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Life is a bit weird lately...

On the positive side, the kickstarter just got over 400 people, so i'm happy! I'm making plans to rebuilt my portfolio using a wordpress platform, so I can include a copy of this blog on it (in case LJ dies). I'm also designing Namesake ads for the future advertisement push, and the ads are made of pure badass. I took it easy a bit this week and enjoyed Hotel Transylvania, which was better and cuter then expected!

On the negative side, I can't shake off this sick feeling i'm having. Everyday, I always feel weakish and sickly, and I keep getting nightmares. I'm thinking it's stress, but stress doesn't usually do this to me. Link is in a bad spot, since he was let go from work yesterday (nothing to do with his performance though, it was a company structure/budgeting thing). Work is a bit weird on my side too. It's not bad, but it feels a bit... off? Like there's so many unhappy people at work that it's rubbing off on me. 

I'm glad my personal life and art life is lively (all my friends are wonderful)! But i'm a bit worried about my health and about money for our household for the next months. I think we'll do fine, but if one of us is jobless, it always adds a bit of uncertainty. 

For some reason, the mood i'm in makes me want to re-watch old movies like Star wars...

- Isa

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I bring to you... Designs I did for the Namesake ads! Aw yeah. I'm very happy with the coloring in these. I also went for fanservice a little bit. In the characters chosen and scenes depicted. Because yeah, this is about attracting people. Once they get to the site, I get to dazzle them with the actual comic. I just need to get them there...

I can't wait for school to start again before I murder a parent or two. We are starting to have serious "parents who don't give a fuck" problems at our stores. Parents come in, sit down, read a magazine for two hours, letting the kids run free. And often wrecking havoc. And they usually are pretty indifferent when we try to get them to do something about it. I never get angry at the kids. They are kids. They will run around when bored. I get angry at the parents. how hard is it to buy the damn 2$ mag and go read at the park about a block away while the kids enjoy that little thing I like to call nature? 

Just... so many indifferent parents letting loose kids who clearly need to be playing outside. They have so much energy. It's like it never gets released. It's pretty dangerous in the store. We almost got a toddler waked by a door because her mother let her crawl on the floor in front of it. 

I understand that parents need a break, but a public store is not where they should be having it, especially when their children are 6 and younger. 

If I get arrested in the next week, let them know the murder was just.

- Isa

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On the bad side of things - Link and I have had our bikes stolen this week. Which sucks, since mine is my main form of exercise and his is his main form of transport. The thieves actually took pretty much all the bikes of the building. See, a large group of bikes was stored below the staircase in our apartment complex. The staircase is behind a locked door (for which you need a code). The bikes weren't tied to anything, but the wheels were locked together, which means that to get them, you need to either lift the bikes, or cut the locks. 

There was no sign of breaking in, so i'm assuming this is an inside job. Someone who knew someone who lived in the building got them to open the door, threw all the bikes in a truck and drove off. They took our bikes along with other bikes (those bastards!), they also took kid's bikes (well, that's even worse) and a wheelchair stored there (now, that's really horrible). 

I've already filed a complaint with the police and transferred said complaint to my insurances, who are going to give me money to buy new bikes, so I guess everything turned out okay. I loved that bike though, best bike I ever owned. 

On the good side of things, I saw Paranorman this week too. It was pretty amazing. It's really interesting to see what the can do with stop-motion these days. Those special effects? Stop motion. Laika is amazing. I already got dazzled by Coraline. Paranorman is even cooler. Although it felt more like a Halloween or thanksgiving movie. Out to early, perhaps? I was amused to see Vera Brosgol in the story credits, she's the comic artist that created Anya's Ghost. It does seem like her type of story :D

- Isa
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Unpleasant surprise this morning : there was some dudes fixing the apartment's outer wall. Right outside my bedroom window. Where I sleep. With very little clothing. I had to develop a ninja strategy to roll in a blanket and close the drapes without flashing anyone. It worked. But yeah. That was unpleasant. 

