May. 17th, 2013 04:03 pm
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So, i'm pretty sure that's the longest i've ever gone without updating my LJ. Stuff got pretty crazy in the beginning of May, as predicted. Convention stuff started, so i've been going a bit nuts mixing preparing convention materials with comic pages. I've also been doing a lot of school contracts and administrative contracts, so i've felt glued to my chair. Good thing the weather has been moody lately. Because having gorgeous days while being trapped on a chair is torture.

Last week, I went to TCAF and shared a table with the creators of The End, a sci-fi webcomic. The artist, Ran, gave me some wonderful fanart of Namesake :

As always, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival was intense and amazing. I met so many friends while I was there. I also got to meet one of my comic heroes Boulet (and gave him a copy of Namesake, which was a bit nerve-wrecking! Aaah!) I got less books then last time. Last time, I filled an entire suitcase. This time, I only got 12 books. Pretty tame. We also had a large gathering of comic artists at a Korean Barbecue which lead of of them to write the most hilarious restaurant review i've ever read.

Now that's i'm back, i'm still sharing my time between contracts, comic pages and convention preparations. I've done a couple of mini prints, both fanart and fairy tale stuff.

This piece is inspired by one of my favorite fairy tale figures : Baba Yaga, an old witch who lives in an enchanted forest, rides a mortar instead of a broom, lives in a house with chicken legs and usually has three magical sons. I have an obsession with witches in general, but something about this old Russian spell caster really captures my imagination. Basically, this is a young version of her. I always loved stories about people gradually turning into witches or monsters...

And of course, I drew some doctor Who. 

And some Homestuck, although I don't know the story very well, I love the character designs : 

Now i'm working on some pony prints and possibly something with Madoka.... Hummm.

Back to work!


Deep cold

Jan. 24th, 2013 09:33 pm
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First thing first; the kickstarter is doing well - we made our goal! Yaaaaaaay! We have less backers then the first time though. I'm hoping to have at least 400 backers. That would be amazing. All sorts of flavors of amazing!

In other news, it's bloody cold. This week is the coldest of winter so far (with the wind, we even went down to 40 degrees below zero). I'm glad my days off seem to coincide with the worse of the cold. I can at least stay home. Home has been a bit chaotic though, since Tuesday and Wednesday, the electricity kept going out... And today, the heater is broken. I've been surviving by staying in the studio with an electric heater. I feel a lot less productive though :( Wednesday was a complete bust for comic work due to the electricity frizzing out every hour. My poor computer...

Since my Kickstarter is launched, I gave myself a bit of time after my online work meeting to doodle something fun. There’s a lot of evil-corrupted-by-pitch-Jack-Frost fancomics and fanart going around tumblr in the Rise of the Guardians fandom. I really like the designs of evil Jack - he looks like a big icicle. A depressed icicle. So I decided to doodle corrupted Jack. Tooth sorta slided her way in, her hand on his face slightly melting the ice.

This kinda reminds me of the finale of Howl’s Moving Castle. Anywho. Angst. Fun, amiright? The original creator seems to have enjoyed my dubbing of this jack as "depressed icicle jack" because she drew this response to it :

This all really fits with the cold outside. Maybe i'll draw some more...

- Isa
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 Wisdom teeth are going well, although I always wake up in the morning looking like a puffer fish. The swelling usually goes down after an hour. I,m thinking it does that because I grind my teeth in my sleep. Bad Isa, bad.

Today was one of those productively unproductive days. I absolutely did not feel like drawing at all. And all my drawings were crap. So instead, I caught up on my reading and cleaned the crap out of my house. My living room and, more importantly, my drawing table (better known as "the apocalypse zone") are now SPARKLY CLEAN. I also started a to-do list for my goals of 2012 and 2013. And a list of all the comics I own (for my insurances and so that I can avoid buying the same comic twice).

So... turns out being unmotivated for drawing work today got me to do many, many other useful things. Felt great to move. Sometimes, you just need to be a cleaning tornado!

Tomorrow i'm back at work, and tomorrow night it's voting time for all Quebec citizens. Woot woot!

