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More clothing designs! I did this one for a steampunk contest on the website "we love fine". So you can actually vote for this shirt, and if it wins, you can buy it. I'll let you guys know when the voting opens. I participated because a) Steampunk is cool and b) winning puts 2000$ in my pockets and puts one of my drawings on the chests of people. How can one say no to that? So, when the voting opens on October 6th (i'll post a reminder), I hope you guys will vote for little old me!

I wrote this as my description : "A true partially robotic lady knows that fashionable clockwork hearts and plasma guns are the way to a man's heart. Preferably through his rib cage. This design has been created by Isabelle Melancon, a Montréal comic artist and creator of the webcomic "Namesake".

Because yeah, robotic ladies get to be classy, amiright?

Yesterday, I went to the "Drawn and Quaterly" store for the release of Craig Thompson (author of Blanket's) second book.

It's a BIG book. It's something like 600 pages and it's hardcover. Link went with me. Thompson did a short presentation (we missed about half since it started at 7h and I get home around 7h), then a Q&A, then he signed books. He drew a Jinn in mine. And then he kinda hugged me.

Yeah, this guy signs books and then hugs it's readers. It's adorable! However, since I am very nervous when strangers hug me and also very nervous when I meet my heroes, my heart just died. I'm sure he felt it trying to beat it's way out of my ribcage, by hey, such is life.

I got hope, placed the large book on my drawing desk and read it for two hours. Words really can't describe this books. It's a muslim fairy tale, a fable about water, a fable about human nature and the environement, a tale about love and loss... it's everything. Everything in a single book. It took him 6 years to make and it shows. I mean, look at it :

Over and out.

- Isa

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So, this weekend I visited my parents and friends in Ottawa. I was asked to go with a few friends to a "Wedding show". Since the friend who was actually the bride already had a dress, the goal was to find dresses for the others, bridemaid-ish things, I suppose. We ended up not finding much, but it was still fun to walk around talking. To amuse the group, I was asked to try on a dress (since apparently, it's a must-do to these types of events). It was awkward. To try one on, you kinda have to lie to say you're a bride, and you guys know how talented I am at lying. So I was stuck in a tiny dressing room with a clerk who asked a crapload of questions about the hypothetical big day. That.... was weird. The dress itself was very beautiful. A corset with a big, poofy....poof thing under it. I was amused. Unfortunately, the gown suited me really well, which made the salespeople very pushy and enthusiastic and made one of the girls int he group tear up, which resulted into panic mode on my part, of course. Because I don't work nicely with a) lying, b) Pushy people and c) Crying people. Now that I think back on it, I kinda wish I didn't try it on at all. That was uncomfortable. I didn't really enjoy it. But it made the group happy. So I guess that's good.

This whole wedding show kinda confirmed my idea that I don't like traditional weddings. Not even a little.

That event done, I went back to my parent's house to celebrate my brother's birthday. There was a restaurant with steak and cocktails and chocolate cake. Mmmmh. On the next day, my taxes got done (thanks, dad and thanks, calculating program) and then I got home.

And then I drew and slept for a while. Tired.

The next week i'm going to mostly draw. I have a bit of social activities planned, but most people are quite busy, so it looks like I have a lot of free time for drawing ahead. I kinda want to hit a library for research pretty soon. Here in Montréal, we have the huge library of Québec. References out the wazoo.

My wisdom teeth still hurt massively. I really need to get these out of my face pronto.

- Isa
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Hiya guys!

I finally got my new glasses!

It took a good day to get used to them (since the prescription is lower my eyes suddenly went "What, we have to work more? Heck no. Have blurriness!") but I think i'm good. The headaches seem gone (aside from the default "change of prescription" one I always get). It's a really different style from before, but it must suit me nicely because NOBODY noticed. I take that as a sign of "it looks natural and good".

I doodled a bit, mostly catching up on my pages. But I drew this really cool image of Emma in "Emerald City" fashion (including the goggles of course). It's one of the rare times I've drawn her smiling. Emma never smiles. She smiles a bit on the promotional material, but that's it. I think this is the widest smile I ever drew on her. I like little details like that though. Deciding what expressions a character uses it a lot. The face is where the personality of a character is shown.

At work today. It's so quiet. Quiet quiet quiet. People are still on vacation methinks. I'm jealous.

- Isa

I'm back!

Dec. 27th, 2010 10:32 pm
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 Hello again, people! I've been away from my house (and my computer) for about 4 days now. Took me a while to catch up on my f-list and webcomics! Haha! I went to visit my family in Ottawa and then Québec city. It was mostly fun. A bit of oddness on my father's side of the family, but generally, I had fun. And it was a nice drawing/computer/stressing about my life break. I did a few non-serious doodles like this one :

It kinda gave me an idea for a new type of painting I want to do. My watercolors used to be isolated fairy tale themes in large negative spaces. I kinda want to try to do pieces where the whole space is filled with motifs. Complicated, color and ink motifs. Yeah, that's going to rock!

