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Just some Potter art of the big seven and the twins calling in some Patronus firepower. Can everyone tell whom is whom?

On another note, woo, LJ is back online! It was offline for a couple of days. It's why I didn't post in a while.

Mood-wise, i'm still grumpy and anti-social. seems I truly am in a bit of a burn-out. Boo. This week, I need to make a list of all the fanexpo stuff I need for the end of August and start building THE ULTIMATE CON MATERIAL BOX. It's kinda like an item chest in Zelda. Maybe I can make it play music when I open it.

Yesterday, I got to watch the new Miyazaki film, arietty the borrower, with subtitles. Obviously, I love it. I have a thing for "mouse world" type of stories, with little people and humans as giants. And this one is just gorgeous and soft and romantic. It's lovely and I can't wait for Disney to release the official English/Japanese big daddy full of extras blue ray. Cause, goddamm! Isa wants her Miyazaki fix.

Also, for those of you who have bought "Jabberwocky" or seen the preview here on Lj, BEHOLD :

Yep, it's that creepy doll from the comic. Isn't she just adorable? :D

- Isa

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Saw the final Harry Potter, and plan to go back for a second viewing. Generally, the movie was good. A good finish to the series. Could have done without the creepy evil make-up epilogue, but the rest was great. Loved Neville, Luna and McGornagall. I find Radcliffe to be a mediocre actor, but I can say that he knows how to do two things really, really well : amazement and fear. So that came in handy in this movie! I liked the flashbacks, but felt kinda sad that we didn't get Dumbledore's. Also, the Ravenclaw ghost is lovely. :D what did you guys think of it?

Have some Snape and Lily goodness. Those poor kids!

- Isa

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I'm not even that much of a Harry Potter fan. I mean... I saw all the movies and read all the books and own a golden snitch and loved it pretty generally. But I never felt that attached to it or never really integrated a fandom. Yet, today, when I heard about the premiere for the final movie starting in London, I felt a sad. I guess Potter, like Buffy and so many other things, did have an influence on me and my writing. Also, i,m so envious of J.K. Rowling. I hope one day to be as popular as her. Not for the money or anything, but just to see so many people really attached to something you created. It must be so... special. To realize that something you created is so influential, so relevant and fun for a bunch of people and inspires them to do their best. Honestly, is there any better reward for a writer?

Being in her shoes must be an interesting experience.


Accio movie tickets.

That's all I gotta say.
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 So, not much to say today. I'm glad this week is over. I'm just going to stay in my apartment and draw for the weekend. I tried seeing if some people felt like going out, but nobody responded :(

Just as well though. I'm feeling inspired, so I might as well put this inspiration to good use!

I started getting into new series to pass the time as I drew. I just downloaded massive amounts of Doctor Who off itunes (all series are 12.99$ right now, so i'm quite happy!). I've never watched Doctor Who. I hope i'll like it. I also started watching "Walking Dead", the zombie series based on the comics by the same name. It's an interesting experience for me. Because I really enjoy horror, but I spend most of it utterly terrified, and have nightmares. Link says it's because I have an overactive imagination that just takes whatever creepy suggestions it gets as paranoia fuel. He's probably right. It's a good series though. Surprisingly quiet. 

I also re-watched a couple of videos but my favorite comedians. Figure I should introduce you guys to Laurie Eliott, whom I adore :

Also, have some sketches! I've been procrastinating and drawing my Namesake pages slowly, so unfortunately, these sketches are pretty unfinished. An aang and Katara for [ profile] the_flowergirl . A table was suppose to be involved, but apparently tables are too cool for me to draw them, because they refuse to get drawn. And some Harry Potter sketches!

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It's a-coming!

I can't believe I made it this far. And without any schedule slips or anything. Heck yeah. Namesake is going well it seems!

Right now, I want to draw Harry Potter and friends. I just got some of the movies on blue-ray for my birthday, and the new one just came out, and I want to buy it and i'm all like Wizards Wizards Wizards. Go figure. I have a lot of love for the actors. Especially Rupert Grint. That guy is like super laid back. And he rides an ice cream truck (for real).

