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Adorable punk mom was amazing. I can't believe the people I meet on the subway. sometimes I feel I should just sit in a cart for the whole day and draw all the people I see (probably should exit once or twice during rush hours. It gets kinda crazy).

It seems the San Diego Comic Con is THE place to be this weekend. Tumblr is full of amazing news about upcoming episodes for Adventure time, Korra, My little pony, and upcoming movies and lovely actors, and comics... Seriously, I can see why people love this con. Also, thanks to the SDCC, I learned that apparently Disney is working on an Oz-themed movie centered around the character of the Wizard. Check out the site for the trailer/details : 

I'm sure Disney himself would be happy to see this happening (he was a die-hard Oz fan). I'm not sure if the movie will be good, it looks a bit... fanfic-y for my taste. But it's got the potential to be really cool. And the visuals look amazing. I'm pretty sure i'll go see this in theatres, if only because Oz is obviously an obsession of mine.

Aside from that, it's incredibly hot today. We keep getting mini heat waves. Gosh, Montreal, if only you weren't a tiny ciment island.

My boyfriend Link just went off to visit Japan with his twin brother for 2 weeks. They are having an epic bromance trip. In Japan. I'm jealous, but I hope they will have a nice time :D

I also FINALLY managed to get enough free time and an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed by the end of August. I can't wait. I need to remove them all. They hurt. They give me massive headaches (I never used to have headaches). I really, really can't wait.

- Isa
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So, i'm back from TCAF. Annual existential crisis aside, IT WAS AMAZIIIING!!!!

I like Toronto for the food. So much good food. I went to Toronto with my friends Fanie, [personal profile] savvyliterate and [personal profile] ickaimp .

Fanie and ickaimp got to move quite freely, enjoying the whole "being a tourist" deal. Me and Megan worked the Namesake table. The weekend was profitable, we met a couple of fans and sold a lot of Namesakes. Last year, people had no idea who we were. This year, people had this "oh yeah, I meant to read this / saw it around" towards Namesake. Yes. It's evolving. Perhaps next year, we will have reached a "known" status. Mwahahahahaha.

I bought something like sixty comics. Met a bunch of artists I adore. TCAF has truly the most huggable people.

On Friday, me and Fanie arrived from Montréal on a plane, and then took a ferry to get to the city. Megan and Icka joined us. We checked into the hotel and wandered the city a bit. We stepped into a comic store that could not have been more stereotypical, full of very geeky dudes talking about the Avengers. The staff was a bit odd. The usual "awkward and not used to ladies" I guess? we also got Hero burgers. Best burgers of all time.

On Saturday, it was nothing but TCAF. Don't let the lack of people on the photo fool you, this was taken way early. TCAF was beyond full most of the time. On the first day, Megan stayed at the table the most while I wandered, chatted with people and bought books. I also got to meet the creator of Chi's sweet home and see a panel about creating and selling youth comics. The panel made me want to do comics for kids more then ever. Saturday night, we had a mini party in the hotel room. It was awesome!

On Sunday, I tried to stay at the table as much as possible. I still escaped a couple of times to talk to Boum, Adriana, Emily Carroll, Chrystal Yates and Christina Strain. While I was at the table, I was thinking about how the whole weekend started - visiting the boyiest boyish comic store ever - to being in a place where pretty much most of the creators were ladies.

Monday, we had to rush back a little due to some confusion about our plane tickets (boarding time was an hour before the flight time?). The check-in lady was an adventure time fan, which was funny!

It then took me like two days to bounce back from being at TCAF, most likely because I had work on Tuesday. But now i'm back, drawing, pedal to the metal! I can't wait to draw more and read all my books. I kinda want to list all the projects I am currently plotting... And design temporary covers as motivation.

Next post, I should write about the books I got for you guys... I just need to read them first!

Also - for those wondering, the Namesake books turned out beautifully. We only had 60 (we are still waiting for the rest. The first 60 were sent express style to make sure we had them for TCAF). Soon we shall have them and they will be gorgeous.

- Isa

There I go!

May. 3rd, 2012 09:48 pm
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Leaving tomorrow, bright and early, for Toronto. I'm going to be at the TCAF (Toronto Comic arts festival) all weekend. Here's the floorplan if anybody is seeking me out :

In the most predictable of twists, I have developed a huge, evil zit on the side of my nose. Of course. Right before a date with comics. Nevermind that I never usually get zits. *laughs*

I'm going to buy so many comics. Oh my god.