In other news, still reading Inuyasha. I was kinda surprised at first. The first couple of books are actually quite good. The story is well paced, the characters are fun. The stakes are high. But now I just entered the part where the series got really popular and the artist is stretchignt he crap out of it. Aka, the boring part of Inuyasha. Aka, book 18. Aka, that part where the same stuff happens over and over. Sesshoumarou whines. Kikkyo plots. Naraku is more slippery then a toad covered in Vaseline. Inuyasha learns that his sword has superpowers by doing the most contrived stuff ever.Yep. I'm hoping things get exciting soon again. The only really interesting stuff at this point is Kagome and her identity crisis.

Bring the plot back, books. C'mon. 

I'm also a bit disappointed by the French translation that is honestly... weird. A lot of the sentences don't make sense, and all of the honorific were translated literally. Meaning that you see stuff like Kagome calling Sango "little sango" or "cute sango" all the time. I get the feeling they just got someone to translate, but then they took it as is. Usually, you need someone to translate, and then someone to adapt. 


I kinda wish I could be somewhere warm and sunny right now. The weather here can't decide if it's spring or not.

- Isa


Sep. 28th, 2011 04:48 pm
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Today is not a good day. I'm tired or everything. I'm tired of needing to yell at people to get stuff done. Right now, in my apartment, I have mice (rats?) and bed bugs (again?) and I have to scream and bully people for them to do something about it. I also have to bully UPS to get my damn packages because they keep riging the bad doorbell. Just. Urgh.  I'm tired, i'm uninspired, and I kinda wish I didn't live in this stupid city. You know how well you sleep on a bed full of things that suck your blood? NOT WELL. I'm going to go sleep on my couch for a week I think.

Yeah, i know tomorrow won't suck as much, but today, I just feel like being cranky and doing nothing.

Have an image of Sailor Saturn, destroyer of worlds. It seems appropriate.

Isa over and out.

- Isa
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Back from two days of convention. Oh god, it was kinda horrible. I'm not going to go into details right now, but I worked harder at this con then any other con before. And I had some pretty difficult cons before this! Long hours, alone for five tables for a good while, no change, etc, etc. It was. Yurk. Not as well organized as it could have been. The con itself was pretty fun, I got a couple of comics signed. But oh god, my legs. My brain. My eardrums. It all hurts. Ark. But the artists were friendly, and the people too, so it balances out.

Tomorrow, I work again, but only at the bookstore and on website stuff, so it's going to be quiet. And then, in the evening, i,m going to go see the Lion King with a friend. I promise i'll answer your comments tomorrow. But for today my brain is just going FDGDFGRGTRHGBGN CAN'T COMPUTE.

Also, apparently, it only takes the command of three people (asatira, Lily and Juba) to make me draw something. I was asked for a color drawing of Wendy.

So, no, it’s not ethnic River Song, though the resemblance is there. This is Wendy, one of the main cast of my webcomic Namesake. Wendy is the Namesake linked to the world of Neverland. She is part of Calliope, the organization that takes care of Namesakes like her, in a kick-ass team with Alice and Jack. Wendy can fly, has two daggers and a gun and she is the proud wearer of the seven league boots. She’s basically a little army on her own. Despite how much evil jerk she can destroy, she remains the heart of the team and the team mom. 

I love her.

In other news, check out this video kids. This man in a piano prodigy who composes emotional pieces on the fly at 16 with no formal training. He is some kind of genius. A Pollock of music. :D

I love him too.

And a vampire I drew to conclude things. I also love vampires. This is still for the kid's clothing thing.

Now, for a shower and bed. I feel like the con was a bit of a bath of B.O. I need to wash it off. It was pretty hot in the building so everyone suffered from it.

- Isa

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 A couple of weeks ago, I designed a wedding invitation for one of my best friends. I,m quite proud of the end result. Took a lot of sketching and a couple of versions to get to this :

Here's my second favorite version :

I did a bunch of sketches. It was cool to try to find a bunch of ways for a couple to hold each other. In this case, there was an eztra challenge because he groom is actually shorter then the bride, so all the really classic swoon poses can look a bit strange. I had a ton of fun with the sketching.

