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The short before it, Paperman, was really fun too. I marvelled at the new technology. I mean... 3D technology that makes stuff look like 2D? Do you guys have any idea how awesome this is? I hope they use it for the upcoming Snow Queen movie. In all honesty, even if Wreck-it-Ralph would have been bad, Paperman was still worth the ticket price. But it was good, so no issues here.

Lots of adorable things, fun plot twists, scary villains and powerful female characters. So, i'm happy. Definitely something video game fans need to see.

Link adored Vaneloppe. I preferred Ralph. THEM CUTIES.

- Isa
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Again, I was sick for like a week! And apparently it's not over yet. Body, why do you hate me? My lungs are still giving me trouble. Jeez. I wish I was healthy right now. I want to go out biking so bad!

Despite the illness, I still got dressed up and went to see Wicked last Thursday. Me and my friends Lily and Fanie got all dressed in green just for it. I was originally going to have more bling and high heels, I but I decided to forget about it on account of sick. The show was pretty good, although a bit different then what I remembered. There was some tidbits of added dialogue that weren't there in the version I saw 3 years ago. 

The show itself was good. It's as disney-esque as I remembered. It's funny - 3 years ago, I loved the actrice who played Glinda and didn't really like the one playing Elphaba. This year was the opposite - I loved the Elphaba but didn't really appreciate the overly zany Glinda. My friends really loved the play though. I hear they are speaking of making a movie based on this again. although I didn't like the book that much, I do hope that a film would burrow a bit more of the serious tone of the book, sorta make a nice book/musical hybrid. 

Also, I now own a flying monkey.

Speaking of the land of Oz in the entertainment world, i'm amazed I haven't yet squeed here over the fact that Disney is making a movie about the arrival and rise to power of the Wizard of Oz. Again, the film looks a bit fanfic-y (i'm REALLY hoping they at least used some of the original book's ideas and not just invented the whole thing), but the visuals look amazing! I'm disapointed that the army seen on screen seems to be composed of dudes, when the most powerful army in Oz is technically female. I'd pay good money to see the female army of Oz on the big screen. Those ladies are flawless. 

Good to see Oz is inspiring so many people to be creative (including myself). Although in my case, the "Oz" themed segment of Namesake is soon to be over. Onwards to other words!

I'm going to go back to nap now. Tired sicky Isa needs sleep.

- Isa
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 So, right now, in my house, i'm pretty much watching girly animated shows. The card captor Sakura Dvds I ordered got in. And... Yeah. It's getting girly in here, with the ponies and the Sakura and the Disney and the stuff... But that's cool. Because all the girls in my animated shows are badass. :D

And thus, this is cool.

I pretty much spend all my time drawing for the Namesake book. I still take a break to do a little sketch here and there. Mostly to draw my dreams. I'm getting some interesting dreams right now. I think my brain is trying to decide what my next big project is going to be, so it's brainstorming in my sleep or something. I really love my dream comics. Usually pretty awesome :D 

Oh, oh, ooooh, the Namesake kickstarter just reached 10 000$. SHABAM!! I feel I should do something special for the fans. Free wallpaper of awesome perhaps? What do you guys think? Suggestions?

I was identified as a mythological creature by Link's twin brother yesterday (I think he may have been a bit drunk and overly happy). He seems to like us a couple. Says he admires us for never really having fights and being always kinda like a team, which apparently makes us "legendary"? Which is cute of him to say, he was always a really nice and supportive guy. I do love being in a team with Link. Like right now, he's helping me re-color all the Namesake pages for the book. It's like... projects like these, I can't do without my team. Meg and Link. I know a lot of people like to work on their comics alone, but I think that if you find the right people, it just makes projects more awesome, especially long-winded ones. You can do more with less and have more fun.

Oh, I also dream Mary Poppins with the Eleventh doctor from doctor Who. Because there's this thing on the internet claiming Poppins may be a time lord because of her super cosmic powers. I maintain she's a witch or a genie. But I like the idea of her mixing with the doc. It's adorable.