I'm a bit sad i'll miss this week's Korra episode. So I drew some art to tide me over.

I ship Makorrasamiolinscarfy.

So does Pabu.

So should you.

Sorry this post is kinda short, I can't think of anything to say because my brain is already in Toronto. It's waiting for my body at the airport.

- Isa
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So,i've been working hard with my buddy Fanie over here to prepare some calendars to sell at Expozine. Basically, it's fairy tale themed. we each do 6 drawings for all 12 months. And it's going to rock. Hopefully, we'll make a bit of money with this!

Here the drawing of the beauty and the beast I made for said calendar. Isn't he the cutest?

Oh, reminder, My shirt on "We love fine" is up for voting, and the deadline is October 24th, so if you haven't yet, thank you for taking the time to do it. If you have, many thanks, you guys are awesome.

You can vote here : Voty vote vote.

In the liquor store next to the bookstore where I work, there is a skull-shaped bottle full of expensive vodka. The skull bottle looks amazing. I really, really want it. I swore when I saw it, I would buy it as a personal favor when Namesake reaches 10 000 readers on a single day. Last Tuesday, we were only 3000 people short of that goal. The readership is truly growing. It makes me incredibly happy. Maybe soon, I will have this skull bottle in my life, and the vodka it contains, to celebrate my achievements... 
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So, there's this strange graffiti posted around Montréal, that is basically Batman in a Tuxedo. (I didn't take this photo, I randomly found it off Google). I saw one quickly this morning as my bus rushed by it. It's pretty awesome. I wonder what it's suppose to represent, exactly? The Tuxedo Batman I saw was in a little place I love. There's this guy, close to the metro, that lives right next to a bridge. The sign over his large home says "metal worker" among other things. All the windows have intricate metal shapes and creatures in front of them. And there's this little vacant lot next to his home stuck between the bridge and the house where there's a ton of whimsical metal animal structures. I never actually got close (it's a little difficult to cross the street to visit it, which is why i'm guessing this parch of land was unused). It's like some kind of magical park the metal worker created for himself. I really love it.

And now his home is marked with the Tuxedo Batman. 

Oh, in another note, I was accepted for Expozine, a little author comic con in the end of November. I know. I know. I,m tired of cons. But Expozine is actually a great place for things like webcomics, just like TCAF. And a friend of mine, Fanie, will be going too. So I felt inclined to give it a try.


- Isa
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Back from two days of convention. Oh god, it was kinda horrible. I'm not going to go into details right now, but I worked harder at this con then any other con before. And I had some pretty difficult cons before this! Long hours, alone for five tables for a good while, no change, etc, etc. It was. Yurk. Not as well organized as it could have been. The con itself was pretty fun, I got a couple of comics signed. But oh god, my legs. My brain. My eardrums. It all hurts. Ark. But the artists were friendly, and the people too, so it balances out.

Tomorrow, I work again, but only at the bookstore and on website stuff, so it's going to be quiet. And then, in the evening, i,m going to go see the Lion King with a friend. I promise i'll answer your comments tomorrow. But for today my brain is just going FDGDFGRGTRHGBGN CAN'T COMPUTE.

Also, apparently, it only takes the command of three people (asatira, Lily and Juba) to make me draw something. I was asked for a color drawing of Wendy.

So, no, it’s not ethnic River Song, though the resemblance is there. This is Wendy, one of the main cast of my webcomic Namesake. Wendy is the Namesake linked to the world of Neverland. She is part of Calliope, the organization that takes care of Namesakes like her, in a kick-ass team with Alice and Jack. Wendy can fly, has two daggers and a gun and she is the proud wearer of the seven league boots. She’s basically a little army on her own. Despite how much evil jerk she can destroy, she remains the heart of the team and the team mom. 

I love her.

In other news, check out this video kids. This man in a piano prodigy who composes emotional pieces on the fly at 16 with no formal training. He is some kind of genius. A Pollock of music. :D

I love him too.

And a vampire I drew to conclude things. I also love vampires. This is still for the kid's clothing thing.

Now, for a shower and bed. I feel like the con was a bit of a bath of B.O. I need to wash it off. It was pretty hot in the building so everyone suffered from it.