Lots and lots of wedding sketches )

As a couple of you may know, yesterday was a bit of a breakdown for me. I slept a lot today. I feel better. I feel like a bit of a wuss nowadays, because my patience is running thin and I seem to get easily annoyed with a lot of things that don't usually get to me. This was accented yesterday by me having some kind of life crisis and people telling me to get over it rather then being supportive or at least quiet while I flip out. I mean... Yeah. Life is hard I guess. Mine lacks a lot of direction. And it's starting to worry me. I mean, sometimes I feel like Sisyphus, rolling up my rock up that hill, and as soon as I feel like i'm actually moving forward, it rolls back down. I know i'm not the only person in this situation. I know I probably don't have as much right to complain as a lot of people. But I still bitch and moan once in a while. It actually helps. I've been bitching way too much lately I suppose. So... I'm sorry i'm disappointing people. 

*sigh* watcha gonna do?

In a more positive note, there a launch for Jabberwocky this weekend in Montreal. It's on Saturday, June 4 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm at the "Cheval Blanc" ((809 Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H2L 1P1). come by and say hi! Get a cool book! We actually don't have a lot of Jabberwockies left (which is why I didn't do a "sell" post yet on here). But we should get some more reprinted soon. 

Over and out!

- Isa
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 All my bags are ready, I have clothing, con stuff, snacks, water, and ipad and a sketchbook. HERE I COME TORONTOOOOOO.

In other news, I started watching Doctor Who. Many of my friends are fans, and have been claiming this is amazing, so I figured I would give it a go. It helps too that itunes was selling the seaons for 12$ a piece online. :D I'm starting on series 1. I kinda watched a few random episodes, see if I like it. So far, I think the most recent team, the one from series 5, will be my favorite. I just love fun-loving characters like them. So here's art of the tardis team. Expect more, better art when I actually understand the story more!

Also, i,m currently cooking supper. first corn on the cob of the season heck yeah. And fries. Getting corn cobs ready reminded me of a story that I decided to tell Link. He laughed a lot following said story. Why? Here's why :

I went to a semi-professional corn-on-the-cob-and-hot-dog event. Now, bear in mind that i'm French, and as such, I forget English words sometimes. At the bar-b-q event, I wanted a cob, but could not recall the name. So I asked for a "corn-penis". Then there was a lot of silence. I then went "Huh.... I.... Huh..... I love corn? But not penises. Wait. Well, maybe."

*more silence*

*Isa exit left*

Bringing the socially awkward bar up a notch for fun. And you guys wonder why I worry about this weekend. *laughs*

Anywho. See you guys in a few.

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Sometimes I don't feel like a very nice person. I'm lucky enough to have friends that are awesome with their big hearts and inspiring with their amazing art. Yet, sometimes, I feel rather jealous of their talent and fame. And then I feel bad for feeling jealous. Go figure. I wanted to be a comic artist my whole life, and more and more, i'm seeing that 3 things are really required to make it. Talent, work and luck.

Talent is the obvious first criteria. It doesn't really need to be talent in drawing itself. I've read comics that have really moved me. The story was amazing, but the art was just okay. A good comic artist should have talent in drawing, or storytelling, or both. True talent will get noticed, and will make a lasting impression.

That's when the second criteria comes in - work. Talent is nothing without the work. If your goal is to be a comic artist, you need to a work a lot, and mostly for free for your first few years. You will work to produce pages. You will work to improve yourself. You will work to connect with other artists and readers. The amount of work needed often varies depending on the amount of talent. There's some people out there that turn everything they touch into pure sequential gold. And often, for those people, the work required to accumulate readership and interest is smaller, since the work speaks mostly for itself. But there is still work needed. Nobody likes a lazy person, and lazy artists don't produce.

The last required element is luck. You can be talented, you can work hard, but a certain amount of luck will define where the work goes. Take webcomics for example. You can have the world's greatest webcomic. You can have ads all over the internet. But you still need luck if you want people to click on it. You still need luck for another comic artist to mention you on their blog and such. Luck helps you be at the right place and time. It's like a little pat on the back the universe gives you. And the more you work, the more luck you seem to accumulate. If you network a lot, chances are you'll meet some amazing people who know other amazing people, etc, etc.

So all these elements really depend on each other.

A fourth elements I kinda want to add is confidence and/or knowledge. Which is where I think I fail.

