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 For some reason, i'm really focusing on period costume art right now. I got a couple of new books with gorgeous dresses, and i'm just going nuts. I honestly think that if I wasn't doing comics i'd be in fashion/costume design because noting makes me as happy as designing clothing. 

So far, June is disappointing. I was hoping to be able to run along in the grass under the warm, warm sun, but so far, i've been feeling like a cold, wet dog. It's rainy and brisk here in Montréal. I miss you, sunlight. Thankfully, strawberry season has started, so if I can't have sunlight, I can at least eat something that reminds me of it. Seasonal strawberries are much smaller and tastier then the big imported winter berries we get all year long. I adore it.

In other news, since all of facebook knows, may has well spill the beans.

Yup, i'm engaged. To "Link" as you folks know him, with whom i've shared 10 years of my life. He's a good fellah, and i'm happy about it. It's going to be super duper small and nerdy as far as weddings go for economical and personal reasons. But yay! Rejoicing is to be had! Whoop whoop!

Have some of the results of my historical costume obsession : A special Namesake update featuring Emma and Warrick in 1900 clothing and the cover of chapter 15 which just debuted recently, inspired by a pin-up girl seen in said design books :

Montréal and internet folks may have trouble catching me this week because i'm headed at my parents. But i'll be back! I'll be back for all of youuuuu!

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Life is a bit weird lately...

On the positive side, the kickstarter just got over 400 people, so i'm happy! I'm making plans to rebuilt my portfolio using a wordpress platform, so I can include a copy of this blog on it (in case LJ dies). I'm also designing Namesake ads for the future advertisement push, and the ads are made of pure badass. I took it easy a bit this week and enjoyed Hotel Transylvania, which was better and cuter then expected!

On the negative side, I can't shake off this sick feeling i'm having. Everyday, I always feel weakish and sickly, and I keep getting nightmares. I'm thinking it's stress, but stress doesn't usually do this to me. Link is in a bad spot, since he was let go from work yesterday (nothing to do with his performance though, it was a company structure/budgeting thing). Work is a bit weird on my side too. It's not bad, but it feels a bit... off? Like there's so many unhappy people at work that it's rubbing off on me. 

I'm glad my personal life and art life is lively (all my friends are wonderful)! But i'm a bit worried about my health and about money for our household for the next months. I think we'll do fine, but if one of us is jobless, it always adds a bit of uncertainty. 

For some reason, the mood i'm in makes me want to re-watch old movies like Star wars...

- Isa

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 Wisdom teeth are going well, although I always wake up in the morning looking like a puffer fish. The swelling usually goes down after an hour. I,m thinking it does that because I grind my teeth in my sleep. Bad Isa, bad.

Today was one of those productively unproductive days. I absolutely did not feel like drawing at all. And all my drawings were crap. So instead, I caught up on my reading and cleaned the crap out of my house. My living room and, more importantly, my drawing table (better known as "the apocalypse zone") are now SPARKLY CLEAN. I also started a to-do list for my goals of 2012 and 2013. And a list of all the comics I own (for my insurances and so that I can avoid buying the same comic twice).

So... turns out being unmotivated for drawing work today got me to do many, many other useful things. Felt great to move. Sometimes, you just need to be a cleaning tornado!

Tomorrow i'm back at work, and tomorrow night it's voting time for all Quebec citizens. Woot woot!

Worked on an idea for a print a few days back. I wanted to do the group of characters from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime in dresses inspired by Klimt. The first try was horrible :

Second try turned out nicely for the inking, but I really don't know what to do for the coloring... i'm going to keep poking at this...

- Isa
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Adorable punk mom was amazing. I can't believe the people I meet on the subway. sometimes I feel I should just sit in a cart for the whole day and draw all the people I see (probably should exit once or twice during rush hours. It gets kinda crazy).

It seems the San Diego Comic Con is THE place to be this weekend. Tumblr is full of amazing news about upcoming episodes for Adventure time, Korra, My little pony, and upcoming movies and lovely actors, and comics... Seriously, I can see why people love this con. Also, thanks to the SDCC, I learned that apparently Disney is working on an Oz-themed movie centered around the character of the Wizard. Check out the site for the trailer/details : 

I'm sure Disney himself would be happy to see this happening (he was a die-hard Oz fan). I'm not sure if the movie will be good, it looks a bit... fanfic-y for my taste. But it's got the potential to be really cool. And the visuals look amazing. I'm pretty sure i'll go see this in theatres, if only because Oz is obviously an obsession of mine.