- Isa

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Everybody I know is drawing pretty girls. I want to draw pretty girls too! PB and Marcelline for you all!

I saw this article quite recently, about someone being encouraged by an agent to eliminate the gay characters of her book so she can get them published. The agent even had the gull of telling her “if the book was very popular and sequels were demanded, (the character) could be revealed to be gay in later books, when readers were already invested in the series.”


Gay couples are not marketing ploys. They are not writing anomalies. Support homosexual literature, fanart and comics by writing, drawing, and publishing online and offline as much as possible. We do not back down.

In other annoying news, I am SO SO SO very tired of people that come up to us in the bookstore, ask us for advice on which comics to buy for their kids (while the kid is right there), have us pull out something that makes the kid happy and then have the parents check out the price and go "THIS MUCH for a comic? Something you'll read in two hours? We'll go get you a REAL book."

Or better yet "Manga is all boobs and violence."

Or my favorite "You should be ashamed of yourself, a fine lady like yourself reading comics. Honestly. Don't you want to get married and be a good wife?"

(Yeah, that last one is totally what the fuck).

OH WELL. Tomorrow is the Comiccon. That should help.

- Isa 

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Read more... )

Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry for not posting while I was gone. The hotel charged us something like 40$ per night for the internet. It was outrageous. I was gone to Fanexpo up to monday at 3am. It was fun. Met cool people, got to meet Jeff Smith, got a portfolio evaluation from Marvel and got a really cool book about period costumes. We met a couple of Namesake fans who, I swear, have the best costumes, including a Tardis Lolita.

We didn't sell that many books, unfortunately. I think this con was more for small, cute commercial goods. Which is why, on the second day, I was struck with a stroke of genius, and started offering cutesy 5-minute-directly-in-ink-whatever-you-want-as-long-as-I-know-what-it-is-or-you-have-a-reference for 2$ drawings. Those were really popular, easy and fun. We sold a lot. I'll post a couple of the ones I did in the photos below. Be warned, I was asked to draw a lot of Harry Potter.

I drew a LOT LOT LOOOT more. These are just my favorites.

When I got home, I had to work my butt off to finish the Womantology pages in two days. I just got that done. Whew. A break.

Finally. In other news, you guys may have heard me gushing about the upcoming movie "A Monster in Paris". Well, good news. The movie is getting an English release. The dubbing seems really good, and i,m happy they kept Vanessa Paradis as the voice actress for the songstress in both languages. This means that we are getting a cool French animated movie overseas and that, living in Québec, I get to choose between the French original or the dub. Yaaay!

The english commercial is so different from the French, it weirds me out. In the French we learn that : Paris is under water. The monster is a bug grown huge by mistake by the male protagonists. The bug and the songstress sing together. Pretty songs are sung. The police dude wants to kill the monster, who is in fact, nice. A wild hot air balloon chase follows.

The english trailer : funny people, funny people, MONKEY MONKEY LOOK A MONKEY, funny people, animosity which is obviously love, background music and hey, by the way, there might be a monster in there. Behold, the difference.

Well, that's all for now.

- Isa
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Namesake art! This art will be included in printed form in the issue we'll be selling at Fan Expo in two weeks.

Well, now begins the countdown to my super-busy-last-two-weeks-of-august which have two weddings and a convention. Could ahve bee 3 weddings too, but two happen on the same day in different cities so I had to choose. So yeah. I'm going to be going to work, traveling to Toronto and Ottawa and drawing like a mad woman for the next couple of days. LET THE RACE BEGIN.

Thankfully, stuff is awesome and i'm pretty generally ready for all events. I have a lot to do, but it's mostly taking care of details. Like going to fetch the Jabberwocky re-prints (YAAAAY MORE BOOKS!)

Today, I got a bit of a wind of nostalgia since I picked up the new american McGee's Alice game from a buddy yesterday night. and also discussed Final Fantasy 9  with Link. That was a good game. Gets a lot of bad criticism but I love it. Then again, i'm just a casual gamer. So i'm not much of a connaisseur.

I'm loving that the internet exploded with fanart for the upcoming French movie "a Monster in Paris". It's fun to see French animation get attention. I really can't wait for it!


Tomorrow is work, but it's cool. Go, book peddling!