In final news, did you guys see the latest trailer for the witches of Oz? I feel... Disappointed. This looks like TV movie quality. Yet it gets a cinematographic release. If it was a TV movie, I think I would have expected less? Plus, it doesn't look like it's taking that much from the books (evil witch does have an eyepatch though. Props for that). And Glinda looks amazing. But the rest? Meh. I'm much more excited about the Hunger Games trailer. Holy fuzzballs.

Back to drawing solitude.

Over and out. 

- Isa
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Guess what I saw on Monday night?

It was fun to see Beauty and the Beast on the big screen again. Normally, I would do a movie review, but since this movie is old and we already all know it's one of my favorite Disneys (1- Lilo and stich, 2 - beauty and the beast, 3 - Tangled), I'm going to focus the review on the 3D aspect of the viewing.

The 3D wasn't bad, though the annoying glasses-over glasses problem is still around (and i'd like to point out that the glasses were too big for two of the girls I went to see the movie with...). The 3D allowed us to really see the quality of the backgrounds. Those backgrounds are fantastic. Seems they added details and designs all over (the Beast's chair suddenly had flower designs... that wasn't there before? Was it?). Unfortunately, the 3D also kinda made the mistakes in the animation more obvious. I'm not talking about the main character's animation. But some of those background characters really don't look so good. It also makes the CGI look a bit dated, but what the heck. we already knew that. So generally, it was a fun experience, especially with the group of friends I was with. It was a great movie to see again, and the Tangled short was hilarious (But tiny. Only five minutes long or something). We were amused by how both Belle and the Beast like to be slightly over the top. Dramatically throwing themselves on bed and posing. But the magic of Disney is still there. And the 3D didn't kill it.

In other news, the wonderful Kendraw was kind enough to do a commission for me of my light-eating (spark-gobbling) character.

Aka these guys :

I asked her because I looooove the toon look. Honestly, if I wasn't so influenced by 19e century illustration and Disney, I would be drawing toons (but artists tend to like more what they don't do, so it's normal). This is awesome and the colours are awesome. I need to do something with these guys one day.

- Isa

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Here's the last of my drawings for kids! I'm definitely starting to improve with this color thing.

So, saw the Lion King. I... never saw it in English before. I was amused by the fact that Scar is like the only brittish lion in the whole savannah? Also, Mufasa, you are so cool. Seriously. I never noticed before how much he was present as a dad in the mvoie. as a kid, I mostly remembered the part with timon and Pumbaa. So, I was really honestly sad when he died this time. He's really got the dad voice, figure and style. Aw, Mufasa. You also rock as a cloud. He kinda reminds me of my dad too, which is cool.

Definitely buying this on Blu-ray. 

Oh, for all you montrealers - Craig Thompson, creator of Blankets, is launching his new book "Habibi" at the Drawn and Quaterly bookstore on friday at 7pm (click here for details). Since this guy is one of my heroes and the bookstore is like 20 minutes of my house, I really have every reason in the world to go. EEE. This is gonna be fun!

- Isa
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 I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. It was fun! The animation quality was amazing. Really play up the kung fu movie classics and there's some amazing action scenes. The characters are still a ton of fun. And plushy. So much plushy. I'm also deeply in love with Tigress. Tigress. TIGRESSSSSSS!!! The story itself was pretty okay to good. Just like HTTYD, it's kinda predictable, but in a good way. It doesn't really feel like a second part. It kinda just feels like a took a long break watching a single movie. So that a good thing. 

The message of the story, that the present is what matters and that you basically shape your own future, no matter what your past is, was pretty cool. And well timed for me. Kung Fu Panda is speaking to me? Well played movie, well played. I need some changes in my life. And i'm currently working to make them happen. And Kung fu will help me, apparently. :D

Also, I need to take a second to talk about the colors in this movie. This movie was incredible on that point. so many beautiful colors and designs. Gaaah.

I also realized that almost all my favorite animated women are in the Dreamworks movies. 

LAYDAYS. Rapunzel is also part of them though. And so will most likely be Merida, from the upcoming "Brave" Pixar flick. Did you guys see the first images? She looks fierce. It's a shame the female director working on the movie had to leave the project.... So sad.

Oh, you probably noticed up there with the ladies : Loki and Darcy from the Thor movie. Thanks, [ profile] paynesgrey , I ship is now.  Did Loki even have a chick in the original comics? I know there's two Thor experts on my f-list. SPEAK UP!