Aside from that, it's incredibly hot today. We keep getting mini heat waves. Gosh, Montreal, if only you weren't a tiny ciment island.

My boyfriend Link just went off to visit Japan with his twin brother for 2 weeks. They are having an epic bromance trip. In Japan. I'm jealous, but I hope they will have a nice time :D

I also FINALLY managed to get enough free time and an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed by the end of August. I can't wait. I need to remove them all. They hurt. They give me massive headaches (I never used to have headaches). I really, really can't wait.

- Isa
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 Tomorrow, i'm visiting my family in Ottawa, so I won't be around until Friday. I'm obviously bringing art to art on while my family goes to work, so it will be nice and relaxing, yet productive. I will still miss thee, internet.

Drew a small, adorable version of Fred from Namesake. I still adore this card soldier. He's my favorite, I think.

In other news, awesome stuff is happening on the comic front.

First off, a friend of mine has a great comic for sale, it's about two girls in love, and one of them is a bird lady in a circus. And it's gorgeous. Check it out here.

Second, the Womanthology books have started going out to people. I'm still waiting for mine and the wait is killing me. *laughs* Every
time I see someone post a photo of it online it feels like such a tease. Where are you, my copy? Hopefully not lost in the mail.

There's a lot of really great comics I got my hands on lately. The latest being today. It's something called "The white page" ("La page blanche"). It's a French comic about a girl with has selective amnesia and tries to find out who she is, by analyzing the people at her work, the contents of her apartment, etc. The loss of her old personality makes her feel odd, and she never seems to connect with her past self, calling her "she" instead of "me". It sounds like a bit of a stereotypical american movie, but trust me when I say it's amazing! I especially love this scene, where she's listing and looking at every thing she owns : 

Last but not least, i'm a big fan of Gunnerkrigg Court. And starting today, the creator of this gorgeous webcomic is starting to work on it full-time. He deserves praise and encouragement, so feel free to write to him and donate some, because I certainly did! He deserves it. As a person who is also pretty much stuck working full time while drawing 3 pages per week, I know his pain. And he's a whole lot more awesome then me.

That's it for now. Time to pack!

- Isa

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Namesake art! This art will be included in printed form in the issue we'll be selling at Fan Expo in two weeks.

Well, now begins the countdown to my super-busy-last-two-weeks-of-august which have two weddings and a convention. Could ahve bee 3 weddings too, but two happen on the same day in different cities so I had to choose. So yeah. I'm going to be going to work, traveling to Toronto and Ottawa and drawing like a mad woman for the next couple of days. LET THE RACE BEGIN.

Thankfully, stuff is awesome and i'm pretty generally ready for all events. I have a lot to do, but it's mostly taking care of details. Like going to fetch the Jabberwocky re-prints (YAAAAY MORE BOOKS!)

Today, I got a bit of a wind of nostalgia since I picked up the new american McGee's Alice game from a buddy yesterday night. and also discussed Final Fantasy 9  with Link. That was a good game. Gets a lot of bad criticism but I love it. Then again, i'm just a casual gamer. So i'm not much of a connaisseur.

I'm loving that the internet exploded with fanart for the upcoming French movie "a Monster in Paris". It's fun to see French animation get attention. I really can't wait for it!


Tomorrow is work, but it's cool. Go, book peddling!

Have some sexy dwarf ladies in corsets. I drew this for a commission. Man, I love drawing dwarves. My favorite fantasy race by far. no idea why :D

- Isa



Aug. 6th, 2011 12:41 am
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 For some reason, I keep drawing things to post, and then I forget to post them. Tsk. I have brain issues or something.

Link just scolded me because "I didn't post in a week". He's right! I used to be so diligent to post every 2 days or so. Must be fatigue catching up to me. Must try harder!

Tomorrow I start my work week again (I work Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays). Gonna go put books on selves like a boss.