Have some sexy dwarf ladies in corsets. I drew this for a commission. Man, I love drawing dwarves. My favorite fantasy race by far. no idea why :D

- Isa

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 Whew. Stuff is hard. Everything is busy as heck. I kinda fell really behind for the first time ever on my Namesake pages. I feel a little down about that. It feels like a small failure. But heh, it was bound to happen at least once. 

In other news, I ate so much food this weekend. Went to a barbecue to my friend Fauve's house, and then at my mom's... I was overfed. But I got ice cream and kabob, so that rocks. Back at home now, kinda juggling several jobs at the present time. Link and I are slightly puzzled. It seems a part of our clothing has disappeared. He's missing a lot of underwear. I'm missing a couple of my nicer things. We think one of our washes might have gotten forgotten and grabbed. Le sigh. I liked those dresses!

I'm slowly working on some prints for Fanexpo. I'm trying to make a list of awesome ideas. :D I'll post the list up when i'm done composing it. I'm also using a couple of existing prints I have. I don't have much though... I need to finish more art *laughs*

One of the prints I started is this one. WONDERWOMAN... in an "art nouveau/Mucha" style. I love that wonderbooty.

I also finished a couple of commissions last week. Stuff that dragged for... way too long. It's why I never open then officially. I need to make sure I have TIME, otherwise I have trouble filling the orders. This piece was for a guy that really liked the Mario Bros movie from the 80's and my "Humanized Mario Monster" series. It's Princess daisy from the movie and the movie version of yoshi. I had to look up her dress and stuff, but it was fun. It turned out really cute!

Anywho. Gonna go to bed. Got work tomorrow. Got work everyday this week. Urgh.

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 First off... Another tiny mermaid! Just for you, [ profile] torreadora ! 

Jabberwocky : Those of you who have ordered them, they will be sent out on Wednesday. Currently, in Canada, we have a bit of a Canda Post strike. I'll try to get the books mailed ASAP, but it might take them a day or two longer to reach you. Sorry about that, guys!

Job stuff : So in the following two weeks, I will most likely be working at two different jobs. If I seem a bit absent or busy, that's why. Transitions take time and effort that way! But are totally worth it!

Fanexpo : As some of you may know (if you read [ profile] dqbunny 's LJ too), we'll have a Namesake and print table at Fanexpo in Toronto at the end of August. I'm currently working on creating a lot of prints :D Again, hard work, but worth it! I'll try to have my comic books too. And possibly a plushy surprise with the help of my brother. So far, i'm thinking of having fanart prints of Avatar, Doctor who and Wonder woman. I,ll be sure to have some original stuff too.

Reading : So... I kinda wasted a little a lot of time this week reading comics. I went retro this week and re-read "Sailor Moon" and "Please Save my Earth". Oddly enough, both series are oldies about moon people reincarnating on earth with ESP and magical powers thrown in. Guess it was a theme for the time. I still love both, even though the sheer dysfunctional aspect of the relationships in "Please save my earth" is just ridiculous. I also got my hands on Vera Brosgol's "Anya's ghost". It's quite awesome.  A really good comic to recommend to people (i'm looking at you, [ profile] ichiban_victory )

I mean, just check out this awesome art. The story is quite interesting and creepy too. Good stuff, good stuff.

Finally : I have strange obsessions, things that make people roll their eyes at me. One of them is to have the perfect agenda. My perfect agenda is part weekly planner, part calendar, part notebook, part sketchbook. I've looked for this for a long time, probably because it doesn't exist. BUT, I recently found a couple of websites where you can build your own. I'm thinking this is going to be my last big expense before I switch jobs. My future shifts will probably be a little all over the place, so it's a good idea to have the perfect book to keep tabs on things, amiright?

- Isa

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Man, I want to draw a bunch of comics so bad. I'm really loving all these comics other artists are posting online. Short little things, just a couple of pages, but always so gorgeous. Like Emily Carroll's dream journals or Ryan A.'s strange and dark universe. Love. Love. Love. There's just a huge lack of short comics i'm not doing. This journal needs more comics. All I keep posting is illustrations. Comics dammit! COMICS!

At least i'm motivated.

Still no news about the trip to France to attend the Lyon Comic Festival. I'm going to clear that up this weekend with my editor. Which is a good thing because this is currently super-last-minute. Yikes. I'm currently working on drawing all the Namesake pages I need so that the comic updates while i'm gone. Considering there's like.... 12 pages needed, I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. Thankfully, friends have offered to do some guest art, so whether I manage to or not, at least the comic will update. I don't want to go on hiatus. I really feel like going on a hiatus while the comic is still developing like that is basically putting a death sentence on it. So i'm using other solutions.

