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 Lately, i've been thinking it would be nice to spend a day jamming to music and drawing "mood comics". Just drawing comics based on the music playing, no matter how strange the stuff turns out to be. I've been thinking about that because Link just got the Journey soundtrack (fromt he game with the little hooded folks eagerly crossing their world). It's so gorgeous, it makes me want to draw strange things...

I also had fun re-drawing an old drawing of mine I called "Phoenix girl", first drawn in 2011. The new version  and the old one look so different. I'm not really sure which I prefer. It's fun because this type of thing really allows you to see what changed in your art style. I seem to be shifting more and more towards a European-ish comic style. The body types are less cartoony....

In other news, the Croods was pretty fun! Good female protagonists, wonderful animation, nice emotions... the story was a bit too... simple for my taste. Nothing was really deep or explained. Everything just felt like a big pointless family road trip, but then again, maybe that's what they were going for? It's not Dreamwork's best, but it put a smile on my face, big time. Also, Eep is amazing. I have a thing for girls who can toss their boys on their shoulders and walk off into the sunset.

Strong redheads give me such Slayers nostalgia.

Santa box

Dec. 8th, 2012 10:00 pm
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As usual, December started and the money is a bit low. A combination of Christmas gifts (Yaaay), medical stuff (boooo) and taxes (aw man) have truly drained my bank account. I also wanted new boots because my feet are always cold, and that took a chunk (but the boots are amazing! I will never want for shoes again...) I just got paid for some illustration work. It's gonna go back up. I prefer to be low and get awesome gifts for all my friends. I still have money for food, rent, internet and Superhero movies, so i'm good. This made me think of all the people who have rotten Decembers because just the money require for rent, heating and food is putting such a strain on them.

So I took a little bit of the little bit I had, and donated. We have a thing at the bookstore, it's a book donation. They have it in all the bookstores in Quebec. It's basically - people donate a book, and it's sent as a present to a kid in a family in need. Books are still luxuries in this day and age (and public libraries are inestimable treasures for knowledge). The donated books are NEW. People buy the book at the store, and then place it in the box with a note or a drawing. If I have enough money by the end of the month, I want to donate another one. A really good one. With an epic story. and i'm going to make an awesome drawing to donate with it.

Hey, as anybody heard about the time capsule apartment? There's this apartment in Paris that has stayed untouched since WWII. I find this sort of thing fascinating....

A tiny Rise of the Guardians fanart has been doodled, as promised...

And by tiny, I mean look at them cuties.

Yesterday, I managed to finish the cover for Namesake's book two. now i'm working on the bonus story. So far so good! I have less time to do random art, but hey, such is life. The weather really makes me want to draw some Snow Queen inspired art.

That is all for now!


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 I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. It was fun! The animation quality was amazing. Really play up the kung fu movie classics and there's some amazing action scenes. The characters are still a ton of fun. And plushy. So much plushy. I'm also deeply in love with Tigress. Tigress. TIGRESSSSSSS!!! The story itself was pretty okay to good. Just like HTTYD, it's kinda predictable, but in a good way. It doesn't really feel like a second part. It kinda just feels like a took a long break watching a single movie. So that a good thing. 

The message of the story, that the present is what matters and that you basically shape your own future, no matter what your past is, was pretty cool. And well timed for me. Kung Fu Panda is speaking to me? Well played movie, well played. I need some changes in my life. And i'm currently working to make them happen. And Kung fu will help me, apparently. :D

Also, I need to take a second to talk about the colors in this movie. This movie was incredible on that point. so many beautiful colors and designs. Gaaah.

I also realized that almost all my favorite animated women are in the Dreamworks movies. 

LAYDAYS. Rapunzel is also part of them though. And so will most likely be Merida, from the upcoming "Brave" Pixar flick. Did you guys see the first images? She looks fierce. It's a shame the female director working on the movie had to leave the project.... So sad.

Oh, you probably noticed up there with the ladies : Loki and Darcy from the Thor movie. Thanks, [ profile] paynesgrey , I ship is now.  Did Loki even have a chick in the original comics? I know there's two Thor experts on my f-list. SPEAK UP!