So.... next post will probably contain some Harry Potter. *laughs*

They really should not have comic conventions like the TCAF at the beginning of the month. There's like a million books I want to buy at the TCAF to get it signed by the authors... and all my money is going to rent. CURSE THEE TIME! I definitely plan on bringing my copy of "Shadow Eyes" to get it signed by Ross Campbell...

My stellar self-confidence decided to sink again while I was checking out the exhibitor list on the TCAF website. I mean, so many of these people are amazing. I feel like i'm not good enough to even walk the same ground... Link says that it's clearly the best of the best listed there, so I should flip out less and not compare myself to living gods and focus more on talking to them. *sigh*. I wish I have things like self-esteem and charisma.

- Isa
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 Told you guys I would draw one!

I know the books kinda explain a bit more why Harry follows the creepy historian and the light, but jeesus, the movie makes it seem like his idea is less logical and he's got an unhealthy obsession with the "follow the leader" game. I mean, if Ron suddenly re-appeared with no warning, despite him saving my ass from freezing water I would you know... CHECK if it was REALLY HIM. Voldemort didn't order people to kill Harry after all, just bring him back. You'd think, as a former brewer of Polyjuice potion he'd be an itty bitty more careful.

Regardless... Good movie. I just like how movie!Harry is 100% more reckless then book!Harry, who already kinda was.

In other news, there's a Tim Burton exhibit going around in Canada that includes multiple drawings. Some are from old Disney projects (Black Cauldron concept art?), others for his main films... others are just crazy ideas. It's currently open at the TIFF Lightbox Gallery in Toronto. Those who can, please go for me! :D I really like the sample drawings i've seen :

Burton also seems to be riding on a strange project, allied with Montréal filmmakers, he seems to be trying to piece together a movie from... twitter suggestions! Burton suggested a premise and other people are adding to the story. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Burton. But i,m a little puzzled by his latest movies. And also by him using the same idea that generated the dreaded "Snakes on a plane" (Yes, the movie's scenario was built from internet suggestions). So I wonder where he's going with that.

I have a strange love/hate relationship with Burton's work. I adore some of his work and am truly puzzled by others. I don't know if the guy is just out of ideas, or if he just likes different types of ideas, or if he's just doing it for the fame and fortune. Not to mention, the more I read about the works I DO like, the more I realize many of the ideas poured into the work are not directly from him per say, but from his team. It's odd. But i'm kinda glad his drawings are being exhibited. That's one thing that will never change with him - he's definitely a visual master. When he comes to visuals and colors, he's very creative. 

However, I gotta say, I hate how Hot Topic decided to make a whole bunch of mechandise with Tim Burton stuff on it. Yeah, it fits the perky goth subculture, but something hurts the goth in me when I see kids dressing as vampires with alice in Wonderland t-shirts. Gah.

- Isa
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 I had a bit of free time this weekend, so I drew this. You know that as soon as Minion puts them down, they are going to Accio a can of woop-ass. I love these three movies to bits, even though I haven't seen "Tangled" yet. I've seen Harry Potter though. I want to draw jokes about it, but i'm gonna wait another week and give everybody the time to see it before pummeling you guys with Potter-humor!

However, I have to say, my favorite part of the movie was the animated sequence where they told the story of the deadly hallows. Death looked great. I also want to draw pictures of the trio. A few people have asked me to, actually. They wonder what the trio would look like by my hands.

Anybody else feels Hermione is too pretty? Wasn't she suppose to be sorta homely? I guess the movies needs sex appeal. The twins grew so tall too!

I wish Voldemort was a bit more human. He looks, moves and talks very un-real and campy-like. I dunno. I would find someone who looks like THAT but talks in a dignified, regal, normal voice and moves like a gentleman to be much, much creepier. I always imagined Voldemort to move in a really regal fashion. More like Snape I guess. 

Happy late thanksgiving to all the Americans on my F-list. I hope you all celebrate with your families. I kinda want this holiday to evolve into "family and being thankful" then "Pilgrims offing some natives with guns and diseases".