In other news, my parents are back from their travels across the USA. My mother actually got me some Alice and Oz themed stuff she found around (they also stayed at an Alice in Wonderland themed Inn. No joke. STEAL THE LAMPS, MOM. STEAL.)

I started sketching again in this simplistic style I really enjoy but don't use often. Here are the "Thor", "Avatar" and "Namesake" themed results.

- Isa


May. 11th, 2011 11:51 am
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Good news, me and [ profile] dqbunny  are currently planning our first convention as Namesake representatives... There's a lot to prepare...

I kinda want to have a couple of prints to sell. You know, because prints are cool. Do you guys have suggestions of what would be nice to have as a print? I don,t just want Namesake prints. I'd be ready to have a bit of fanart and some original stuff. Maybe some fairy-tale themed original stuff? Ideas? Suggestions? Images of mine you already love and think I should have finished like yesterday?

In other news, i'm totally working on some comic ideas. Still playing with the idea of the gender-reversed "Beauty and the Beast" idea. I'm trying to find ways to make the girl look more monstrous without killing all the cute. It's hard. This sketch is a bit too... flimsy. Link says that the "Beast" in all it's incarnations is badass. And so, even a girl version needs a certain amount of badassery. This sketch is not fierce enough. I need to work on her arms and legs more...

- Isa


May. 11th, 2011 12:41 am
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It's no big secret that the past year has pretty much been punctuated with some pretty awful depression and anxiety, mostly because of myself. I'm a bit silly that way. Hanging at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival helped me gain a bit of perspective. I feel motivated again. I met a ton of other artists and managed to talk for a good bit with a few of my idols (like Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis and Ross Campbell). I also met in person my friends Adriana and Wei.

I think it did me some good to spend some time in a place where comics were the most important thing in the world (aka, the contrary of my usual location). Hanging out with other artist made me see that I wasn't the only one struggling. I wasn't the only one with a bunch of insecurity and fatigue due to juggling a day job on top of an artist job. It made me realize that, though i'm not the best artist or scenarist out there (i'm looking at you, Emily, you're the best lol), I definitely have a good potential. I'm going to have to work hard. And life is going to be hard. But, i'm not the type that gives up. I'm the proactive type. This weekend, in some way, as restored a bit of my faith in myself and made me realize a couple of things that I need to do... Time to make a massive to do list and think of some life goals. *laughs*

I know these are totally things people have been telling me over and over, but I guess there's a difference between having a friend tell you (and you having a little voice in your head saying they might be lying to be reassuring) and being immersed in an environment where everything around you confirms facts as an absolute truth. Go figure. As usual, it takes me forever to realize something, and I only realize it when something smacks me in the face.

.......I still haven't unpacked.

Seriously.  Luggage is the bane of my existence.

- Isa

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 I'LL BE THERE! THIS! WEEKEND! (May 7th-8th)


I can't wait to meet people, both artist and readers. EEEE.

Here's where i'll be :

Table 130, first floor, with Stanley Wany (my awesome editor dude!)

I'll be selling copies of Jabberwocky, eager to chat and ready to sketch! If i'm not around when you come by, i'm probably just off chatting with some awesome people around the festival. Just pass by a bit later, I promise to clock in at least 30 minutes out of every hour haha!

I'm going to overdose on comics. Delicious, delicious comics.

Also, [ profile] piratecore , I totally can't wait to annoy you in person!!! MWAHAHA!

- Isa
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It's a-coming!

I can't believe I made it this far. And without any schedule slips or anything. Heck yeah. Namesake is going well it seems!

Right now, I want to draw Harry Potter and friends. I just got some of the movies on blue-ray for my birthday, and the new one just came out, and I want to buy it and i'm all like Wizards Wizards Wizards. Go figure. I have a lot of love for the actors. Especially Rupert Grint. That guy is like super laid back. And he rides an ice cream truck (for real).

So.... next post will probably contain some Harry Potter. *laughs*

They really should not have comic conventions like the TCAF at the beginning of the month. There's like a million books I want to buy at the TCAF to get it signed by the authors... and all my money is going to rent. CURSE THEE TIME! I definitely plan on bringing my copy of "Shadow Eyes" to get it signed by Ross Campbell...