I'm totally babbling right now. Dammit sangria. What are you doing to me? I went to grab lunch with a group of friends to say goodbye to a pal going out of the country for a couple of months. There was booze. I drank it. I'm sleepy now.


- Isa
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Today was long and exhausting. I felt sick and in pain all day. Ah, the joys of womanhood.

So to make me feel better today, I kinda avoided working on comics and just drew some loose sketches. For some reason, they quickly became less... dressed?

Have some "sexy" Tangled art.

Nudity. But it's pretty classy. )

For a friend who asked me if I could draw some pre-hair-cutting sensual Tanged art. There you go. I CAN.

I just bought something like 6 fairy tale books. Must go read now.

- Isa

P.s. Has anyone else read this? This is a VERY badass Japanese man. He scuba-dived ina tsunami to save his wife. And mom. AND HE DID IT. 


Mar. 10th, 2011 10:23 am
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This was inspired by something I saw on Tumblr. I always sing while I clean (much like a Disney princess, but I fear the singing doesn't actually call minions animal friends to me). I usually stop as soon as someone walks in. Thought this lead to a few dumb moments in my life. Like, yes, if you sing Elvis while washing an open window, the people on the other side can totally hear you. Oh well.

My life just would not be the same without the dorky moments.

Can anybody name all the songs :P?

- Isa
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A little Tangled fanart to start things off on a positive note!

First off, i,m so happy it's Friday. My god. Work has been insane for the whole week. I plan on pretty much drawing the full weekend. It sounds like so much fun :D

I'm also going to work on getting con stuff ready. I bought all the stuff I needed today after work. I still hate Omer Deserre (local craft store). They never have the stuff I need. And not in the "we don't carry it" sense. In the "we sold it all three weeks ago and didn't bother ordering more". I wanted to buy cardboard to make small postcard-size things to sketch on at the con. They didn't want to cut them for me, despite the whole paper cutting table being RIGHT THERE. So instead I bought small pieces so I could cut them myself with scissors. Gosh, I know the store isn't that bad, but jeez, every time I go, they never have what I need and the employees always act as if I was bothering them (I interrupted 3 employees talking at the cutting table to see if I could get something CUT and they were talking around it...). I'm not impressed Omer Deserre. Not impressed. 

I ended up going to a book store to get most of what I needed.

I'm amused. Kate Beaton did a comic today about a historical personality I really love, Ada Lovelace. I LOOOVE HER. I've been reading a really good webcomic that is basically the "Girl Genius-ish" version of her life, 2D goggles. Actually, Beaton linked this comic below her own comic, which made me really happy. This comic needs more readers.

For those who don't know, Ada Lovelace is like, a mathematical tragedy. She's a countess, and the legitimate daughter of Lord Byron, aka a romantic poet who liked to put his penis in many, many people (he wrote Don Juan, if that's any indication). Her mom got angry at the sexy poet and pretty much forced Ada in mathematics. Ada was gifted, became extremly badass with numbers, worked with Charles Babbage, composed what was essentially the first computer program and died young of illness. 2D Goggles kinda plays with the idea that this woman's life is an ode to math and her enemies are poets. I love it.   

Gosh, i'm such a geek. Love it though.
- Isa
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 Hey there everyone!

Last month, I told you guys I was participating in the Comics creator alliance, a donation drive that starts on January 11th and finishes on January 24th. You can now purchase this cool wallpaper featuring a whole slew of character Brady Bunch style. All the profit goes to help end National Human Trafficking. 

You can check out their website for all donation possibilities (you can buy posters, last year's art, this year's art, etc). This year's poster is really fun and it showcases a wide range of talent. Be sure to also check out the who's who page on the website to lock on and locate all these wonderful webcomics. some of these artist draw some of my favorite things!

Minimum bid ia a dollar (mostly to avoid cheaters who only donate a cent just to get the wallpaper and be done with it). But even a dollar is an important contribution, so don't feel bad if that's all you can give! 

Emma, star of Namesake, and I are proud to be a part of this.