For Christmas, my parents gave me a red wii (by the by, wii players on my f-list, I need game suggestions), some comics, a few movies and some clothing. Not to mention an EPIC jewelry box. It's huge! And some red pajama bottoms to replace my old purple ones that are beginning to look old (I wear those on weekends. Yes, i'm an artist with no class, but my butt is comfortable!) Awwww. I suspect my mom was reading thru my lj for ideas. Sneaky mom. Real sneaky. I approve.

And now i'm back home. With some homemade food, opened presents and good news. My new glasses came in, so I can go pick them up tomorrow. Finally. Comfort for my brain! My brain will be as happy as my butt!

Link got good news too. He didn't follow me in my yule time traveling because he got himself a second interview for a job as a game designer. And pretty much all he as to do to get the job is to create a document to show his capacities. According to him, the document pretty much wrote itself, so he's pretty positive about the whole thing! I'm hoping he'll get the job. Go boyfriend, go!

 Time for sleep now methinks. I barely slept all week. And I ate so much. I think i'm still digesting stuff from the first day. 

Fat, happy isa needs sleep.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *falls asleep*

- Isa
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I set aside Namesake a bit for an evening to work on a few pending things (apologies to all those involved). The first of these being this Slayers group picture! I really like how it turned out!

I also tried to draw some ladies in corsets but failed. I really can't draw sexy things. Even when I try it winds up as "cute". [ profile] torreadora  and [ profile] skybison  are awesome at drawing sexy things. Did you guys find a tutorial on the sexy? Or are you just blessed with the power of sex appeal? I seem to have gotten the power to draw really cohesive groups. Is it better then the power of sexy? I do not know. It probably sells less. *laughs*

Awesome thing of the day : MODCLOTH. It's a neat little website where you can buy vintage clothing. I found that a while ago after ranting that I longed for stuff styled in the 50's. It's actually not that expensive (50$ per dress is the average, which is decent considering the crap you can get for 50$ in other clothing stores) and all the dresses and shirts have a really nice retro feel. I just got myself two dresses, you know, as a pat on the back for doing a good job at work. Good, Isa, good.

Watching Pocahontas and the Lion King while drawing. Anybody else finds Pocahontas has a bit of a childish dialogue in the first part of the film? It feels like it's been written for a younger character. Weird.

- Isa


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:44 pm
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 So, Today was a brain dead Isa dead. Returning to work combined with the fact that I spent the weekend working double on my comics... I'm really tired. I needed an evening of nothing but internet and calm to make me feel less like a zombie and more like me. I still drew a bit, but it made no sense :

A gothic lolita with a faun? What? See, this is why I need to take brain days. Looks cool though.

I also made sketch of Lady Amalthea for [ profile] snapdragon . I loved her sad eyes in the Last unicorn. Drawing her reminded me of my love for the series Elfquest. Boy, when I was younger I was in a huge Elfquest/Last unicorn kick. so I drew a lot of sad looking pale skinned pretty girls and elves riding mystical creatures. Anybody else remembers Elfquest? I still love it, though i'm not really impressed by all the spin offs. My favorite character is and remains Skywise. I think him and Schmendrick are the ones who started my love the the sarcastic ones in a group. 

The Elfquest books got translated to french in color, which is why i'm aware of the series despite the fact that I didn't talk English as a kid. I remember my school library had the first 10 books. One was too damaged, so my mother (who worked there) needed to throw it out. She gave it to me instead. It was my precious for years. I STILL own that destroyed book. I tried to salvage it with tape and read it delicately. Lately, I bought all the english re-prints. Man. I loved this so much. If you don't know this and you like elves/nostalgic comics, read it now.

Aside from that, i've been craving the 50's. I want to buy a bunch of dresses from that era. I don't even know why! Why am I so obsessed with clothing from the 50's and 60's? 

If you guys know a good website aside from Etsy where I can get my 50's fix, let me know.

- Isa
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Dear people in the clothing industry,

Why do you hate pockets on women's clothing so much? Yes, I am aware there is this thing called "purse" but it's nice to have close, accessible pockets for bus cards and ipods. But if you want me to have my brests enjoy music too, then so be it.

Shocking revelation of the day: I think I may not talk about my work enough. A few people (namely, the_flowergirl, school friends and my aunt) seemed to think I was a full time artist. Hahahah. I WISH. But no, I have a job. I don't really talk about it much, mostly because it's so corporate. Even if I like it, talking about it is kinda well.... boring. Unless you're really into filing and website designing and event logistics planning (if so, hold on baby XD). But I work 8 to 5 in a small cubicle as a Communications Manager and then spend my evenings finishing contract, hence the lack of sleepage. I kinda wish I could a full time artist, but as they say: "In this economy, Dream on."

In dream related topics, Pixar just opened a studio in Vancouver, And they are HIRING. PEOPLE. LIKE. IT'S. ON. FIRE. Maybe you should look into that, Diane?