My stellar self-confidence decided to sink again while I was checking out the exhibitor list on the TCAF website. I mean, so many of these people are amazing. I feel like i'm not good enough to even walk the same ground... Link says that it's clearly the best of the best listed there, so I should flip out less and not compare myself to living gods and focus more on talking to them. *sigh*. I wish I have things like self-esteem and charisma.

- Isa
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I told you guys I would draw this *laughs*. Dwarve couples! Playing with the proportions was really fun and interesting. Nothing like playing with proportions to practice mastering them!

So, to confirm, I WILL be in toronto for the TCAF on the weekend of May 7th-8th. I will let you guys know where exactly as soon as the floor plan is released. I'll be selling "Jabberwocky" and making drawing for those who ask! :D

In  other news, I might also be going to France in June. MIGHT. Thanks to my editor's hard work, I was invited as an artist to the Lyon comic festival. Both me and the editor are currently waiting to see if we get a grant from the Canadian art council so we can afford the trip. If I go, i'm sure it's going to be a great networking opportunity. However, money is needed. My editor doesn't want to go if he doesn't get the grant (which is understandable, it's a 3000$ trip). I,m pretty okay with the idea of going and not going. For sure, networking in Europe would be sweet. But I still have ways to do it and opportunities here if I don't go. I guess I just don't want to get my hopes up.

But it's a good thing, even if I end up not going. People are interested in what I can do. They like my art. It reassures me that I can truly go forward...

I'm currently building presentation documents for a couple of comic ideas... i'll let you guys know about these soon!

Also, i'm watching Moulin Rouge for like the first time tonight under the orders of a friend. Let's see how i'll like it.

Apologies to all my local friends and chat friends... i've been so anti-social lately. Dunno why. I just feel like staying in bed a lot... Maybe it's because the cold keeps coming back. Spring, stop being such a tease!

- Isa
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I'm taking a small drawing break tonight because I drew my arm off this weekend. As many of you know, I was at the Geekfest convention this weekend, hosting a little activity called the "Quickdraw" where people described things and got free 5minute sketches of what they wanted. 

The first day didn't go so well. I was in the worse possible spot for drawing. No lights and right next to a loud speaker. On Sunday, I got moved to the dealer's room where stuff was a lot more fun. I spoke to a lot of nice people, drew a lot, got a lot of ideas for future cons where I would be selling Namesake. I met a few... stranger beings that kinda creeped me out. Conventions are very different from behind the table. As a con-goer, I didn't notice the creepers. As a con-artist, they were right in my face. guess I should consider it a right of passage. I got to draw a few... interesting... things.

On a positive note, I learned a lot, hung out with my friend Val and I think I may have found another great person to hang out with here in Montréal.... I love meeting awesome people who want to go have tea and geek out with me! I felt bad for another of my friends, Pat, who was managing a lot of the con's issues. Poor guy seemed to run around a lot. I hope he's not too tired.

While I was waiting for people to come suggest sketches, I just doodled around :

(This is on a huge piece of paper)

As of tomorrow, my quest to finish "Jabberwocky" so I can regain a social life in April continues. I'm really motivated. Only 15 pages left you guys.

Oh, in entertainment news, we finally get to see the face of Korra in the new Avatar season. Clicky clicky.

I'm also kinda disappointed in the "Beastly" movie that just came out. It was based on a very beloved book in my circle of friends.  A modern retelling of the "Beauty and the Beast". The movie kinda turned it into... I,m not sure what. The movie is cheezy. And Twilight-ified. And everyone is pretty instead of plain or ugly, like in the book, which should be expected, I guess. But I was really annoyed by the Beast. Instead of turning into a monster, the guy just turns into something that looks like a Skinhead who likes tribal tattoos. What? And that makes it monstrous? How? What kind of shallow city is that? I mean... I get the whole scar aspect.... but... huh.... He looked better with them.

This just makes me want to write a comic about metamorphosis and fairy tales who feature it.

I think i'm going to go nap for a while now.

- Isa
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I'm participating to a convention called "Geekfest" here in Montréal on March 5-6. It's not Namesake related. Actually, it's for an activity that got planned way before namesake was born. It's for a character draw-a-thon. Basically, poeple come to see me, describe characters and can leave with the sketches or leave them to be posted. BUT I still want to use the event to indirectly advertize Namesake because... well, because! 

