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Okay. Winter in Montréal is disgusting. It's the first winter i'm spending here where it snows a lot. Last year, we barely had snow. Everything is gray and brown and squishy looking and disgusting and wet and why winter WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

I guess that's how it is in big cities. Oh god Toronto must be horrible.

In other news, I have plans. Yes. Plans. Artsy plans.

I want to make myself a tumblr account and re-post some older comics. Try to get people to spread the comics around. I also need to re-work my online portfolio. I'm also working on Namesake pages (as usual) and on my printed comic "Psychopompes"

Last but not least, with the help of friends I seem to be writing a wannabe Disney movie.

I want to apply to Disney's talent program, thanks to [ profile] ichiban_victory 's and [ profile] merc16 's constant encouragement, so I want to add character designs and storyboard to my portfolio. Turns out, it's hard to do those two things without a story. So I created a makeshift fairy-tale based Disney-esque story. I really can't wait to show you guys. The tale is based on the fairy tale "Diamonds and Toads". But it's...huh... gonna need a better title. Something catchy.

I may doing too much, will all this Christmas shopping, and intensive drawing, and general worrying about friends and lack of sleeping. But I can't help myself. I love going to extra mile (miles). I can probably sleep during Christmas.

Today's drawing is a "Princess Tutu" fanart. I just wanted something light and fun with the main couple. I'm not a huge fan of the inking and coloring though. I tried doing it with a calligraphy pen.

My posts are all over the place lately. So am I. I'm so sorry. I'm pretty much repeating myself. A LOT. Must be tired.

- Isa
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Slight unpleasant surprise this morning. I got to see exactly how much Quebec taxes are bigger then Ontario (I used to work in Ontario). I told you guys I got a work bonus. Well, when I checked my bank account this morning, I noticed about 600$ (aka more then 1/4 of the bonus) was gone.

I'm not against taxes, in fact, i'm quite happy to pay them. But I was expecting the government to take about 400$. So it was a bit of a shock to see that they took 200$ more then expected. I guess i'm still not used to Quebec taxes.

If I was to illustrate that with a metaphor, it would be the chocolate cake metaphor. You just bought cake, it's delicious. And your brother walks in and eats a huge junk off it just "to taste it". And then there's a big hole where your chocolate should be. It's a bit disapointing. Yet, at the same time, you know your brother is going to take a part of the cake. Heck, you're more then willing to share. You just wish his chunk was smaller.

I guess this makes me sound greedy. But considering this money was going to be used to buy new glasses (needed), pay for my dentist (needed) and buy a couch (needed now that Twinny took his couches back). So yeah... I would have liked keeping a bit more of it.

Oh well. Watcha gonna do when you live in a shoe?

(Move to a boot and get laced. AH!)

Today's drawing is a quick sketch of Edel, a "Princess tutu" character. She's a wooden doll who decides to help her friends by defying her creators and cutting her own strings. I always found her character very sad and interesting. Before you discoverer her "doll" nature, she's a jewel-selling, music-playing, mysterious guide. That makes her awesome. Plus she was carved out of a mystical, artist inspiring tree. That's always fun too.

I'm currently watching Firefly, and debating what my next tv series should be. Suggestions?

I also need to re-watch Slayers. I still haven't seen the new seasons!

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Just a little fanart I did while I was lying around today. Today I was really tired and sickly. Bright new levels of Isa zombirism. Oh well.

It's Rue, a character from the anime "Princess Tutu". There's a segment in the show where she's swallowed by the villain, a giant crow. Now, this is where japanese people are strange. For some reason, when you reach certain levels of badness, there's weird things in your body. In this giant crow's body, there is apparently room for a barren wasteland covered in dying plants and dancing skeletons. I mean, obviously.

The prince eventually comes to save here, shedding a tunnel of light right before his entrance. It's a cool scene. I like it.

Yeah,t his resume makes her sound weak, but she's actually quite the strong character. I was talking to putri_nih today about how most of the strong women in cinema we can think of (REAL strong women. Those who are feminine as much as badass) are all animated. The worse cases of "save me i'm in trouble" girls are also animated. Talk about that.

