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A little something that truly illustrates the joys of fandom in all forms of blogging.

I think I might be getting a bit tired - i'm having another bad drawing day today. Aka, a day where I can't draw anything that satisfies me. I've been getting them more and more frequently. I'm pretty sure fatigue is what causes them. The weather got a bit colder and the comic store is getting busier, so it probably doesn't help. I've been thinking it might be a good idea at some point for me to go for a weekend in a tiny house in the woods to disconnect from comics and the web. Not that I dislike either of those things (I adore both). But my job is internet & comics, and my distractions are internet & comics, and my artwork is all about the internet and the comics. So even though i'm hardly tired of these things, a break would probably still do me some good. It's prevention.

In other (good) news, a good artist friend of mine is pregnant (YAY!) and I've been selected to draw a short story for an anthology in the Princeless series (a pretty fun comic for young girls). So, you guys can definitely look forward to happy sketches regarding both in a near future. The Princeless story needs to be done for Halloween (eek), so I might be rushing a bit for that.

Also, I started reading "blue Exorcist" and that is a pretty sweet manga. I've been re-reading old European comics (namely, Spirou) and I keep noticing all the detailed work put in the expressions and the hands. No wonder i'm obsessed with hands and eyes. This stuff was all over my childhood. I can't recall who said it, but I remember there was an animator that said that if you're going to mess up something in a character, don't mess up the eyes or the hands. The rest can have screwy little details if those parts are awesome. 

See what I mean about this whole "comics rule my life" thing?

Well, since this is already all about comics, might as well also tell you guys to check out this kickstarter for a pretty cool webcomic called Plume. Help me get this backed! I drew some fanart to encourage folks (and the artist). Enjoy!

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Yesterday, I was responsible and made list of my tasks for 2012-2013, to meet the goals I had previously listed. Everything from "draw this comic" to "buy a rice cooker". So, the short-to-long termness varies. Feels good to have this. Makes me feel less...idle? Seems to have re-ignited my motivation a bit, which is good.

I'm trying to find something creative I can do that isn't drawing. To relax. Because when I draw, although i'm always having fun, it's still somewhat "work" in my brain. I dunno. It needs to be something I know i'll do. I was thinking either learning a language or starting painting. I never really learned painting all that much (preferring to work with ink and watercolors rather then acrylic). Mostly because colors and me don't get along all too well. I figured i'm enough of a beginner at it for it to feel different from drawing. Either that or wood burning, maybe? Mwer.

In others news, I recently discovered the pure, granny talent that is Sheilah Beckett. Can someone please just publish an artbook of all her stuff? I promise everyone will buy it.

Kinda fell in love with a Cat's Cradle, a youth comic by Jo rioux. Which is interesting, becasue I knew Rioux's art from this series of books I found a bit flat (which she did not write), so I was happy to see her colorful and adorable art with a good story.

On Tuesday, at the bookstore,someone asked for :

“That book everyone reads, it’s by this like, popular guy, it’s about this guy that goes crazy and talks to dead people.”

Aka Hamlet.

Made me want to draw Hamlet. Maybe i'll draw Lady Macbeth later. 

That is all.


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Welp. My stomach decided it was out to get me again, so i'm spending the evening on my couch instead of working. Oh well.

I worked on one of my presentations. This one is about the history of manga. It was actually quite interesting. Especially all the reading I had to do about Tezuka and the Year 24 group (aka father of manga and mothers of shojo manga). There's some people out there who were badass artists. I kinda wish I was the reincarnation of one of them, or something *laughs* Theses guys pretty much created all the motifs still used in manga and defined the type of paneling and shots used.

I downloaded the first episode of the new show "New Girl". It was free off itunes. I was curious. I still haven't watched it because... the commercials for it honestly scare me. The premise of the show seems to be "SHE'S A GIRL. THEY ARE BOYS. THIS WILL BE GLORIOUS AND HILARIOUS FOR THIS REASON ALONE. also, she's nerdy." This seems very.... weak? I guess it's a sitcom, I should not expect much, but since it's the type of marketing they went for, it amazes me that such a basic and kinda sexist premise still attracts so very much. I honestly hope the show is better then it's marketing.