Yesterday, my parents visited. We went to see the "Indiana Jones" exhibit at the Montreal science Museum. It was cool. The exhibit was half movie props, half actual artifacts that influenced the stories and settings. It was really fun to do that with my family. Plus I got a t-shirt that says "It belongs in a museum!" thanks to my ever so generous father, so the geek in me is happy, educated and dressed. Eee. That was a good day. We also visited a medieval shop where my dad and me both got statues of "fat knights" (they are super round and cute) and we visited a ton of galleries with art that blew my mind! i,m always hesitant to enter those big expensive galleries to look at the art because I know I look like a poor, penniless art student. It felt good to go in as a group to gander at art. Now I just looked like a harmless tourist. *laughs*

Doctor Who fans, I have a print for you! Behold. I was trying to do a print with the 3 past doctors and the current companions surrounding the Tardis (and human tardis) in a pose inspired by the "Metropolis" movie poster (the Fritz Lang original). I think I did a good job. 

Who speaks German?

That is all.

No wait. 


Now i'm done.

- Isa
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Behind... on things.... Ack. My job decided to suddenly get busy as hell. So I get home pretty tired. Bleh. 

Yesterday was good. Link got me some cake, some pony toys and a batman shirt. :D

I spent a good part of the day thinking of my parents. Mostly because I went to have tea with some artist friends who spent a lot of time saying bad things about their own. In some cases, justified bad things. It seems a lot of people around me either have bad parents, or a bad relationship with their parents. Which is kinda sad. I'm pretty happy generally with my parents, who are currently roaming the united States (and sleeping in "Jabberwocky" themed hotels. No. Really). My parents are comic book fans and have always supported me in art. They were kinda strict when I was a kid, but I was also spoiled, so really, I have no reason to complain. A few people seem to think my parents were overly strict to me (for instance, I wasn't allowed to play with others on weekdays because I had to do my homework) but in all honesty, I think that made me a very self-disciplined person. In general, I like the results of my upbringing, so I don't really have "horror stories" like many of the folks I know. My parents are even still happily married. No divorces or anything. I was a lucky kid in a lot of ways. They paid for painting classes and comics. I seem to have learned more about comics then painting though *laughs* Oh well. They overly worry, and the overly smother, and I totally have my father rotten temper, but all in all, compared to many others that were beaten and shunned and even just ignored by their parents, i'm a lucky kid. I feel really sad when I hear stories about bad parents, or stories about estranged families. It always seems like a piece of those people are missing I guess. Yesterday, I was overly analytical about a person's parental figures. I sorta regret that a bit. But at the same time, I don't feel you should cradle people who let bad parenting affect their character as adults and flaunt it as an excuse. Thankfully, this person doesn't do it quite as much as before. Improvement. 

Basically - bad parenting sucks. It takes a long time to get over it. But I can't admire a person that just doesn't try to get over it. and I know several of those. Heck, a guy I know outright used the .I cheat because my father did" defense. Uncool.

On another subject.... FRIENDS!!

The brilliant [ profile] piratecore  has create an epic Tardis-themed shirt. If she gets enough votes, said shirt will be sold on Threadless. Wanna own a Tardis shirt? Vote. VOTE. VOTE!

The humble but unfortunately ill [ profile] amiraelizabeth  is taking commissions to be able to pay bills and such. She does amazing Avatar - The Last Airbender stuff, so if you feel like lending a hand and getting spazzy art out of the deal, click here.

In other news. I am very frustrated. WHY? Because there's some truly amazing things happening around me at the moment and I. CAN'T. TALK. ABOUT. THEM. YET!! But soon, hopefully. Soon. Still no word from the Canadian Council of the arts to see if i'll get the grant allowing me to go to France next month. It's getting close. At least I got my passport.

Also - DUN DUN DUN. Colored namesake art. Booyah.

Emma always looks pissed off or worried.

- Isa


Apr. 18th, 2011 09:30 pm
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 Well folks, another year as passed by. It's now been 8 years that I have been with Link. Not to brag or anything. *laughs*

I pretty thankful he's around. He teaches me how to do cool things with my art, is always willing to help me learn, indulges my obsessions with cutesy, kiddish things, takes long walks at 2am with me and most of all, he always has a hug when I need one. So let's hear it for the boy. In the grand scheme of things, he's just one person, and maybe that's not much, but to me, he's my favorite person, and a big part of my world.

