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A drawing of Holly, for my buddy Sanne. Holly looks like her hair is made of melted sunlight. So I wanted to use partial coloring like I do on Namesake to really push the attention to the awesome that is Holly’s locks.

Happy birthday, Sanne. Let me love you.

Well, i'm totally going to go see the 3D release of Beauty and the Beast, I think. I really want to see the Tangled short and I just love BatB... So... Yeah. Disney sure knows how to get my money. Those sneaky guys.

In other news, Namesake will be officially at the Toronto Comic Art festival in 2012. Meaning, now me and Meg have about 2 months to get the first book (collecting chapters 1-5) done. I'm working on creating the covers and possibly finding some bonus material. Any ideas?

I'm working on pin-ups of all the characters (male and female, the only exempt ones are going to be the characters who are minors because that's just creepy) as a fundraiser motivator. I like these. I like doing classy and sexy pin-ups. Kinda like bruce Timm. He is the pin-up master.

Classy yet sexy under cut (Not safe for work) )

Oh, I just finished watching the "Goofy Movie" while I was doing my pages today. MAN. It was so 90's. I felt like I was back in high school. 

And it was awesome.

- Isa
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 So, first off, happy birthday [ profile] amelia_seyroon ! Have some art featuring the amazing ladies of Slayers. Why? Because, LADIES. And also, because you're part of the people that always make me think of Slayers, and with whom I will always have that fandom in common. So cheers.

On another note, I saw Thor this weekend, with [ profile] starmetal_oak . It was an interesting experience. First off, yeah, I pretty much confirmed that I don't like seeing american action movies in theaters anymore. I don't know if it's because I suffer from motion sickness, but halfway through the film, I always feel dizzy and nauseated thanks to the crazy cameras swooshing all over. Gargh. But, I digress. The plot itself was really fun, I liked the characters. Loki was awesome. Thor's little band of warriors could stand to be more awesome though. I mean, aren't you guys the greatest warriors in all the land? Odin's wife kicked almost more ass then you. And she's the goddess of plants. Anywho, the movie is general was fun and about as good as action flicks get. I have to admit, I spent about half the movie guessing what was going to happen in the other half (and I was right). But you don't really watch action movies for originality. You watch them for the action, and the fun characters. And this movie had both these things. And the story itself was very logical in it's own universe. And pretty. Oh god, so much pretty. The men and the special effects were gorgeous. So yay!

I've been talking to [ profile] ichiban_victory  a lot lately. Like many others who seem to be giving me feedback on it on deviant art, she has fallen in love with my gender-bent "Beauty and the Beast" idea (this project really needs a title. Too bad I used "Rose" already). We keep brainstorming for ideas, and her being the animal lover she is, she has a lot of ideas on how to make the beast girl move and live. She even made a body chart :

I got my own sketches done too, of course. This is her protecting her "prince", who is actually a hunter in this version. 

In any case, i'm kinda sad I won't get to play with this project for a little while. I want to get some comics done for a couple of anthologies first. Booyah.

Oh, Namesake got another review. Check it out!

- Isa
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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] brendala ! Have a Shaggy/Velma sketch because I looooove you!

On to the review! (spoiler free)

Tangled was good. I don't really have a favorite between it and Megamind, since they are both so different. Like the fourth Shrek, I enjoyed that Tangled explored why Rapunzel stayed in the tower and the effects the long stay had on her. She's very afraid of the outside world, but also excited to reach out and run in it (this creates an interesting scene where Rapunzel is exhilarated but feel guilt). This makes the character of mother Gothel interesting too. Not many of the versions of the fairy tale explore the relationship between Rapunzel and Gothel, and in most versions of the fairy tales, we don't even know WHY Gothel took the kid in the first place (aside from revenge on her parents). This really gives Gothel a new dimension. If anything, the movie is more about Gothel and Rapunzel then Rapunzel and Flynn. We barely get a backstory for Flynn. However, all the characters were great, but Maximus the horse takes the cake.

I enjoyed the overall beauty of the film (i'm off to buy a million lanterns, folks). Mostly, I really enjoyed how the characters were always a mix of realistic movement and wacky cartoony poses. Toes would curl in a normal fashion, as the character defies gravity. IT'S GREAT!

I also really love the fact that Rapunzel's hair is almost a character in itself. It's really used all the time. My favorite scene is probably Rapunzel, afraid, HIDING in her hair. It's adorable.

