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First thing first, alittle fanart of Amelia and Zelgadiss (from Slayers) floating around. This is for you, [ profile] ameban . It's your birtthday soon, and you've been through a rought patch. so enjoy this picture full of happiness and joy. I wish you were closer so I could hug you.


Second, I spent a great weekend with cottoncandykid, who visited all the way from Peterborough, Ontario. There was many conversations, catching up, watching of animated movies and of course, eating of maple-based pastries. cottoncandykid looked really pretty - last time I saw her she had short hair. Now she's got long flowy locks. I,m really proud of her because she's working hard, achieving her dreams of being a museum curator. And she's getting married soon. In a steampunk-themed wedding. And i'm invited. Yessss.

I'm amazed by the number of people getting engaged and actively planning their weddings around me. I'm afraid all the weddings might wind up on the same dates (everyone almost is thinking of doing it in late august!) I'm going to spend a week running to various weddings. I can feel it. That's the perfect scenario to commit a fashion faux-pas since a few of them are themed. Fortunately, only one of these will be really, really traditional. The rest will be more about family and friends partying. I'm nervous about the traditional one. I don't do well in really strict settings when cake is involved.

Alas, in a negative third point - I'm sick. AGAIN. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.

How do I catch these stupid super-colds? And why do they always knock me off my feet? I think i'm going to be a zombie this week.

Finally, Namesake is going really well. We seem to have a good stable 300 readers and good comments all around. I get the feeling that, with a good marketing campaign, we could get a good readership. And I would love that. My dream is to communicate a story, and this one as a ton of potential.

avatarmirai keeps being awesome. She drew me Jack and Warrick. I love seeing the Namesake bunch in someone else's style! Behold!

By the by, miss mirai is currently taking commissions to pay for her expensive education. So if you would love a piece of her art, rush, go to her Deviant art journal, and ask!

Going to go snuggle up with my bottle of Nyquill now, and tea.

- Isa
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 Tada! Finished coloring my Slayers picture!

I rather like how it turned out :

I tried using the canon colors, but I altered a few. Because honestly, some of these are UUUUUU-GLY. Why is Beige so popular in the slayers world? It's mostly a forest world. It doesn't even camouflage! My favorites in this are Amelia and Naga. I tried to make them look alike.

Video spamming of the week : first off, a video from Batman the Brave and the Bold showing Black Canary, Catwoman and... a third one I never recall (basically, the birds of prey trio) getting caught and escaping the villains using an enchanting musical number full of super-hero negative innuendo ("Flash is sometimes too darn fast!"). Second, another Tangled trailer. This trailer is my favorite. I loved the first one because it was action-paced. The second I disliked because all the princess did was call for help. This one gives us a bit more of the princess' personality. I just want to hug her. She's adorable!

In other news, I saw "Legend of the guardians - Owls of Gahoole" this weekend. Aka, 3d movie of epic owls. Epic Owls wasn't bad. The animation was, well... Epic. And the story was pretty good, though it had a pretty distinct "Star Wars" meets "Lord of the Rings" flavor. I'm still amused by the OWL BLACKSMITH. And the use of pop songs by a group called "Owl City" (good group too. I rather like them). Overall, without spoiling, I would have to say it's a good movie, worth a watch. But it's the less good animated movie to come out this year. Then again, this year had some pretty mind blowing movies. The competition is hard.

I need to buy new glasses. I hate mine so much. Most unconfortable things ever. and I have to wear them ALL THE TIME. GRRR.

- Isa

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I set aside Namesake a bit for an evening to work on a few pending things (apologies to all those involved). The first of these being this Slayers group picture! I really like how it turned out!

I also tried to draw some ladies in corsets but failed. I really can't draw sexy things. Even when I try it winds up as "cute". [ profile] torreadora  and [ profile] skybison  are awesome at drawing sexy things. Did you guys find a tutorial on the sexy? Or are you just blessed with the power of sex appeal? I seem to have gotten the power to draw really cohesive groups. Is it better then the power of sexy? I do not know. It probably sells less. *laughs*

Awesome thing of the day : MODCLOTH. It's a neat little website where you can buy vintage clothing. I found that a while ago after ranting that I longed for stuff styled in the 50's. It's actually not that expensive (50$ per dress is the average, which is decent considering the crap you can get for 50$ in other clothing stores) and all the dresses and shirts have a really nice retro feel. I just got myself two dresses, you know, as a pat on the back for doing a good job at work. Good, Isa, good.