- Isa
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I have returned to try and vainquish my sculpture who is must likely laughing of me as we speak. I went with Tanya today at Wallacks to go get some translucent fast-drying plastic thingnamagig. I'm currently testing the fast-drying thingnamagig. See, usually it works in plastic molds. But I don't really have a plastic mold that's shoe-shaped lying around. So I tried testing it in a tin-foil mold. If it doesn't stick to the tin foil, we have a winner. I'll cover a shoe with foil, add plaster to solidify the mold and then make my glass/plastic sole. Huzzah.

So yeah, hopefully it works. All you devout christians out there pray for my transparent resine to not-stick. Although i'm pretty sure god doesn't care about my resine, I'm just at this point now where i'd accept holy help if it helps me create a shoe. 

Aside from that, does anyone know if Luna/Neville is considered canon now?

I mean really, did the seven book officialize this or what? I'd appreciate if it did. Neville and Luna definitly got much much cooler in time. Also, do you know what Hogwards house you'd be in? Everyone randomly answers "Griffindor!" just because it's Harry's house. Heck, I bet most people aren't. They're might even be a few Slytherins in the bunch. I don't think slytherin is evil. It's just that Voldemort managed to pull his followers out of there. I'm sure he had non-slytherin followers and slytherin good guys where against him (*cought cought Snape*).

So I think i'm in...

Which house do you think you belong to? My friend Fauve and I had a debate saying that Griffindor and Slytherin contained students with extreme character traits. Sortoff, Hermione could have been a ravenclaw since she was so smart. But she has a very very strong personnality and therefore winded up a grif. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff see to be students with milder personnalities. To me, Ravenclaw as the smart/ weirdoes and Hufflepuff as the loyal, good guys.

And no, Tanya, no cheddar comic. Next post XD

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There. Left plenty of space in between spoilers and this text for those who wish not to see them. Just avoid the Lj cut.

So what else is new? I'm sick right now. A small throat allergy seems to have turned into a giant I-kick-your-ass throat and sinus cold that allied force with the time of the month to best me. It got so bad, I actually called in sick at work. I never call in sick. It's so rare, when it happens people just KNOW i'm dead in a gutter somewhere. Bah. At least it was just a 3 hour shift I was missing. So it's cool. ^_ ^

I spent most of the day dead on my couch watching scrubs. Got up to draw eventually. Drew a bunch of Oz pages. I felt rather inspired and light headed, so the drawings are a bit rushed. Hope you still like them.

I went to montreal last week to finally visit Link's new appartement. Appartements are less expensive in montreal then toronto. AND THEY ARE BETTER! Link did a really nice job on the place. Painted it, fixed it up. Even built some carved selves everywhere! The Toronto appartement never felt like home because the boys weren't allowed to paint or change much. In montreal, Link was free to do whatever he wanted. As a result, the appartement really feels like home.

I love how all the appartements in Montreal are half-houses and you have to climb winding staircases to get to them!

Also : Montreal as kitties everywhere.

Link spent 3 weeks in his appartement alone without his brother (who had left for BC to go work for 2 months) or any form of communication since the internet and phone could not be up before then (talk about a ripoff still). He saw a bit of his family a few days before I visited. Then he saw me. I think he was a bit crazy a first because of the lack of seeing people followed by (zounds!) people XD But it was still great to see him.

I was talking to tama and it made me realise how living in quebec is less expensive then Ontario. You usually pay less for similar living conditions. 

Speaking of money... In september, I start my final year of school and my second internship. I'm a little worried that with work i'll barely have time to have a life. I decided that I would try to find a job on campus (which pays more then Tim Hortons and is completly adapted to your schedule) or if I can, ask my boss to only have me work one shift a week. I'm a  bit tired of minimum wadge jobs. I always feel I barely get anything for hours of work. But I guess a student job is the best I can hope for, for now. I don't really want to quit Tims unless i'm offered a campus job because I don't have the time to learn a new job right now unless it's worth the pay. I had a few offers in stores close to my house, but they pay less then my current job if you count tips. So, despite how much i'd probably prefer to work with books or clothing then food (I hate working with food), I'm still going to stick to the plan of campus job or reduced time at Tims. I'm sticking with these options because I know a campus job would suit my needs idealy. However, Tims is very flexible, I know it well and I can quit it without feeling terrible if the work load becomes horrid.

