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Today was long and exhausting. I felt sick and in pain all day. Ah, the joys of womanhood.

So to make me feel better today, I kinda avoided working on comics and just drew some loose sketches. For some reason, they quickly became less... dressed?

Have some "sexy" Tangled art.

Nudity. But it's pretty classy. )

For a friend who asked me if I could draw some pre-hair-cutting sensual Tanged art. There you go. I CAN.

I just bought something like 6 fairy tale books. Must go read now.

- Isa

P.s. Has anyone else read this? This is a VERY badass Japanese man. He scuba-dived ina tsunami to save his wife. And mom. AND HE DID IT. 
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 I managed to draw something where characters have sex-appeal :

I'm SO proud of myself. Check it out! It's Astrid and Ruffnut from How to Train your Dragon. I,m not sure if they are posing for the winter months of the "Sweet Vikingnettes" calendar, or just planning to unleash violence, steal some winter clothing and weapons, and run off. Either way, they look really GOOD.

God, I hope i'm not just able to draw gorgeous ladies when i'm sick. That would be rather unfair.

Well, back to bed with me. The labtop computer keeps me warm. :)

- Isa

Edit : I didn't ink the drawing because I was afraid I was going to ruin it by inking it. [ profile] novabat  disagrees, and did it herself : 

It's so cool to your work inked in another style! They remind me of the "Bone" comic now. Bravo [ profile] novabat !
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A little (fake?) history lesson?

St Valentine was persecuted as a Christian and interrogated by Roman Emperor Claudius II in person. He is portrayed in modern times as a priest who refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, allegedly ordering that young men remain single. The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. In an embellishment to The Golden Legend provided by American Greetings, Inc. to and widely repeated, on the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to a young girl variously identified as his beloved and as the jailer's blind daughter whom he had befriended and healed, or both. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."[17]

And the pope's mom ships it.

Thank god modern fangirls have the internet.

So, be you single or in the coupledom, please see today as a good day to ship, be happy and love everybody, not just your beloved. Also, lemme know what your favorite lame ass pickup line is. I love lame pick up lines.

In unrelated and unhappy news, I may have lost a sketchbook on the subway (unless I left it at work). Hopefully someone will return it. My address is in it...


He did.

Jun. 10th, 2009 11:25 pm
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What I like is that I draw so much that even during weeks where I don't really have time to draw, I have this pile of not used drawings and jokes. Such as this one. Oh, poor Link. But hey, for almost every prank I pull on him he gets me back. A lot. So i'm really the victim here!

I feel bad for Link. He's going thru a bit of a rough time. I'm not the greatest at being uplifting and supportive (people say i'm too rational and analytical). But I still try! At least i'm full of loving! I just hope he gets better and that things go better for him soon.

I spent my evening cutting pages for Rose. For those of you who don't know, cutting is the first step to making pages (for me anyways). How I draw pages is like so:
  • Cutting (aka drawing of where I want the panels to be, the bubbles and the characters generally. Usually not detailled sketches of poses and expressions)
  • Detailing (filling in the blanks and changing some panels for better ones)
  • Cleanup (removing the extra crap to get nice line drawings)
  • Inking (UUURGH)
  • Wording (aka inking of WORDS)
  • Scanning
  • Photoshop cleanup (Aka i'm too lazy to re-ink this so i'm cheating. Mwahahaha)
  • Coloring (if required)
I usually do the cutting half-way of the story/chapter (aka I cut 20 pages on 40 in the case of Rose), then finish that half up to inking, and then cut the other half and ink it. So i'm pretty much half-way finished with Rose. Minus the cleanup and extra drawings and stuff. Still. BOOYAH!

Other Booyah worthy statement - Futurama is returning. Oh yes. New seasons. On television. Oh, Glee!

I also bring you fanart that I drew during my lunch break. Behold - some Princess Tutu and some Avatar. I wanted to draw Genderswitch slayers too, but I guess inspiration didn't strike.

Heart in hand )

I LJ cut stuff now. You lucky you.

That's all for now folks! I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy work day. Urgh. Also, I have to go see my family in the evening. I wonder what the heck my brothers are doing. My younger bro is going on a road trip and he wants me to find my old walkman tapes so he and his friends can have music on the trip (the car they are taking with them has a radio dating from last century, hence the tapes.) This makes me feel OOOOLD.

-Over n' Out!


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Love the twins. And by twins I means those two dorks (Link and his brother) living in Montréal. Gotta love'em.