And he's totally gonna teach me to draw with Photoshop and help me master that skill. Boo-yah.

In unrelated news, tomorrow, I am going on a fountain pen binge. I rarely buy a punch of pens just to test them out. I,ve done it twice in my life. Well, nowadays, i'm being hit by the urge to find a new favorite tool. SO IT'S PEN-SHOPPING TIME. I'm gonna grab a ton and try to doodle a big giant picture because I can. I'll let you guys know how that turns out! This is silly news I guess. *laughs*

I should draw more mermaids. Yep. Mermaids.

Sorry, this is pretty disjointed, I just ate a big, party meal. Steak and potatoes. And cheddar. I feel a food-coma coming on.

Twirling is fun. :D

- Isa
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So, this weekend I visited my parents and friends in Ottawa. I was asked to go with a few friends to a "Wedding show". Since the friend who was actually the bride already had a dress, the goal was to find dresses for the others, bridemaid-ish things, I suppose. We ended up not finding much, but it was still fun to walk around talking. To amuse the group, I was asked to try on a dress (since apparently, it's a must-do to these types of events). It was awkward. To try one on, you kinda have to lie to say you're a bride, and you guys know how talented I am at lying. So I was stuck in a tiny dressing room with a clerk who asked a crapload of questions about the hypothetical big day. That.... was weird. The dress itself was very beautiful. A corset with a big, poofy....poof thing under it. I was amused. Unfortunately, the gown suited me really well, which made the salespeople very pushy and enthusiastic and made one of the girls int he group tear up, which resulted into panic mode on my part, of course. Because I don't work nicely with a) lying, b) Pushy people and c) Crying people. Now that I think back on it, I kinda wish I didn't try it on at all. That was uncomfortable. I didn't really enjoy it. But it made the group happy. So I guess that's good.

This whole wedding show kinda confirmed my idea that I don't like traditional weddings. Not even a little.

That event done, I went back to my parent's house to celebrate my brother's birthday. There was a restaurant with steak and cocktails and chocolate cake. Mmmmh. On the next day, my taxes got done (thanks, dad and thanks, calculating program) and then I got home.

And then I drew and slept for a while. Tired.

The next week i'm going to mostly draw. I have a bit of social activities planned, but most people are quite busy, so it looks like I have a lot of free time for drawing ahead. I kinda want to hit a library for research pretty soon. Here in Montréal, we have the huge library of Québec. References out the wazoo.

My wisdom teeth still hurt massively. I really need to get these out of my face pronto.

- Isa
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This week is a baaa-a-ad drawing week. What are those? Those are weeks where everything I draw is pretty much crap. I have no skills nor inspiration for a few days. Those usually happen after a very stressful period and tend to also happen during that "time of the month". For some reason, what's happening in my pants is affecting my art, or something. (So... like Lord Byron, except painful and gross?)

But it's not too bad. I find myself rather kept busy by all the other random stuff I've been pushing back for weeks due to Jabberwocky.

I think I need to go to the dentist. I have three fillings that needed to be fixed/created. And one of them seems faulty or something because the tooth still hurts, even worse then before. How annoying.

Got my copy of "Tangled" in the mail today, along with a gorgeous "Full Metal Alchemist" boxset. Heck yeah. Stuff to watch!

I went to St-Denis street today and walked in a rather large bookstore where I spent an hour and a half just staring at comics and artbooks and novels. It's been a while since I did that. I never really do it. I usually walk in, grab a book and walk out. Today was strangely good for that. it made me feel happy and calm. Like I needed it.

I want to make comics about werewolves.... Mayeb my next one! :D

- Isa
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I think that my be my favorite portrait of myself ever. Of course, there's a skull, chubbiness and something causing me pain. I think this proves that I have a low self-esteem and a high appreciation for skulls. Now sure why. I wish I had a full, authentic crow skeleton in a frame I could display. Skeletons are really interesting to me. :D

Sooooooo, mostly i,m doing a post, because I figured I should. I got very distracted on this side and kinda forgot to speak to the internet. Hello internet! 

Things calmed down, but they are about to pick back up! I need to catch up on Namesake, and i've got another secret project starting. I think I just cursed myself to stay busy.