Going back in a sickly ball now *curls up*

- Isa
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I drew a little Black and White fan comic of "Princess Tutu" for the Deviant art community. It's actually for a contest. The contest is about pretending the characters are actors. It's a "Behind the scenes" type of thing. I though it would be amusing to see characters stuck portraying fairy tales falling in love with said fairy tales. Also, books - distracting!

Mr. Cat is a guy in a suit.

This reminded me that I love, LOVE drawing contests. Ever since I was a kid. I just love having a theme or something. It's fun. Plus you get to see all the different ideas everybody has from the same starting point... It's so cool. Not to mention I would win once in a while. I even won a LIZARD once. He was my first (and only) pet. He was called Leon. My mother hated him XD

WEEKEND IS HERE *escapes tech support customers*

- Isa
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I'm not too sure what to say about this new year, aside from "Happy New Year, everybody". 2009 went okay, but sorta ended on this extreme fatigue professionally, emotionally and artistically. I seem to have lost some things with the end of 2009 as I was gaining others. I feel a little brain sick, maybe. I'm hoping 2010 will be better - it's full of promise. A new year for comics, for travelling to the USA and to Japan, for comics about travelling (lol) and of course, a brand new year to finally learn the tips and trick to good photoshop coloring (you people on my f-list who color? Please tell me your secrets!)

My internet is still crappy. Link and I bought a new router, more powerful then the scrappy one we had. We assumed our internet stopped a lot because the wireless signal was too weak (the building is full of wireless signals. They interfere). The new router is actually broken. We both agreed our internet connection is cursed.

For new years I didn't do much - I don't havbe many friends in this new city and i'm sure the few I have were quite busy. I just went to see Sherlock Holmes with Link and hate some delicious restaurant food. Sherlock was cool, it kinda felt like someone put a bunch of books in a mixer and added some american movie spirit... But it was still a fun and distracting movie.

I made some drawings for a few secret santas on various communities (Mainly, Slayers and Princess Tutu). If you are on my f-list and I am possibly your secret santa, please don't click on the link to see the picture XD.

Slayers secret santa: click here for image
I call this one "Shadow over your heart". It's a piece about Lina's relation to the villains of the series. It's about her fear of them, her regret over killing some of them and also about her learning from them (as LON is in the group). Both bad and good influences of the "villains" casted a shadow on her heart. But friendly support is present is the form of the hands of her friends (and in a way... didn't zel use to be an enemy? Sorta adds to it.)

Princess tutu secret santa : click here for image
"Told Backwards" is an image showing the protagonists in different roles then the ones from the anime. Ahiru is the heartless golden bird, Tutu is her crow-cursed form. Rue is the female knight looking over her. Fakir is the son of the monster crow. And Mytho is the transforming swan trying to gather missing heart shards. If Princess tutu was a deconstructiong of classic fairytales, I think having Mytho as the heart seeker would have been an interesting deconstruction of the magical girl genre...

S'all for now methinks. I'm gonna go play on the playstation. I got a game called "Mini-ninjas". It's... way too much fun.

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For [ profile] eveshka the commission is finally finished! I really love, love the result! I tried to include the awesome coat and I think I did really well. Let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

Aside from that, I went to a Wake today. The Wake was for a friend of the family, or rather her father, who was murdered by his tenants. It's a pretty horrible story. Sometimes I can't believe people...It was young people too, barely adults. I feel shame for my generation.

On a more positive note, all the family went and when we got home, we had a good family dinner. My little brother even got home on time - he was gone on a road trip with friends and came in right when dinner got to the table. I also managed to draw 4 pages this weekend. YAY!

Here, a few more Princess Tutu fanarts. I'm really into drawing this series. It's a fun series. Fans of things like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura can only fall in love with it. I know I did!

Tutu-ness )

Speaking of Card Captor Sakura, i'm rather angry. It's now impossible to find the books and the Dvds at decent prices because the license expired and the french company went down under. Hell! I have money now! Let me buy you, anime series!!!!!

So if anybody sees a complete series of Sakura for a decent price or wishes to part with theirs, let me know. I'll be glad to go for it!

Over and Out.


He did.

Jun. 10th, 2009 11:25 pm
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What I like is that I draw so much that even during weeks where I don't really have time to draw, I have this pile of not used drawings and jokes. Such as this one. Oh, poor Link. But hey, for almost every prank I pull on him he gets me back. A lot. So i'm really the victim here!