For a commission, a couples asked me to draw them as Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I'm quite proud of this one!

(sorry for the watermark)

- Isa
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Here's the last of my drawings for kids! I'm definitely starting to improve with this color thing.

So, saw the Lion King. I... never saw it in English before. I was amused by the fact that Scar is like the only brittish lion in the whole savannah? Also, Mufasa, you are so cool. Seriously. I never noticed before how much he was present as a dad in the mvoie. as a kid, I mostly remembered the part with timon and Pumbaa. So, I was really honestly sad when he died this time. He's really got the dad voice, figure and style. Aw, Mufasa. You also rock as a cloud. He kinda reminds me of my dad too, which is cool.

Definitely buying this on Blu-ray. 

Oh, for all you montrealers - Craig Thompson, creator of Blankets, is launching his new book "Habibi" at the Drawn and Quaterly bookstore on friday at 7pm (click here for details). Since this guy is one of my heroes and the bookstore is like 20 minutes of my house, I really have every reason in the world to go. EEE. This is gonna be fun!

- Isa


Aug. 19th, 2011 01:44 am
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I have a contract to draw things to decorate kid's clothing. Isn't it just AWWWWWW? I like this contracts. They are full of fluffy positiveness.

Saturday i,m leaving for wedding number one. I was suppose to go to Ottawa on saturday morning, celebrate and rush back home at night to be able to work the next day. But my boss was nice and gave me a day off, which will allow me to stay longer, help clean up, have brunch with my parents and rest. so it,s a pretty good thing, I suppose. I worry a bit about what all these days off are going to do to my money inflow. But, at least in September, i'm going back to Isa-has-nothing-to-do-except-work mode, so I can catch up a bit and try to save money by eating more sandwitches. Which is cool. Sandwitches are delicious.

I am seriously all about sandwitches made out of cheddard and smocked meat right now. Yummers.

Also, has everyone seen the gender-bent adventure time episode? Because.... Wow. I wish this was the real show and not just the spoof episode. Seriously. You people who do not know adventure time? Whatch this. It is worth 11 minutes of your life.

- Isa
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So, a couple of segments of bad/meh/okay news. I was planning to perhaps go to France to the Lyon Comic Festival, but that got canceled due to work and money issues. I also tried to sign up to the imaginism studios apprentice workshop thing happening in October in Toronto, which is basically a whole month where you work along side professionals and learn. However, I was also turned down (they got a ton of applicants, all talented. The choice was difficult!). But, at least I got into Fan Expo! Yay!!

Also, Post Canada just confirmed they were entering evil strike mode. So, this causes trouble with the mail. Basically, they will deliver mail, but not colelct any letters or packages. So, I didn't manage to mail the Jabberwockies. I'm sorry. They said this will last until Friday, so hopefully on Monday i'll be able to ship them out. I apologize for the wait.

I'm currently working a LOT, since i'm finishing my two week's notice on one job and starting another. So, until July, if I look stressed and tired, that's why. I apologize in advance for being snappy with some folks.

On the good news side, i'm heading to see my family this weekend. And I am super excited about this animated movie about a Parisian Monster and performance artist. Seriously. Check it out.

It's everything I love in terms of character design and motif and then some.

I feel like all my posts lately are juste like "Whine whine whine whiiiine whine whine whiiiiine *sounds of drowning*". I'm really sorry guys! But projects are boiling in my skull. And as soon as this job-switching-busy-of-doom goes away (in July, probably), I'm going to attack the lot of you with concept sketches and comics. I'm having this odd feeling of lonely-but-so-busy-can't-really-do-anything-anyways that keeps attacking my heart. I wish I wasn't such a pain about loneliness. But it's the one thing that always makes me scared and anxious. :(

- Isa
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 First off... Another tiny mermaid! Just for you, [ profile] torreadora ! 

Jabberwocky : Those of you who have ordered them, they will be sent out on Wednesday. Currently, in Canada, we have a bit of a Canda Post strike. I'll try to get the books mailed ASAP, but it might take them a day or two longer to reach you. Sorry about that, guys!

