meg have about 2 months to get the first book (collecting chapters 1-5) done. I'm working on creating the covers and possibly finding some bonus material. Any ideas?

I'm working on pin-ups of all the characters (male and female, the only exempt ones are going to be the characters who are minors because that's just creepy) as a fundraiser motivator. I like these. I like doing classy and sexy pin-ups. Kinda like bruce Timm. He is the pin-up master.

Classy yet sexy under cut (Not safe for work) )

Oh, I just finished watching the "Goofy Movie" while I was doing my pages today. MAN. It was so 90's. I felt like I was back in high school. 

And it was awesome.

- Isa
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This week has been pretty "blah" generally, with the whole sick and tired deal. But i'm getting better. Got a few comic books. I'm on a huuuuge Batman kick again. I have no idea why. But I just want to watch the whole animated series without stopping. And then the Burton movies. And then the Nolan movies. And then read a crapload of comics. Unfortunately, all I seem to have in a couple of the movies. What's up with the lack of Batman in my house? This home needs more vigilante justice.

It also needs another bookcase. I am officially out of room. My bookcases are full of books. No, they are full of piles of books, placed on top of one another. Every space is used in a precarious pyramid of space maximization. So yeah. Time to find a bookcase, Most of hour furniture is nice, thick wooden stuff, so Link is trying to find a cheap yet classy second hand bookcase somewhere. We found a couple of good ones that way, such as one with a great glass casing. Hopefully, something is found soon.

This work week is a bit more busy then usual. Librairies and schools have started ordering a whole lot of books, and books need to ordered, sent, returned, found, organized, etc. Running around is happening. A few of my coworkers are sick/took thanksgiving off too, so tomorrow i'll be working alone (usually there's always two of us in the comic section) and I did an extra long shift yesterday. I just hope I won't get sick too.

Oh well. You all have a creepy Alice now. I was going to post a Batman sketch, but i'm unhappy with it.

- Isa

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Namesake art! This art will be included in printed form in the issue we'll be selling at Fan Expo in two weeks.

Well, now begins the countdown to my super-busy-last-two-weeks-of-august which have two weddings and a convention. Could ahve bee 3 weddings too, but two happen on the same day in different cities so I had to choose. So yeah. I'm going to be going to work, traveling to Toronto and Ottawa and drawing like a mad woman for the next couple of days. LET THE RACE BEGIN.

Thankfully, stuff is awesome and i'm pretty generally ready for all events. I have a lot to do, but it's mostly taking care of details. Like going to fetch the Jabberwocky re-prints (YAAAAY MORE BOOKS!)

Today, I got a bit of a wind of nostalgia since I picked up the new american McGee's Alice game from a buddy yesterday night. and also discussed Final Fantasy 9  with Link. That was a good game. Gets a lot of bad criticism but I love it. Then again, i'm just a casual gamer. So i'm not much of a connaisseur.

I'm loving that the internet exploded with fanart for the upcoming French movie "a Monster in Paris". It's fun to see French animation get attention. I really can't wait for it!


Tomorrow is work, but it's cool. Go, book peddling!

Have some sexy dwarf ladies in corsets. I drew this for a commission. Man, I love drawing dwarves. My favorite fantasy race by far. no idea why :D

- Isa

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Man, I want to draw a bunch of comics so bad. I'm really loving all these comics other artists are posting online. Short little things, just a couple of pages, but always so gorgeous. Like Emily Carroll's dream journals or Ryan A.'s strange and dark universe. Love. Love. Love. There's just a huge lack of short comics i'm not doing. This journal needs more comics. All I keep posting is illustrations. Comics dammit! COMICS!

At least i'm motivated.

Still no news about the trip to France to attend the Lyon Comic Festival. I'm going to clear that up this weekend with my editor. Which is a good thing because this is currently super-last-minute. Yikes. I'm currently working on drawing all the Namesake pages I need so that the comic updates while i'm gone. Considering there's like.... 12 pages needed, I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. Thankfully, friends have offered to do some guest art, so whether I manage to or not, at least the comic will update. I don't want to go on hiatus. I really feel like going on a hiatus while the comic is still developing like that is basically putting a death sentence on it. So i'm using other solutions.

In other news, my parents are back from their travels across the USA. My mother actually got me some Alice and Oz themed stuff she found around (they also stayed at an Alice in Wonderland themed Inn. No joke. STEAL THE LAMPS, MOM. STEAL.)