Worked on an idea for a print a few days back. I wanted to do the group of characters from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime in dresses inspired by Klimt. The first try was horrible :

Second try turned out nicely for the inking, but I really don't know what to do for the coloring... i'm going to keep poking at this...

- Isa
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Illustration of gay princesses from a point-in-click game designed by the creator of Girly seemed appropriate. 

In a bizarre twist, Entertainement Weekly published an article asking if Merida, the main character of Pixar's new film, is gay.

Huh. Okaaay.

This article is a prime example of having a point of view that's really interesting, but expressed oddly. The article claims that Merida might be gay because she breaks the conventionally accept gender roles of 5th century Scotland. Because she breaks gender roles that both straight and gay suffragettes wanted changed in the 1900's, and that women still need to challenge today in many, many countries to get more rights, more freedom.

Let's get this straight, EW. What you article has demonstrated, simply and fully, how gender roles are ingrained in our brains. If someone refuses a gender role, there has to be a deeper reason then just "I don't want it." What Merida wants is more freedom and a better relationship with her parents, which are desires that could indeed be associated to the struggles of a homosexual adolescent with his new identity. But refusing to be blindly obedient, meek and marrying boys you never met doesn't mean you are gay, necessarily. It means you have common sense. Sure, some girls do want, and are, those things. But they are usually raised as such. Merida was raised to be clever and artistic by her mother, which made her intelligent, and to be a fighter by her father. Combine these two elements, cleverness and strength, and yeah, you get someone who usually doesn't take someone else's bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, i'd love if Merida would be gay. In all honesty, I look forward to the day where we will have an openly gay and cleverly written character on a kid's show. Yeah, I know, there's Marge's sister on the Simpsons that got a pretty great episode. But a show that's really for kids, not just animated and therefore watched by kids. But I don't think this is it. The point of the movie isn't that she is challenging gender roles because she doesn't want them. The point is that she doesn't know what she wants yet and doesn't want to be forced into anything. This movie is about challenging gender roles and about finding your place among your family and confirming your identity to the world. I can see how this may serve as a metaphor for budding homosexuality. But if anything, this movie could be a metaphor for anyone challenging a social convention. 

And considering people are either angry or putting on a pedestal the fact that teen Merida stays single, methinks we still have a lot of social conventions to break.

Not a bad article, Entertainement Weekly. But a strange analysis. Some gay people also follow gender roles. There's a difference between sexual attraction and social attitude.

Still looking forward to a real gay princess. But appreciating the move forward for women in cinema. 

- Isa
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Read more... )

Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry for not posting while I was gone. The hotel charged us something like 40$ per night for the internet. It was outrageous. I was gone to Fanexpo up to monday at 3am. It was fun. Met cool people, got to meet Jeff Smith, got a portfolio evaluation from Marvel and got a really cool book about period costumes. We met a couple of Namesake fans who, I swear, have the best costumes, including a Tardis Lolita.

We didn't sell that many books, unfortunately. I think this con was more for small, cute commercial goods. Which is why, on the second day, I was struck with a stroke of genius, and started offering cutesy 5-minute-directly-in-ink-whatever-you-want-as-long-as-I-know-what-it-is-or-you-have-a-reference for 2$ drawings. Those were really popular, easy and fun. We sold a lot. I'll post a couple of the ones I did in the photos below. Be warned, I was asked to draw a lot of Harry Potter.

I drew a LOT LOT LOOOT more. These are just my favorites.

When I got home, I had to work my butt off to finish the Womantology pages in two days. I just got that done. Whew. A break.

Finally. In other news, you guys may have heard me gushing about the upcoming movie "A Monster in Paris". Well, good news. The movie is getting an English release. The dubbing seems really good, and i,m happy they kept Vanessa Paradis as the voice actress for the songstress in both languages. This means that we are getting a cool French animated movie overseas and that, living in Québec, I get to choose between the French original or the dub. Yaaay!