Watching Pocahontas and the Lion King while drawing. Anybody else finds Pocahontas has a bit of a childish dialogue in the first part of the film? It feels like it's been written for a younger character. Weird.

- Isa
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 Well, Slayers is back it seems. Many people among my F-list are re-watching this anime right now, and expressing their love for it. It put me in the mood to draw the whole crew again. Not to mention I needed to try sketching and finishing a cover for the Fanbook contest. So here are the sketches.

And bonus, a study of Lina's body type.

I'm not too sure what i'm going to do on the globe. I wanted the main group (plus Sylphiel, Martina, Zangulus, Xellos and Filia) on some kind of "world". But i'm too lazy to re-draw the world map. Plus i'm not talented enough to make a globe look good. So maybe it will just be a shiny sphere? After all, there's a lot of those in Slayers.

It's drawing like this that make me realize how my style blends manga with European comic style or Disney style. I actually give the characters body types. When I drew more "manga-style" all my characters pretty much had the same face and body. Nowadays, for instance, I clearly draw Lina and Amelia with different bodies. I'm not really saying manga style is bad. But i'm happy my style shines thru in little details like that. Before my style just wasn't so defined. Now it's starting to be.

I feel like I draw too much cutesy stuff lately. I kinda miss drawing my dark and gloomy stuff. Maybe i'll work on a creepy drawing for the next post. Because, seriously, everything is perky around here lately. Though I suspect i'm drawing happiness to keep myself out of the deep hole that is my brain when it gets depressed. Heh. We'll see. Either way, it's fun to draw...

- Isa

EDIT : Almost forgot. I caved. I now have a Twitter account. Add me if you dare! Prepare to be annoyed by my antics on yet another medium!

EDIT 2 : My hatred for Twitter has died. Twitter is actually kinda fun.

Edit 3 : Hatred for facebook is still intact though.
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 ...Stab people?

Lately I really got into the HBO tv series of Rome. It's a pretty fun series. The boxsets are ungodly expensive, but I managed to find them at the decent price (39$ instead of 80$). I bought them mostly for Link, since it's one of his favorites series. And he was feeling pretty down. But I gotta say, i'm loving it myself. It's a bit more adult then most series I watch (Isa likes things for the kiddies), but it's got pretty tight storytelling. I wonder how authentic this series is. Historically, I can see where they took a few liberties. But i'm wondering how accurate is their portrayal of everyday life. It looks pretty researched.

I remember back when I was a kid I was obsessed by the Greek and Roman Hellenistic societies. Because of "Asterix" and Greek myths of course.

I other mythological news, I also watched the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The lighting Thieft" movie. I was... Disappointed. Though amused that actors from the Rome tv series appeared in that movie (what a coincidence!) and also Uma Thurman, the movie was kinda meh. The acting wasn't too great. I liked the book a lot better. My imagination made nicer 3d renders. XD

I want to go back into drawing Slayers fanart. My whole friend list is talking about Lina and Gourry and I want to draaaaw them.

- Isa

You guys!

Aug. 11th, 2010 12:21 am
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 First off, you guys rock. I love talking to all of you. This is the best LJ friend list of all time.

Tonight was a quiet night. I mostly worked on commissions. 

I first finished this inked version of [ profile] bonemarch 's personal characters. They were rather fun to draw. They have a lot of personality in their bodies. I love it!

Drawing HERE )

Then I finished this Gourry website banner for [ profile] dqbunny . Doesn't Gourry just look dashing under the moonlit sky? I love how hopeful this piece is. It looks like it's Gourry's first evening out in the world, way before he met Lina Inverse.

And finally a "get well" card was draw for yukinoomoni who is still recoving. It's everybody's favorite Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar the last Airbender; SUKI! I love Suki. She's awesome. 

Hum. That's all for now. ISA'S MORALE AS IMPROVED!

Bring it on, universe. 

- Isa


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