I started sketching again in this simplistic style I really enjoy but don't use often. Here are the "Thor", "Avatar" and "Namesake" themed results.

- Isa
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 I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. It was fun! The animation quality was amazing. Really play up the kung fu movie classics and there's some amazing action scenes. The characters are still a ton of fun. And plushy. So much plushy. I'm also deeply in love with Tigress. Tigress. TIGRESSSSSSS!!! The story itself was pretty okay to good. Just like HTTYD, it's kinda predictable, but in a good way. It doesn't really feel like a second part. It kinda just feels like a took a long break watching a single movie. So that a good thing. 

The message of the story, that the present is what matters and that you basically shape your own future, no matter what your past is, was pretty cool. And well timed for me. Kung Fu Panda is speaking to me? Well played movie, well played. I need some changes in my life. And i'm currently working to make them happen. And Kung fu will help me, apparently. :D

Also, I need to take a second to talk about the colors in this movie. This movie was incredible on that point. so many beautiful colors and designs. Gaaah.

I also realized that almost all my favorite animated women are in the Dreamworks movies. 

LAYDAYS. Rapunzel is also part of them though. And so will most likely be Merida, from the upcoming "Brave" Pixar flick. Did you guys see the first images? She looks fierce. It's a shame the female director working on the movie had to leave the project.... So sad.

Oh, you probably noticed up there with the ladies : Loki and Darcy from the Thor movie. Thanks, [ profile] paynesgrey , I ship is now.  Did Loki even have a chick in the original comics? I know there's two Thor experts on my f-list. SPEAK UP!

I'm totally babbling right now. Dammit sangria. What are you doing to me? I went to grab lunch with a group of friends to say goodbye to a pal going out of the country for a couple of months. There was booze. I drank it. I'm sleepy now.


- Isa


Mar. 23rd, 2011 02:05 pm
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I love this drawing. It's going to be the "inner cover" for Jabberwocky. Double-page spread time! Woo! I kinda want a plushy of those magical snakes. Hahaha. Maybe i'll make one!

I think this is the last "big job" I gotta do for Jabberwocky. Whew. For the next week, I'm going to try to focus on Namesake pages and get a buffer built up again. During the whole month of March, pages were pretty much done right before being posted. I find that a little stressful. So it's time to try to accumulate a security blanket again.

I talked to my parents, who wanted to give me a big gift for a my birthday. They are going to help me find and purchase a sewing machine. So soon, i'll be able to sew and create little crafts. I'm really looking forward to that.

I need to make a to-do list now that Jabberwocky is done. I have so many little things to take care of. Link was amazed by how little stress I had when I was doing Jabberwocky. But honestly, large amounts of work don't stress me if it's all that I do. What stresses me is having a bunch of little things to do, and being stuck remembering everything and running around for them. I'm rather awful at that. But things need to be done. Starting with my taxes.

Strangely motivated by curiosity, I decided to buy makeup last week, mainly eyeliner. I kinda like the look of eyeliner. I never put any on in my life, but it's a pencil, and i'm an artist. So I can totally do this right? Right? This shit should be easy.

....They have tutorials on youtube, right?

I should probably buy makeup remover because I try to test this out. The horrors it could create.

I'm also letting my hair grow. I guess I want to change my look a bit. I doubt i'll wear makeup regularly (I don't like the feel of makeup, and I don't need it, really), but it's nice to have the option you know? I think I might try to re-pierce my ears too. They used to be but the closed up after I got an infection.

Isa is headed on the girly train, or something.

That train has ponies on it.

- Isa
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This post is going to be a mix-match pile of stuff methinks. 

First off, my boyfriend is really awesome. I,m glad I have him around. He'll be doing all the coloring and shading for "Namesake" until i'm done with "Jabberwocky". This helps a lot. It's a good 6 hours of work I don't have to do every week. Yay! Plus i'm not very good at it so...

I found an amusing drawing on the internet showing how to create an icecream cake. I want to make this so bad. As soon as I have more free time, you bet this is happening! (Original art by the French Toast Girl). I love ice cream cakes. This one is like... custom. I should use soft sunday ice cream though. And maybe mix the cookie crumbs directly in it.... YUM.

For a lactose intolerant girl, I sure like eating them forbidden things.