The english commercial is so different from the French, it weirds me out. In the French we learn that : Paris is under water. The monster is a bug grown huge by mistake by the male protagonists. The bug and the songstress sing together. Pretty songs are sung. The police dude wants to kill the monster, who is in fact, nice. A wild hot air balloon chase follows.

The english trailer : funny people, funny people, MONKEY MONKEY LOOK A MONKEY, funny people, animosity which is obviously love, background music and hey, by the way, there might be a monster in there. Behold, the difference.

Well, that's all for now.

- Isa
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So, for the past couple of days, me and Link gained Window Squirrels. To get to the balcony of our apartment, there's a door, surrounded by two windows. The windows a composed of an exterior panel you can open, a bug screen, and then an interior panel. Basically, there's space in between the two panels for something like a squirrel to reside. We left the outside panel of one of the windows open. And sure enough, the next day, Link and I notice a little squirrel sleeping there. The next day, a whole family of squirrels decided the window rocked and moved in. There was 5. 3 were sleeping, and two were climbing all over the bug screen. Of course, they were basically destroying the bug screen, so Link had to shoo them out. He stepped out to the balcony, and all the squirrels panicked and climbed to the top of the window on the screen. He basically slid the screen panel until they had to drop and run out. And the the outside panel was closed to prevent further squirreling.

But sleeping squirrels are the cutest thing ever, no joke. :D I could see the squirrels from really, really close. It was awesome.

Aside from that, I decided to work on some more fanart prints for future cons. Presenting, some idea for Avatar : The Last Airbender. I love most of the canon and fanon couples, so I decided to draw a "kataang" (Katara/Aang) and a "Zutara" (Zuko/Katara) set of pictures that would basically be companion pieces. You could get both, or just your favorite.

Both show the couples together, with lanterns, in a window. In both images, the elements of wind and fire are present. In Aang's case, I used good old sky lanterns and an Indian design for the window. In Zuko's case, we get classical Chinese paper lanterns, and a window inspired by China as well.


Here are the sketches!

I kinda wanted both images to have the mood usually associated by fans to the couple. So one is super cuddly and happy, and the other on the angsty, soft side. Enjoy.

- Isa
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We artist be giant teases, amiright?

Pity I don't have a female model I can command around like this.

I don't draw from life often. As a matter of fact, I always kinda sucked at it and hated it. Too used to draw things from my head. But once in a while, there's this one, extra-complicated pose that annoys me. So I tell my boyfriend to strip down to his underpants and torture him. For art.


A few of the French artists I follow online did these amazing re-tellings of Popeye for the "24 hour comic jam" at the Angoulème festival this year. Many of these are GEMS. If you can read French, give it a go... [link]

I just wanted to add my own Popeye and Olive to the mix.

Trying out some new coloring tricks with this piece. Oh, the background texture is a print by the Japanese artist Hokusai.

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Today was long and exhausting. I felt sick and in pain all day. Ah, the joys of womanhood.

So to make me feel better today, I kinda avoided working on comics and just drew some loose sketches. For some reason, they quickly became less... dressed?

Have some "sexy" Tangled art.

Nudity. But it's pretty classy. )

For a friend who asked me if I could draw some pre-hair-cutting sensual Tanged art. There you go. I CAN.

I just bought something like 6 fairy tale books. Must go read now.

- Isa

P.s. Has anyone else read this? This is a VERY badass Japanese man. He scuba-dived ina tsunami to save his wife. And mom. AND HE DID IT. 
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So, let's start with the artness!

I drew a picture of Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus looking badass. Well, Venus looks badass anyways. She looks a bit too... butch-ish. But I kinda wanted her to looked bigger and stronger then in other fanarts (I Xena-fied her or something). Plus, in their past lives, she and the other senshi are a bit older then the princess, which might explain the height difference. Anyways. It's not the great art, but I do love it so...

Sketches and lineart below cut. )

In other news, oh god oh god, why is there so much crap on my computer? I'm slowly trying to re-build my online porfolio. It's hard to find images and decide which ones to take. I'm also in a bit of a pickle, since I seen to be lacking recent "original" art I can use. Lately, I seen to be drawing a lot of fanart or comic pages. I don't seem to be taking the time to draw original non-comic-formatted things. I really should get on that. My portfolio needs more originals...