I'm totally babbling right now. Dammit sangria. What are you doing to me? I went to grab lunch with a group of friends to say goodbye to a pal going out of the country for a couple of months. There was booze. I drank it. I'm sleepy now.


- Isa


Mar. 4th, 2011 05:29 pm
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 The trailers for Kung Fu panda 2 and Puss and Boots are now available online (click on the name to see the videos). I have no idea how good these movies are going to be, story-wise. I'm hoping they will rock. Then again, I like Dreamworks and their films, so i'll probably be happy with the result. And you really can't trust a trailer. However, I can honestly say that visually these movies look stunning. I mean, WOW. Especially Kung Fu panda. The colros, the fur, the fabrics. DAMN.

I also hope they will reference the original fairy tale in the Puss in Boots movie. Just... Because.

- Isa
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I'm a bit of a grump, so I spend most of the weekend off the computer being surly. But I think i'm back to normal now.

Not much to say today...

I'm trying to decide how to work with Psychopopmes. Should I make thumbnails of all the pages so I know how many I need to draw? Or should I just work on a page-per-page basis and see what it gives at the end? I think I may pick the first since I need to get these done for May. I'm sure that's least 60 pages of work waiting... Hopefully, i'll manage. O_O I asked my boss if I could take my vacation days in March instead of you know... July. So I could work. I don't have anything to do in July, after all.

I spent the whole morning talking to pretty much everybody about cupcakes. About recipes, cupcake shops in Montréal, and about making "Tangled" themed cupcakes with different flvors and designs (Rapunzel is citrus, Flynn is dark chocolate and Mother Gothel? Dark cherry.) I'm super obsessed by cupcakes. I'm suppose to bake some with friends on Thursday. Looks like this is a good idea.


It's a miracle i'm not fat. Really.

Oh hey, have some "How to Train Your Dragon" fanart. Mainly, it's Astrid and Toothless protecting Hiccup. apparently in the snow. Astrid seems to have lost her braid in the heat of action.

That's alll fooooorrrrr noooooooowww!

- Isa


Jan. 9th, 2011 04:43 pm
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So yes, as this comic puts it, the exterminator never showed up. They canceled on us. 

The bedbug situation is currently this : Link and I cleaned everything we owned, thoroughly, and packed it all away in plastic bags to prevent bedbugs from going in the cleaned stuff. We also vacuumed, bleached, scrubbed and generally exuded cleaning revenge upon the little critters. Basically we did all (and then some) of the things listed on the document given to us that needed to be done BEFORE the exterminator showed up and sprayed the floor with deadly poison. And he NEVER DID.

He re-scheduled on Tuesday. So now everything we own has to stay in boxes and bags until then, because if bedbugs get int here, we pretty much have to start over. 

This situation is honestly ANNOYING. Those who know me well know I much I love being in boxes/suitcases/etc. It realyl plays on my nerves. So i,m having a bit of trouble concentrating. 

I did draw a bit, mostly sketches I won't finish because there's always a little detail that bugs me. This time : MEGAMIND!

Click for bigger version on deviant art

Aw, yeah. I bet he has an anti-bedbug gun. That he invented as a child. Because he feared the nursery rhyme.

- Isa
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 I had a bit of free time this weekend, so I drew this. You know that as soon as Minion puts them down, they are going to Accio a can of woop-ass. I love these three movies to bits, even though I haven't seen "Tangled" yet. I've seen Harry Potter though. I want to draw jokes about it, but i'm gonna wait another week and give everybody the time to see it before pummeling you guys with Potter-humor!

However, I have to say, my favorite part of the movie was the animated sequence where they told the story of the deadly hallows. Death looked great. I also want to draw pictures of the trio. A few people have asked me to, actually. They wonder what the trio would look like by my hands.

Anybody else feels Hermione is too pretty? Wasn't she suppose to be sorta homely? I guess the movies needs sex appeal. The twins grew so tall too!

