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Time and time again, i’m defending the point of view of someone who hates the way women are treated in the media, especially comics. Mostly because comics are where my expertise lies. And often, especially discussing with male readers, I have trouble making my point. I tell them I dislike how women are objectified and most of the time background characters, or “lesser” characters. Often, women aren’t heroes. They are part of the hero team and are even sometimes the main character, but it still doesn’t make them the hero. They are still relegated as “the team chick”. And usually when i’m saying this, the usual replies I get are :

1) If you don’t like comics, then don’t read them.

2) Guys are sexed up too.

3) What, girl’s aren’t allowed to be girly?

Response to #1 - Actually, I love comics. Comics are amazing. There’s a lot of really good comics out there, and, as time goes by, more comics that treat women characters well. This isn’t about bitching about the medium. This is about making it BETTER. Constructive comments. I’m not saying “we don’t want sexy girls anymore in our comics”. No. Actually, I love sexy girls. I love hot, confident, sexually active characters. What I actually want is for these characters to be 3-dimensional. A woman can have a nice bod and even still have a lot of flattering shots at the same time as she has dreams and aspirations. Sexuality, like everything else a character does, is a part of the way they express their personality. Use a character’s sexuality as more then eye candy. Use it as a way to develop a character. Some people are sexy. And you can be sexy in several ways. And the way you are sexy is linked to the way you act. What bothers me is that all comic girls seem to act the same nowadays in badly written comics. So it’s just the same person in different costumes. I loved the Black Widow in the Avengers because she was damn hot in her own way. It’s not about the sexy. It’s about how the sexy is used. Use it badly, and all you get is a empty jello lady.

Response to #2 - Again. This is all about how sexuality is used. Guys are sexualized, yes, but in an extremely flattering way for the male ego. Muscles. Flawless action sequence’s, big penis packages, and of course, female characters all over them. When a female reader sees a girl that looks like a blow up doll, she does not feel valued. However, have a girl look like Asami or Korra in the new Legend of korra, and heck yeah, that is our type of hot. Realistic but awesome bodies. Realistic and awesome personalities. Dick Grayson is awesome because he’s Dick Grayson. The fantastic abs are just a bonus. The sexual aspect is not the main aspect of the character. It’s just a sweet add-on.

Response to #3 - God yes, girls can be girly. And not girly. And jewish. And green. And whatever you want. Girls can be anything. The point is, if you pick a personality, do it well. A female character can be jealous and catty. Yes, female jerks exist. But if that is her personality, keep it together from beginning to end. In my own comic, Namesake, the main character, Emma, rarely smiles. And if that changes, it’s going to plot-related. Not happen magically because the males in the plot demand it. If a girl is girly, keep her that way unless the plot has her evolve away from it over time. Same with all the personalities. Male characters have character development arcs. Girls need them too.

This message has been brought to you by my annoyance.

So there.

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 Tomorrow, i'm visiting my family in Ottawa, so I won't be around until Friday. I'm obviously bringing art to art on while my family goes to work, so it will be nice and relaxing, yet productive. I will still miss thee, internet.

Drew a small, adorable version of Fred from Namesake. I still adore this card soldier. He's my favorite, I think.

In other news, awesome stuff is happening on the comic front.

First off, a friend of mine has a great comic for sale, it's about two girls in love, and one of them is a bird lady in a circus. And it's gorgeous. Check it out here.

Second, the Womanthology books have started going out to people. I'm still waiting for mine and the wait is killing me. *laughs* Every
time I see someone post a photo of it online it feels like such a tease. Where are you, my copy? Hopefully not lost in the mail.

There's a lot of really great comics I got my hands on lately. The latest being today. It's something called "The white page" ("La page blanche"). It's a French comic about a girl with has selective amnesia and tries to find out who she is, by analyzing the people at her work, the contents of her apartment, etc. The loss of her old personality makes her feel odd, and she never seems to connect with her past self, calling her "she" instead of "me". It sounds like a bit of a stereotypical american movie, but trust me when I say it's amazing! I especially love this scene, where she's listing and looking at every thing she owns : 

Last but not least, i'm a big fan of Gunnerkrigg Court. And starting today, the creator of this gorgeous webcomic is starting to work on it full-time. He deserves praise and encouragement, so feel free to write to him and donate some, because I certainly did! He deserves it. As a person who is also pretty much stuck working full time while drawing 3 pages per week, I know his pain. And he's a whole lot more awesome then me.

That's it for now. Time to pack!

