Jun. 24th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Rose status Report : 34 pages on 55.



All that is left now is the final pages, the illustrations and writting my bio. Anybody has suggestions for my bio?

After Rose is done I want to finish Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky is a short comic (12-15 pages) based on the poem of the same name found in Lewis Carroll's Thru the looking Glass. And by based I mean inspired. And by inspired I mean loosely. *laughs* I pretty much just kept the idea of Alice, mirrors, Vorpal Swords and big beasties (so, basically, all the GOOD stuff.) Jabberwocky was suppose to be a short story included in the end of Rose, but as it turns out, I won't be able to finish it in time to send it to the printers... But I wanted to finish it anyways and maybe have it printed as a little booklet to give out to people who purchase Rose at the book lauch (and also, for you guys, because I am a sneaky artist).

The cover sketch is pretty rockin'....

Some may recall, but the idea for the whole comic came from this painting I did a while back...

Aside from that.... IT'S HOT DAMMIT. I decided to start working and sleeping in my living room because I have AC in there. It's the only room with AC because it's a tiny machine but it's mighty and refreshing --_--;;;;;; *sweat* *cuddles AC machine*

Aaah, I have so many fandom things I want to draw once Rose is over. I just got an idea for a bunch of cute versions of Disney Villains. Must. Draw.

In other news, I don't care what people say, I love Anastasia. I just watched my Dvd twice in the last two days....


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Well. I got the official release date for Rose. AUGUST 29, 2009.

Which means all pages must be done for July 23, 2009.

Dear God.

I still have about half to draw.

I already spoke to my boss about taking one day off every week to work. This might shoot my new york trip down the tube... But I really need more time. Also, first published book versus fun times in America? gotta set the priorities straight. I am building myself a schedule to draw one-two pages per day, minimum. Don't be surprised if you don't hear much of me, or see much of me or have many drawings on this blog for the next month (I'll still try to update at least bi-weekly)...


Have a hopeful Steampunk lina to compensate!

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Finished! I finished the 5 pages I had to draw for the comic magazine (the same one that published that mini-comic about the girl and the tree of hands - some of you may recall). The theme this time was *Why do you draw comics?* It's a good question. I think I draw comics for the same reason as I keep getting involved in fandoms and keep this journal updated... First of all, because it amuses me. Greatly. Drawing is really, really fun, for no reason at all. Second, it makes people happy and allows me to meet new people. Seriously, some of you love my drawings so much sometimes It warms my heart. :) Last and not least - I think I use drawings to express myself (DUH). I have a weird imagination and those of you who know me well know i'm not *quite* as well connected to my emotions as a healthy human should be. With drawing I feel I can get the stuff out of my brain and on paper easily. It's awesome that way.

This little five-pager focuses on the communication aspect of why I draw. and yes, there's me in it, since it's suppose to focus on my persona and such.

Yet another comic without dialogues, despite the title being TALKBUBBLE. I think working on Rose (that has no dialogues) have made me used to silent comics. I gotta find some way to insert witty comebacks somewhere, quick!

Now I go do my laundry (yyyyyaaaay?)

Click here for the rest of the comic pages. )


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 Somedays are just weird. Today was a weird day. Felt like breaking some kneecaps.

Aside from that, oh LJ crowd, meet the most giant suck on my time after my day job (I'm like batman. Or sailor moon. Do one thing by day and the other by night. The other being drawing. I'm starting to wonder where Sailor Moon and Batman get their sleep. Because i'm lacking.) This giant time-suck goes by the name of Rose and it's a comic book. You've already seen the cover a while back, but here is a preview of some of the pages.