Job stuff : So in the following two weeks, I will most likely be working at two different jobs. If I seem a bit absent or busy, that's why. Transitions take time and effort that way! But are totally worth it!

Fanexpo : As some of you may know (if you read [ profile] dqbunny 's LJ too), we'll have a Namesake and print table at Fanexpo in Toronto at the end of August. I'm currently working on creating a lot of prints :D Again, hard work, but worth it! I'll try to have my comic books too. And possibly a plushy surprise with the help of my brother. So far, i'm thinking of having fanart prints of Avatar, Doctor who and Wonder woman. I,ll be sure to have some original stuff too.

Reading : So... I kinda wasted a little a lot of time this week reading comics. I went retro this week and re-read "Sailor Moon" and "Please Save my Earth". Oddly enough, both series are oldies about moon people reincarnating on earth with ESP and magical powers thrown in. Guess it was a theme for the time. I still love both, even though the sheer dysfunctional aspect of the relationships in "Please save my earth" is just ridiculous. I also got my hands on Vera Brosgol's "Anya's ghost". It's quite awesome.  A really good comic to recommend to people (i'm looking at you, [ profile] ichiban_victory )

I mean, just check out this awesome art. The story is quite interesting and creepy too. Good stuff, good stuff.

Finally : I have strange obsessions, things that make people roll their eyes at me. One of them is to have the perfect agenda. My perfect agenda is part weekly planner, part calendar, part notebook, part sketchbook. I've looked for this for a long time, probably because it doesn't exist. BUT, I recently found a couple of websites where you can build your own. I'm thinking this is going to be my last big expense before I switch jobs. My future shifts will probably be a little all over the place, so it's a good idea to have the perfect book to keep tabs on things, amiright?

- Isa

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Behind... on things.... Ack. My job decided to suddenly get busy as hell. So I get home pretty tired. Bleh. 

Yesterday was good. Link got me some cake, some pony toys and a batman shirt. :D

I spent a good part of the day thinking of my parents. Mostly because I went to have tea with some artist friends who spent a lot of time saying bad things about their own. In some cases, justified bad things. It seems a lot of people around me either have bad parents, or a bad relationship with their parents. Which is kinda sad. I'm pretty happy generally with my parents, who are currently roaming the united States (and sleeping in "Jabberwocky" themed hotels. No. Really). My parents are comic book fans and have always supported me in art. They were kinda strict when I was a kid, but I was also spoiled, so really, I have no reason to complain. A few people seem to think my parents were overly strict to me (for instance, I wasn't allowed to play with others on weekdays because I had to do my homework) but in all honesty, I think that made me a very self-disciplined person. In general, I like the results of my upbringing, so I don't really have "horror stories" like many of the folks I know. My parents are even still happily married. No divorces or anything. I was a lucky kid in a lot of ways. They paid for painting classes and comics. I seem to have learned more about comics then painting though *laughs* Oh well. They overly worry, and the overly smother, and I totally have my father rotten temper, but all in all, compared to many others that were beaten and shunned and even just ignored by their parents, i'm a lucky kid. I feel really sad when I hear stories about bad parents, or stories about estranged families. It always seems like a piece of those people are missing I guess. Yesterday, I was overly analytical about a person's parental figures. I sorta regret that a bit. But at the same time, I don't feel you should cradle people who let bad parenting affect their character as adults and flaunt it as an excuse. Thankfully, this person doesn't do it quite as much as before. Improvement. 

Basically - bad parenting sucks. It takes a long time to get over it. But I can't admire a person that just doesn't try to get over it. and I know several of those. Heck, a guy I know outright used the .I cheat because my father did" defense. Uncool.

On another subject.... FRIENDS!!

The brilliant [ profile] piratecore  has create an epic Tardis-themed shirt. If she gets enough votes, said shirt will be sold on Threadless. Wanna own a Tardis shirt? Vote. VOTE. VOTE!

The humble but unfortunately ill [ profile] amiraelizabeth  is taking commissions to be able to pay bills and such. She does amazing Avatar - The Last Airbender stuff, so if you feel like lending a hand and getting spazzy art out of the deal, click here.