Something else I really enjoyed was what they choose to do with the music. For instance, they reduced the amount of songs to about 3. Two of those songs get a reprise, but it's short. I find in this case, limiting the music did the movie good. The princess and the frog had too much music (They really could have just kept three tunes : The villain song, "Almost there" and the song with the vodoo mistress). It weighted the movie down. Here, this helped. The movie focused more on the characters moving. Lots of physical comedy.

They also have a few characters that don't speak. The king and queen never speak. I find that amazing. All the rest of the voice acting is terrific too.

This movie also explores a bit something I always wanted to write a story about. People with magical healing powers are in terrible danger. Because people would fight over them. I always wanted to do a comic about a poor girl with healing powers being chased down. Maybe I still will.

Generally, great film. Beautiful. Follow nicely the original tale, with a refreshing remake of the Rapunzel character. Girls in towers need some loving and character development, after all.

- Isa
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This Lj was created 5 years ago today (yeah, I created it on Halloween on purpose). That's 5 years of almost daily drawing posts. I,m really glad I have this. It's a great drawing motivator, gave the courage to start Namesake, and allowed me to meet amazing people whom I adore. GIVE ALL OF YOURSELVES BIG HUGS! I know i'm going to keep posting here for another long while. 

In other news, i'm not doing anything for Halloween, aside from watching spooky and pretty movies. It's a bit sad, considering how much I adore Halloween and look forward to it every year. But such is life.

If I could have a pet crow, I would call it "Phylactery". Because it's an object used by a lich to contain its soul, but also because in French, this word is used to designate a talkbubble.

Happy birthday [ profile] yamiloo ! Have some Nightingale sketches! I'm really looking forward to seeing this hero in action. remind me to make you a nice drawing when it's launched!

The Nightingale )

[ profile] brendala , have you seen today's google banner? It features the Scoobies! I saved it here for you :


Finally, my good buddy Von (the male half of [ profile] vonandmoggy ), has a new book out. You can read about said book and about ordering it here. I haven't read this one, but I've read his first book, "The road to god knows where" and found it very poignant. I have high hopes for the second. So help a comic artist out if you feel generous and want to read a great story!

So, a toast full of chocolate and good cheer to all my artsy, dedicated, and fun friends. Happy Halloween, thanks for reading, and stick around!

It only gets better from here.

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First thing first, alittle fanart of Amelia and Zelgadiss (from Slayers) floating around. This is for you, [ profile] ameban . It's your birtthday soon, and you've been through a rought patch. so enjoy this picture full of happiness and joy. I wish you were closer so I could hug you.


Second, I spent a great weekend with cottoncandykid, who visited all the way from Peterborough, Ontario. There was many conversations, catching up, watching of animated movies and of course, eating of maple-based pastries. cottoncandykid looked really pretty - last time I saw her she had short hair. Now she's got long flowy locks. I,m really proud of her because she's working hard, achieving her dreams of being a museum curator. And she's getting married soon. In a steampunk-themed wedding. And i'm invited. Yessss.

I'm amazed by the number of people getting engaged and actively planning their weddings around me. I'm afraid all the weddings might wind up on the same dates (everyone almost is thinking of doing it in late august!) I'm going to spend a week running to various weddings. I can feel it. That's the perfect scenario to commit a fashion faux-pas since a few of them are themed. Fortunately, only one of these will be really, really traditional. The rest will be more about family and friends partying. I'm nervous about the traditional one. I don't do well in really strict settings when cake is involved.

Alas, in a negative third point - I'm sick. AGAIN. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.

How do I catch these stupid super-colds? And why do they always knock me off my feet? I think i'm going to be a zombie this week.

Finally, Namesake is going really well. We seem to have a good stable 300 readers and good comments all around. I get the feeling that, with a good marketing campaign, we could get a good readership. And I would love that. My dream is to communicate a story, and this one as a ton of potential.

avatarmirai keeps being awesome. She drew me Jack and Warrick. I love seeing the Namesake bunch in someone else's style! Behold!

By the by, miss mirai is currently taking commissions to pay for her expensive education. So if you would love a piece of her art, rush, go to her Deviant art journal, and ask!

Going to go snuggle up with my bottle of Nyquill now, and tea.

- Isa
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 A creepy version of Snow-White :

Snow white is like... some kind of necromancer and she's taking control of dwarves, a prince and defeating her step-mother.

