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Apr. 12th, 2012 01:32 pm
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I drew a lot of silly Korra stuff. Honestly, i'm fangirling like crazy. This series will be the death of me.

I was disappointed to see the Legend of Korra was available on itunes for Americans, but not Canadians. Seriously Nickelodeon, why don't you want my money?

Today I went to the dentist to get a clean-up (I love the feel of clean teeth) and a doctor to do some more tests about the lung thing. Surprise, surprise, 200$ later I was told my lungs were fine, so that the asthma was probably just stress. Awesome. They can't give me a pump because they haven't found a medical problem. They told me it was probably panic, so I could breathe into a paper bag next time it happened (you know, to get more carbon monoxide in the body and therefore make the breathing more regular). Urgh. This is the third doctor, so I guess i'm going to have to accept that whatever is making me feel sick is apparently all in my head.

Maybe taking a vacation to an exotic location may help. I have been wanting to go back to Disneyworld. Or Hawaii. Yesssss.


This drawing isn’t really about feminism. But it kinda is at the same time. I guess this is about perception. I’ve been enjoying some shows with a lot of great ladies in them. I even drew a top badass of 2012 drawing. I love my ladies. I love them all.

I’m a bit disappointed that a lot of people out there take some of these badass ladies, like Korra and Katniss, and draw/write fanworks where the characters are weak and dominated by their significant other. It’s like, as soon as their significant other kisses them, their uterus quivers and suddenly they can’t remember how to toss a punch.

Now, I don’t have anything against dudes being the dominant energy in a relationship. I tend to prefer relationships where both parties switch sides at being the dominant one, but at the same time, girls being the lovey-dovey ones that are cared for most of the time doesn’t bother me in itself, when the character’s personality works with it.

Some girls are more… for lack of a better word, the stereotypical “girly”. They speak softly, are graceful, like cooking and cleaning and being pretty. This does not make these girls less badass. What makes a girl badass is her determination, her ability to be true, to live well, and to be generally awesome at whatever motivates her to be herself. Fluttershy is shy, but she is still badass, as badass as Korra, as Rainbow dash. A housewife is as awesome as a time traveling girl from the future with a gun (i’m looking at you, River Song). As long as both stay true to their hearts and have a sharp mind and clear motivations.

It takes all girls to make the world, and all girls are magnificent. Just like all boys are awesome. May they love sports or anything else.

What bothers me is when fanworks take a character’s personality and tosses it out a window to fit a fantasy, to fit what is right according to a stereotype. I’ve seen a lot of great Legend of Korra fanworks, but also a few that made me sad. Because Korra was acting as a damsel in distress. Not that Korra will never need to be rescued, or helped. We all need help once in a while. But she certainly won’t throw herself in the guy’s arm and praise the gods that he’s around to fight the big bad equalists and top her in bed. We all need comfort, we all need help, and guidance. But we don’t magically change personalities when we get it.

So, fans, when a girl is strong, keep her strong. When a girl is introverted, keep her introverted. A good artist should be able to identify and expand upon a character’s personality.

That said, I had fun drawing Korra swooning the crap out of Mako.


The next two drawings are just silly things I drew because I was tired and practising bodies and poses.

- Isa
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Due to the sheer popularity of these two characters on Namesake (www.namesakecomic.com), I decided to make a print. It turned out great! (Sorry about the fugly cheshire watermark guys... Since it's a print, i'm obligated to mark it)

So, basically, you've got an image of Emma and Warrick under... something that is the Oz equivalent of a peach or a cheery tree. More purple. What I really adore about this image is that Emma has the sword and Warrick, a flower, and it looks very natural. Both characters end up switching gender roles a lot, which I love. Warrick is holding a poppy, the symbol of the princess of Oz, Ozma. Emma's sword is a rapier, a French sword, ideally used for thrusting attacks. The Cheshire cat is just... around. He likes to be around. He goes as he pleases. He's a cat after all!

In other news, this weekend was rough. Sometimes my body just decides it wants to eliminate me (and sees no flaw in it's own logic), so I spend a weekend feeling sick and in pain without really being sick at all. It's pretty annoying and exhausting when it happens. As a result, I found getting up this morning to be an annoyance.

But before getting up, I arranged the duvets in a big circle, making a nest, and kinda cuddled with my pillows in that. It was awesome.

Pillows and blanket forts or nests always improve a bad mood.

- Isa

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So to resume, it seems I did get sick indeed. I was pretty sick from Thursday morning to... now. So whatever plans I got this week, they are pretty much forgotten. At least i'm gotten back on my feet! Slowly.

- Isa


Jan. 28th, 2011 10:29 am
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I deleted the last overly whiny post. But, long story short, i'm sick again and rather tired of the way Montréal seems to hate me right now. Oh well. Things might look up soon.

I seem to be completely voiceless at the moment. The illness apparently decided my throat was where it wanted it's headquarters to be. Gotta build that illness death star somewhere, amiright?

I wish I had a witty subject to suggest. But I seem to be fresh out of ideas. Spending a whole evening sleeping does that.

I hope everyone else is doing well though! Don't get sick, gang!

Have some Xelloss. This is mostly for you, [livejournal.com profile] pip25 .

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Cat's a jerks, really. But they lure us in with cuteness.