In other news. I am very frustrated. WHY? Because there's some truly amazing things happening around me at the moment and I. CAN'T. TALK. ABOUT. THEM. YET!! But soon, hopefully. Soon. Still no word from the Canadian Council of the arts to see if i'll get the grant allowing me to go to France next month. It's getting close. At least I got my passport.

Also - DUN DUN DUN. Colored namesake art. Booyah.

Emma always looks pissed off or worried.

- Isa
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I seriously have a short temper lately, and I apologize for whomever is at the receiving end of it. I think the weather, multiple flues and sheer job annoyances are slowly reducing my patience in this fine powder-like substance. Grrrr. Oh well.

Today, I managed to get many of my "obligations" out of the way early, so I got to sketch a bit for fun, which happens rarely these days, unfortunately. So I drew sketches about "Labyrinth", that I had watched a few days earlier. 

I love that movie and it's it's 80's glorious Bowie-themed cheesiness. Link hates it. He calls it "that creepy children's movies from our childhood" *laughs*. He probably feels this way because he's not a girl, since mostly girls seem to have liked this movie for some reason (some reason other then the contents of Jareth pants, in my case). Too bad this story is still copyrighted, Sara fits the "Namesake" description to a T. Oh well. I'd still like to get my hands on the book that was the inspiration for this movie, "Outside Over There" by Maurice Sendak. I love Sendak's drawings and dark humor. I didn't manage to get my hands on one of his artbooks yet. I wonder what tools he used to draw...

Speaking of awesome drawings, an artist I strongly admire on deviant art just finished her animated movie. She studies at a school called "Gobelin" in France, which is basically one of the best, if not the best school for animation out there. And it show. Click on the image to see her beautiful film. and be sure to check out her deviant art too.

That's all for now, folks!

- Isa
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After a looong conversation with an artist friend last night, we decided to switch the gender of popular video game characters. I chose Mario (Maria), Luigi (Louise) and Princess Peach (Prince Paul). I also drew Daisy (David? Derek?) but I didn't manage to fit him in the sketch... so later... I'll try again.

Today, I saw "Rango". It was good. Though, it's really not for young kids. The movie is kinda violent and a lot of characters clearly die. It's a bit like "The Guardians" (you know, that armored owl movie). Pre-teens and parents will enjoy it. It uses a lot of amazing things from the western genre, re-creating scenes from classic movies almost frame-by-frame. The humor is subtle enough most of the time. There's a few fart jokes, probably in an effort to make things more kid-friendly. I loved the strange visuals, the western themes and the really, really strange mystical desert visions. If you like Clint Eastwood, definitely go see Rango. I mean, really. There's a Clint Eastwood easter egg. Basically, I really liked Rango. It's a bit weird and gritty, which is probably why it appeals to me... Also, one of the characters was a spunky female lizard, another a crow, and of course, there was a chicken with an arrow permanently stuck in his eye.... Heck yeah, strange creatures. and strange cacti... The whole thing kinda feels like a strange dream, in a good way.

Happy birthday to [ profile] yukinoomoni ! Have some Suki and Mai sketches!

- Isa
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I think that my be my favorite portrait of myself ever. Of course, there's a skull, chubbiness and something causing me pain. I think this proves that I have a low self-esteem and a high appreciation for skulls. Now sure why. I wish I had a full, authentic crow skeleton in a frame I could display. Skeletons are really interesting to me. :D

Sooooooo, mostly i,m doing a post, because I figured I should. I got very distracted on this side and kinda forgot to speak to the internet. Hello internet! 

Things calmed down, but they are about to pick back up! I need to catch up on Namesake, and i've got another secret project starting. I think I just cursed myself to stay busy.

I'm very, very sad that Diana Wynne Jones, writer of many awesome fantasy books, including Howl's Moving Castle, has passed away this weekend. She was one of my favorite writers. I kinda feel like buying and re-reading all her books now. She was a pretty dynamic lady, with a lot of imagination. And she deserved to see her work adapted as an animation.