I feel bad for Link. He's going thru a bit of a rough time. I'm not the greatest at being uplifting and supportive (people say i'm too rational and analytical). But I still try! At least i'm full of loving! I just hope he gets better and that things go better for him soon.

I spent my evening cutting pages for Rose. For those of you who don't know, cutting is the first step to making pages (for me anyways). How I draw pages is like so:
  • Cutting (aka drawing of where I want the panels to be, the bubbles and the characters generally. Usually not detailled sketches of poses and expressions)
  • Detailing (filling in the blanks and changing some panels for better ones)
  • Cleanup (removing the extra crap to get nice line drawings)
  • Inking (UUURGH)
  • Wording (aka inking of WORDS)
  • Scanning
  • Photoshop cleanup (Aka i'm too lazy to re-ink this so i'm cheating. Mwahahaha)
  • Coloring (if required)
I usually do the cutting half-way of the story/chapter (aka I cut 20 pages on 40 in the case of Rose), then finish that half up to inking, and then cut the other half and ink it. So i'm pretty much half-way finished with Rose. Minus the cleanup and extra drawings and stuff. Still. BOOYAH!

Other Booyah worthy statement - Futurama is returning. Oh yes. New seasons. On television. Oh, Glee!

I also bring you fanart that I drew during my lunch break. Behold - some Princess Tutu and some Avatar. I wanted to draw Genderswitch slayers too, but I guess inspiration didn't strike.

Heart in hand )

I LJ cut stuff now. You lucky you.

That's all for now folks! I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy work day. Urgh. Also, I have to go see my family in the evening. I wonder what the heck my brothers are doing. My younger bro is going on a road trip and he wants me to find my old walkman tapes so he and his friends can have music on the trip (the car they are taking with them has a radio dating from last century, hence the tapes.) This makes me feel OOOOLD.

-Over n' Out!


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Self-inflicted pain, as usual. After still being sick after a week and half and under (almost) no pressure from a choice few people, I went to the doctor's. Apparently, I don't have the flue, swine or otherwise (insert american paranoia joke here). I'm sick because i'm poisoned and my body (specifically my lungs and stomach) are trying to work out the toxins. Poisoned! Shocking! And by what? Bad food? arsenic? Nope.


I wish I was joking. 

I use sharpies to draw Rose. Every night for 4 hours, I inhale Sharpie's toxins while I lean over my comic pages. Wanna know how much sharpie is bad for you? 4 hours on a daily basis, that's how much. I remember feeling a similar sickness when I was working on my huge drawings for my graduation. But on those drawings I switched fairly quickly from sharpie to india ink, which as less fumes. So yeah...2 months of daily sharpie inhalation will make you sick. The doctor wants me to wear a mask when I use them. She says it might be something else but since I don't have anything else toxic that made an appearance in my environement lately, she blames either the sharpies or bad air at my job-or-house.

so....Yeah. Weird.

She says I should be feeling better if I start wearing a mask, drink more water and etc. 


PRINCESS TUTU FANART! (Ironically, inked with Sharpie before I knew it was bad for me.)

Princess tutu is a weird anime with a ridiculous name. It's kindoff a mix between Utena, Sailor Moon, Grimm Fairy Tales and Card Captor Sakura. You spend the first two episodes wondering if you want to dedicate time to this series. But after that, if fairy tales is your crap, you're going to get hooked, like that! Of course, it's still girly and cheesy, but it's got all sorts of awesome to it too. I especially like the short fairy tale story told at every beginning of episode. It's awesome.

As I mentioned before, it quotes ballet and ballet stories (which are much like tragic fairy tales). I like ballet dancing, contemporary or otherwise. It's fun to draw and full of symbols (some poses mean certain things, types of dances and even music alterations too). [ profile] lycorne , I blame your fanarts and the army of techno music on my computer for the following fanart:

Yeah. that's right. Feel the pain.

So, for new series to watch I recommend Princess Tutu and Avatar : the last airbender. Tons of fun.

p.s. Anime northers? TWO DAYS!

p.s. 2 [ profile] eveshka  - I did not forget you. Jedah is still on my desk, waiting for his facial alterations. :)



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