I work hard. I'm fairly talented (I think). And i'm pretty lucky, generally (as mentionend at the top, I met some pretty incredible people. I want to hug all of you so much!). But I have very little confidence and knowledge. As in, "I don't know what i'm doing and it terrifies the crap out of me". I'm always the type of person that would have a list, or a plan. I'm terrified by how little I actually know about the comic world. And this lack of knowledge makes me very uneasy and really wrecks havoc on my self-esteem (that is, let's admit it, really small and meek to begin with!)

I wish I had a mentor, a guide or something, who owned a book titled "Sequential art and marketing for dummies".

But watcha gonna do. The best I can do is stay calm, be proud and try to learn by trial and error gradually.

I'm hoping to learn things this weekend at the TCAF. Learn things and meet people. Learn things from people. I look forward to this. Well, that and buying a pile of comics of course!

Anywho. Enough talking about insecurity and such. Time to focus on work!

Have a Namesake sketch :

I’m amused that most people seem to adore these two already on Namesake and yet they have barely interacted. :D

You guys are on to me, or something.

This image isn’t really official. Not part of the comic. Just a little doodle. Might potentially become a wallpaper.

Emma looks pretty badass with a sword, no?

- Isa


Mar. 10th, 2011 10:23 am
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This was inspired by something I saw on Tumblr. I always sing while I clean (much like a Disney princess, but I fear the singing doesn't actually call minions animal friends to me). I usually stop as soon as someone walks in. Thought this lead to a few dumb moments in my life. Like, yes, if you sing Elvis while washing an open window, the people on the other side can totally hear you. Oh well.

My life just would not be the same without the dorky moments.

Can anybody name all the songs :P?

- Isa


Feb. 3rd, 2011 10:46 pm
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Okay, because i'm gradually re-watching Avatar while I draw, have some sketches of Mai. I love this character. I really dislike how the fandom seems to hate or ignore her. She's badass! Then again, I love Daria-like characters and characters who hide weapons like ninjas, so if you present me a character that is basically Daria mixed with Xena and a ninja, of course i'm going to adore her.

Gradually, i,m getting back on my feet. Aside from the sick, I think I had a serious amount of yucky thoughts in my head and feelings on my heart. I need a bit of time to find my inner balance and strength. It's going to take a while, but I want to. I cut back a bit on "extra things" (like Rps and games and fandom stuff). I want to focus mostly on my stuff and on my friends. I want to try to be the center of my universe for a while. A few months of cooling down will do me good. No more yucky buildups around my mind.

I'm visiting my mom and friends in Ottawa this weekend. I need a weekend of "loved ones, shower me with love so I can feel special and rested" time.

I officially promise this is my last "waaaah my life sucks" post for a while. I'm gonna try to think positive.

In other news, BLIZZARDS!!!! SO MUCH SNOW! It was a cold couple of days with crappy weather and crappy public transport service. I mean, Montreal, could you move any slower? I had better bus service in my lost little town growing up. The buses barely ran today. I walked to the subway and walked back home from it (20 minutes both ways) this morning and this evening. Froze my legs (I really need some eskimo boots) but I got warm chicken and hot chocolate when I got home. Warm food is AMAZING.

And so are peaches. 

I have no idea why I would live if I didn't have drawing, animation and food. Seriously. These simple things make me so happy.

Also it's the year of the bunny. I guess this year will be lucky, fluffy or delicious. YOU DECIDE.

You know, if they change the occidental zodiac, are they also going to change the Chinese one? Because it would be awesome to throw in a fox or a unicorn in there. Just saying....

I survived

Feb. 2nd, 2011 12:37 am
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 Long story short, I got real sick for the past 4 days. Fever and all. That was accompanied by various levels of an identity crisis about my job, my comics, what I wanted to do with my life, my friends, etc. Because, apparently, i,m a suffering artist or something. Now i'm pretty over the sickness and the woobiness and I came up with a few ideas. The main idea is, I really need to make a list of goals and tasks. Keep myself organized. I think have a big board with that will make me feel good. Or maybe a journal?

I need some change on the artsy, life and job front. Time to get things moving. And making a list and checking it twice is a good start.

I don't have an ideal pocket journal. I used to always have a journal on me. I sorta have one now, but it's not perfect and I guess that discourages me to use it? My favorite type of journal was those half-notebook, half-agenda things. But I can't find one ANYWHERE. And I looked!  Isa wants her perfect journal.