For Neshel: A sketch of badass chickipooes for her birthday: Elizabeth Swan, the Bride and River Tam. At first this was going to be serious, but Neshel needs so laughs nowadays, so funny drawing came along. I always though Elizabeth and Beatrix Kiddo were really polite people, when they weren't kicking your ass. Hence - TEA TOGETHER! The pile of unconcsious victims is decorative.

For Eveska: Jedah. I love his belt. Here's the concept sketch. Let me know if you like it. Also, if you have a specific pose or background that might work for him, let me know because it is hard to draw a commission when you don't know the character!

That's all for now. Currently online until about 9 as it is customary for me every sunday night :)

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[personal profile] savvyliterate I blame this on you. You put ideas in my head. You soil my sweet and innocent mind...

*General cough in the audience*

Okay, maybe not sweet and innocent, but it's her fault none the less. XD

Seriously though (or as serious as it gets on this journal anyways) I really do miss my Link ^^ I'm going to go see him during thanksgiving *waves bus ticket* I get to travel with some friends this time, so it's gonna rock! 

hee hee. I'm such a girl.

Yep, everyone. I'm five years old. Thee hee XD

In unrelated news, the Rpg will soon be open. Link's character is the only one missing (and I think we can blame that on starcraft and a dying internet connection) So as soon as it's typed down, the games will begin (No pressure dude *pokes pokes*). I will post a disclaimer starting off the story and then
[personal profile] savvyliterate will play her turn. 
This is gonna be fun ^^

-secondlina out.
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Okay, I'm not exactly finished with drawings, so I decided to do a photo post, again! (mwahahaha)

My boss gave me (a part) of the money he owes me. I'm pretty damn sure i'll never see the other part. The rest of the people that owe me money for contracts still did not call. I hope they do, especially for their cases because I only gave them a low-resolution version of the drawing file...That would look like hyper-shit once printed.

Peanut butter cheesecake is good.

other then that, here is a photo of my super homemade skirt for [profile] yukioomoni who once inquired about it.

For those who wonder, yes, I really dress like that daily. I'm sorta a hippy-goth-punk mix. Yesterday I tried on removable hair extensions that are like mini-dreads on clips and elastics. The result gave me long hair that blended it nicely with my black-orange hair. If you wonder what I look like with long hair: check it out, because you most likely will never see me that way with real hair.

Here's what my hair really looks like (it's tied up in a mini-bun. Really puny. I have super short hair)

I think I really look like the character i've made of myself. *laughs*

Other then that, this week two of my friends entered a pokemon phase and purchased two game boys and most of the games. It made me wanna play blue again.

My friend Tama opened a LJ under the name   [profile] tuppa_tuppa 

Check her out, she's pretty cool! Not to mention i'll most likely post some drawings there too, like I did on her last post.

As a final note, I send my thoughts out to Ichiban. I heard you're granma was having problems. I wish you and her the best. Good luck.                                      

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Well, at least i'm not as slow at updating as SOME people (*wink wink nudge nudge Cyberknight*) XD 
I'm finishing up my after-school "Must do everything i've been postponing since...ever " rally. Whew. I really had a lot of crap to go throught! I cleaned my room and found a bunch of my old cool clothes and trinckets so i'm really happy about that. 
I'm still trying to get back in a work groove. It's been a while since I left the bakery and even though I remember everything and am still pretty fast at what I do, I make a lot of really stupid mistakes *sigh* I'm hoping those will go away soon.

Yesterday I had an extreme lucky day! I mean, luck coming out of my ears man! I had that day off so I accompagnied one of my friends on campus because she had an interview for a job in the teacher's librairy and she didn't know where it was. She got the job (YEEAH!) and then we went for bubble tea and invited another friend and her sister over to watch Howl's moving castle (Yeah, I know, again in my case, but hey, it's a good movie XD). It was really a fun day, I enjoyed it greatly. 

Bubble tea is a strange substance though. 

I also met at the video store where we rented Howl a fellow comic artist / fan named Benoit. He seemed interesting. Apparently we were in the same school year at the same school, but i've never seen that guy before. I'm thinking it's because I was in the school's enriched classes (aka where they put the "smarter" students, meaning the pompous ones who just happen to be assholes with better grades. I didn't really like it there, but my parents really insisted at the time). Most people my friends claim to know from high school i've never met because of that class separation. Also, one of my friend's brother was one of the school's popular guys so...I wasn't really in any "in" crowd...or any crowd whatsoever really.

Aside from that I just finished part 4 of the Zelgadiss gone haywire series. Enjoy!

p.s. I got your letter Ichiban. Thank you for being so generous ^^ Love the kitty paper ^^

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Finally, an icon with my own drawings! ^^
Aside from that, It's late and I should go to bed. I'm busy chatting with awesome people and lisening to kickass music (INDOCHINE ROCKS THE HOUSE YEEEAH!) 
A friend sent me these awesome picks she took of me. What I like about them the most is the angle and the fact that you see my style of dressing ever so well.

Aside from that, I just purchased a bunch of random leftover cloth from a cloth store and i'm planning on sewing a skrit in this style:

I love hippie vintage style!


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