- Isa

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This week has been pretty "blah" generally, with the whole sick and tired deal. But i'm getting better. Got a few comic books. I'm on a huuuuge Batman kick again. I have no idea why. But I just want to watch the whole animated series without stopping. And then the Burton movies. And then the Nolan movies. And then read a crapload of comics. Unfortunately, all I seem to have in a couple of the movies. What's up with the lack of Batman in my house? This home needs more vigilante justice.

It also needs another bookcase. I am officially out of room. My bookcases are full of books. No, they are full of piles of books, placed on top of one another. Every space is used in a precarious pyramid of space maximization. So yeah. Time to find a bookcase, Most of hour furniture is nice, thick wooden stuff, so Link is trying to find a cheap yet classy second hand bookcase somewhere. We found a couple of good ones that way, such as one with a great glass casing. Hopefully, something is found soon.

This work week is a bit more busy then usual. Librairies and schools have started ordering a whole lot of books, and books need to ordered, sent, returned, found, organized, etc. Running around is happening. A few of my coworkers are sick/took thanksgiving off too, so tomorrow i'll be working alone (usually there's always two of us in the comic section) and I did an extra long shift yesterday. I just hope I won't get sick too.

Oh well. You all have a creepy Alice now. I was going to post a Batman sketch, but i'm unhappy with it.

- Isa


Sep. 29th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Because some people really do pick at random. And the table for kids is the last table. And they always pick from the front tables.

Jeez louise. 

On another note, have everybody heard the news about the horrific DC reboot?

Starfire, we hardly knew ye.

In other comic book news, be sure to check Von Allan's Stargazer and this awesome webcomic called Plume. I do love them so :D

- Isa
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More clothing designs! I did this one for a steampunk contest on the website "we love fine". So you can actually vote for this shirt, and if it wins, you can buy it. I'll let you guys know when the voting opens. I participated because a) Steampunk is cool and b) winning puts 2000$ in my pockets and puts one of my drawings on the chests of people. How can one say no to that? So, when the voting opens on October 6th (i'll post a reminder), I hope you guys will vote for little old me!

I wrote this as my description : "A true partially robotic lady knows that fashionable clockwork hearts and plasma guns are the way to a man's heart. Preferably through his rib cage. This design has been created by Isabelle Melancon, a Montréal comic artist and creator of the webcomic "Namesake".

Because yeah, robotic ladies get to be classy, amiright?

Yesterday, I went to the "Drawn and Quaterly" store for the release of Craig Thompson (author of Blanket's) second book.

It's a BIG book. It's something like 600 pages and it's hardcover. Link went with me. Thompson did a short presentation (we missed about half since it started at 7h and I get home around 7h), then a Q&A, then he signed books. He drew a Jinn in mine. And then he kinda hugged me.

Yeah, this guy signs books and then hugs it's readers. It's adorable! However, since I am very nervous when strangers hug me and also very nervous when I meet my heroes, my heart just died. I'm sure he felt it trying to beat it's way out of my ribcage, by hey, such is life.

I got hope, placed the large book on my drawing desk and read it for two hours. Words really can't describe this books. It's a muslim fairy tale, a fable about water, a fable about human nature and the environement, a tale about love and loss... it's everything. Everything in a single book. It took him 6 years to make and it shows. I mean, look at it :

Over and out.

- Isa

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 First off... Another tiny mermaid! Just for you, [ profile] torreadora ! 

Jabberwocky : Those of you who have ordered them, they will be sent out on Wednesday. Currently, in Canada, we have a bit of a Canda Post strike. I'll try to get the books mailed ASAP, but it might take them a day or two longer to reach you. Sorry about that, guys!

Job stuff : So in the following two weeks, I will most likely be working at two different jobs. If I seem a bit absent or busy, that's why. Transitions take time and effort that way! But are totally worth it!

Fanexpo : As some of you may know (if you read [ profile] dqbunny 's LJ too), we'll have a Namesake and print table at Fanexpo in Toronto at the end of August. I'm currently working on creating a lot of prints :D Again, hard work, but worth it! I'll try to have my comic books too. And possibly a plushy surprise with the help of my brother. So far, i'm thinking of having fanart prints of Avatar, Doctor who and Wonder woman. I,ll be sure to have some original stuff too.

Reading : So... I kinda wasted a little a lot of time this week reading comics. I went retro this week and re-read "Sailor Moon" and "Please Save my Earth". Oddly enough, both series are oldies about moon people reincarnating on earth with ESP and magical powers thrown in. Guess it was a theme for the time. I still love both, even though the sheer dysfunctional aspect of the relationships in "Please save my earth" is just ridiculous. I also got my hands on Vera Brosgol's "Anya's ghost". It's quite awesome.  A really good comic to recommend to people (i'm looking at you, [ profile] ichiban_victory )

I mean, just check out this awesome art. The story is quite interesting and creepy too. Good stuff, good stuff.