The story of Rose is pretty simple. It's basically a strange re-telling of Romeo and Juliet with little creatures that look like Miyazaki movie extras. The story starts off with a girl (who is unnamed. I call her "Rose" by default) who has a rose growing in her chest. The rose is a metaphor for her love. Then the guy dumps her ass, so she rips out the rose. From the blood of that wound are born these tiny all black and liquidy creatures. One of those creatures (the "Romeo") is special, different. After the little black creatures are born, the girl wraps herself in a strange cocoon (metaphor for her sorrow) and from the cocoon are born strange "white" creatures who look much more solid and human then the black ones. The black creatures serve the role of Montagues and the white creatures serve the role of Capulets. From the coccon is born a girl creature both white and black with a rose growing in her chest. She looks very similar to the girl who got dumped and wrapped herself in the cocoon. This is Juliet. She is urged by the "Whites" to choose one of them but she ends up choosing to fall in love with the Romeo.  Then a great battle happens, ends in their death and the dumped girl emerges from her cocoon. The whole story of Juliet and romeo was a metaphor for her hopes for love and her mourning of her relationship. 

"Rose" is not a funny story. It's closer to the style of the fairy tale drawings I did for my university graduation. It's deep, dramatic and has detailled drawings. The editing house i'm publishing this under specializes in the strange and original. So it fits very well and allows me to really get my "fairy tale" need to draw out. It's strange to do something less narrative and mostly bent on the images (there is barely any dialogue.)

So anyways, here is a 5 page preview of Rose. Tell me what you think. I'm still in the process of drawing and inking the thing. Only 40 pages to go... *dies*



Drawing blood is hard. How does the guy who draw Hellsing stand it?



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So yeah...

More and more as time goes by, I really feel I want to be a cartoonist/comic book artist. I love management and I like doing illustration work, but it doesn't compare. So this is going to be my first book and everything in a few months or so. I'm totally excited.

I though for sure it would take 10 years before I get anything on selves. I'm still amazed people thing so highly of my drawings. Thanks to everyone for the support and for coming to read my silly little cartoons everyweek.

So, I'm going to have a novel and a book about canadian multiculturalist published (I didn't write them, but I illustrated them). I also have drawings in magazines (again, no writing). I have a bunch of exhibits in my past, one upcoming for sure with a group of friends in February and i'm trying to get more. I'm gonna have a comic...

I'm trying to get a few things flying too; mainly more exhibits, hopefully a call/email from marvel or that awesome webcomic writer that writes Marry Me. And a novel i'm writing in english with the awesome help of meg, because my english is lame and two heads are better then one.


p.s. I haven't told anyone in proximity (aka ottawa) yet. So if one of my local friends stumble on this post, don't feel left out. I've been working from 10am to 10 pm this week. It makes it very hard to call you guys. Also, i'm a puddle of mucus.

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I'm slightly disapointed in Futurama. The fourth season has the best episodes and then, nada. I only hope the tv movies will bring a few plots to conclusion (mostly i'd like Leela to acknowledge Fry loves her. I mean c'mon!? What's a guy to do? He risked his life for her and told her he loved her almost once per episode. Sheesh)

I am, however, totally into Bender. Go Bender.

I drew a few skecthes a while back for a silly love story. Unfortunatly my plot seems to be going nowhere.

The basic story was about a japanese child who's father - a famous tea ceremony expert - had discovered the secret of the tea of immortality. To protect this secret, he wrapped up a pouch of the immortality tea around his son's heart and destroyed the parchemin with the recipe. His son becomes a cool samurai who's wounds heal very quickly due to the tea. An evil sorceress finds out and tries to convince him to give up his heart to her. He says nay (cuz he rocks that way) and she's pissed. She zaps him to a hellish place - which turns out to victorian england. He roams the streets until he meets a young shopkeeper who works in her father's teahouse. She and the samurai work together and the teahouse becomes the toast of london. the sorceress gets angry, zaps to england and menaces the teashop girl. The samurai then wants to save her or something. Gah, my ending is non-existent.


And yes, the tea can turn people into zombies.