I love her fairy tales can inspire different imagery for so many, ranging from nice and clean to outright scary. Fairy tale motifs are just... amazing to play with.

I,m really in the Halloween mood *laughs*

Birthday sketch for [ profile] mirai17  (better known as avatarmirai on deviant). She and I share the fickle fanartist gene. Whenever we fall in love with a series, it temporarely pushes the other series out of our vision for a least a few months. She just go into Hetalia. So Hiccup is suffering.

Aside from that, not much to report. I,m going to be out and about again today. Should try to be home on Thursday and Friday to get drawing done. Whew. Getting tired already and it's only Wednesday. I seriously wonder where my time goes.

Got to eat at a fantastic restaurant with a good friend yesterday though. 

- Isa
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 Here's a birthday sketch for you!

It's Katara and Winry, being awesome. I kinda wanted it to look like Katara was bending the water out of the mechanical oil. 

Awesome chicks are awesome. :D

That's pretty much it for today. Tired...

- Isa
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 Birthday sketch of the week for kuridee!

It's just the Avatar the last airbender gaang. I figured she and many others might need this drawing to cleanse their eyes after this weekend.

I love drawing groups. I find it almost easier then drawing a single characters. I remember back when I worked at kid's summer camps, I did caricatures of all the counselors as a group. I would always put the chief counselors around the middle or the top, the day counselors in the center and the daycare counselors (me and another girl) on the side. The main counselor had noticed right away and commented on it, saying I really saw an hierarchy in everything and had a tendency to  represent it. I guess I respect authority? ...Oh wait, no I don't. 

Nothing much to report today. I had a day off. Went to get art supplies. And slept a lot. And finished watching Daria. A perfect lazy, lazy day.

I did buy an agenda in an effort to organize myself again. Hopefully this will actually work. I got an agenda with blue lines in case I sketch in it and want to scan it. 

I finally figured at theme to revamp my portfolio. :D Goodbye grey rabbits. You have served me well. 

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 Not much happening today. Woke up REALLY LATE. Guess I needed more sleep then I though.

I managed to watch the second episode of the new futurama season. Oh, Zap Brannigan. I love to watch that stupid idiot in action. He's so hilarious. Fry and Leela is still cute as hell.

Managed to draw two little drawings before bed yesterday. First, this How to Train your dragon fanart. It's for a collaboration with [ profile] mirai17  (aka avatarmirai on deviant art) I love the expressions on this drawing. Everyone is so happy. I can just hear Hiccup asking everyone if they want to go on an adventure and everyone teasing him that they would not leave him behind and are ready for action. Oh, everybody is a few years older, explaining the longer hair, chin hair and Fishlegs gaining 500 levels in badass.

I am amused that Hiccup's voice actor is a French Canadian living in Montréal. I dream of meeting him on the street and giving him a sketch...

Speaking of things inspired by the norse, this ink sketch is for [ profile] spankingfemme . Happy birthday! I wanted to draw you frolicking with Loki and Thor. sorry if the costumes are inaccurate, I don't know these characters really well. And the internet didn't provide pictures of them from the same decade. Fortunately, Link likes them, so he was able to tell me that Loki's horns and Thor's round-chest-plate-thingnies are apparently must-haves on their costumes. Enjoy!

Isa want cookies now.

- Isa

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Happy birthday to [ profile] kokumi009  (Piku-chan on deviant art). A little Hetalia sketch! I understand that you love Hungary and Turkey. So here you go XD

I don't know anything about Hetalia myself. The whole idea of countries as people and drama events used as metaphors for WW2 events sounds interesting (and oddly educational). I never really got into Hetalia thought. This is another case of "the fandom online scares the hell on of me". There was also a very rude fan at a con. It was the first time I saw Hetalia. It was in the form of fanart. I had assumed the fanart was an original art and praised the artist for her idea. The artist then laughed and mocked me for not knowing what Hetalia was. Yeah. Gotta love rude people at cons. Bad, bad marketing.

Urgh, you guys, remember what I said about feeling better? Forget about it. My stomach decided it was taking over my live. And inflicting pain!

EDIT : Sorry, Piku-chan. I though your birthday was on JUNE 19th. I was told it was actually JULY 19th. Oops. Enjoy the sketch anyways? I'll do another on the right date XD

- Isa
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Recycle, or Toph and the Kodoma will get you...

Poster drawn in reference to this Earth Day themed comic.