Maybe fairy tale stuff? and some pretty ladies?

So for the next few weeks, I might be focusing on drawing some cool, non-fandom related things! If you have suggestions, let me know!

It's crazy cold today. I wish I was home in my warm bed...

- Isa
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A little Tangled fanart to start things off on a positive note!

First off, i,m so happy it's Friday. My god. Work has been insane for the whole week. I plan on pretty much drawing the full weekend. It sounds like so much fun :D

I'm also going to work on getting con stuff ready. I bought all the stuff I needed today after work. I still hate Omer Deserre (local craft store). They never have the stuff I need. And not in the "we don't carry it" sense. In the "we sold it all three weeks ago and didn't bother ordering more". I wanted to buy cardboard to make small postcard-size things to sketch on at the con. They didn't want to cut them for me, despite the whole paper cutting table being RIGHT THERE. So instead I bought small pieces so I could cut them myself with scissors. Gosh, I know the store isn't that bad, but jeez, every time I go, they never have what I need and the employees always act as if I was bothering them (I interrupted 3 employees talking at the cutting table to see if I could get something CUT and they were talking around it...). I'm not impressed Omer Deserre. Not impressed. 

I ended up going to a book store to get most of what I needed.

I'm amused. Kate Beaton did a comic today about a historical personality I really love, Ada Lovelace. I LOOOVE HER. I've been reading a really good webcomic that is basically the "Girl Genius-ish" version of her life, 2D goggles. Actually, Beaton linked this comic below her own comic, which made me really happy. This comic needs more readers.

For those who don't know, Ada Lovelace is like, a mathematical tragedy. She's a countess, and the legitimate daughter of Lord Byron, aka a romantic poet who liked to put his penis in many, many people (he wrote Don Juan, if that's any indication). Her mom got angry at the sexy poet and pretty much forced Ada in mathematics. Ada was gifted, became extremly badass with numbers, worked with Charles Babbage, composed what was essentially the first computer program and died young of illness. 2D Goggles kinda plays with the idea that this woman's life is an ode to math and her enemies are poets. I love it.   

Gosh, i'm such a geek. Love it though.
- Isa
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I'm a bit of a grump, so I spend most of the weekend off the computer being surly. But I think i'm back to normal now.

Not much to say today...

I'm trying to decide how to work with Psychopopmes. Should I make thumbnails of all the pages so I know how many I need to draw? Or should I just work on a page-per-page basis and see what it gives at the end? I think I may pick the first since I need to get these done for May. I'm sure that's least 60 pages of work waiting... Hopefully, i'll manage. O_O I asked my boss if I could take my vacation days in March instead of you know... July. So I could work. I don't have anything to do in July, after all.

I spent the whole morning talking to pretty much everybody about cupcakes. About recipes, cupcake shops in Montréal, and about making "Tangled" themed cupcakes with different flvors and designs (Rapunzel is citrus, Flynn is dark chocolate and Mother Gothel? Dark cherry.) I'm super obsessed by cupcakes. I'm suppose to bake some with friends on Thursday. Looks like this is a good idea.


It's a miracle i'm not fat. Really.

Oh hey, have some "How to Train Your Dragon" fanart. Mainly, it's Astrid and Toothless protecting Hiccup. apparently in the snow. Astrid seems to have lost her braid in the heat of action.

That's alll fooooorrrrr noooooooowww!

- Isa
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I'm having this strange feeling.

So many of you on my friend list are great friends. A few years ago, I didn't believe I could feel so close to people that are so far. Yet, here I am, adoring a whole lot of you.

Right now, a few of you are going thru rough patches, bad breakups, artistic questioning, monetary problems... And I just discovered the biggest frustration I have ever felt in my life. For a lot of you, I feel like I can't be there. I wish I owned a jet so I could fly to be by your sides and hug you and tell you everything will be okay. But I can't. This frustration even expands to my "real-life" friends and family. Since I moved to a new city, they are now far. This makes me feel limited. And silly. At least I have friends and this area, and i'm able to be there for most of you, if only in spirit. But I never though not being able to run to someone's side on a white horse, ready to save the day, would be so frustrating.

