Deep cold

Jan. 24th, 2013 09:33 pm
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First thing first; the kickstarter is doing well - we made our goal! Yaaaaaaay! We have less backers then the first time though. I'm hoping to have at least 400 backers. That would be amazing. All sorts of flavors of amazing!

In other news, it's bloody cold. This week is the coldest of winter so far (with the wind, we even went down to 40 degrees below zero). I'm glad my days off seem to coincide with the worse of the cold. I can at least stay home. Home has been a bit chaotic though, since Tuesday and Wednesday, the electricity kept going out... And today, the heater is broken. I've been surviving by staying in the studio with an electric heater. I feel a lot less productive though :( Wednesday was a complete bust for comic work due to the electricity frizzing out every hour. My poor computer...

Since my Kickstarter is launched, I gave myself a bit of time after my online work meeting to doodle something fun. There’s a lot of evil-corrupted-by-pitch-Jack-Frost fancomics and fanart going around tumblr in the Rise of the Guardians fandom. I really like the designs of evil Jack - he looks like a big icicle. A depressed icicle. So I decided to doodle corrupted Jack. Tooth sorta slided her way in, her hand on his face slightly melting the ice.

This kinda reminds me of the finale of Howl’s Moving Castle. Anywho. Angst. Fun, amiright? The original creator seems to have enjoyed my dubbing of this jack as "depressed icicle jack" because she drew this response to it :

This all really fits with the cold outside. Maybe i'll draw some more...

- Isa
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