Here's an encouragement drawing for you peeps, it's Snow White and Rapunzel, the first and last ladies of Disney. Who technically suffered from abusive homes, were kidnapped and trapped for most of their lives. Because trapped girls don't get out of it as easily as in Disney movies, please donate!

And most of all THANK YOU!

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Art for my good buddy [ profile] torreadora of her character Jenny and two of her beaus, Jude and Eli. I could not decide what version of her character to draw, so I ended up drawing her in two different phases of her life, and inking the crap out of them.

I'm actually really glad I met [ profile] torreadora  and her sister [ profile] kit_a_licious because they are turning into indirect drawing teachers. I spend a lot of time looking at the art these two produce, and it's teaching me some new stuff about textures and lines. So thanks guys! :D

Another something beautiful to look at : [ profile] threeeyesworm  linked me yesterday to a video made by "L'école des Gobelins", a French animation school, possibly the best animation school in the world (graduates get hired by Disney a lot). I simply adore this video. It's the story of this seamstress in a doll world waiting for her come back from the war. He comes home... different. The seamstress tries to fix the world around her, but it's not so simple. This is like a mix of Howl's moving Castle, Disney's Fantasia and French war stories. And it's GORGEOUS. Please take the time to watch this and other things on the Gobelin's youtube channel. Well worth your time.

Seeing things like this reminds me of why I adore animation. It's simple, powerful and communicates with pretty much any viewer.

Some times, I wish I would have gone into animation, but i'm really more of a comic artist at heart. I don't think I would have been that good at it.

Tomorrow, i've got a day off! Link is heading to Ottawa to see some friends for New Year's. I'll be sticking around here (I don't know the people and I already lost a whole week of drawing.. I really can't afford to slack off for another 2 days). So i'll be around home, eating, inking and being buried in my fluffy new pajamas.

- Isa
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Okay. Winter in Montréal is disgusting. It's the first winter i'm spending here where it snows a lot. Last year, we barely had snow. Everything is gray and brown and squishy looking and disgusting and wet and why winter WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

I guess that's how it is in big cities. Oh god Toronto must be horrible.

In other news, I have plans. Yes. Plans. Artsy plans.

I want to make myself a tumblr account and re-post some older comics. Try to get people to spread the comics around. I also need to re-work my online portfolio. I'm also working on Namesake pages (as usual) and on my printed comic "Psychopompes"

Last but not least, with the help of friends I seem to be writing a wannabe Disney movie.

I want to apply to Disney's talent program, thanks to [ profile] ichiban_victory 's and [ profile] merc16 's constant encouragement, so I want to add character designs and storyboard to my portfolio. Turns out, it's hard to do those two things without a story. So I created a makeshift fairy-tale based Disney-esque story. I really can't wait to show you guys. The tale is based on the fairy tale "Diamonds and Toads". But it's...huh... gonna need a better title. Something catchy.

I may doing too much, will all this Christmas shopping, and intensive drawing, and general worrying about friends and lack of sleeping. But I can't help myself. I love going to extra mile (miles). I can probably sleep during Christmas.

Today's drawing is a "Princess Tutu" fanart. I just wanted something light and fun with the main couple. I'm not a huge fan of the inking and coloring though. I tried doing it with a calligraphy pen.

My posts are all over the place lately. So am I. I'm so sorry. I'm pretty much repeating myself. A LOT. Must be tired.

- Isa
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Okay! I'm starting a little something I tried to do last year. It's basically a bit gift-of-sketches for the holidays to my f-list.

I'm basically going to do a little sketch for the people on my f-list as a Christmas gifts and just because you guys are so awesome. There's a few ground rules though.

1) Not everybody will get a sketch. This is mostly for my f-list. So if you aren't on it and I don't know you, you probably won't be getting one (i'm sorry! Thanks for reading anyways! I feel kinda cruel now...)

2) These are gifts, meaning that I get to choose what I want to draw. This is not an open book for requests, unless I ask you what you want directly.  I'm mostly putting this rule down because this is the reason I didn't try this last year. First person I told asked for specific drawings and got angry when I said I wanted to choose the subject. Needless to say, this person is no longer on my list. However, chances are, if i'm well-aware of what your favorite fandom is, you're getting what you want! :D

3) Some sketches will be more finished then others, some might even be colored. It doesn't mean I love some people more. It just means I felt like coloring that sketch.