This weekend, I am visiting my family in Ottawa. My friend Fauve, who is in the process of preparing a wedding, as asked me to accompany her and her friends to a Wedding Convention thing while i'm there... I'm told it's a lot like a Comic Con, but with more loud females (I didn't think that was possible) and more revealing and poofy costumes (again, I didn't think it was possible to beat cosplayers). Hey, at least i'll have comic material, amiright? I'm also going to celebrate my brother's birthday and do my taxes. Woo. I kinda want to download a movie to watch on the trip. Two hours sure fly by when you are watching a 2 hour movie.

Music wise, I am currently in love with Kate Nash's Skeleton song and Sara Bareilles' Fairy Tale. Are my music tastes getting jazzy? Or something?

- Isa
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This post is going to be a mix-match pile of stuff methinks. 

First off, my boyfriend is really awesome. I,m glad I have him around. He'll be doing all the coloring and shading for "Namesake" until i'm done with "Jabberwocky". This helps a lot. It's a good 6 hours of work I don't have to do every week. Yay! Plus i'm not very good at it so...

I found an amusing drawing on the internet showing how to create an icecream cake. I want to make this so bad. As soon as I have more free time, you bet this is happening! (Original art by the French Toast Girl). I love ice cream cakes. This one is like... custom. I should use soft sunday ice cream though. And maybe mix the cookie crumbs directly in it.... YUM.

For a lactose intolerant girl, I sure like eating them forbidden things.

Oh, and awesomeness - The studio behind the Gorgeous film "Secret of Kells" is working on a new movie called "The song of the sea". This movie seems inspired by fairy tales such as the "Mermaid Wife" or "The Seal woman". It's fairy tales similar to the "Feather dress" in the sense that it is about a fantastic being that sues a piece of cloth to change fro her magical form to a human form and that she is bound to a man who hides the cloth. Sometimes, the wife is truly in love. Other times, she is a prisoner. This type of tales are amazing, and i'm sure this animated film will be as well. I can't wait. 

Click here to watch the teaser trailer. Yes. You want to.

On this side, Jabberwocky is going well. Only 10 or so pages left, if I include all the extra drawings. Heck yeah.

As soon as Jabberwocky is done, I have a few commissions to work on (mostly, wedding invites for a few people). Then some storyboard work and some more comic work... I'm really busy but I love it. Though, as soon as Jabberwocky is over, i'll be able to put a bit more of my free time on the social side. The other projects aren't quite as insane. 

Drawing is awesome.

- Isa
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I'm taking a small drawing break tonight because I drew my arm off this weekend. As many of you know, I was at the Geekfest convention this weekend, hosting a little activity called the "Quickdraw" where people described things and got free 5minute sketches of what they wanted. 

The first day didn't go so well. I was in the worse possible spot for drawing. No lights and right next to a loud speaker. On Sunday, I got moved to the dealer's room where stuff was a lot more fun. I spoke to a lot of nice people, drew a lot, got a lot of ideas for future cons where I would be selling Namesake. I met a few... stranger beings that kinda creeped me out. Conventions are very different from behind the table. As a con-goer, I didn't notice the creepers. As a con-artist, they were right in my face. guess I should consider it a right of passage. I got to draw a few... interesting... things.

On a positive note, I learned a lot, hung out with my friend Val and I think I may have found another great person to hang out with here in Montréal.... I love meeting awesome people who want to go have tea and geek out with me! I felt bad for another of my friends, Pat, who was managing a lot of the con's issues. Poor guy seemed to run around a lot. I hope he's not too tired.

While I was waiting for people to come suggest sketches, I just doodled around :

(This is on a huge piece of paper)

As of tomorrow, my quest to finish "Jabberwocky" so I can regain a social life in April continues. I'm really motivated. Only 15 pages left you guys.

Oh, in entertainment news, we finally get to see the face of Korra in the new Avatar season. Clicky clicky.