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I just want to point out, first and foremost, that Link will be moving his stuff to Montréal on the 25th. Meaning that I won't have any computer to update, and only the computer at work to answer my messages. Since i'm only going home from the internship on the second of july, don't panic if my email responses are slow until then. From the 25 of june to the 2nd of july, i'm not dead, i'm just in radio silence. Don't panic everyone XD.

Okay, now that that's done...

I'm currently listening to the Utena soundtrack of the movie. Damn it's good music! I actually saw at a comic store around here the special manga created for the movie. I really should buy it; i've been meaning to read it. I also want to buy the fifth book of Emma that came out today, which is an awesome manga! Good story, nice drawings, historical exactitude!

The story of Emma is about a maid in a victorian household that falls in love with a man from a higher social status. Yes, roll your eyes people, you see where this is going don't you? Well, you don't! Emma is a very researched manga, details of the Victorian area are included in almost every panel. Thus, the story is much more realistic and I don't think it's going to finish with a pink fluffy cheap ending. Up to now, it most certainly doesn't look like it will! So Emma. Look it up. Good manga. There's an anime as well.

I forgot to include in my to do list : Getting my driver's license. I need to pass my exam when I get home. I dread that. I'm very much out of practice right now. I think i'll try kicking in two weeks of intense driving before passing it. But i'm sure the exam itself will be fine as soon as I practice a bit more.

I'm currently finishing up a doujinshi for[profile] ichiban_victory . Sher and I often trade art for art, in this case, a doujin about a personal character (her D&D / WoW avatar) for an armada of Work creatures. Seems like a fair deal. The Doujin is relativly sort (only 15 pages this time!) but the drawings are really worked. I love the cover page I did...

For the cover I tried to explore not Relina's knight side, but her beautiful elf side (she has a blessed chest people. The girl is hot.) I like the shine and the toga effect.

The doujin itself is about Relina meeting again with an former travel companion who assumed she was deceased. THe former companion, named Ianil speaks to her for a while and helps Relina realise it's time she risked her life for her cause. Relina has a curse making so that killing her greater ennemy will result in her death. 

The pages look really full and good. I still hate inking though.

Extract )

That's all for now I believe.


Oh, keh.

Dec. 16th, 2006 10:43 pm
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This is a really old drawing, from a previous RPG I played (wes might remember XD)...Lina inverse was a character in it. I always liked this picture. So that's kinda why i'm posting it here.

...That and I think my scanner decided to die on me. T_T
Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have very little means to scan. Also, my exams finished and I was busy with doing delayed things such as clean my room and watch a crackload of bleach anime. I got up to episode 71. I started around episode 45 though, since I read the manga, I skipped over the parts I knew well. ^^ I'm currently at the Bound segment, which only exists in the anime. It's a filler between soul society and vizards, but it's a really good filler. I love it. Hee hee. Mod souls rock.

I also had my work xmas party yesterday. Yeah, Tim hortons staff, eating in a restaurant, all paid by the boss ^^ hehe. It was fun. I was with Tama and her sister and mother and two people I work with who are called viviana and valery. I got Tartufo for dessert. Haven't had that in forever...Humm Tartufo.

My exams generally went well, for those who want to know. I also found a few places to go see for interviews, which is also good. I'm leaving for Toronto tomorrow. I was supposed to leave today, but the 7'o clock bus apparently dosen't exist on saturdays. ONLY on saturdays. I feel stupid, pissed and go back home with my suitcase. I'll leave bright and early tomorrow. I really hate travelling, and here I am doing it again. *sigh* I hope I get my internship. I also hope I won't be sitting next to a weirdo/ child/ couple separated by the walkway again (GREAT travelling experiences. Especially the kid. I got pencils and crayons and toy trucks thrown at me...gah.)

