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For some reason, today, it was really difficult to stay awake. I kept falling asleep all over the place, while I read, drew and cooked. It was kinda awful sleepiness. Not the warm relaxed kind. More like the i'm-struggling-to-stay-awake-in-class kind (which I haven't felt in a while). I feel like my first relaxed day off disappeared in a fog of confusion. Bleh.

Time to get a few contracts done and a couple of comic ideas running. I,m so motivated to make new comics right now. I feel like I could make 4 books in a row!

They changed my work shifts. I now work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. I'm going to be working on the bookstore website on top of my usual duties. In the next two months, i'll also get to go to Comiccon for free (at the bookstore's table) and do class presentations about comics at a catholic girl's college. These things are really cool and exciting to me. :D

In other news. EVERYONE! Check out the art of  Rebecca Dart. It's here on Lj. And it blows my mind.

Have a drawing folks! It's a fat black mage and a slender white mage. Commission sketch!

That is all.

- Isa

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Namesake art! This art will be included in printed form in the issue we'll be selling at Fan Expo in two weeks.

Well, now begins the countdown to my super-busy-last-two-weeks-of-august which have two weddings and a convention. Could ahve bee 3 weddings too, but two happen on the same day in different cities so I had to choose. So yeah. I'm going to be going to work, traveling to Toronto and Ottawa and drawing like a mad woman for the next couple of days. LET THE RACE BEGIN.

Thankfully, stuff is awesome and i'm pretty generally ready for all events. I have a lot to do, but it's mostly taking care of details. Like going to fetch the Jabberwocky re-prints (YAAAAY MORE BOOKS!)

Today, I got a bit of a wind of nostalgia since I picked up the new american McGee's Alice game from a buddy yesterday night. and also discussed Final Fantasy 9  with Link. That was a good game. Gets a lot of bad criticism but I love it. Then again, i'm just a casual gamer. So i'm not much of a connaisseur.

I'm loving that the internet exploded with fanart for the upcoming French movie "a Monster in Paris". It's fun to see French animation get attention. I really can't wait for it!


Tomorrow is work, but it's cool. Go, book peddling!

Have some sexy dwarf ladies in corsets. I drew this for a commission. Man, I love drawing dwarves. My favorite fantasy race by far. no idea why :D

- Isa

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 Whew. Stuff is hard. Everything is busy as heck. I kinda fell really behind for the first time ever on my Namesake pages. I feel a little down about that. It feels like a small failure. But heh, it was bound to happen at least once. 

In other news, I ate so much food this weekend. Went to a barbecue to my friend Fauve's house, and then at my mom's... I was overfed. But I got ice cream and kabob, so that rocks. Back at home now, kinda juggling several jobs at the present time. Link and I are slightly puzzled. It seems a part of our clothing has disappeared. He's missing a lot of underwear. I'm missing a couple of my nicer things. We think one of our washes might have gotten forgotten and grabbed. Le sigh. I liked those dresses!

I'm slowly working on some prints for Fanexpo. I'm trying to make a list of awesome ideas. :D I'll post the list up when i'm done composing it. I'm also using a couple of existing prints I have. I don't have much though... I need to finish more art *laughs*

One of the prints I started is this one. WONDERWOMAN... in an "art nouveau/Mucha" style. I love that wonderbooty.

I also finished a couple of commissions last week. Stuff that dragged for... way too long. It's why I never open then officially. I need to make sure I have TIME, otherwise I have trouble filling the orders. This piece was for a guy that really liked the Mario Bros movie from the 80's and my "Humanized Mario Monster" series. It's Princess daisy from the movie and the movie version of yoshi. I had to look up her dress and stuff, but it was fun. It turned out really cute!

Anywho. Gonna go to bed. Got work tomorrow. Got work everyday this week. Urgh.

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After a looong conversation with an artist friend last night, we decided to switch the gender of popular video game characters. I chose Mario (Maria), Luigi (Louise) and Princess Peach (Prince Paul). I also drew Daisy (David? Derek?) but I didn't manage to fit him in the sketch... so later... I'll try again.