Oh, and awesomeness - The studio behind the Gorgeous film "Secret of Kells" is working on a new movie called "The song of the sea". This movie seems inspired by fairy tales such as the "Mermaid Wife" or "The Seal woman". It's fairy tales similar to the "Feather dress" in the sense that it is about a fantastic being that sues a piece of cloth to change fro her magical form to a human form and that she is bound to a man who hides the cloth. Sometimes, the wife is truly in love. Other times, she is a prisoner. This type of tales are amazing, and i'm sure this animated film will be as well. I can't wait. 

Click here to watch the teaser trailer. Yes. You want to.

On this side, Jabberwocky is going well. Only 10 or so pages left, if I include all the extra drawings. Heck yeah.

As soon as Jabberwocky is done, I have a few commissions to work on (mostly, wedding invites for a few people). Then some storyboard work and some more comic work... I'm really busy but I love it. Though, as soon as Jabberwocky is over, i'll be able to put a bit more of my free time on the social side. The other projects aren't quite as insane. 

Drawing is awesome.

- Isa
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I got to use "boobs" in a title. One of my life goals is now completed.

Sooooooooo, anyways.... Yesterday was International Women's Day. I wish I had a joke or something, but all I feel is non-humorous. Women and women that are part of minorities came a long way. We still have a long way to go for equality in the worlds of politics, science and medias (poor women in animation...), but at least there's a clear evolution going on. The whole idea of having a special day to celebrate women seems a little odd to me. In a way, it's fun, since, yay, women! They be awesome. In another way, do people even know why we celebrate? And that's it's not really a celebration? More like a reminder that people worked hard and are still working hard for equality.

As a general rule, I feel proud of all the boys and gals supporting the improvement curve in the big graph of life. But there's still a long way to go. I'm not really the type of person the hopes that everybody will be equal and friends and signing in a big circle. That would be impossible, human nature and all. But I do hope for improvement. 

In other news, I love you guys. No, really. Since Monday night, all of you have been sending me videos for the upcoming second game of American McGees Alice. Hahahah! You know what I like! I know and love the game though, i've been awaiting for the release and watching all the videos. So, yes, I do know the game. and I agree it looks AWESOME.

Last but not least, have some Jabberwocky pages. Page two!

Page 1 (in case you haven't seen it) )

That's all for now!

- Isa
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What's that? It's a comic cover for Jabberwocky. With the help of friends, I managed to unblock on the story and i'm currently drawing it. My goal is for it to be available at the TCAF (I'm going to be at the "Trip Collection" editor table, for those who might want to find me). I'm going to post the page here as I get them done, so you guys will be able to read the full 20 page story. A few pages will be under LJ-cut for violence or bloodiness (this IS the story of a girl that goes to gut a monster, after all). I hope you'll all enjoy it! I even took some days off from work to work on these all over the month of March. Isa, thy name is motivation!

I'm really happy with the cover. I love how it turned out I tried using a limited palette or reds and plums. My inking style seems to work with limited palette coloring. If I recall correctly, one of the Namesake reviewers had underlined that fact. Well, I guess it's true.

I tried to base the Jabberwock off the original "Alice through the looking glass" illustration. I love the big buck-tooth teeth. A lot of other artists make the Jabberwock look less... ridiculous. He's suppose to be a feared beast, so they make him look less grotesque and more scary and dangerous (pointy?).

I really like white, immaculate swords...

In non-drawing news... Is my apartment gonna fall on my head. I swear the pipes are plotting to kill us. They tap in the walls. There's barely any hot water. They make noises that sound like they are about to explode when the upstairs neighbor takes a shower. The whole heating in the building is done with pipes too (hot-water-based heating). So I dunno. I feel like the building has a giant, rusty pipe snake in the walls. it going to eat me?

 - Isa
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Sketch for [ profile] dqbunny  of our Namesake characters, Alice and Jack. I decided to color it because I almost never finish any Namesake sketches, aside from the comic pages. And that's not cool.

[ profile] dqbunny  is a pretty epic Alice/Jack shipper. Though it doesn't mean the couple is official or anything. OR IS IT? QUICK, LOOK AWAY TO THE SHINY NOT-PLOT RELATED DISTRACTION!

I love drawing Alice. Why? Because her proportions are non-existent. I mess up her proportions on purpose to make her crazy skinny with long legs. That's how I wanted the character to look. I wanted her to be mostly legs. She was one of the character that really came to life quickly. She has almost always looked like this. Her costume was a little different before, and she had long hair for a few sketches, but Alice really came together quickly, with a side of hot badass.