I'll try to FINALLY update with the Xmas comics with Link's scanner. ^_^

Speaking of which, this brings up an idea. My friend Tama said that next year, I should get a table at  the local anime con. You know, as one of the artists presenting / selling stuff. I'd kinda like to (I think i'm good enough) and another of my friends, Sofi, suggested I share the table with her or her sister, who are also manga/comic artists. I'd actually love to do that, honestly, but i'm afraid my fan drawing base is very limited. Most of my fanarts and all of my doujins have to do with Slayers, a rather old series. Not that I think no slayers fans will come up to me, but i'd like to have more diversity.

So I tried to do a list of anime/manga i'd like to fanart / doujin. This is not a list of my favorite anime (thought some of it is) but rather a list of those I think I could draw well and enjoy working with...

-Slayers (duh)
-Bleach (yeah!)
-Harry potter
-Card Captor sakura / Tsubassa (Ok, i,m a li/sakura sucker. Screw you XD)
-Magic knight Rayearth
-Imadoki (I like the characters a lot, despite the somewhat weak storyline)

That's about it for now...do you guys have any suggestions?

Oh, ps. I noticed the whole soundtrack fashion is on. Maybe I should think one up for the Secondlina's Panels.XD

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I think chaos is a part of me now. I tried organizing stuff despite work, school and family and discovered that those three things don't blend well together. Except maybe school and work.  Add homework and friends to the mix and you got yourself one screwed up cake. (hmm...cake.)

I don't like how bad I seem to have become at organizing stuff. I used to be a master at it. Now I find it is harder and harder for me to bend my time. I mean, I still can bend it, i'm not as busy as some of the people I know but still...University sucks the fun out of life. Not that I ever went out much anyways. I'd appreciate time to actually draw professionnal looking comics though.

At least it's over soon. Chrismas is coming. I'm not too fond of chrismas because it means i'm going to be travelling around Canada like there's no tomorrow.
I wish people lived closer.

Aside from that, my visa bill has a typo apparently. It's written on the paper that I owe them 40 $ more then what I KNOW I owe then. Called visa...apparently, it's just a typo since they don't have the extra 40$ in their computers and I don't have it in my internet account either. Good god. A typo...How weird.

I made a nice secondlina drawing ^^ I really love it. Must finish it!

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...This one Rocked to much to not be posted.

This touches both "actual" events and maybe perhaps an Rpg plot idea for the secondworld. I love drawing Renge fuming. It's so unique. ^^ I giggle to myself. Yes, I am evil, why do you ask?
I'm not as pissed as Renge though XD (actually, i'm not pissed at all, but I could understand how she could be ^^)
And Renge is not a man because the fire spell is not "casted" yet. It's just a magic-frustration buildup.

I also drew these: RP CHIBI POWER!

Aside from that, things are going well. I just finished a truck load of homework these past to days and it's all good stuff!!!! I'm really proud of my photos and presentations! ^^
Now I need to go catch my bus to school. 


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Considering all the costumes I put Link through, this was only a matter of time. (no pun intended)
And really can be quite annoying sometimes, but never has much as Navis I think. I dunno about you people, but after a while, I was ready to shoot the damn fairy...
Fairy: No! Lisend! Hey! You most Go THERE NOW NOW NOOOOOW!
Isa: Sure, why don't I jump to it over they PILE of BOULDERS? I'm TRYING to get there you stupid light-bug.
Isa- Shut it!

Aside from that, this is gonna be somewhat of a fat post, because i've done a few drawings this week. Considering i've been quiet for a while, it will compensate.

First off, here is two drawings about my current anime Obsession: The movie of Hagaren (Full metal alchemist!)

I know most of the people who read this journal probably don't know Fullmetal alchemist, but it's a very good story. The characters drawn here are Edward and his little brother Alphonse post movie with Noah, a gypsy telepath that Edward rescues in the movie.

I really like the relantionship between those three characters. At the end of the movie, you see them as a good family. The movie ending sucks for another female character (Winry) most fans wanted to see her end up with Edward. She was pretty much left behind, which is unfortunate, by both brothers when they skipped off to another world.