I don't want much from life, but honestly, I love having the perfect bag, journal and pencil case. I change bags often since what is the perfect bookbag often changes according to my needs. I still have the perfect pencil case. It's good to have these things for me. It makes me feel more complete.

I had a friend that used to tell me that a person needs 5 things in life to be happy. A good job, a good project, a good love/social life, a good house and good gear. What qualifies as "good" is relative to people, but more and more, I think she's right about this. My "project" (comics) have always been on the fly a lot and disorganization and lack of a long-term plan is slowly killing me. The job, I often selected to just generate rent. I'm starting to notice that dissatisfaction there really affects the rest more and more.

Bottom life is, I need a plan and I need these five circles to be more balanced. I've always though that motivation and trying things once in a while would eventually get me where I want to go, but the more I speak to artsy gals, the more I think motivation is not enough. I really need to plan more starting now. I need personal goals and deadlines more then the general "comic artist eventually" idea.

Deadlines like "next year, two books published" and "go to these cons" and stuff.

I think this sickness allowed me to clean my body a bit and clean my soul. I felt incredibly stressed for the past few weeks and I finally feel like someone yanked my heart out of my chest and put a new one in to clean my blood.

Or something.

Heck, i'm babbling.

Lately i've been working on con posters. I'm doing an activity at a local con a friend of mine is organizing, so i'm gonna throw in some Namesake advertizement, because why the hell not? :D I really love the mood in this one. I wanted to do one with just Emma and Elaine and one with all the characters. Basically one showing off the cast and the other showing off a mood. 

And of course, TEXTURES.

S'all for now.

- Isa


Jan. 28th, 2011 10:29 am
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I deleted the last overly whiny post. But, long story short, i'm sick again and rather tired of the way Montréal seems to hate me right now. Oh well. Things might look up soon.

I seem to be completely voiceless at the moment. The illness apparently decided my throat was where it wanted it's headquarters to be. Gotta build that illness death star somewhere, amiright?

I wish I had a witty subject to suggest. But I seem to be fresh out of ideas. Spending a whole evening sleeping does that.

I hope everyone else is doing well though! Don't get sick, gang!

Have some Xelloss. This is mostly for you, [ profile] pip25 .

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Oh, yeah, I actually woke up this morning just like that. It was a really cool dream and it stopped literally in mid-sentence. I don't know if the character was going to tell me I smelled, or that he loved me, or the meaning of life,  but it sure bugged me all day. 

F*ck you, brain. 

You too alarm.

You guys are working together, aren't you?

Well, maybe tonight i'll get the sequel.

- Isa
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Hear that? That's the sound of my brain melting.

Well, no, not really. I got better.

Long story short, you guys know I work both on printed comics, an online comic and some random illustration work (plus my random tech support day job at 37 hours per week).

I was working on "Psychopomps" this week, with the help of [ profile] putri_nih  and [ profile] dqbunny . I was working on dialog and storylines and basically doing "thumbnails" (aka small sketchy versions of the real pages) and I realized pretty quickly that "Psychopomps" was freaking LONG. I'm talking 100 pages here. And this comic needed to be finished in two months so it could be presented and sold to the TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival).  Now, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can draw 100 pages in 2 months. No, really. But only when i'm not working. If I was jobless, this comic would have been draw, colored, printed and wrapped weeks before the TCAF. But since I do have and require a job to live, this isn't going to happen.

Because i'm such a stable girl, this send me in a weird spiraling loops of freaking out. I wanted to finish this comic for the TCAF. I wanted to go to the TCAF to meet a whole bunch of artists friends. I wanted to achieve this.

But yeah. I'm not an idiot. I realize that under the current circumstances, it ain't happening. My editor reassured me that he had no problem with me getting this done later and therefore only presenting it at the TCAF for next year. So I guess 2012 will be my year for comics. I plan on having two wonderful books ready for the 2012 comic conventions.

I wish I had cash that fell out of the sky or something.

I was still going to work hard on the off-chance that I manage to finish in time for the TCAF, but really, I think it would be better if I took my time and produced good pages with good inking instead of pages inked quickly in a fashion that just screams "PANIC". Because inking by hand can look great, but not when you nervously squibble.