I love awesome ladies in books/movie/tv series. I'm a little sad that some turn out to be less badass then promised. In a lot of comics, a girl is shown as powerful, capable, awesome... And then she winds up getting saved all the time. Sometimes it's because the villains are just too strong. But really, how come the hero gets to win then? I find that odd.

Another odd thing of the week. I was re-reading my Sailor Moon mangas and noticed something a little ridiculous. Mamoru (Tuxedo mask), in the 16th book, leaves for the USA to study. And Usagi (Bunny/Serena/Sailor moon) is sad, because she won't get to see him often. Then, about a chapter later, you see this same girl teleport to another country and other sailors teleport to other planets! HELLO? Why is she even sad? SHE CAN TELEPORT? I love this series, but I think it's hilarious that everytime I read it, I notice something that doesn't work with the logic of their own universe. Weird.

- Isa

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 Hey, guys, it's "Mad Hatter" day today! (Because we are the 10/6th. Like is says on his hat? Getit getit getit?). This was kinda started as a joke by [ profile] bri_chan  and [ profile] torreadora  (since bri_chan makes AMAZING comics using the Disney park "Hatter" character). I chose this as kindoff an excuse to draw my brand new Namesake characters.

Warrick, the Wicked Warlock, likes having a big hat. Hopefully he didn't steal it from the Hatter. I'm sad you guys won't get to meet Warrick until the second chapter of the story. He's my favorite character because he's way too much fun to draw.

So everyone, go sit around a table, drink some tea and spout nonsensical riddles. It's the day for it.

- Isa


Jul. 4th, 2010 08:42 pm
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 Wow, this weekend was frustrating. I wanted to use the whole weekend to work. And for some reason, it's like any talent I had leaked out of me. This was a frustrating weekend. I kept trying and trying until I decided "Screw this", cleaned the apartment a bit and went to eat with a friend on St-Denis street. This was not productive. URGH.

I did manage to finish the image for the bag. Yay.

*goes to eat blueberries and break some crayons*

- Isa
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 So, my editor as decided he wanted to try making some bags to go with the comic collection. It's a neat idea, especially for cons. [Poll #1585367]
As always, thank you all for your wisdom!

- Isa
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So yeah.

I've been a bit silent and anti-social lately. Mostly, because i've been pretty busy with drawing. And even better, I wanted to be. It's been a while since I fully indulged in a period of time where I just spend some time behind my desk. I apologize to friends near and far that I may have completely ignored.

Mostly, the plan this week was to finish the entire "Namesake" prologue (9 pages). So far, so good. I'll definitely reach my goal. I want to have at least 15 pages up before the webcomic starts (so reading the archives isn't dreadfully boring and short, you know? Make people want to read more!) and I would like to be at least 3 weeks in advance, page wise (considering we want to update 3 times per week, that means 9 pages. so I need to have 24-25 pages ready on the webcomic launch. I can do it. I just need to spend a few days fully drawing.

I want to start preparing and sketching pages for my printed comic "Potions" as well.

Long story short, projects are advancing well, i'm quite happy with it, it kills my social life and i'm sorry about that.... *hugs everyone*

Little bonus preview? Here's the cover for the prologue (Every chapter gets a cover) :

And even better? [ profile] angelchan_2004  is the proud creator of the first ever Namesake fanart, featuring Warrick the wicked warlock of the west and the leading lady, Emma. Warrick, you don't even fully exist yet and you already have people loving you. What are you trying to do man?

I love this drawing so much! :D

Oh, did anyone else watch episode one of FUTURAMA? I liked it, though it seemed really random. I'm happy they didn't reset Fry and Leela's relationship to friend mode, like they usually do in un-canceled tv shows to keep the sexual tension going. But from what we can see from the episode "Rebirth", their love is going to be weird, sappy and random as hell. If a couple could ever destroy the universe accidentally, it would be them. As long as Zap Brannigan doesn't do it first.

Also, Bender! Amy and Kif! ZAP! EEEEE!! ....Hermes, mon, what's wrong with your voice? And where did your hot wife go?

- Isa
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Little drawing I did for the "Picture yourself in Wonderland" contest on deviant art. You're suppose to draw yourself as a character. 

I could not decide if I wanted to be Alice or the Hatter, so I decided to be both. Kinda how in the "Wizard of Oz" movie, everyone had a "Oz" and a "normal" version, i'm half-Alice, half-hatter, depending on how much wits or craziness a situation requires.