I'm very, very sad that Diana Wynne Jones, writer of many awesome fantasy books, including Howl's Moving Castle, has passed away this weekend. She was one of my favorite writers. I kinda feel like buying and re-reading all her books now. She was a pretty dynamic lady, with a lot of imagination. And she deserved to see her work adapted as an animation.

This weekend, I am visiting my family in Ottawa. My friend Fauve, who is in the process of preparing a wedding, as asked me to accompany her and her friends to a Wedding Convention thing while i'm there... I'm told it's a lot like a Comic Con, but with more loud females (I didn't think that was possible) and more revealing and poofy costumes (again, I didn't think it was possible to beat cosplayers). Hey, at least i'll have comic material, amiright? I'm also going to celebrate my brother's birthday and do my taxes. Woo. I kinda want to download a movie to watch on the trip. Two hours sure fly by when you are watching a 2 hour movie.

Music wise, I am currently in love with Kate Nash's Skeleton song and Sara Bareilles' Fairy Tale. Are my music tastes getting jazzy? Or something?

- Isa
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Hiya peeps! I'm back from Ottawa. It was fun. I saw my family and some friends and got some new boots (and not a moment too soon. My current boots were losing their soles!) So all in all, a good weekend.

Seems this week is going to be busy. I work two evenings, get to see people on the other evenings, need to go to the dentist on Thursday morning and i'm somewhat behind on Namesake pages, so I need to draw a LOT this upcoming weekend, i'm hoping to do at least 4 pages. So, i'm going to have a pretty busy, but satisfying, week. I've been meaning to see people for a while. And I REALLY need to go to the dentist. And yeah, I got stuff I gotta do. I guess it's always like that heh? It's real quiet for a while and suddenly, busy!

Despite the incredible upcoming busy, I feel a lot better. I think this type of busy is the good type. The one that makes me feel happy at the end of the day. So i'm getting better.

Also, outside, it's perfect snow to make a fort and a snowball fight. It makes me want to declare war on my neighbors or something. During this type of weather, I wish I was 10 again. And then i'd make a snow dragon.

Too bad I don't have a back yard here in Montréal. My parents have a huge back yard and I didn't even think of challenging my brothers to combat. What was I thinking?

Oh, for those who wonder, the characters in the drawing aren't from anything. Sometimes, I like to just invent random characters. They kinda remind me of the Endless in "Sandman" (I blame you for that,[ profile] asatira ).

- Isa
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To resume the bedbug issue : my friend Fauve hooked me up with a website saying that according to Montréal law, extermination of certain pests where to be organized and paid by the landlord himself, the list of pests included bed bugs. So despite what them concierge told me, I contacted my landlord directly and voilà, my apartment is going to be hosting an extermination team on Friday. And I don't have to pay for it.

Before the exterminators show up, me and Link basically have to clean EVERYTHING in the apartment and wash everything and anything that may be composed of fabric, even in the rooms that are not the bedroom. So, my apartment is gradually becoming cleaner then it's ever been, ever. Not that i'm usually messy, but DANG, THIS IS REALLY ANAL CLEANING.

I had to toss out a few things, pillows and Megatron, the giant carnival tiger plushy. I'm a little sad about that.

So, I guess I was lucky in my bad luck. Still, we have so much work ahead of us (about 70 loads of laundry. I kid you not).

Art of the day! This one is for putri-nih. It's her own original characters from a comic called "Changeling". I really like her characters because the one with the floaty scarf? That's a kid that is part-fairy, based on the "Tennin" legend.

Tennin can fly thanks to their colored or feathered kimonos, called hagoromo ("dress of feathers"), also represented by something I like to designate as "Floaty wavy scarf of awesome". In some legends, tennin are unable to fly without these kimonos (and thus cannot return to heaven). In a Noh play called Hagoromo, tennyo come to the earth and take off their hagoromo. A fisherman spies them and hides their clothes in order to force one to marry him. After some years he tells his wife what he did, and she finds her clothes and returns to heaven.

Yes, this is similar to the story of the Muses in Greek legend. And the story of the swan maidens in western fairy tales. And it was used in the anime "Ayashi no Ceres". It's also really awesome.