I'm also kinda disappointed in the "Beastly" movie that just came out. It was based on a very beloved book in my circle of friends.  A modern retelling of the "Beauty and the Beast". The movie kinda turned it into... I,m not sure what. The movie is cheezy. And Twilight-ified. And everyone is pretty instead of plain or ugly, like in the book, which should be expected, I guess. But I was really annoyed by the Beast. Instead of turning into a monster, the guy just turns into something that looks like a Skinhead who likes tribal tattoos. What? And that makes it monstrous? How? What kind of shallow city is that? I mean... I get the whole scar aspect.... but... huh.... He looked better with them.

This just makes me want to write a comic about metamorphosis and fairy tales who feature it.

I think i'm going to go nap for a while now.

- Isa
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Inspiration is a funny thing. I didn't have ideas for sketch comcis for like, ever. And now that i'm working on Jabberwocky and have no free time to speak of, I have a TON of ideas. Muse, you sneaky bitch. I noted all the ideas down though. So hopefully when i'm done... COMICS!

But for now, you guys get Jabberwocky! Page 1 :

I almost replaced the text with "Oh hai. I'm just here with mah sword. Being EPIC"

The art on my Jabberwocky pages is okay. If I had a whole year to work on this project, it totally would have been better. But for something done in a single month, it's quite good. Not bad, but not perfect either. Definitely got the woodcutter style down at least. I really hope people will find this comic pretty and pick it up. argh, so nervous. "Psychopompes" will definitely have better art. This is slightly above "Namesake" level. Don't get me wrong, "Namesake" still has some dang good art. But it's not perfect.

I'm a perfectionnist-obsessy-face-workaholic.


My art has levels and layers. Just like ogres. Or cake.

In other news, i'm happy. I love manga and anime, but I haven't had many series I was really excited about lately. We have more series and books being translated, but it kinda feels like a lot of it is crap. But, I found a few things I feel in love with. First off, FLCL. I'm falling in love again because they just re-realeased this OAV on blue-ray and despite being rather down on my cash right now, I bought it like it was on fire. I'm so happy.

My second great love of Japanese origin right now is Otomegatari (by Kaoru Mori), the story of a married couple living on the silk road back in the 1500's. Why do I love it? Well, first off, despite being manga, it feels like anyone could read it and understand the cultural aspect. The focus on the every day lives and characters is gorgeous. And finally : THE DETAILS.


This is an example of how I want my inking to look one day. awesome.

This book is getting translated to English and French and should be available for pruchase in May. For now, I read the scanlations online. But I really want to buy this printed. To really take in the lavish illustrations.

Gaaah so awesome.

- Isa


Feb. 16th, 2011 01:16 pm
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Because I was drawing this before I decided to concentrate on original work, I had to finish it. It's a fanart of Emily Carroll's characters. You can see them in the short comic visible here. Seriously. Read this. It's gorgeous and it's only 3 pages. I love how all the characters look like a mix of Celtic and Norse. And Anu-Anulan is an imaginary godess I can only adore because she turns into a CROW. Yes, it's THAT easy to make me happy folks. Truly. Her story really reads like an old fairy tale. I love it.

In other news, portfolio constructing is going well. A friend of mine suggested I should finish one of my short comics, "Jabberwocky" for the portfolio and the TCAF. And I just might. I just need to unblock on the story. I kinda hate how I have good themes and imagery, but then as soon as dialog comes in, I get really discouraged. I don't really have a talent for dialog. Stories, yeah. People talking, no. I guess everybody needs a weakness and that's why I usually get help from friends.

Jabberwocky is generally the story of a girl with a vengeful imaginary friend. I blocked a bit on how the friend should be and how the girl should be. Submissive? Agressive? Classical takeover? Destructive? It's a complicated story to plan out, especially with only 24 pages.

Tonight, i'm going to draw some more. I took the whole week to finish my drawings, work on Namesake, prepare the con stuff and just generally work. It's a busy and kinda antisocial week, but I think I needed the work boost. I'm getting a lot of crap done. FAST. Productive Isa! :D

- Isa
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For starters, I have a tumblr now. Right here :

I'll be posting on it drawings and things that I didn't make, but like. I'm also going to be posting as rapid-fire reruns all my old comics posted here, from all the way back in 2005. So if you feel like seeing secondlina oldies, it's a good spot!