Giant BAAAAAAAAAAAH phase right now. I pretty much just finished my contracts (top chrono - 5 minutes ago!) and now I have no more left to do. I'm only left with my personal projects (aka the comic book Rose, Slayers Steampunk and whatever else I decide to pick up.) and yet I barely feel like picking up a pencil. Without deadlines, I seem to be a real wuss. Baaaaah. Maybe I should just take a few days of break.

I did sketch out a few things slayers related though. 
Mainly this hero thing based on this post and a tiny inside joke. 


Blargh...stomach flue X_X

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Ah, the subtle mix of joy and stress that is the return to one's establishment of education.

I started my classes and my internship this week. As you may all know, this is my last return to a school. EVER. I'm not saying I won't take online classes or extra evening classes for whatever, but as a full time student, I think i'm done and over with. After this year, I believe it is high time I started life as we know it.  I'm slightly tired of school. I know everybody says "You're lucky to be there" and I realise that, but one can only take so many years of post-secondary education before deciding enough training is enough. Heck, universities never really train you that well. Theory is always different then practice.

Besides. I have a college degree and a future bachelor. How much do I need?

In a super-extra-positive point of view i'm happy to be back and quite satisfied with the internship up to now.

The internship: is at MASC, an organisation that basically organises artists residencies and workshops in elementary and high schools of the region. The job is fun, despite the large amount of collating. Lots and lots of it. The people who work at MASC are a little bit crazy. I like that *laughs* It's a very slick workplace. Very flexible. As long as your work is done on time, it pretty much doesn't matter when you're there or for how many hours per day, as long as it's within school hours and amounts to a certain number of hours per month. Apparently, a lot of the workers there do 12 hours days once in a while, hence the possibility of having a short day on the following shift.

There's also a lot of good restaurants around the workplace too. My coworkers are addicted to food. So am I. We get along great in that departement. Honestly, I love MASC. I actually stayed longer then I should have during my two internship days. ^_^ 6 hours instead of just 5. hehehe.

Schoolstuff: SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW....EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I was glad to meet my buddies again. I Saw Isabelle - know as isabiunleashed here on LJ - and Anneka -annekay here- , Stephan -my favorite bowling ball-head-, Christina and many others. Fauve is also back working at the university. She's been working at the education departement (teacher's college) of the U for quite some time now. My mother works there as well. 

Every fourth year student is allocated a space he shares with other students as a studio for the year. A big room on the third floor was allocated to 14 students who specialized in painting. The big room as fake walls and ventilation allowing the students to share the space and not die due to oil paint fumes. I'm in a room on the second floor. The room itself is pretty big and divided in two creating two studio spaces. Those spaces are occupied by multimedia artists, photo artists, drawing, performance and light sculpture. Basicly the all-brawl rooms. The room on the first floor belongs to 4 students who are doing heavy sculpture. I'm in part a of the second floor room. I have the joy to share it with my Tanya (cottoncandykid on lj) who is awesome. The three other tenants are, suprinsingly, all french students. Counting me, that a room 4/5 french. But we are all bilingual, so it works either way. The room next to us is 4/5 english. *laughs* I'm just happy I got to be with Tanya!

Work: I have too many shifts this week. I managed to convince my boss that I could only do a shift a week starting next week. Yay. I'm way to busy to do more then that. Heck, I already have homework.

Other: With my friend fauve I did Ottawa's introductory haunted walk, which is a tourist activity involving being lead across town by guides in creepy capes that stop in front of old buildings and narrate the building's ghost/history story. It was awesomly cool. I was supposed to invite much more people, but we went on very short notice (aka in between two of my shifts) so I didn't manage to round up a possy. However, there are several haunted walks, some much much more scary and those time you can bet i'll have a gang with me. *laughs*

I'm addicted to the series Heroes now. Hiro, the japanese character is so cute I want him as a pet.

I randomly found at the librairy a book intitled "Buffy the vampire slayer and philosophie" and read half of it already. It's an awesome book that points out plato and nieschze theoremes in Buffy and also reflect on the nature of the whole good/evil/gray spots of the show. It's a great book if you love Buffy, and even better if you also love plato. I suggest it immensly. It's at the U librairy and most likely on amazone.

Oh, last week I dropped everything and went to montreal to visit a semi-depressed but fully broke Link. It was a bit sad but still fun. I'm not really sure when i'll be able to see him again considering how we both are busy and such... Hopefully it will be at least in two months, because beyond that, it's just not cool. While I was there...there was interesting conversations : 

I also noticed a lot of advertizement for brest cancer this week. All my best wishes and a few dollars to the cause were given. Yeah, i'm a sap.