Finally : I have strange obsessions, things that make people roll their eyes at me. One of them is to have the perfect agenda. My perfect agenda is part weekly planner, part calendar, part notebook, part sketchbook. I've looked for this for a long time, probably because it doesn't exist. BUT, I recently found a couple of websites where you can build your own. I'm thinking this is going to be my last big expense before I switch jobs. My future shifts will probably be a little all over the place, so it's a good idea to have the perfect book to keep tabs on things, amiright?

- Isa

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 A couple of weeks ago, I designed a wedding invitation for one of my best friends. I,m quite proud of the end result. Took a lot of sketching and a couple of versions to get to this :

Here's my second favorite version :

I did a bunch of sketches. It was cool to try to find a bunch of ways for a couple to hold each other. In this case, there was an eztra challenge because he groom is actually shorter then the bride, so all the really classic swoon poses can look a bit strange. I had a ton of fun with the sketching.

Lots and lots of wedding sketches )

As a couple of you may know, yesterday was a bit of a breakdown for me. I slept a lot today. I feel better. I feel like a bit of a wuss nowadays, because my patience is running thin and I seem to get easily annoyed with a lot of things that don't usually get to me. This was accented yesterday by me having some kind of life crisis and people telling me to get over it rather then being supportive or at least quiet while I flip out. I mean... Yeah. Life is hard I guess. Mine lacks a lot of direction. And it's starting to worry me. I mean, sometimes I feel like Sisyphus, rolling up my rock up that hill, and as soon as I feel like i'm actually moving forward, it rolls back down. I know i'm not the only person in this situation. I know I probably don't have as much right to complain as a lot of people. But I still bitch and moan once in a while. It actually helps. I've been bitching way too much lately I suppose. So... I'm sorry i'm disappointing people. 

*sigh* watcha gonna do?

In a more positive note, there a launch for Jabberwocky this weekend in Montreal. It's on Saturday, June 4 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm at the "Cheval Blanc" ((809 Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H2L 1P1). come by and say hi! Get a cool book! We actually don't have a lot of Jabberwockies left (which is why I didn't do a "sell" post yet on here). But we should get some more reprinted soon. 

Over and out!

- Isa
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Well, today started amazingly. And by amazingly I mean not. Seriously, you know when some days just feel like they are actually out to get you, dispensing annoyances and misery with what seems to be a metaphorical machine gun? Yes. Today decided it was putting a bounty on my head and collecting it. Thank god it's bloody Friday.



Due to a conversation with the extraordinary torreadora, I started re-reading my "Bone" comics (by Jeff Smith). I adore everything about that comic. The story, the art, the characters... It's basically "Disney" meets "Lord of the Rings" with mystical fairy tales about dreams thrown in and that is indeed as cool as it sounds. I actually own a black and white collected edition. It's starting to get really damaged though. The soft cover is peeling and can barely contain the 400 or so pages anymore. Many of the pages have stains, FOOD and high-lighter stains, which are definitely not done by me. In any case. My book is stained and somewhat damaged. Makes me think maybe I should buy a better hardcover version soon enough.

I'm not really the "collector" type (most of my books are far from pristine), but the damaged softcover actually makes the book somewhat difficult to read. You kinda need to put in on a table. So you can't lounge about and read it on a couch anymore. And by god, that's where I do most of my reading!

Re-reading this epic comic made me want to draw the two main characters, Fone Bone and Thorn. So here they are.

Lately i've also been toying with new comics and book ideas. Jabberwocky is finished, so i'm going back to work on Psychopompes, but I also want to start developing a new project (since developing and perfecting scenarios takes forever with me). I'm having ideas with werewolves, fairy tales, and mostly animal transformations.

I was thinking it would be neat to do a gender-reversed version of the Beauty and the Beast tale. Aka, the beast would be the girl. This kinda makes the point of the fairy tale a little void. In fairy tales, "full-time" animal metamorphosis are usually a guy thing. Female characters usually have a "part-time" metamorphosis (they turn into a creature only during a specific part of the day or the week). The reason why? Transformations in tales are usually a symbol for puberty. Guys "change" permanently (they get... hairy and have urges). Girls only "change" on a specific schedule, which is a metaphor for that time of the month. The girl stays "pure" until she changes the guy back to a "normal" human. That segment is of course, a metaphor for sex and marriage, "taming" the dude and making the girl loose her "innocent" status and enter the "princess" status as a wife.

