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 So, first off, happy birthday [ profile] amelia_seyroon ! Have some art featuring the amazing ladies of Slayers. Why? Because, LADIES. And also, because you're part of the people that always make me think of Slayers, and with whom I will always have that fandom in common. So cheers.

On another note, I saw Thor this weekend, with [ profile] starmetal_oak . It was an interesting experience. First off, yeah, I pretty much confirmed that I don't like seeing american action movies in theaters anymore. I don't know if it's because I suffer from motion sickness, but halfway through the film, I always feel dizzy and nauseated thanks to the crazy cameras swooshing all over. Gargh. But, I digress. The plot itself was really fun, I liked the characters. Loki was awesome. Thor's little band of warriors could stand to be more awesome though. I mean, aren't you guys the greatest warriors in all the land? Odin's wife kicked almost more ass then you. And she's the goddess of plants. Anywho, the movie is general was fun and about as good as action flicks get. I have to admit, I spent about half the movie guessing what was going to happen in the other half (and I was right). But you don't really watch action movies for originality. You watch them for the action, and the fun characters. And this movie had both these things. And the story itself was very logical in it's own universe. And pretty. Oh god, so much pretty. The men and the special effects were gorgeous. So yay!

I've been talking to [ profile] ichiban_victory  a lot lately. Like many others who seem to be giving me feedback on it on deviant art, she has fallen in love with my gender-bent "Beauty and the Beast" idea (this project really needs a title. Too bad I used "Rose" already). We keep brainstorming for ideas, and her being the animal lover she is, she has a lot of ideas on how to make the beast girl move and live. She even made a body chart :

I got my own sketches done too, of course. This is her protecting her "prince", who is actually a hunter in this version. 

In any case, i'm kinda sad I won't get to play with this project for a little while. I want to get some comics done for a couple of anthologies first. Booyah.

Oh, Namesake got another review. Check it out!

- Isa


May. 11th, 2011 11:51 am
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Good news, me and [ profile] dqbunny  are currently planning our first convention as Namesake representatives... There's a lot to prepare...

I kinda want to have a couple of prints to sell. You know, because prints are cool. Do you guys have suggestions of what would be nice to have as a print? I don,t just want Namesake prints. I'd be ready to have a bit of fanart and some original stuff. Maybe some fairy-tale themed original stuff? Ideas? Suggestions? Images of mine you already love and think I should have finished like yesterday?

In other news, i'm totally working on some comic ideas. Still playing with the idea of the gender-reversed "Beauty and the Beast" idea. I'm trying to find ways to make the girl look more monstrous without killing all the cute. It's hard. This sketch is a bit too... flimsy. Link says that the "Beast" in all it's incarnations is badass. And so, even a girl version needs a certain amount of badassery. This sketch is not fierce enough. I need to work on her arms and legs more...

- Isa


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