No school tomorrow. But a big 8 hours shift. Woo! Will also do homework.

For those who want to know my schedule :
monday : 8-12h30 am class
tuesday : 11-4 pm internship 7pm-10pm class
wednesday : 11-4pm internship 7pm-10pm class
thursday : 8-12h30 am class
friday, saturday & sunday : work somewhere + homework galore. 


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Considering at midnight today the book is coming out, I though it would be a good time to expose a few of my favorite Harry Potter jokes...

I also work night shift today at tim hortons. I'd LOVE to see a few harry potter fans come to buy coffee this morning at 2 am in their costumes after aquiring the book. I'd adore it actually. Buncha wizards coming to buy coffee. I really hope it will happen!

I myself will get the book early tomorrow morning by mail. In a way I hope it won't come in at 7 am at the same I return home because I just might not sleep.

Tomorrow afternoon i'm going to a computer shop to get my brand new ibook fixed. The ibook comes from Diane who agreed to sell it to me for a good price. Unfortunatly, the ibook won't charge for a mysterious reason. I've narrowed down to probably being a faulty cable problem. I,m sure they will help me figure it out at the store.

With further delay, here is the potter humor you all crave. The first joke is done by me (Hermione's love life) the others are from different authors of talent that I admire ^^...

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...Whom I cannot visit in person, therefore we shall visit in fiction!

(Why yes, that IS lina and gourry snogging in the background.)

So what else is new? Hummm...I twisted the crap out of my ankle that now has weird squishy bums all around it (Link says it's swelling. I say it's Alien eggs.) Tomorrow I need to go to a press conference for my intership. The intership is doing well, I kinda see my job as a football game. I basicly have customers that want me to do stuff for them for a certain date, but then give me NO info and run off. Then there's tackling involved.

At least this helped me figure out what I liked out of this job. I like doing paperwork, I like talking to people but by god I hate hunting them down!

I'm planning to do more Oz comics today...It's been a while and i've left Gourry hanging on that post....Sould fix that soon.


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...Or to resume Link's xmas vacation.


Aside from that, I start school on friday (weird, I know.) and I still haven't written that essay. I woke up rather late today and was a zombie with the flue all day so I decided to make that tomorrow's goal. I got some new pants today though. My old ones were set on the path to destruction by Link's cat and then terminated by me later on (curse you ice patches, curse you!)

Oh man, is Fruits Basket an awesome manga or what? I just finished reading the 19th book!

Good damn this is good manga. My faith in manga has been revived (It's been stabbed dead lately by things I'd rather repress)

All right, big finish: Time for a poll.

Which of these are your favorite three fantasy creatures?
- Shinigami (or death gods or death representatives)
- Angels
- Demons
- Unicorns
- Dragons
- Werewolves
- Vamps
- Sorcerers
- Robots
- Aliens
- Elves
- Dvarves
- Changelings
- Hobits
- Cat people
- Mer people
- Superheroes
- Killer butterflies

-Secondlina (not a choice, this is a signature, you guys XD)
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Mwahaha. Just for you, Link.
You know, If I was really cruel, I would have resized this comic.

Yes, I love you too XD

As for this next drawing, I blame a certain someone. That's right. A certain someone who writes certain things of a certain nature. A certain someone knows who she is, her and her lemony ways. Her and her bunny, lemony, fangirly ways. Her and her bunny, lemony, fangirly ways that distract me from work.

I blame her.

It's cruel. 

But at the same time, I think she enjoys taking the credit.


Aside from that, I hate university homework. I takes forever. I worked all day and I din't finish anything. I got ONE thing almost finish though.

aaaah, the days where an essay could be written in 3 hours. I miss those.

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I feel bleh this week.
Ever so Bleh. 

Nothing really worked out for most of the week. Yesterday I became very sick and had to leave work. I was feeling better today, and I had a shift and I went to do it. About 3.5 hours through, my boss told me we were over staffed (as ALWAYS. They should put more people on evening shift or something) and offered that I go home. I kinda would have preffered staying, but I was still feeling kinda bleh, and I was really just slowing everybody down, so I took her up on her offer.

I spent most of the week end sleeping and sitting next to a toilet. >_< Bleh.

My drawings are bleh too. Damn you, flue !