At first, it was suggested to me that I should print postcards as Namesake ads and draw on the other side, so that the requester doesn't loose the Namesake URL, since he won't want to loose his drawing. However, I learned that printing postcards was expensive, and the cardboard wasn't quite good for inking. So, instead, I think i'll print some business cards, and I got a stamp made. I'll give out cards and stamp the back of the drawing. So, they won't loose Namesake :D

So to resume, there's a few things I need to get ready for the con...

- Business cards
- Stamp
- Poster for booth
- Buy lots and lots of pencils and pens
- Get reimbursed by con staff for pens
- Get lots and lots of sketch cards (4X6 minimum and at least 200 of them)
- Get a tip jar
- Get something to attract people on desk (A giant pikachu? I have one! Or something?)
- Fix online portfolio prior to con

I know there's a lot of people on my con list that have attended cons either as goers or artists, so to you have any tips on how to make a booth look really snazzy? What attracts you to a booth? I'm usually attracted to the drawings themselves, so i'm doing some posters. :D

Here are my card and stamp designs... Yup, the cards are double-sided.


With all this con preparation buzzing, I can't seem to get much more then sketches done. I really like these. Most of these characters aren't actual characters. Born to exist for a sketch. Why is that girl making the "dat ass" face? I don't know...

At least it's proof that I can draw that face. Oh no, the world is in for it now. I have the power of the bitey lip in my grasp.

- Isa

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 Lots and lots of stuff happened. I was mostly doing okay. Once in a while, I had pretty bad cramps, but as a general rule, I was doing okay. tonight i'm back to bad, but it's fine, since I had a great weekend.

First off, I finally bought a second screen so i'd have two screens on my computer. That way I can color and watch movies at the same time. It's not that useful for my drawing per se, but it prevents me from being bored while I draw, and that always boosts productivity. Link when to get the screen and installed it before I got home on Friday, because he's the bestest boyfriend ever. Give him a hand, folks!

Then, this weekend, my good friend Fauve and her fiance visited. On Saturday, she and I went to the Montréal anime con "Othakuthon". It was pretty fun! Last time we went to this con was in the opening year, where the quality of it really disappointed us. This year, there was a lot of improvement. The costumes were beautiful. I was really impressed by a sexy Scarlet witch and a really beautiful Katara, who looked truly like the character herself.  I got a plushy, and the "Pretear full collection" for 14$ (I know, wow).

In the artist alley, two friends of mine were doing very well. Hinoraito was selling her gorgeous hand-made earings and her shoujo manga (check out the link for her awesome art you guys! It's awesome!). My friend Patrick was selling his pixel-art. He's quite talented (he made me a pixel cheshire cat!) and people really noticed him. I'm so happy for them!

Funny anecdote. I followed a very sexy pink bunny girl with a hammer inside a Tim Hortons (coffee franchise, for all you Americans out there) that was near the con. There was a lot of men in suits. Their reactions were priceless and deserving of a comic. 

After the con, me and Fauve went to visit old Montreal, where a traditional Matsuri festival was taking place. Fauve also wanted to visit the jewelry shops in the old Montreal to get silver snowflakes earings, just like the ones I had found there a while before.

After that, we went to see SCOTT PILGRIM. Now again in bold for good mesure : SCOTT PILGRIM

Taaaaadaaaa (Yes, that art is mine, don't be fooled).

The movie was pretty good. I still prefer the books. Except for the ending. I prefer the movie ending. It was nicer to the character of Knives. Though it made Ramona into more of a woobie. But I guess she was a woobie all along. My favorite part was Scott's epic window escape. And Wallace. wallace was perfect. He can text in his sleep! The thing I didn't like about the movie was Michael Cera. No matter how good the movie was, he still doesn't feel like Scott Pilgrim to me. Though his voice works. It's really his face and mannerisms. Check out this Scott Pilgrim animation (it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and you can see that his voice really works with the character. It's really his body language that clashes.

Yay. Monday tomorrow. Or rather, not yay. There's some kind of conflict amongst the members of the team. I'm not clear on the details, but lemme tell you, the work ambiance sucks. I feel sick whenever I need to walk out of my desk. I don't even want to go to work tomorrow. I'm afraid this is going to end badly because it's a conflict between two people who pretty much hold the thing together. I really fear for my workplace. :( 

- Isa


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