The hat is the rabbit hole.

I figured I might as well try for the contest since a) I love contests and b) prizes are cool. I might not win, but it's worth a shot!

I'm pretty much down my "silly drawings for the week" phase. Next up, actual comic pages and commissions. I've been falling behind. Bad, bad Isa.

Oh, I got the "Art of Avatar - the last airbender" in the mail today. I was hoping for more Toph art, and more "fun art that animators did for laughs" but I still love the book. You can really see how the project evolved. It's quite awesome. Makes me want to watch episodes.

I also got my slayers DvDs. I want to watch that too. Oh, decisions!

- Isa
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Lewis Carroll's birthday has passed. He'd be darn old today.

Most people know I love fairy tales and fantasy stories. Alice is up there among my favorites. Yet, I always get the "Urgh, you liked Lewis Carroll, he was totally a pedophile" attitude once in a while. It's true, he might have been one. There's evidence that states that as much as there is evidence to the contrary. I like to think that if he was one, he was a contained one and did not take action.

It sucks that people judge you for liking something because of a writer's opinions (like "he's racist" or "He's sexist" or anything else). I my view, a work of art can be judged independently from the creator to an extent. There's plenty of people I don't like very much who write really well or draw really well.

It kinda brings in the question of how much of an artist can you find in a work and how much of an artist must you consider when looking at work. Can a work really live beyond the artist or is the artist part of the work?



Oct. 8th, 2007 08:46 pm
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 Just what I needed: more fandom. Sugar-coated, disney inspired, fairy tale related fandom.

It was to be expected.

So here's a few Hatter x Alice sketches. I was trying to draw them facing the Bandersnatch, together, both holding the vorpal sword. It actually took a while to get the pose right! The result was good though.

This one is my favorite trial sketch...

The characters are copyrithed by Disney, and their current incarnation is copyrigthed to Bri-chan. -Secondlina
Cross-posted to [profile] alice_love
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So yeah. I got my idea for work this year: i'm still working the fairy tale genre, basing myself mainly on characters fitting the profile of "lost girls" such as Alice and Dorothy, lost in another world, but also Snow White and Red riding hood, lost in the woods, ect. I plan on making a parallel with actual feelings of women feeling lost in our day and age. 

I think this subject suits me better then my first idea (which was, as some of you know, based on the illustration of the imaginary world. I'm glad I shifted from world to characters.) I presented my idea to the class today and completly ruined the presentation with bad english and loss of ideas as I was saying them. I redid the presentation directly to the teacher after class. I did that one in french. I don't mind doing my presentations in english... I'm allowed to do them in french because of the classe's bilingual status. However, more than half the class has no clue what you just said. Considering the other student's feedback is often precious and ensigthful, it's good to speak english. Also, the ones who don't understand you have a tendency to stop paying attention and speaking among themselves, which sucks and actually happened during the 2 minutes I spoke french. Rarw.

Anywho, I found this new idea closer to my personal life since i'm currently in a state described as "The limbo waiting room" I'm finishing this year, trying to figure out what to do with my life at the same time as managing two jobs, one for which i'm not paid (but on which I have a lot more fun. Mwahahaha). So yeah. I'm not in limbo yet, but i'm in the waiting room to get there. So I feel a bit lost in the woods myself.

The limbo waiting room must be SO white. Like pristine white.

In the end, my prof suggested awesome reads and a movie. I'm adding the readings to my pile of stuff to do. Because of my schedule, monday, tuesday and wednesday are pretty much days where I can't do any homework, so it all piles up for the weekend. I have maybe a total of 200 pages to read over the course of 3 days. Wish me luck. I already watched the movie. I figured it was a good excuse to do homework while vegging like a potato bag in front of the tv. The movie was "Water" by Deepa Metha. If you haven't seen it, rent it now. You can find it at blockbuster. Go.

As a finale note, I apologize to the people who have to stand me all day (mainly other Isabelle, Tanya, Stephan and Fauve) for being extra-bitchy and whiny this week. I don't know why, but i've spent the week biting people's faces off and being emo to a point where I could have made deviant art ashamed (and that website as emo crap coming out it's wazoo.) So, i'm sorry guys. I promise to get more sleep starting now and to stop being a dominatrix of conversation.

Ah, other final note: Meme! Take it if you wannit ^_^

meme!!!! )



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