- Isa
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I think 2010 was a good year for me. Not the best, but good. I grew as a person. I went thru some good and bad stuff. I made new friends, lost old ones, kept good ones. But even the ones I lost are good people. I'm just not compatible with them anymore. there's no hatred though. I've got friends that love me, support me when i'm grouchy-mc-grouchypants and I got to talk to amazing artists that I adore... I even got to talk to some of my heroes. It's been a good year for me for that. And I got really better at inking. And of course, I have the most amazing significant other and parents I could ask for.

For 2011, I want to do more. I want to see all my friends. I want to develop as an artist like never before. I want to try new things. I want to get away as much as possible from the dark spot in my brain. I think i'll never get rid of the depression. It's always there. Like this black spider spreading thru my cranium, and everything it touches rots. I think i'm too much like my father. I'm going to get foul moods and be disappointed about life as much as he is. But i'm going to try to do my best to drown it in love and happiness.

In 2011, i'm going to publish books, and read books, and be the person I want to be. Because i'm tired of being my own worse enemy. And i'm buying an agenda to keep track of things and make sure I talk to everyone regularly. So, once again, thanks guys. Even if all you do is silently check out my art, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your kind words, your hilarious encouragements and that fact that you people, and many other people in "real life" are helping me become a better artist and person. Those of you in close proximity? We are SO going to have coffee together this year. At least once. WATCH ME DO IT.

I feel all my posts lately are "I'm doing this, and I love you guys". But this is really how I feel right now.

I will not be useless.

One last cool drawing before I go! I really pushed myself inking and coloring wise for this, and I have a ton of fun drawing it. It's foxikun's characters Nor and Harriet, a fairy and an orc. I love their colorful, imperfect designs. So I went nuts. See the lineart here.

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You all know i'm awful at cooking. I mean, just awful. I suck. A lot. And it's not about trying harder either. I think i'm genetically restrained.

In any case, I just learned Thinkgeek is selling a mini cupcake machine. Make batter, shove batter, get a cupcake in five minutes.

Behold it right here.


EDIT : I wish the whole thing really worked like magic, but I guess it probably doesn't. Really, i'm more interested in the gadget and "magical cupcake" aspect then the product itself.

Maybe I should look into pasty fairies instead.

Woah, this reminds me of my childhood. Easy bake oven, anyone?

- Isa
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 First off, I finished a lovely piece of art for the Namesake website. There's a webcomic update that fall on Christmas (since it's a Saturday0. I don't want to skip an update, but I don't want to put a page on Christmas either. So I made funny holiday art. 

It's the Namesake Gang (without Emma and Warrick, who are busy in Oz) in front of the portal/door to Christmas Town from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Seemed like a fitting joke, considering the skeleton man is named Jack too and Burton has his own version of Alice going. Also, I adore those holiday doors from the movies. Those are some cool portals. Not as cool as the little door in Coraline, but close!

Also, Jack's hat cracks me up so bad.

I also drew this :

But this is for the Comic Creator Alliance. What is the Comic Creator Alliance you ask? Well, It's a group of Comic Book Creators (mostly webcomic authors), who have come together, volunteering artistic talents to raise money for the purpose of ending human trafficking. A bunch of artists get together, create a group wallpaper. The wallpapers (and posters) are given for donations and the donations go to help eliminate traffic of children kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. I'm all for stopping that. So I volunteered. Emma and the Cheshire Cat will be part of the wallpaper. 

I'll let you guys know when the wallpaper is available. Donate if you can. Human traffic is a pretty horrible thing. You get to contribute to stopping it and you get art. Good things indeed.

Artists on my list who have female characters? You can also sign up as artists! Please do. The more people, the better!

This is the 5th charity thing i'm getting involved with this year. For a cynic, I sure like signing up for these things.

- Isa
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Okay! I'm starting a little something I tried to do last year. It's basically a bit gift-of-sketches for the holidays to my f-list.

I'm basically going to do a little sketch for the people on my f-list as a Christmas gifts and just because you guys are so awesome. There's a few ground rules though.

1) Not everybody will get a sketch. This is mostly for my f-list. So if you aren't on it and I don't know you, you probably won't be getting one (i'm sorry! Thanks for reading anyways! I feel kinda cruel now...)