This does NOT mean i'm leaving LJ. I love livejournal. Also, on Tumblr, people can't leave comments, and I hate that. I'm just trying to have more things to spread my art around and get my name known on the internet. and Tumblr re-blog feature is pretty efficient for that. So now, i,m on twitter, tumblr, deviant art, and livejournal, livejournal being my main blog, the heart and soul of it all.

I also have two websites, my portfolio (the needs re-vamping) and Namesake (that does not need re-vamping. It's gorgeous).

And that's about it. Most remember to update links on Lj and elsewhere.

In other news, [ profile] chameleon9999  made me a great Namesake fanart of Anlise, the questionably good witch of the North. Isn't it just gorgeous?

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Not much to say about this sketch. Tiny vampire things. Just in the right mood for the upcoming Halloween!

Yesterday, I decided to take a bit of a day off. Went to walk around, shop, get comics, and then I went to a friend's birthday party. It was really great! It felt good to see everyone and to be out and about. Kinda crashed when I came home though. During the little shopping trip, I discovered a very interesting spot. It's a tea house/manga library with about 500 different titles. You buy tea, and you get to read for 2 hours. You can also buy the books if you want. So I bought a few, and read a bit and had some peach tea. I discovered while I was there that a few older series I liked (such as Naru Taru, known as Shadow Star in English) are being published again. Naru Taru for one, was published back in the day, but got canceled when the publisher realised it wasn't for kids (it's a deconstruction of the "pet monster" genre. and it's kinda violent). Not the series is being published with the respect it deserves. I also found out that the slayers novels will exist in French. Yay.

Today, I shall be getting a new drawing table! Woo! And some high chairs for it. 

Monday is a day off due to Canada's thanks giving. So I plan to draw a bunch. I'm really into drawing like crazy lately. Which is a good thing. I get to start chapter 2 of Namesake. You guys are still seeing the first being posted gradually, but i'm already up to drawing the second. 

I'm also finally finishing going thru the archives of Gunnerkrigg Court, a pretty amazing webcomic. It's like Harry Potter meets Buffy and Firefly. It's awesome that way.

Think i'm going to keep reading now actually.

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 As a response to this hilarious comic post made by [ profile] brendala  :

Oh, Kingdom Hearts. Still, the magic of Square and Disney uniting is pretty blinding. But I agree about #2 being overly complicated for no reason. Simple quests are often the best, especially if world-hopping and time-travelling is involved.

- Isa

Hey look!

Sep. 23rd, 2010 07:08 pm
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 New Tangled Trailer! Less fluid then the first, but kinda hilarious.

Bask in the awesome.

That is all.

- Isa

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These past few days I had Sokka's singing in my head "Badgermole, badgermole coming towards me, c'mon guys, help me out!". So I had to draw a bagdermole. The first earthbender with the best earthbender is yet ANOTHER Avatar the Last Airbender fanart. Let me know when you guys get tired of these *laughs*

Deviant art link.

SoI decided to try watching something that is new to me, but rather old to everybody else. I have never seen Comboy Bebop. And I noticed all the dub was available on Youtube. So I started watching it while drawing today.

First off, the dub is amazing. It's rare that I watch dubbed anime and that one of the voices doesn't make me want to switch languages. But Comboy Bebop has a good, fun and humorous dub. And it's an older series too. Bravo.

Second, HOLY CRAP. The animation is allright, but the mood, style and music is mind-blowing. This series kinda feels like Trigun and Escaflowne where a few things that really don't make sense with basic physics happen (comets making people immortal? Explosions in space? Helium voice planet?) but you just don't care. Because the nonsense fits with the universe of the series. "Yeah, it doesn't make sense, but holy crap lookattiiiitttttt!!!!"

So far i've watched 8 episodes while coloring. Thanks to my new dual screens, this is awesome. I have to admit I really enjoyed the episode with the space truckers. And how the inside of their space trucks are decorated and cozy in a multitude of styles. Love it.

No wonder it's an anime classic.

- Isa


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