I guess I've got a big "knight (princess?) in shining armor complex or something. But I still wish I owned a teleporting machine. Or a tardis. Then I could lend you guys a shoulder to lean on in real life.

We could also have massive parties. Of awesome. That change location every week.

Since i'm daydreaming, I also want a pony.

*hugs all of you*

Annnnnddd some birthday art! This is for you[livejournal.com profile] ichiban_victory . It's going to be your new website banner once it's colored! I know I showed you for your birthday, but I liked it so much ,I wanted everyone to see it too. It's Relina, your super awesome elf-paladin with her mount.

- Isa
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For starters, I have a tumblr now. Right here : http://secondlina.tumblr.com/

I'll be posting on it drawings and things that I didn't make, but like. I'm also going to be posting as rapid-fire reruns all my old comics posted here, from all the way back in 2005. So if you feel like seeing secondlina oldies, it's a good spot!

This does NOT mean i'm leaving LJ. I love livejournal. Also, on Tumblr, people can't leave comments, and I hate that. I'm just trying to have more things to spread my art around and get my name known on the internet. and Tumblr re-blog feature is pretty efficient for that. So now, i,m on twitter, tumblr, deviant art, and livejournal, livejournal being my main blog, the heart and soul of it all.

I also have two websites, my portfolio (the needs re-vamping) and Namesake (that does not need re-vamping. It's gorgeous).

And that's about it. Most remember to update links on Lj and elsewhere.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] chameleon9999  made me a great Namesake fanart of Anlise, the questionably good witch of the North. Isn't it just gorgeous?


Jan. 9th, 2011 04:43 pm
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So yes, as this comic puts it, the exterminator never showed up. They canceled on us. 

The bedbug situation is currently this : Link and I cleaned everything we owned, thoroughly, and packed it all away in plastic bags to prevent bedbugs from going in the cleaned stuff. We also vacuumed, bleached, scrubbed and generally exuded cleaning revenge upon the little critters. Basically we did all (and then some) of the things listed on the document given to us that needed to be done BEFORE the exterminator showed up and sprayed the floor with deadly poison. And he NEVER DID.

He re-scheduled on Tuesday. So now everything we own has to stay in boxes and bags until then, because if bedbugs get int here, we pretty much have to start over. 

This situation is honestly ANNOYING. Those who know me well know I much I love being in boxes/suitcases/etc. It realyl plays on my nerves. So i,m having a bit of trouble concentrating. 

I did draw a bit, mostly sketches I won't finish because there's always a little detail that bugs me. This time : MEGAMIND!

Click for bigger version on deviant art

Aw, yeah. I bet he has an anti-bedbug gun. That he invented as a child. Because he feared the nursery rhyme.

- Isa
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To resume the bedbug issue : my friend Fauve hooked me up with a website saying that according to Montréal law, extermination of certain pests where to be organized and paid by the landlord himself, the list of pests included bed bugs. So despite what them concierge told me, I contacted my landlord directly and voilà, my apartment is going to be hosting an extermination team on Friday. And I don't have to pay for it.

Before the exterminators show up, me and Link basically have to clean EVERYTHING in the apartment and wash everything and anything that may be composed of fabric, even in the rooms that are not the bedroom. So, my apartment is gradually becoming cleaner then it's ever been, ever. Not that i'm usually messy, but DANG, THIS IS REALLY ANAL CLEANING.

I had to toss out a few things, pillows and Megatron, the giant carnival tiger plushy. I'm a little sad about that.

So, I guess I was lucky in my bad luck. Still, we have so much work ahead of us (about 70 loads of laundry. I kid you not).

Art of the day! This one is for putri-nih. It's her own original characters from a comic called "Changeling". I really like her characters because the one with the floaty scarf? That's a kid that is part-fairy, based on the "Tennin" legend.