Fairy tale metaphors - they aren't very subtle.

I still think I can kinda work with that.

I started working on a design for the "beast girl". Her face are inspired by Bali masks. Her hair kinda serves as a cloak. That is inspired by "Tangled", and also by Aisling's animation in "Secret of Kells". It's also somewhat still inspired by the Bali masks, that usually have a ton of "hair" covering the mask-bearer's body. Hummmm. I might need to make the girl somewhat less cute for this to work. Then again, cute monster girls. Everyone loves them.

That's all for now!

- Isa
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What's that? It's a comic cover for Jabberwocky. With the help of friends, I managed to unblock on the story and i'm currently drawing it. My goal is for it to be available at the TCAF (I'm going to be at the "Trip Collection" editor table, for those who might want to find me). I'm going to post the page here as I get them done, so you guys will be able to read the full 20 page story. A few pages will be under LJ-cut for violence or bloodiness (this IS the story of a girl that goes to gut a monster, after all). I hope you'll all enjoy it! I even took some days off from work to work on these all over the month of March. Isa, thy name is motivation!

I'm really happy with the cover. I love how it turned out I tried using a limited palette or reds and plums. My inking style seems to work with limited palette coloring. If I recall correctly, one of the Namesake reviewers had underlined that fact. Well, I guess it's true.

I tried to base the Jabberwock off the original "Alice through the looking glass" illustration. I love the big buck-tooth teeth. A lot of other artists make the Jabberwock look less... ridiculous. He's suppose to be a feared beast, so they make him look less grotesque and more scary and dangerous (pointy?).

I really like white, immaculate swords...

In non-drawing news... Is my apartment gonna fall on my head. I swear the pipes are plotting to kill us. They tap in the walls. There's barely any hot water. They make noises that sound like they are about to explode when the upstairs neighbor takes a shower. The whole heating in the building is done with pipes too (hot-water-based heating). So I dunno. I feel like the building has a giant, rusty pipe snake in the walls. it going to eat me?

 - Isa


Feb. 16th, 2011 01:16 pm
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Because I was drawing this before I decided to concentrate on original work, I had to finish it. It's a fanart of Emily Carroll's characters. You can see them in the short comic visible here. Seriously. Read this. It's gorgeous and it's only 3 pages. I love how all the characters look like a mix of Celtic and Norse. And Anu-Anulan is an imaginary godess I can only adore because she turns into a CROW. Yes, it's THAT easy to make me happy folks. Truly. Her story really reads like an old fairy tale. I love it.

In other news, portfolio constructing is going well. A friend of mine suggested I should finish one of my short comics, "Jabberwocky" for the portfolio and the TCAF. And I just might. I just need to unblock on the story. I kinda hate how I have good themes and imagery, but then as soon as dialog comes in, I get really discouraged. I don't really have a talent for dialog. Stories, yeah. People talking, no. I guess everybody needs a weakness and that's why I usually get help from friends.

Jabberwocky is generally the story of a girl with a vengeful imaginary friend. I blocked a bit on how the friend should be and how the girl should be. Submissive? Agressive? Classical takeover? Destructive? It's a complicated story to plan out, especially with only 24 pages.

Tonight, i'm going to draw some more. I took the whole week to finish my drawings, work on Namesake, prepare the con stuff and just generally work. It's a busy and kinda antisocial week, but I think I needed the work boost. I'm getting a lot of crap done. FAST. Productive Isa! :D

- Isa
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Check it out. I managed to finish the Namesake prologue (9 pages) and now i'm working my way thru the first chapter. A total of 25 pages must be drawn before the launch, 15 to be already posted and 10 for me to have a good 3 week advance on my pages.  So far, 12 pages are completed, 3 are almost completed. 10 are left to go. And i've still got about a month. Not bad, not bad.  I'm advancing well.

In internet news, have you guys seen Anime Network News this morning? Apparently, is Ed was a real person, he could have won a contest. Because one of his manga quotes was entered for him by a fan in a contest. What type of contest? Click the link and find out!

(WARNING, spoilers for the last Fullmetal alchemist manga. Only click on the link if you have not read it, or if you don't care about the series and just want a cute story that includes anime.)

Wow. I don't have much to say today. All I seem to do lately is draw Namesake and surf the internet *laughs*

I,m slowly turning into the hermit of the third floor again.


I kinda wish I had a pet. Maybe a pet crow. Maybe a dozen pet crows. That I could sic on people while "Ride of the Valkyries" is playing

- Isa


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