So, first Christmas sketch goes to [ profile] chameleon9999  - Some Vidia and Prilla art! Because you mentioned not finding enough! I hope you like it!

I don't draw many female duos/couples despite a large amount of friends asking me to. I wonder why? I seem pretty good at it.

I also drew the Tangled sketch I really like of Rapunzel and Flynn hanging out in the forest. I might finish it. I rather like it. I'm a little frustrated because I find these characters so hard to draw. Their designs are actually quite simple. Maybe it's looking at all the awesome Glen Keane art and the amazing fanarts that makes me frustrated. Those artists and their obvious epic superiority! *shakes fist*

In other news, I think I may need to spend on winter gear YET AGAIN. I think my body produces no heat or something. Winter kills me every year. I get sick all the time and I get massive frostbite. It snowed for the past two days and it made me realize that no matter how good my winter gear is, it's not good enough! The skin on my legs is all damaged, despite leggings, thick jeans and leg warmers. What's a girl to do? I need a coat made out of polar bears who swallowed microwaved sunlight, or SOMETHING. Or I need to move to Florida. I wonder if they have work there? Probably not. Economy is pretty horrible. But at least it would be cheap to buy a house, unlike in Montréal.

I'm starting to think about buying a condo eventually. I'm hesitating between having a house and a condo since it's pretty much impossible to have a house in the city. So I have to choose between not having a yard and driving 45 minutes every morning. Not I kinda understand why my parents were living in the suburbs (as a teen I hated all the bus rides).

- Isa

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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] brendala ! Have a Shaggy/Velma sketch because I looooove you!

On to the review! (spoiler free)

Tangled was good. I don't really have a favorite between it and Megamind, since they are both so different. Like the fourth Shrek, I enjoyed that Tangled explored why Rapunzel stayed in the tower and the effects the long stay had on her. She's very afraid of the outside world, but also excited to reach out and run in it (this creates an interesting scene where Rapunzel is exhilarated but feel guilt). This makes the character of mother Gothel interesting too. Not many of the versions of the fairy tale explore the relationship between Rapunzel and Gothel, and in most versions of the fairy tales, we don't even know WHY Gothel took the kid in the first place (aside from revenge on her parents). This really gives Gothel a new dimension. If anything, the movie is more about Gothel and Rapunzel then Rapunzel and Flynn. We barely get a backstory for Flynn. However, all the characters were great, but Maximus the horse takes the cake.

I enjoyed the overall beauty of the film (i'm off to buy a million lanterns, folks). Mostly, I really enjoyed how the characters were always a mix of realistic movement and wacky cartoony poses. Toes would curl in a normal fashion, as the character defies gravity. IT'S GREAT!

I also really love the fact that Rapunzel's hair is almost a character in itself. It's really used all the time. My favorite scene is probably Rapunzel, afraid, HIDING in her hair. It's adorable.

Something else I really enjoyed was what they choose to do with the music. For instance, they reduced the amount of songs to about 3. Two of those songs get a reprise, but it's short. I find in this case, limiting the music did the movie good. The princess and the frog had too much music (They really could have just kept three tunes : The villain song, "Almost there" and the song with the vodoo mistress). It weighted the movie down. Here, this helped. The movie focused more on the characters moving. Lots of physical comedy.

They also have a few characters that don't speak. The king and queen never speak. I find that amazing. All the rest of the voice acting is terrific too.

This movie also explores a bit something I always wanted to write a story about. People with magical healing powers are in terrible danger. Because people would fight over them. I always wanted to do a comic about a poor girl with healing powers being chased down. Maybe I still will.

Generally, great film. Beautiful. Follow nicely the original tale, with a refreshing remake of the Rapunzel character. Girls in towers need some loving and character development, after all.

- Isa
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 I had a bit of free time this weekend, so I drew this. You know that as soon as Minion puts them down, they are going to Accio a can of woop-ass. I love these three movies to bits, even though I haven't seen "Tangled" yet. I've seen Harry Potter though. I want to draw jokes about it, but i'm gonna wait another week and give everybody the time to see it before pummeling you guys with Potter-humor!