Tennin can fly thanks to their colored or feathered kimonos, called hagoromo ("dress of feathers"), also represented by something I like to designate as "Floaty wavy scarf of awesome". In some legends, tennin are unable to fly without these kimonos (and thus cannot return to heaven). In a Noh play called Hagoromo, tennyo come to the earth and take off their hagoromo. A fisherman spies them and hides their clothes in order to force one to marry him. After some years he tells his wife what he did, and she finds her clothes and returns to heaven.

Yes, this is similar to the story of the Muses in Greek legend. And the story of the swan maidens in western fairy tales. And it was used in the anime "Ayashi no Ceres". It's also really awesome.

- Isa
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Just a little drawing I did for [livejournal.com profile] gullwhacker , as commissioned by his lovely bride-to-be, [livejournal.com profile] earthstar_chan . It's the characters from a game/anime called Umineko. I don't actually know this series, but I found the main character, a powerful witch to be quite badass and fun to draw. 

I also think i'm getting better at inking gradually. It's fun to see actual improvement in your personal work at a gradual pace. It's encouraging. Makes you feel like you aren't trapped in inspiration limbo. 

Happy new year to everyone! I didn't do anything to celebrate. I got hit pretty hard by an illness, so i'm staying indoors, sitting on a futon and reading Kenshin. Doesn't mean this year won't be fun because it started "badly". Naw, if anything, i'm actually relaxing, which is good! :D

I want to draw mermaids...

I'm trying to think of a good background drawing to put on my tumbrl page... It's not created yet, i'm in the process of it and I have no idea what to draw for my background. Suggestions please?

- Isa
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Art for my good buddy [livejournal.com profile] torreadora of her character Jenny and two of her beaus, Jude and Eli. I could not decide what version of her character to draw, so I ended up drawing her in two different phases of her life, and inking the crap out of them.

I'm actually really glad I met [livejournal.com profile] torreadora  and her sister [livejournal.com profile] kit_a_licious because they are turning into indirect drawing teachers. I spend a lot of time looking at the art these two produce, and it's teaching me some new stuff about textures and lines. So thanks guys! :D

Another something beautiful to look at : [livejournal.com profile] threeeyesworm  linked me yesterday to a video made by "L'école des Gobelins", a French animation school, possibly the best animation school in the world (graduates get hired by Disney a lot). I simply adore this video. It's the story of this seamstress in a doll world waiting for her husband.to come back from the war. He comes home... different. The seamstress tries to fix the world around her, but it's not so simple. This is like a mix of Howl's moving Castle, Disney's Fantasia and French war stories. And it's GORGEOUS. Please take the time to watch this and other things on the Gobelin's youtube channel. Well worth your time.

Seeing things like this reminds me of why I adore animation. It's simple, powerful and communicates with pretty much any viewer.

Some times, I wish I would have gone into animation, but i'm really more of a comic artist at heart. I don't think I would have been that good at it.

Tomorrow, i've got a day off! Link is heading to Ottawa to see some friends for New Year's. I'll be sticking around here (I don't know the people and I already lost a whole week of drawing.. I really can't afford to slack off for another 2 days). So i'll be around home, eating, inking and being buried in my fluffy new pajamas.

- Isa
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This drawing is for YOU, [livejournal.com profile] angelchan_2004 ! It's Aang and Katara hugging with winter coats. I always loved hugging my boyfriend when I was wearing a coat because it was always extra squishy and comfortable. So yeah! Aang has wool on his coat. Little detail, just like that.

If it's not obvious, i'll be continuing with this whole gift-art thingy past the holidays. I just had way too much to draw to finish them all before hand. :D

I'm going to be offline starting tomorrow for a few days, since i'm running off to see my family in Ottawa and then my extended family in Quebec city. But it's the hoidays. I think most people will be busy, eating, being guilt-tripped by a family member, drinking, playing with toys and younger family members, decorating trees, painting cookies, watching snowflakes, drinking coffee, skating, driving, wondering why there's so much people on the bus, working, dreaming, sleeping, smiling and crying BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT, AMIRIGHT?