But on a personal level, I do like the Edward/Noah coupling. And I think Alphonse is most huggable. He's a very cute 14 year old, that he is. ^^

The movie is very well done and the images are pretty. It's the ending of the series though, so you can't grab it and watch it just to get an idea of what Fullmetal is all about. Seriously. If you do so, you're ruining the ending for yourself big time.

It's a bit of a violent series, but it's a lot of fun. 

A cute official art (or really good fanart) of the family in the new world.

Edward (tail boy) and his brother Alphonse (the shy one) Notice how Edward is short: Alphonse is 14 years old and he's 18, but they are the same height.
Fear the death of elder brother's pride.

I din't really respect the height difference between Noah and Edward in my drawings ^^;; For shame. He's supposed to be ultra-short (it's a running gag in the series)

The end this post, here's a little fanart from the Secondworld. [personal profile] savvyliterate as posted her turn, so if you haven't read it, rush over there now XD

I though Anlise's little reference to her buying underwear to Renge would be a funny scene. I picture her in a market place trying to purchase some underpants while teasing her friend. Renge's face in this picture screams out "I don't freaking know you." while Anlise's is saying "Tease, tease, tease."
I really like the friendship between those two characters (best friends apparently) that [personal profile] savvyliterate chose to illustrate. I mean, you gotta be close friends to know the content of each other's underwear drawer.

Anlise- How about these Renge?
Renge-I don't need underpants.
Anlise-Sure you do.
Renge-I don't know you.
Anlise-C'mon, it will help you find a boyfriend!
Renge-I don't need a boyfriend.
Anlise-Then you should get a cat.
Renge-I hate cats.
Anlise-Then you should get a goldfish.
Renge-Goldfishes are boring.
Anlise-Then you should get a boyfriend!
Renge-I'm going to go buy a bushel of carrots now. Don't follow me.
Anlise-Oh, these are purple! They match your hair!
Renge *off to buy carrots*

Oh! on a last note, people asked me why I never cleaned up my drawings on here, aside from the colored ones. 
It's a method of protection. It's hard for people to steal "unfinished art" without having them transform it and therefore making it different. It's easier to track down assholes that way ^^

I'm also just lazy.


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My school work and job are evil, evil things. I'm so busy, I can feel the work creatures breathing down my neck. It sucks a bit, because I don't exactly have time to, you know, slack off, and I still do it. I've slacked off more then I wished I did this week and I'm paying the price.

I'm glad that everyone came up with so many cool characters for the Secondworld! You guys are the creativity and beyond.

Most people are done with their characters, so the game might start soon (most likely next week)

I did a few stketches of all the characters. Some are based on drawings that were already given, others I just based off the descriptions...



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Dear [profile] ichiban_victory...

You knew this was coming.

You may now resume your work.


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A strange coincidence came up today. A friend asked me to draw an inuyasha fanart. After I finished drawing the said fanart, I discovered that a very talented inuyasha fanart artist I adore has an LJ and is actually friends with [personal profile] savvyliterate...Woah! Was I surprise or what? 

The fanart in question is a Adult shippou/human kirara fanart. It's a bit of a strange fandom, I have to say but who am I to judge? Not to mention it gives me a great liberty in the character designing of the two fanshipped characters.

Things have changed a bit around here. I switched the colors again. My hair is pinkish once more, so I decided to go for a goth pink look ^^ I'm also trying to change my mood theme for a Work creature mood theme. It's kinda long, but i'll get it down eventually.

I finished another short story for the doujin. only 4 left! Mwahahaha! Soon it shall be done!
The story I just finished is the only serious and pencil-drawn one of the book. It's very dramatic and I LOVE IT SO!!!
Garanteed to make [profile] ichiban_victory cry.  Here's one of the final panels...

I drew that story lisening to Darkroom by Sarah Slean and My Weakness by Moby. Download those songs. They are so beautiful!

I started my first drawing class today. The teaching looks nice. She's a super cute asian girl ^^



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