This is also a late chrismas present for [ profile] earthstar_chan , along with this Spice and Wolf Fanart :

Aside from that nothing much to report. I am getting tired of the stupid internet. Seriously. I'm about to run a giant cable thru the apartment, even if it looks like crap.

I seem to have gotten back my drive for art. Unfortunately, I also started getting nightmares again. When I was in the "bleh, no projects" mood, my sleep was blissfully empty. Now I start back again and I feel motivated once more and not even two days later, the return of the nightmares. Link theorizes that I have nightmares when i'm stressed, and even though projects are motivating, they are also stressful. Maybe I need to start collecting dreamcatchers?

- Isa
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For ichiban_victory's birthday... An image of her paladin character Relina. Everyone has been giving her Relina's this year, strangely all based on a design of Relina I created a while ago. And now I do a full circle and design her a new classy special occasion armor (It's kinda like those special ad dresses that are all pimped up for Disney Princesses. You don't wear these in battle. You wear them to be PRETTY and Honorific.)




May. 31st, 2009 10:51 pm
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I don't have much to say right now. My week made me tired. I saw my parents and my friends Tama and Fauve during the weekend. It was pretty fun. Tama gave me a nice cup for my birthday. I gave her this:

I rather like it.

Also, the Survival Blanket for an Underground city (known her as that funky quilt we made as a group) is currently on display at "Project Window" which is located at 185 Somerset Street West in downtown Ottawa. Come and see it if you want to!

Aside from that, I wish I had more free time to draw Rose and illustrate all the plotbunnies i'm getting. Curse you plotbunnies!


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Well, lots of stuff happened this week. I've been pretty offline thanks to my job so I didn't post much. Over the course of the weekend, I saw family which was awesome. I also saw my friends Fauve, Melissa and Fauve's fiancé as well as my friend the Other Isa. I managed to start my spring cleaning, which feels really good. I,m even going thru my boxes of drawings to put them away in my brand new filing cabinet. My parents gave me a filing cabinet for my birthday. It's not my birthday yet, but they gave it to me in advance for practical reasons. They also got me a bike O_O I haven't had a bike in 7 years!! They were really generous this year. And I love my bike so much. I went biking this morning just for kicks. hehehe.

I also saw two movies this weekend - Dragonball Evolution and Milk. Milk was an excellent movie about the life and times of a gay right's activist in the 70's. Dragonball was... Well, we pretty much just went to see it for the LOL factor. I have to admit though, for the first 30 minutes, I had hope. The first 30 minutes aren't bad. The guy in the movie is certainly not Goku, but he's fun enough to be accepted as a new character. Then, for the 20 minutes after that, the hope starts to disapear but you think that maybe, just maybe, they might be able to bring it back. And then, forget it. Past the first 50 minutes, this movie turns into a giant LAME martial moves and LAME CGI feature. THOSE AREN'T EVEN REAL MOVES!!! AND OH GOD SHENRON? WHY? Giant plot holes towards the end. Giant. 

Oh well.

Speaking of martial arts move, I think I like Avatar: the last airbender. The characters are fun, the animation is pretty good for a tv series and I like how the "bending" (aka elemental magic) is based on real martial art stylings. My dad kinda likes it too. He likes animatyion and he used to be in several martial arts, so he knows his mojo. However, my only bad thing about Avatar is that it shows that it's a kid's show. I mean, seeing the gang escape fire nation prisons and fire nation armies kinda reminds me of the smurfs evading Gargamel. It seems a little easy. Oh well. I really wonder why this show is second to Harry Potter for the "Crazy insane internet fandom circles" Awards. It's a good show but man... Tone down the crazy.

Final note - happy birthday Johanne! (I now it's tomorrow, but I gotta work so I drew it tonight.). It's Johanne and Stu, Steampunk style!

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Happy Birthday DIANE!
Have some Amelia Sketches! :)

I heard you wanted to changed your Lj banner. How about a new banner for xmas or your birthday? XD

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...Slightly in advance, since it's only on the second of march, but I don't think i'll have time to post that day ^^

The theory of the "boyfriend food squale" is copywritted to Stephan, who was nice enough to repeat it to me so I could draw this and that really called Link a dessert.

Happy Birthday Criquet! Much Hugs will be put your way when you'll show up to visit your family tomorrow ^^
Happy birthday to Link's twin sister and brother as well!


p.s. Everybody, don't forget to vote for a new web site banner please!!!! Right here:



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