Seems a lot of people go thru as much bad as good during the holidays. Maybe it's because everyone is stressed. Maybe it's because some people just have horrible family situations. Maybe because that's just human nature.

But at least from me, you'll all get hot cocoa and a warm hug for the holidays. Because I love the lot of you! *huuuugs*

Best Holidays to all. Ad if your holidays aren't quite so fun for some reason, remember that you still have next year, and friends that love you!

I sent emails to a few people I know have been offline for a bit due to the season and the things to do. So if you guys stumble on this post, consider yourself HUGGED TWICE.

- Isa
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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] brendala ! Have a Shaggy/Velma sketch because I looooove you!

On to the review! (spoiler free)

Tangled was good. I don't really have a favorite between it and Megamind, since they are both so different. Like the fourth Shrek, I enjoyed that Tangled explored why Rapunzel stayed in the tower and the effects the long stay had on her. She's very afraid of the outside world, but also excited to reach out and run in it (this creates an interesting scene where Rapunzel is exhilarated but feel guilt). This makes the character of mother Gothel interesting too. Not many of the versions of the fairy tale explore the relationship between Rapunzel and Gothel, and in most versions of the fairy tales, we don't even know WHY Gothel took the kid in the first place (aside from revenge on her parents). This really gives Gothel a new dimension. If anything, the movie is more about Gothel and Rapunzel then Rapunzel and Flynn. We barely get a backstory for Flynn. However, all the characters were great, but Maximus the horse takes the cake.

I enjoyed the overall beauty of the film (i'm off to buy a million lanterns, folks). Mostly, I really enjoyed how the characters were always a mix of realistic movement and wacky cartoony poses. Toes would curl in a normal fashion, as the character defies gravity. IT'S GREAT!

I also really love the fact that Rapunzel's hair is almost a character in itself. It's really used all the time. My favorite scene is probably Rapunzel, afraid, HIDING in her hair. It's adorable.

Something else I really enjoyed was what they choose to do with the music. For instance, they reduced the amount of songs to about 3. Two of those songs get a reprise, but it's short. I find in this case, limiting the music did the movie good. The princess and the frog had too much music (They really could have just kept three tunes : The villain song, "Almost there" and the song with the vodoo mistress). It weighted the movie down. Here, this helped. The movie focused more on the characters moving. Lots of physical comedy.

They also have a few characters that don't speak. The king and queen never speak. I find that amazing. All the rest of the voice acting is terrific too.

This movie also explores a bit something I always wanted to write a story about. People with magical healing powers are in terrible danger. Because people would fight over them. I always wanted to do a comic about a poor girl with healing powers being chased down. Maybe I still will.

Generally, great film. Beautiful. Follow nicely the original tale, with a refreshing remake of the Rapunzel character. Girls in towers need some loving and character development, after all.

- Isa
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 I had a bit of free time this weekend, so I drew this. You know that as soon as Minion puts them down, they are going to Accio a can of woop-ass. I love these three movies to bits, even though I haven't seen "Tangled" yet. I've seen Harry Potter though. I want to draw jokes about it, but i'm gonna wait another week and give everybody the time to see it before pummeling you guys with Potter-humor!

However, I have to say, my favorite part of the movie was the animated sequence where they told the story of the deadly hallows. Death looked great. I also want to draw pictures of the trio. A few people have asked me to, actually. They wonder what the trio would look like by my hands.

Anybody else feels Hermione is too pretty? Wasn't she suppose to be sorta homely? I guess the movies needs sex appeal. The twins grew so tall too!

I wish Voldemort was a bit more human. He looks, moves and talks very un-real and campy-like. I dunno. I would find someone who looks like THAT but talks in a dignified, regal, normal voice and moves like a gentleman to be much, much creepier. I always imagined Voldemort to move in a really regal fashion. More like Snape I guess. 

Happy late thanksgiving to all the Americans on my F-list. I hope you all celebrate with your families. I kinda want this holiday to evolve into "family and being thankful" then "Pilgrims offing some natives with guns and diseases".

- Isa


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