Tomorrow i'm going at the U to fill in some graduation related papers and find out about jobs.

Anyways, enough life XD Here's the follow up of the OZ comics! (Yes finally) If you need a refresher, the last post was here:


Oz Resume )

- Secondlina
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Considering at midnight today the book is coming out, I though it would be a good time to expose a few of my favorite Harry Potter jokes...

I also work night shift today at tim hortons. I'd LOVE to see a few harry potter fans come to buy coffee this morning at 2 am in their costumes after aquiring the book. I'd adore it actually. Buncha wizards coming to buy coffee. I really hope it will happen!

I myself will get the book early tomorrow morning by mail. In a way I hope it won't come in at 7 am at the same I return home because I just might not sleep.

Tomorrow afternoon i'm going to a computer shop to get my brand new ibook fixed. The ibook comes from Diane who agreed to sell it to me for a good price. Unfortunatly, the ibook won't charge for a mysterious reason. I've narrowed down to probably being a faulty cable problem. I,m sure they will help me figure it out at the store.

With further delay, here is the potter humor you all crave. The first joke is done by me (Hermione's love life) the others are from different authors of talent that I admire ^^...

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...And just had to draw a comic about it.

I actually enjoyed the movie a lot, it was fantastic. But I *had* to poke fun at some elements of it, such as Mc Gonagall's urge to bitchslap rising...

So if you aren't afraid of spoilers, check this comic out!!!

Otherwise, come back later XD


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Dear gods, can you believe i'm not dead?

Yeah, I know. I haven't updated in a zillion years. But I've been busy and my scanner died. But then, like[personal profile] savvyliterate 's fish, it lived a gain. The light inside it seems to be having a hard time. Yesterday, I realised that I was rather pathetic for I was pleading with it saying "Oh baby, do it for mama, don't die on me!"

So yeah. Dying scanner = bad for school work and internet updates. It seems okay now, and hopefully it will remain in that stasis.

Exam week has begun. I only have two exams, but I have a pile of essays and a photo project to finish before the 14th. One of my exams got done today. The next is on monday. I'm not too stressed. At this point, it's fairly easy...Or i'm too tired to notice and just feel like it's all easy. Oh well. One way or another, I feel peaceful XD

I've been also preparing interviews this week for my internships. I'm headed to Toronto on the 17th, to see Link of course, but also to get myself hired as an intern in an art business for the summer. Internships are mandatory in my program. Gotta do them. I'm glad though, because the places I found look really cool and i'm pretty confident one of them will hire me ^_^

I was a bit confused earlier. I gave a note to my boss saying I could not work from the 17th to the 28th of december because i'm going to Toronto and then Qu├ębec city to visit my family. Which is not too bad considering I just work weekends. Although, for some odd reason, she scheduled me to work next week...only on the 17th. I think she misunderstood. I traded the shift, so there's no problem...But still. Everytime I give her a note, it's like she doesn't understand it, or she discards all the info on it and gives me no work for a certain amount of time. She's nice, but I think the blond dye she uses is seeping into her skull.

I need a cut and dye myself. I look like the return of shag. I'm planning to get one soon...on the 15th, so I don't look like crap during my interviews.

For those who wonder: Yes, there will be x-mas comics. I'm also working on some x-mas presents for a few of my friends ^_^ One of them asked for a painting for xmas, and nothing else. I hate when they do that! Pressure...Must...Not...Suck.

Alright, time for bed I think. Tomorrow I need to go take photographs and finish essay number 1. 

- secondlina

p.s. 1 :
And last but not least, all this Harry Potter craze is getting to me, so I drew:

I love Luna! I love the actrice they picked for her! (SO cute!) ...Ah and POTC2 is out. *Drools* Cap'n Jack Sparrow.


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