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Just some Potter art of the big seven and the twins calling in some Patronus firepower. Can everyone tell whom is whom?

On another note, woo, LJ is back online! It was offline for a couple of days. It's why I didn't post in a while.

Mood-wise, i'm still grumpy and anti-social. seems I truly am in a bit of a burn-out. Boo. This week, I need to make a list of all the fanexpo stuff I need for the end of August and start building THE ULTIMATE CON MATERIAL BOX. It's kinda like an item chest in Zelda. Maybe I can make it play music when I open it.

Yesterday, I got to watch the new Miyazaki film, arietty the borrower, with subtitles. Obviously, I love it. I have a thing for "mouse world" type of stories, with little people and humans as giants. And this one is just gorgeous and soft and romantic. It's lovely and I can't wait for Disney to release the official English/Japanese big daddy full of extras blue ray. Cause, goddamm! Isa wants her Miyazaki fix.

Also, for those of you who have bought "Jabberwocky" or seen the preview here on Lj, BEHOLD :

Yep, it's that creepy doll from the comic. Isn't she just adorable? :D

- Isa

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No offence to Miyazaki, who is, or course, a God in human form. Seriously. The guy really stands up for his beliefs and his work and doesn't take crap from Disney executives. The distribute his movies on his terms. And if they stray from the path, he sends them a katana. 

No. Really.

I went back down the nostalgia road and got a bootleg version of a Ghibli movie. Not by Miyazaki, but by his son : Tales of Earthsea. It's not coming to Canada for a while because of that weird TV series they made of it taking the distribution rights for the title. And now, I remember why we used to buy Chinese bootleg. Gotta love it.

One day left before my departure to Florida!

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 Meant to do this a while back. Gosh, the results scrare me! I've seen almost all the list.
 x = seen it
o = partially seen it
bold = loved

Click here for the ultimate animation meme (Yes, i'm finally catching up on my memes) )

Personal addition:
Happily ever after? Anybody remembers the snow white version with all the female dwarves? I LOVED IT.

So yeah... is it sad that i've seen the majority of this list? This gives me a good list to follow for my future purchases though!

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Giant LOL. I might actually color this one and shove it on deviant art because according to me, this is funny crossover. Amiright?

References to - Princess Mononoke, Katamari Damarcy, Avatar : the last airbender and Lord of the Rings (or Something Positive, depending on how evil you're willing to get.)


I'm pretty proud of me. I managed to keep this journal updated pretty bi to tri-weekly, if not more, despite crazy job and artstuff. Go me.

Tomorrow i'm going to go see this year's Ottawa University visual arts graduates show. Someone made a joke that a few of this year's projects share commom mediums or themes with the ones of my graduate year. My god, will history repeat itself? I'm excited to see what this year's graduates will have done! Artstuff yay!

In other news, I hate online registration system programming. It sucks, it's hard to understand and I HATE DOING IT and working with their tech support guys who are neither techy nor supporty. Curse them all.

You're not suppose to know more about the software then the tech guy. Really.

Oh, thanks to Earthstar_chan for the comic idea (you suggested Toph as a scary recycling mascot).

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Okay...I just forced two friends who had never seen howl's moving castle to watch it with me, causing me to fall back into this fandom. I love drawing those two characters (Howl and Sophie) so much!
To my great suprise, My friends liked the most...Turnip head! (until he changed into a prince that is!)
Howl fans make great fanarts. I discovered a few rare gems while surfing the net...

first off: here is my latest Howl fanart: two really cute chibis! ^^

This fanart I found on a random site. Who made it? I wonder...

I discovered this art drawn by a french artist called Lenono...Sophie seems so delicate and beautiful!

Finally I also found these japanese cell phone screen savers or something I think...I like them!

I think it's pretty damn obvious Howl is only outclassed in my fandom by Slayers...*laughs*
Next update: I shall speak of a great adventure I had climbing under bridges, on roofs all here in Ottawa!
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I'm thinking the flying scene would have turned out differently.

Sophie would have also had an incredibly larger bosom.

It's not that Tama is violent...she just doesn't take crap from no one, including flying wizards.

I think I would have reacted the same. *laughs* Or actually more like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
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Currently, the wizard is.
I have the weird habit of giving names to my large electricy-sucking appliances. And lately, my computer Filia (like the dragon Filia yes)
as failed me. I decided it was time to upgrade her. I've been searching for a computer that had certain things (like a dvd player) that 
used to be extra when I bought Filia that now seem to be standard (one store I went in only sold flat screens).
Have I been out of the loop that long? Have computers upgrated so much since then? Or is this just flashy things?
I know I don't like flat screens. They make colors bizarre and that's really bad for making art.
So I eventually found and old-fashion computer with a big box for a screen but with all the new stuff inside!
I'm planning on buying that baby (after a few more weeks of salary is gained of course). I'm also planning on naming
it Howl ^_^ 
I'm thinking about donating Filia to my brother. (Altough he has kidnapping on his mind) find a way to get photoshop CS without paying 700$. Does anyone know if they sell a student package?

oh, p.s.
I made a follow-up for the Zelgadis stripping comic. Here it is! Zelgadis gine Haywire part II : the fangirls strike back.
I'm rather proud of this page. It speaks very much for itself.
The idea of using different colours for the talk bubbles was shamelessly stol...inspired from Ichiban's cute icons ^_^

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Wow, I just spent a lazy couple of days. I spent most of them with a friend, watching movies I've been meaning to see, like HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE! Woots! It's a great movie, completly worth it. I read the original book a while back. I went nuts over it, I loved how Howl the wizard was a real crybaby that threw mystical fits once in a while. 
The movie adaptation is pretty good, it respects the book fairly well and yet feels very different. The english dub was pretty good too (no people talking with their mouth close or not talking with their mouth open. Good lines too. Nice choices of voice actors) I managed to watch it in english without doing my usual "Oh god this is really awful voices" crindge (developed by watching french dubs of american movies. I still don't get why americans insist on translating their own movies. The text is always horrible and childish and the voice actors sound like mice)
I loved the interpretation of calcifer, the fire demon. Imagine my suprise when I noticed Billy Christal was his dubber O_O It fits so well!
I any case, I just had to draw a Sophie and Howl fanart. I went deep into the pile of drawings I had done after reading the book and changed my invented clothes for the movie's clothing. A few touch-ups and VoilĂ ! Beautiful colored fanart XD
I also finished drawing Relina for Ichiban, the final version. It's not colored yet, because I wasn't aware if the character had a certain set of colors I needed to respect.
Aside from that, tomorrow one of my friends and his twin brother and sister are celebrating their common birthday (triplets, imagine that!). I've been staring at the pile of homework on my desk and thinking maybe I could ditch it to go see them (i've been invited) but then again, I really need to work...Gah! Not to mention i've been harassing that guy for the past couple of days XD I guess it's better if I don't go, so he can see his brothers and friends and such. 
I've never really been much of a party person either way. I tend to be antisocial and shy. Especially when the party is full of people I don't know. 
Oh well. Guess it's gonna be a magical weekend of homework fun for me. (oh, the exaliration.)


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