I wish I could draw all day and get income that way.

Guess i'll need to work on my portfolio and start applying to agencies for artists and such.

ALSO REALLY GOOD NEWS : Link finally got a job as game designer in a small company. He's finally going to be able to live off his art, after 5 years of trying. I'm so happy, proud and jealous at the same time. This calls for an epic party.

Sorry for unloading on you guys again. But your comments always make me feel better! :D HUGS ALL AROUND!

Have an Alice and Lewis Carroll drawing. This got turned into a colored donation wallpaper for Namesake.

- Isa


Jan. 12th, 2011 09:46 am
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Now, i'm the type of person that has a very specific type of concentration abilities. Much as if it was a pokemon, i'll call it a "rock" type, in the sense that my ability to concentrate is kinda like a giant boulder blocking the road. Try to move it, it remains whole. Chisel away at it and it crumbles. The general point of this metaphor is that "big" stressful events don't seem to really get to me. Prior to major exams during university I kinda just shrugged, rolled over and took a nap. However, a large amount of small annoyances will make it impossible for me to concentrate and potentially drive me insane.

Yesterday was a big pile of small annoyances.

First off, getting to work. The subway kept having elongated stops because some twat though it would be hilarious to play with the emergency stop. Annoyance 1. This was followed by a longer walk then I had hoped, in deep slush where I got splashed by cars a lot. Annoyance 2. Get into work. Get annoyed by specific hated coworker for being wet. Annoyance 3. Get criticized for wearing the same clothing as yesterday despite the fact that said coworker is aware that all my clothing is in bags due to exterminators poisoning my apartment during the day. Annoyance 4. Notice and scratch several bedbug bites. Annoyance 5. Then big burly men come in and start building walls in the office. Yes. The management wishes to install more walls, to compress fun and sound no doubt, and the construction dudes absolutely have to do it during the day while we are trying to work. So the whole day was punctuated by the sound of hammers, saws, and other loud construction sounds that basically made it impossible to even answer the phone or talk to each other. This is annoyance 6 to 23.

To boot, for some reason, yesterday's clients seem to have eaten annoyance for breakfast and had this compelling need to spew it all in emails all day because yesterday goes on record for the largest amount of stupid questions I ever received in an angry, stupid tone. Annoyance 23 to 100. I eventually left early, since there was nothing I really could do to help these clients and the jumper saw was in use dangerously close to my desk. On the way home, ladidah, guess what, the subway is still on break. MORE WALKING YAY. I get home and splashed and try to go buy food and hopefully get change for laundry. I got some nice food at the grocery store, but getting the cashier to give me my change (5$) in quarters was like asking a monkey to preform open heart surgery. I asked 10 times and seeing that the line of clients was getting longer and that the cashier's response was "But.... buuutttt.....I can give you only 5$...." to every way I formulated the sentence I just gave up and went home.

There, huzzah, the apartment spells like poison! This is actually the good news of the day. It means Bedbugs are on the run. I opened all the windows so that I would be able to breathe and proceeded to wear my coat indoors. Link was smarter then me and had left for D&D for the night. I also tried to wash our bedsheets and all so we could sleep in the bed tonight. Some chick downstairs decided she was the queen of the washer-dryer and made it very hard for me to complete laundry (she kept pulling out my stuff to put hers). I was finally able to close the windows and make the bed.

This morning, I seem to still have bedbug bites, but since these bites are suppose to flare up 24-48h after you receive them, i'm not going to read too much into it.

And there you have it, my craptastic day. I probably should have drawn a comic about it, but by the time all these little annoyances piled on, I had the thinking ability of a drunk hummingbird and didn't really want to sit still and draw. Plus I think re-drawing kinda falls under the category of re-living it. And I don't want that.

I really should start drawing some joke comics again. Haven't put one up in a while.

Oh and in case you're all wondering, the construction goes on until Friday. Woo.

I did doodle. I doodled this :

- Isa


Jan. 9th, 2011 04:43 pm
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So yes, as this comic puts it, the exterminator never showed up. They canceled on us. 

