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 Lately, i've been thinking it would be nice to spend a day jamming to music and drawing "mood comics". Just drawing comics based on the music playing, no matter how strange the stuff turns out to be. I've been thinking about that because Link just got the Journey soundtrack (fromt he game with the little hooded folks eagerly crossing their world). It's so gorgeous, it makes me want to draw strange things...

I also had fun re-drawing an old drawing of mine I called "Phoenix girl", first drawn in 2011. The new version  and the old one look so different. I'm not really sure which I prefer. It's fun because this type of thing really allows you to see what changed in your art style. I seem to be shifting more and more towards a European-ish comic style. The body types are less cartoony....

In other news, the Croods was pretty fun! Good female protagonists, wonderful animation, nice emotions... the story was a bit too... simple for my taste. Nothing was really deep or explained. Everything just felt like a big pointless family road trip, but then again, maybe that's what they were going for? It's not Dreamwork's best, but it put a smile on my face, big time. Also, Eep is amazing. I have a thing for girls who can toss their boys on their shoulders and walk off into the sunset.

Strong redheads give me such Slayers nostalgia.

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