Today, I saw "Rango". It was good. Though, it's really not for young kids. The movie is kinda violent and a lot of characters clearly die. It's a bit like "The Guardians" (you know, that armored owl movie). Pre-teens and parents will enjoy it. It uses a lot of amazing things from the western genre, re-creating scenes from classic movies almost frame-by-frame. The humor is subtle enough most of the time. There's a few fart jokes, probably in an effort to make things more kid-friendly. I loved the strange visuals, the western themes and the really, really strange mystical desert visions. If you like Clint Eastwood, definitely go see Rango. I mean, really. There's a Clint Eastwood easter egg. Basically, I really liked Rango. It's a bit weird and gritty, which is probably why it appeals to me... Also, one of the characters was a spunky female lizard, another a crow, and of course, there was a chicken with an arrow permanently stuck in his eye.... Heck yeah, strange creatures. and strange cacti... The whole thing kinda feels like a strange dream, in a good way.

Happy birthday to [ profile] yukinoomoni ! Have some Suki and Mai sketches!

- Isa
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Just a little drawing I did for [ profile] gullwhacker , as commissioned by his lovely bride-to-be, [ profile] earthstar_chan . It's the characters from a game/anime called Umineko. I don't actually know this series, but I found the main character, a powerful witch to be quite badass and fun to draw. 

I also think i'm getting better at inking gradually. It's fun to see actual improvement in your personal work at a gradual pace. It's encouraging. Makes you feel like you aren't trapped in inspiration limbo. 

Happy new year to everyone! I didn't do anything to celebrate. I got hit pretty hard by an illness, so i'm staying indoors, sitting on a futon and reading Kenshin. Doesn't mean this year won't be fun because it started "badly". Naw, if anything, i'm actually relaxing, which is good! :D

I want to draw mermaids...

I'm trying to think of a good background drawing to put on my tumbrl page... It's not created yet, i'm in the process of it and I have no idea what to draw for my background. Suggestions please?

- Isa

I'm back!

Dec. 27th, 2010 10:32 pm
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 Hello again, people! I've been away from my house (and my computer) for about 4 days now. Took me a while to catch up on my f-list and webcomics! Haha! I went to visit my family in Ottawa and then Québec city. It was mostly fun. A bit of oddness on my father's side of the family, but generally, I had fun. And it was a nice drawing/computer/stressing about my life break. I did a few non-serious doodles like this one :

It kinda gave me an idea for a new type of painting I want to do. My watercolors used to be isolated fairy tale themes in large negative spaces. I kinda want to try to do pieces where the whole space is filled with motifs. Complicated, color and ink motifs. Yeah, that's going to rock!

For Christmas, my parents gave me a red wii (by the by, wii players on my f-list, I need game suggestions), some comics, a few movies and some clothing. Not to mention an EPIC jewelry box. It's huge! And some red pajama bottoms to replace my old purple ones that are beginning to look old (I wear those on weekends. Yes, i'm an artist with no class, but my butt is comfortable!) Awwww. I suspect my mom was reading thru my lj for ideas. Sneaky mom. Real sneaky. I approve.

And now i'm back home. With some homemade food, opened presents and good news. My new glasses came in, so I can go pick them up tomorrow. Finally. Comfort for my brain! My brain will be as happy as my butt!

Link got good news too. He didn't follow me in my yule time traveling because he got himself a second interview for a job as a game designer. And pretty much all he as to do to get the job is to create a document to show his capacities. According to him, the document pretty much wrote itself, so he's pretty positive about the whole thing! I'm hoping he'll get the job. Go boyfriend, go!

 Time for sleep now methinks. I barely slept all week. And I ate so much. I think i'm still digesting stuff from the first day. 

Fat, happy isa needs sleep.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *falls asleep*

- Isa
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 As a response to this hilarious comic post made by [ profile] brendala  :

Oh, Kingdom Hearts. Still, the magic of Square and Disney uniting is pretty blinding. But I agree about #2 being overly complicated for no reason. Simple quests are often the best, especially if world-hopping and time-travelling is involved.

- Isa
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Gotta catch 'em all.... POKÉMON!

>: D

Like you guys don't know the lyrics. Stop pretending. IT'S STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR ALL ETERNITY.

I used to love pokemon. Though honestly, if I had mons, they would always be out of their pokeballs. So I get to walk them. And brush them. And have them set people on fire. Also, no crow pokemons? WHAT?

Charmander and Bulbasaurs were my favorites. I have a tendancy to like the "booster" pokemons (aka the ones you get when you start the game).

I'm thinking about buying a Wii. Because I want to play Metroid other M. And Super Mario RPG. And Epic Mickey. Are three games enough justification to spend almost 300$? Urgh, I guess I don't really have the money anyways.

Which reminds me I gotta pay my credit card bill. And go buy some more comic page paper. It goes down so fast. NOOOOO.

- Isa


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