I wish Voldemort was a bit more human. He looks, moves and talks very un-real and campy-like. I dunno. I would find someone who looks like THAT but talks in a dignified, regal, normal voice and moves like a gentleman to be much, much creepier. I always imagined Voldemort to move in a really regal fashion. More like Snape I guess. 

Happy late thanksgiving to all the Americans on my F-list. I hope you all celebrate with your families. I kinda want this holiday to evolve into "family and being thankful" then "Pilgrims offing some natives with guns and diseases".

- Isa


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:19 am
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Animated features should beat Harry Potter!

As said yesterday, i'm going to be gone all weekend. I probably won't get to check Lj posts. So, if you can't reach me all weekend, that's why! don't do anything interesting without me (like taking over the internet!)

Oddly enough, one Deviant art again (and here) my art got compared to Dr Seuss once more. I really need to go check out Dr Seuss' books. I mean, i've seen the "Grinch" animated movie, which is kinda like Seuss' style but I don't see a resemblance. Maybe i'll see it more when I check out he books?

In other news - Link finally got an interview for a position in a video game company! I'm also applying to positions in other video game companies for 2D artists. Wish us luck. I'm making a tiny portfolio on "carbonmade" for the occasion.

Oh gosh, I watched the Nostalgia critic's two videos on top 11 Christmas specials (so 22 films, really). I got hit by such a wave of Nostalgia. Man! Some of my favorites were "Frosty the Snowman" and the Muppet's Christmas carol and Garfield's Christmas movie. The critic had also included South Park's "Critters Christmas". That made me laughs. That's a South Park episode I never tired of.

Yeah, I watch South Park. It's one of my guilty pleasures! I didn't actually like the show in it's first 5 seasons (when it relied on toilet humor). Nowadays, it's more of a social critique geared at mocking society and offending pretty much every social group in existence. It's cruel, rude satirical fun. I know a lot of you aren't into shows like that. But I really like this one. I'm really amused by the latest storyline with the kids dressing up as superheroes. That was hilarious!

Gark. I posted almost everyday this week. Yet, I drew no comics, neither for Namesake or here. I really gotta concentrate on comic-making. I'm such a fickle artist. Boooooo.

- Isa
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C'mon, you all know I love superhero movies like this. Of course i'm obsessed. I was pretty obsessed with Dr. Horrible 2 months ago :D

I kinda want to scrap this drawing because a) I got the Megamind art book yesterday and now that I have MODELS of the characters, I feel bad for not drawing them with the right facial shapes. And b) the perspective is AWFUL. But I liked the idea behind the drawing too much. So screw the perspective. I liked the expressions too much.

Speaking about expressions, someone on Deviant art as requested that I should do a facial expression tutorial, since i'm pretty good at it. It's not the first time I get this request. Seems like something that would be hard to ...tutorialize... But I think I might actually do it. Heck, if people find it helpful. Plus it might get more people to visit my page, and by extension, my webcomic. What do you guys think?

I'm really amused by itunes. They made a BIG DEAL out of the fact that they now have the Beatles as downloadable content. Well, I guess the Beatles are a big deal. Considering the "Beatles" version of Rockband also just came out, i'm wondering if someone in the Beatles estate just decided to do a big marketing push or something.

I just got the "Arietty the Borrower" soundtrack and the "Tangled" soundtrack (off itunes). Tangled as some really adorable songs. They seems to have kept the number of songs down in the movie. Perhaps to focus more on adventure. Arietty has music that sounds like...celtic remixed with traditionnal japanese. It's....AMAZING. If the movie is as good as it's music, it's going to be a great movie.

Oh, for you "Avatar the last airbender fans"... Remember the awful movie. Someone spoofed it. It's a lot better as a spoof. Behold.

- Isa
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Just a little sketch of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. Inspired by the "Tangled" art book.

You guys "Tangled" comes out sooooon!!!!

This is SUCH a good year for animation. And with Ghibli's new feature "Arietty the Borrower" coming out in December, it's just going to get better. I just can't wait for this movie too. I love stories with "little people". And I love the Borrowers. And Ghibli. 