2) These are gifts, meaning that I get to choose what I want to draw. This is not an open book for requests, unless I ask you what you want directly.  I'm mostly putting this rule down because this is the reason I didn't try this last year. First person I told asked for specific drawings and got angry when I said I wanted to choose the subject. Needless to say, this person is no longer on my list. However, chances are, if i'm well-aware of what your favorite fandom is, you're getting what you want! :D

3) Some sketches will be more finished then others, some might even be colored. It doesn't mean I love some people more. It just means I felt like coloring that sketch.

So, first Christmas sketch goes to [ profile] chameleon9999  - Some Vidia and Prilla art! Because you mentioned not finding enough! I hope you like it!

I don't draw many female duos/couples despite a large amount of friends asking me to. I wonder why? I seem pretty good at it.

I also drew the Tangled sketch I really like of Rapunzel and Flynn hanging out in the forest. I might finish it. I rather like it. I'm a little frustrated because I find these characters so hard to draw. Their designs are actually quite simple. Maybe it's looking at all the awesome Glen Keane art and the amazing fanarts that makes me frustrated. Those artists and their obvious epic superiority! *shakes fist*

In other news, I think I may need to spend on winter gear YET AGAIN. I think my body produces no heat or something. Winter kills me every year. I get sick all the time and I get massive frostbite. It snowed for the past two days and it made me realize that no matter how good my winter gear is, it's not good enough! The skin on my legs is all damaged, despite leggings, thick jeans and leg warmers. What's a girl to do? I need a coat made out of polar bears who swallowed microwaved sunlight, or SOMETHING. Or I need to move to Florida. I wonder if they have work there? Probably not. Economy is pretty horrible. But at least it would be cheap to buy a house, unlike in Montréal.

I'm starting to think about buying a condo eventually. I'm hesitating between having a house and a condo since it's pretty much impossible to have a house in the city. So I have to choose between not having a yard and driving 45 minutes every morning. Not I kinda understand why my parents were living in the suburbs (as a teen I hated all the bus rides).

- Isa


Dec. 1st, 2010 07:28 pm
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Oh, Labyrinth was a great film. It had Connelly playing a cosplayer, David Bowie displaying all his... Talents. And muppets. Who doesn't love muppets? The Dump scene (Video :  always stuck me as a kid as this really horrible, stressful and confusing place where stuff was just pushed on you to make you forget about what was important. The scene was made even more powerful by the fact that these objects are actually yours.

So I guess it's a pretty good metaphor for the opposite of limbo.

This weekend, my goal is to make a list. I'm actually starting to loose tract of what I have to do. So i'm going to make a massively detailed list and stick it to my wall. Get organized, Isa! I actually think my whole "confusion at what I need to do" is something that is currently making me feel more tired then I should be. A little bit of organization can go a long way in putting your thoughts and your energy in order.

In other news, Omer Deserres, stop failing! Omer Deserres is the main chain of artstores in Québec. However, they fail at a lot of things, and they make me miss the Wallack's stores from Ontario. Fiding craft things over there? No problem. However, look for actually art materials? Good luck. I think I may need to find smaller art stores or a nice cheap art website to order from. Because my relationship with Omer is becoming ridiculous. You never give me what I want. I think we may need to part ways.

Finally, i'm trying to stay optimistic this week. It's hard. It's like humans are dead set on proving to me that they are jerks. 

A friend of mine has recently lost her husband in a car accident (and by recently, I mean last week). She's not doing okay. Not by a long shot. she's also pregnant with their child to boot. The girl is currently in a huge moral debate. Keep the kid, because she loves it and her departed husband and be a single-parent at the age of 26 or take the second option. And you know what the best part is? The husband's parents are encouraging her to abort. You'd think they would want the kid. But no, they say anything keeping her part of their family is just a mistake. They just outright hate her. It angers me to no end. I can't believe how cruel people can be.

Thankfully, her family and friends are kind.

But really, what a bunch of a-holes.

- Isa


Nov. 24th, 2010 10:50 pm
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 Ad designs for Namesake's current ad campaign. These babies are going on the Girls with Slingshots webcomic page. It's basically two frames of an animated ad. Isa likes. The ad mixes a whole ton of various fairy tales. Much like the story. 

Tangled is out in theatres! I'm very happy. I wish I could go see it. But my life just got sidetracked pretty epically. So i'll probably check it out next week. I got the art book anyways. I want to see this movie something like 200 times.

Tomorrow will be long. More on that later.

- Isa


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