However, I have to say, my favorite part of the movie was the animated sequence where they told the story of the deadly hallows. Death looked great. I also want to draw pictures of the trio. A few people have asked me to, actually. They wonder what the trio would look like by my hands.

Anybody else feels Hermione is too pretty? Wasn't she suppose to be sorta homely? I guess the movies needs sex appeal. The twins grew so tall too!

I wish Voldemort was a bit more human. He looks, moves and talks very un-real and campy-like. I dunno. I would find someone who looks like THAT but talks in a dignified, regal, normal voice and moves like a gentleman to be much, much creepier. I always imagined Voldemort to move in a really regal fashion. More like Snape I guess. 

Happy late thanksgiving to all the Americans on my F-list. I hope you all celebrate with your families. I kinda want this holiday to evolve into "family and being thankful" then "Pilgrims offing some natives with guns and diseases".

- Isa


Nov. 24th, 2010 10:50 pm
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 Ad designs for Namesake's current ad campaign. These babies are going on the Girls with Slingshots webcomic page. It's basically two frames of an animated ad. Isa likes. The ad mixes a whole ton of various fairy tales. Much like the story. 

Tangled is out in theatres! I'm very happy. I wish I could go see it. But my life just got sidetracked pretty epically. So i'll probably check it out next week. I got the art book anyways. I want to see this movie something like 200 times.

Tomorrow will be long. More on that later.

- Isa


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:19 am
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Animated features should beat Harry Potter!

As said yesterday, i'm going to be gone all weekend. I probably won't get to check Lj posts. So, if you can't reach me all weekend, that's why! don't do anything interesting without me (like taking over the internet!)

Oddly enough, one Deviant art again (and here) my art got compared to Dr Seuss once more. I really need to go check out Dr Seuss' books. I mean, i've seen the "Grinch" animated movie, which is kinda like Seuss' style but I don't see a resemblance. Maybe i'll see it more when I check out he books?

In other news - Link finally got an interview for a position in a video game company! I'm also applying to positions in other video game companies for 2D artists. Wish us luck. I'm making a tiny portfolio on "carbonmade" for the occasion.

Oh gosh, I watched the Nostalgia critic's two videos on top 11 Christmas specials (so 22 films, really). I got hit by such a wave of Nostalgia. Man! Some of my favorites were "Frosty the Snowman" and the Muppet's Christmas carol and Garfield's Christmas movie. The critic had also included South Park's "Critters Christmas". That made me laughs. That's a South Park episode I never tired of.

Yeah, I watch South Park. It's one of my guilty pleasures! I didn't actually like the show in it's first 5 seasons (when it relied on toilet humor). Nowadays, it's more of a social critique geared at mocking society and offending pretty much every social group in existence. It's cruel, rude satirical fun. I know a lot of you aren't into shows like that. But I really like this one. I'm really amused by the latest storyline with the kids dressing up as superheroes. That was hilarious!

Gark. I posted almost everyday this week. Yet, I drew no comics, neither for Namesake or here. I really gotta concentrate on comic-making. I'm such a fickle artist. Boooooo.

- Isa
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C'mon, you all know I love superhero movies like this. Of course i'm obsessed. I was pretty obsessed with Dr. Horrible 2 months ago :D

I kinda want to scrap this drawing because a) I got the Megamind art book yesterday and now that I have MODELS of the characters, I feel bad for not drawing them with the right facial shapes. And b) the perspective is AWFUL. But I liked the idea behind the drawing too much. So screw the perspective. I liked the expressions too much.

Speaking about expressions, someone on Deviant art as requested that I should do a facial expression tutorial, since i'm pretty good at it. It's not the first time I get this request. Seems like something that would be hard to ...tutorialize... But I think I might actually do it. Heck, if people find it helpful. Plus it might get more people to visit my page, and by extension, my webcomic. What do you guys think?

I'm really amused by itunes. They made a BIG DEAL out of the fact that they now have the Beatles as downloadable content. Well, I guess the Beatles are a big deal. Considering the "Beatles" version of Rockband also just came out, i'm wondering if someone in the Beatles estate just decided to do a big marketing push or something.