No, I didn't acquire a cat (no matter how much I would love to), but I play a lot with the cats my friends have. Oh, allergies, you cruel mistress.

In other news - I've been re-watching "3rd Rock from the Sun" with Link. This show is so sitcom-y. It's like the golden age of sitcoms packaged in 5 seasons. But the cheesy acting and randomness still makes it a delight to watch. For those of you who don't know, this is a sitcom about a group of aliens posing as a jewish family to study us. It's pretty strange and often mimics movies (there's musical and film noir segments) and it mostly plays with fish-out-of-water experiences (everything about us is pretty much alien to the aliens). Also, I just realized, my first crush, the guy who played Tommy (Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt), is the guy who plays Arthur in "Inception". Oh wow. No wonder I found Arthur to be so damn pretty and familiar looking.

I'm getting new glasses on Friday. YAY. I'm so tired of these old frames. This will put me a bit int he read (considering I just did christmas spending too) but holy crap am I ever tired of these frames, you have no idea.

- Isa
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 Meme says : ""Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your f-list the real you!"

Monkey do :

It's getting cold, so a blanket is now, once again, grafted semi-permanently to my head.

Not much to say. Behold, my studio. 

I'm really tired. I think i'm going to go to bed right now.

- Isa
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 As promised to [livejournal.com profile] snapdragon76  and [livejournal.com profile] lycorne , my next nostalgia-themed fanart is Rainbow Brite.


I tried to keep the characters in their original hair and costumes instead of "updating". I learned quickly everyone had "Toph" hair (think she invented the hair ball? THINK AGAIN). This is basically all the color kids, plus Rainbow Brite, Krys, Moonglow, Stormy, Brian, Baby Brite (who turns in the Sphere of Light), Starlite the horse and On-X the robot...horse.

Everyone kinda always forgets about poor Brian, the human who was given a key allowing him to visit and see Rainbow Brite. You know, I always though it was amusing when a male character was given a magical key in old tv shows. Especially to go visit a girl. My mind always went the way of the dirty metaphor. I'm sorry.

If you're looking for a good place to refresh your memory about the characters and the episodes, be sure to check it out here :  http://www.rainbowbrite.net/

This took a long time. didn't really work on much else because of this, but I've been feeling sick since Friday morning. And relaxing drawings are good to keep me occupied without killing of my energy levels.
Hey, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is coming out soon! This movie's trailer is composed mostly of epic shots of epically flying owls in epic armor. But I haven't heard much about it. Does anyone know how the reviews are? I mean, aside from people going "ooooh, shiny!"

- Isa
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Link is sweet and supportive of my pain. And rubs my belly. And then says things that are weird. Weird, but adorable. And a little disturbing. 

I decided to do as you all told me and take a giant break tonight. The artist is "sick". So watched my recently-purchased-but-not-yet-opened version of Disney's Tarzan.

Yeah baby.

I adore this Disney movie. Everything about it pleases me. I kinda like this adaptation of Tarzan. I read the original, but found it a bit cruel. And other adaptations are just... corny. This one gives us a strangely realistic edge to how Tarzan walks and acts. I love it. Also, VINE SURFING. I'm really intrigued by Tarzan's parents in the opening sequence. I want to hear what their story is. They are apparently awesome enough to escape a boat one FIRE (why is it on fire?) and build an extremly cool house in the middle of the jungle. with teamwork. No wonder Tarzan is awesome. His parents were carriers of the awesome DNA. And then he was raised by fearless and loving gorillas. Yeah. 

I love how expressive Jane is. I think she's one of the Disney "girls" with the most cartoonist expressions. And the cutest giggle. I actually think the brand new Rapunzel and her are kinda alike. Maybe that's why I already love Rapunzel.

- Isa
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The Cheshire Flue (Cheshirinus Badasserus Fluetitus) : Noun. Invisible flue that attacks you suddently with incredible badassery, reducing you to a puddle of various oozing liquids. May leave behind microbes, a general sense of frustration and a single floating smug smile of microbian satisfaction.

Damn them. Damn them all.

I hate drawing when i'm sick. It ain't worth squat.

In any case; click for results of the sketch meme. Because LJ cut is being an ass.

As requested:
One dancing River Tam. Cute heh?
A wishful looking Mermaid who dreams of land and a wishful looking Pikmin who dreams of the moon.
Merlin (who apparently needs love) being commented by his canon mistress in the adult arthur lands (sorry Disney) - Lady Viviane. While another couple rocks on.

And off I return to the blanket.

I have huge news for you guys, but such huge news deserves a comic, so be patient XD


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...Whom I cannot visit in person, therefore we shall visit in fiction!

(Why yes, that IS lina and gourry snogging in the background.)

So what else is new? Hummm...I twisted the crap out of my ankle that now has weird squishy bums all around it (Link says it's swelling. I say it's Alien eggs.) Tomorrow I need to go to a press conference for my intership. The intership is doing well, I kinda see my job as a football game. I basicly have customers that want me to do stuff for them for a certain date, but then give me NO info and run off. Then there's tackling involved.

At least this helped me figure out what I liked out of this job. I like doing paperwork, I like talking to people but by god I hate hunting them down!

I'm planning to do more Oz comics today...It's been a while and i've left Gourry hanging on that post....Sould fix that soon.



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