Aside from that, I have essays to write, presentations to learn by heart, some artwork to complete and xmas presents to purchase. Aside from the essays, it's mostly fun work. XD there was an anime con in Ottawa this weekend, but I din't go. I was supposed to work all weekend, so I din't bother making plans for it. Then I din't really work, but  I din't go either (I was feeling attached to my bed). According to a few friends, nothing was really cool there, aside from several stands of anime goodies. One of my friends go me a corpse bride t-shirt. I now own three! WOO!

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[personal profile] savvyliterate I blame this on you. You put ideas in my head. You soil my sweet and innocent mind...

*General cough in the audience*

Okay, maybe not sweet and innocent, but it's her fault none the less. XD

Seriously though (or as serious as it gets on this journal anyways) I really do miss my Link ^^ I'm going to go see him during thanksgiving *waves bus ticket* I get to travel with some friends this time, so it's gonna rock! 

hee hee. I'm such a girl.

Yep, everyone. I'm five years old. Thee hee XD

In unrelated news, the Rpg will soon be open. Link's character is the only one missing (and I think we can blame that on starcraft and a dying internet connection) So as soon as it's typed down, the games will begin (No pressure dude *pokes pokes*). I will post a disclaimer starting off the story and then
[personal profile] savvyliterate will play her turn. 
This is gonna be fun ^^

-secondlina out.


Sep. 16th, 2006 09:53 am
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I din't make that drawing, but I like it...
What is it with japanese people and panties?
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I've been switching screens from dark angel to Kingdom hearts for days.
I'm shamefully addicted.
At least i'm not addicted to WOW (looks at wesley)

*cough cough DEVORS YOUR SOUL! cough cough*
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Okay, so i'm back.
I've discovered a cruel rule of life : the more shit you leave behind when you take off, the more double that shit you will find at your return.
So since I returned, I did 5 loads of laundry, responded to 20 emails, opened 10 letters, had to do a pile of errants and cleaned all my house.
Home sweet home.

I wonder when I get to go back....

Oh well, on another note Toronto was excellent and I had a great time with Link, who changed appartements and now lives with his brother and roomate in a place that is just a jewel. Great location, clean, well taken care of...the owner is a nice chinese man that is very amusing. His wife is somewhat demanding though (you can tell right away who wears the pants in that relationship!)
I have material to draw a zillion comics. "The Toronto Chronicles" or something. *laughs*

I discovered very close to Link's house a very cool second-hand clothes store where I got a polka dot dress from the 80's. I also discovered the ultimate comic book store that even carried french european comics despite the fact that it was smack in the center of an english town! Why smack me silly!
The Doujin suffered from my trip a bit, but for those interested i'm working on two drawings that i'M going to color and perhaps sell as printouts. The drawings are very nice, i'll probably post the in the next few days.

People are bending over backwards for me since I came home yesterday (and no, you perverts, I don't just mean Link). The bookstore close to my house offered me a job. I was already taking care of their comic collection but they want to hire me for at least 2 hours a week to take care of that collection O_O sweet. My actual job is going okay, I get back to it tomorrow. I get back to university next week.

I'm currently looking for a art place in Toronto to do an intership this summer. If anyone has an idea, please suggest.

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Second year of university complete. On to level three! *jumps in a Mario world-like pipe*

I actually slept off these last two days, catching up for the sleepless nights i've been spending in front of my computer or at school, among the ink toxins. I've been having some weird dreams during these last two days. The rare times I was awake, I was in very zombified mode. These two days of rest actually helped a lot to fill in my batteries. Since i'm starting work on monday, i'm really thankful for it.
I'm going back to my job at the bakery. I just love spending my summer days smelling like sand and cookies XD
I'm also a little irked everytime I look at my computer nowadays. I think a good tech break might be good too. Spend a bit of time at the librairy, you know?
Aside from that, tonight is the fourth year student's final art expo. I'm looking foward to going to see all that art on display. Some of those people can paint like there's no tomorrow! I remember seeing a few people break  down this last week (mainly a girl screaming loudly in the darkroom) and I hope most of the students got their stuff done okay. Other people had pretty shitty final weeks because their boyfriends dumped them (I can think of three people I know in that situation! That sucks so much!)
I think it's harsh that their boyfriends have left them during the finals. I mean, it's mean to hold off a breakup if you don't love the person, but putting more stress on them when it's really not needed is so much worse! Sometimes I wonder if guys think straight before doing "the right thing"...
Well, the weather's hot, the Ottawa market is full of stands again and i'm going back to work ^_^
I have a feeling this might be a good summer. I'm going to try to learn to drive and meet some cool people to do things ^_^

Here's a final stab at the exam week. The idea for the joke is a curtesy of my crazy friend Sarae. Keep painting Sarae!


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