The bedbug situation is currently this : Link and I cleaned everything we owned, thoroughly, and packed it all away in plastic bags to prevent bedbugs from going in the cleaned stuff. We also vacuumed, bleached, scrubbed and generally exuded cleaning revenge upon the little critters. Basically we did all (and then some) of the things listed on the document given to us that needed to be done BEFORE the exterminator showed up and sprayed the floor with deadly poison. And he NEVER DID.

He re-scheduled on Tuesday. So now everything we own has to stay in boxes and bags until then, because if bedbugs get int here, we pretty much have to start over. 

This situation is honestly ANNOYING. Those who know me well know I much I love being in boxes/suitcases/etc. It realyl plays on my nerves. So i,m having a bit of trouble concentrating. 

I did draw a bit, mostly sketches I won't finish because there's always a little detail that bugs me. This time : MEGAMIND!

Click for bigger version on deviant art

Aw, yeah. I bet he has an anti-bedbug gun. That he invented as a child. Because he feared the nursery rhyme.

- Isa
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To resume the bedbug issue : my friend Fauve hooked me up with a website saying that according to Montréal law, extermination of certain pests where to be organized and paid by the landlord himself, the list of pests included bed bugs. So despite what them concierge told me, I contacted my landlord directly and voilà, my apartment is going to be hosting an extermination team on Friday. And I don't have to pay for it.

Before the exterminators show up, me and Link basically have to clean EVERYTHING in the apartment and wash everything and anything that may be composed of fabric, even in the rooms that are not the bedroom. So, my apartment is gradually becoming cleaner then it's ever been, ever. Not that i'm usually messy, but DANG, THIS IS REALLY ANAL CLEANING.

I had to toss out a few things, pillows and Megatron, the giant carnival tiger plushy. I'm a little sad about that.

So, I guess I was lucky in my bad luck. Still, we have so much work ahead of us (about 70 loads of laundry. I kid you not).

Art of the day! This one is for putri-nih. It's her own original characters from a comic called "Changeling". I really like her characters because the one with the floaty scarf? That's a kid that is part-fairy, based on the "Tennin" legend.

Tennin can fly thanks to their colored or feathered kimonos, called hagoromo ("dress of feathers"), also represented by something I like to designate as "Floaty wavy scarf of awesome". In some legends, tennin are unable to fly without these kimonos (and thus cannot return to heaven). In a Noh play called Hagoromo, tennyo come to the earth and take off their hagoromo. A fisherman spies them and hides their clothes in order to force one to marry him. After some years he tells his wife what he did, and she finds her clothes and returns to heaven.

Yes, this is similar to the story of the Muses in Greek legend. And the story of the swan maidens in western fairy tales. And it was used in the anime "Ayashi no Ceres". It's also really awesome.

- Isa
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 So. A whole day of drawing pages and cleaning the apartment. I'm kinda tired. I'm hopeful this actually killed all the bed bugs (we found a few and sucked them using the vacuum) but i,m aware that they might still roam. I'll wait a until wednesday. If we are still getting bitten, i'm calling the exterminator. Me and Link barely have any bites and we found a dozen or so bugs, and probably sucked in a whole bunch by vacuuming all the crevasses. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the infestation, explaining the small numbers. 

Basically, i'm optimistic, but as they say on all the sites about bed bugs - prepare for failure. They are very hard to eradicate without professional methods. But I wanted to at least try. Just in case. I'm not a big fan of throwing a ton of chemicals on my books and plushies.

This was a long day, so I sketched a few things.

It's a mixed bunch of How to Train Your dragon, Avatar and Namesake.

Also, a portrait of my current sworn enemy.

If you see him, knock him dead.


- Isa
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We have bed bugs. 


No offence to anyone, but until I get a hold of an exterminator (read - first thing on Monday morning) and that my house is disinfected, i'm not inviting anyone to my house or visiting anyone. I don't want to spread this by accident. So i'm going to be either very antisocial, or meet people in restaurants and in downtown. I love my friends. I don't want to give them a lousy infestation. 

Argh. And the worse part, I was planning on visiting friends this week. I'm suppose to meet people at a restaurant on Saturday. Since it's a public place, I won't have to cancel that. Whew. I'm glad.

Here's a cutesy drawing. It makes me feel better.


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