I just got the "Arietty the Borrower" soundtrack and the "Tangled" soundtrack (off itunes). Tangled as some really adorable songs. They seems to have kept the number of songs down in the movie. Perhaps to focus more on adventure. Arietty has music that sounds like...celtic remixed with traditionnal japanese. It's....AMAZING. If the movie is as good as it's music, it's going to be a great movie.

Oh, for you "Avatar the last airbender fans"... Remember the awful movie. Someone spoofed it. It's a lot better as a spoof. Behold.

- Isa
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Just a little sketch of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. Inspired by the "Tangled" art book.

You guys "Tangled" comes out sooooon!!!!

This is SUCH a good year for animation. And with Ghibli's new feature "Arietty the Borrower" coming out in December, it's just going to get better. I just can't wait for this movie too. I love stories with "little people". And I love the Borrowers. And Ghibli. 

In a somewhat related note, i'm kinda getting tired of all the Dreamworks bashing. It's no secret that I adored Megamind. However, upon reading reviews of the movie online, I felt like the negative reviews were written by people that may have not have seen the movie at all. For starters, they got major plot points fully wrong. And also, almost all these reviews opened with the line "Dreamworks sucks". 

Personally, I love a TON of Dreamworks movies. All the Shreks minus the third, How to Train your Dragon, Megamind, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Antz, all feature among my favorite movies. Yeah, it's true, Dreamworks does seem to be very different from Disney. They have more "pop" references and have animation that seems to speak more to teens and adults then children. But is that really deserving of so much aggressive reviews? Even "How to Train your dragon" reviews opened with the line "Look, Dreamworks stopped sucking!" I found that wasn't fair. It's a good studio. Their work is just different. Not all animation companies can produce the same thing. Disney has the heartwarming. Dreamworks has the zany. And sometimes, they trade (Darkwing duck anyone?). Dreamworks are learning to be more subtle in their style (Megamind's pop culture references were very fitting of the character and story). So people really should give it more of a chance and stop dismissing it just because "It's Dreamworks". I'm sorry, but not being Disney should not be a crime.  So they had a few flops. So did Disney. The only flop-free studio seems to be Pixar. For now. Critics have been pretty harsh on Disney lately too (Bolt and The Princess and the Frog got ripped the shreds) but never on the grounds that they were a specific studio.

Little joke to conclude - You know how everybody jokes that Dreamwork's M.O. is to have critters do something critters that do something critters don't do? Well, the new M.O. seems to be "Gadgeteer genius switches sides, has a scaly companion, defeat something big and powerful and gets the girl while learning to be himself". This fits both Hiccup and Megamind. New trend? Perhaps.

- Isa
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Tasty, tasty foot! I'm sorry for busting your bubble Lydia! But I got you cake, and will probably get you cake for the next 9 months, so we are even. *laughs*

Nothing teaches you how much kids can be devious tricksters like working in daycare. But them being that way doesn't mean they are nasty kids. Kids like to test the limits of what they can do. And being slightly devious is the way to do it. So it's nothing personal. It's trial and error and life and all. Plus, it's really, REALLY fun, but when they start trying to trick you, you get to mess with THEM. And otusmarting a large group of 8-year olds is harder then it sounds.

Kids have their own personal logic.

Got a new coworker today - a girl who makes jewelry. Kinda makes me think that I still want to learn to make jewelry. Mostly, i'd like to try Resin jewels. Because, it's basically a metal back, a drawing and a "plastic/glass-like" top. That way I could make necklaces with my tiny vampires! And other stuff. New girl tells me the Montreal Jewelry School offers one-day classes in various thing.  I should do that. It would be a welcome change of pace from drawing. Plus, useful skills! For resin jewelry, there's a thousand tutorials online. So i'm good for that.

Also, I think I actually like the Tinkerbell movies now. *facepalms* I'm such a Disney Dupe. Ensnare me with your pretty, pretty animated charms will you, Disney? I guess i,ll have some movies to add to my collection. Boy kids are really loving my apartment. Toys and movies and fairy tale books galore.

I wish I had a muffin right now. Chocolate and cinnamon. And cherry. Have you guys ever tasted a mix of those three things? It sounds delicious.



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