In a somewhat related note, i'm kinda getting tired of all the Dreamworks bashing. It's no secret that I adored Megamind. However, upon reading reviews of the movie online, I felt like the negative reviews were written by people that may have not have seen the movie at all. For starters, they got major plot points fully wrong. And also, almost all these reviews opened with the line "Dreamworks sucks". 

Personally, I love a TON of Dreamworks movies. All the Shreks minus the third, How to Train your Dragon, Megamind, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Antz, all feature among my favorite movies. Yeah, it's true, Dreamworks does seem to be very different from Disney. They have more "pop" references and have animation that seems to speak more to teens and adults then children. But is that really deserving of so much aggressive reviews? Even "How to Train your dragon" reviews opened with the line "Look, Dreamworks stopped sucking!" I found that wasn't fair. It's a good studio. Their work is just different. Not all animation companies can produce the same thing. Disney has the heartwarming. Dreamworks has the zany. And sometimes, they trade (Darkwing duck anyone?). Dreamworks are learning to be more subtle in their style (Megamind's pop culture references were very fitting of the character and story). So people really should give it more of a chance and stop dismissing it just because "It's Dreamworks". I'm sorry, but not being Disney should not be a crime.  So they had a few flops. So did Disney. The only flop-free studio seems to be Pixar. For now. Critics have been pretty harsh on Disney lately too (Bolt and The Princess and the Frog got ripped the shreds) but never on the grounds that they were a specific studio.

Little joke to conclude - You know how everybody jokes that Dreamwork's M.O. is to have critters do something critters that do something critters don't do? Well, the new M.O. seems to be "Gadgeteer genius switches sides, has a scaly companion, defeat something big and powerful and gets the girl while learning to be himself". This fits both Hiccup and Megamind. New trend? Perhaps.

- Isa
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I may be slightly obsessed with this movie right not. As usual, when I discover a new animated feature, i'm all about it for a at least a week.

I really like hos this one turned out. He looks rather dashing, no?

GAAAAH. My apartment needs to be cleaned so bad. But I don't want to do it. I've been slacking off a lot on cleaning (it shows). I'm not being too good. I slack off on cleaning, cooking, and general chores lately. I just feel so unmotivated that picking up a broom seems like a horribly depressing idea. I know, I can't blame my laziness on depression, but still.

I lucked out and found a nice, thick book with a bunch of production images for "The Wizard of Oz" movie by MGM. This is great inspiration for Namesake. Considering how little production images can be found on the internet. The number of "Oz" and "Wonderland" books in my apartment is getting scary. Obsessy much?

I also need to ask Link to help me fix the shelves in the closet. I barely wear my dresses nowadays because I can't get to them. They are all piled on this tiny shelf. So, to find a specific dress, I need to take ALL of them out every time. And considering how lazy I am lately, you can guess what I do. I wear t-shifts. 

People tell me i'd feel better if I moved more. I can't wait for winter. It seems the only two seasons I do sports are summer and deep winter (I like winter sports... sliding is like flying! But on the ground!)

In good news, I'm finally starting to get comic ideas! Woo! Next update = comic.

I also get to celebrate Christmas Saturday. Link's parents are snowbirds (aka Canadians who migrate to Florida for the cold season), so his family celebrates extra early.

I hope I get good food. :D

- Isa

p.s. I'm feeling better. Thanks guys.
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The non spoilery part :

Well, I loved it. I feel this movie exists in the same unvierse as The Incredibles, Dr. Horrible and Despicable me. It's not the best movie of the yeah, but it has a nice mix of humor. It's a storyline similar to the Incredibles (in the sense that it subverts then confirms and plays with various superhero tropes) but with a bit more goofyness. The goofyness mostly comes from Megamind himself who is flamboyant and fun and has what I think is the BEST ANIMATED SMILE EVER. His smile is adorable and hilarious and wonderfully natural. Plus I have a thing for goody-two-shoe villains, i'm quite happy. So yeah. Good movie. I don't think it tops How to Train your Dragon, but it's still in the same vein. Most of the humor is based on wacky body movement and language and witty dialog. So I had fun.

Also, good god, so much leather.

The movie had an interesting storyline, but it wasn't unpredictable. Like Megamind himself, it's good old predictable villainery. However, the different twists and turn to get to the classical points in the movie that are interesting. It's kinda like the movie is a weird baseball game. They hit all the usual bases, but they do wacky and intricate backflips instead of running to one or another in a straight line. The way the story is told is really interesting too. Basically, you kinda expect where the movie is going, but the ride to get there is the original part. And I find that often makes the best stories. Familiar yet twisty.

My favorite part is how they decided to open with the ending. Very interesting storytelling choice.

And now for mild spoilers and spoiler-ish art :

Mild spoilers. Read if you've seen it, or if you're going like... tomorrow )

Oh. Stay after the animated credits. Little spoof visible there.

And I must say : teen Megamind is the cutest thing ever. End of story. 

And the music is by Hans Zimmer, so officially chock full of epic.

ALSO "BAD TO THE BONE" PLAYS. This had me rolling in my seat, laughing.
- Isa
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Apparently, there's going to be an extra "movie" on the "How to train your Dragon" double pack. Well, i'm happy that's what I ordered. I really didn't know about this. But it looks funny. I certainly look forward to more adventures with the gang. "How to train your dragon" really seems to be one of my favorite animated movies, if not THE favorite. It's coming out in 8 days and I can't wait. I guess it satisfies the love for dragons i've had since I was a kid. :D

Speaking of Dreamworks, i'm really looking forward to Megamind. Even more now that the story is a bit more defined by the longer trailer. Yeah, it looks cheesy, but so far, I love all the animated movies done about superheroes (like the Incredibles and Despicable Me). Also, i've learned lately that trailers are pretty misleading. So, even if the trailer makes it look very cheesy, considering some of the lines don't seem to stick with the images and the mouth moving, i'm hoping this is a chop job from the marketing department. So i'm expecting a good movie.

Still on the animated movie front, DISNEY! WHY CAN'T YOU RELEASE DECENT DVDS OF YOUR TV SERIES? I'm very inteested in checking out "Kim Possible" (thank you, [ profile] elle_white ) because I discovered one of my favorite voice-actresses is Shego. Neat. However, there's no Dvds of the tv series anywhere! I decided to check out itunes. All four seasons are there, but they are partial seasons. Disney only released half the season of all FOUR of them. What the hell? The worse part is, it's not even a definitive cut. You stop at episode nineteen and then skip the 25th. Huh? Disney, how could you even screw up on itunes? You have no marketing or packaging to do! Only files to submit! Plus according to the comments, these have been in partial season form for quite some time. Wow. This kinda reminds of the horrors of the "Gargoyles" Dvd. Can someone please teach Disney how to make decent Tv series box sets? How can someone so adept at distributing movies such so bad at series? Do they even care?

I'll still check out "Kim possible". I hear really good things about it. And it gives me something to watch while I doodle pages.

- Isa
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Just a little "How to train your dragon" fanart to end the week on a high note. Ruffnut and Tuffnut, aka them twins. Ruff is a bit girlier then I wanted her to be, but I love the inking, so i'm just going with it.

I moved stuff today. My workplace was moving from one office to another bigger and better office in the same building, but we still had to move stuff for most of the day. I ending up doing my actual job from like 3 to 5 pm. I left pretty tired. And glad to be going home.

Tomorrow, my extended family is visiting me. It's pretty rare. Back when I was a kid, I saw my extended family about 5 times per year because they lived so far. I don't have a really close relationship with them, but i'm still happy they are visiting.

And free time will obviously be dedicated to drawing Namesake paaaages. I'm having way to much fun drawing these.

I finished reading Castle Waiting yesterday. OMG. That comic. It's crazy. It reminds me of the epic that is BONE. Because of the black and white art and the incredible backgrounds and expressions. The whole thing is a huge fairy tale mockery bonanza. I love it. I really should thank my friend Sandra for lending it to me. We keep leading comics to each other. Been a while since I spoke to her though. I almost feel like I should make a list to make sure I keep track of people. Ack.

Busy life, heh?



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