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I drew a little Black and White fan comic of "Princess Tutu" for the Deviant art community. It's actually for a contest. The contest is about pretending the characters are actors. It's a "Behind the scenes" type of thing. I though it would be amusing to see characters stuck portraying fairy tales falling in love with said fairy tales. Also, books - distracting!

Mr. Cat is a guy in a suit.

This reminded me that I love, LOVE drawing contests. Ever since I was a kid. I just love having a theme or something. It's fun. Plus you get to see all the different ideas everybody has from the same starting point... It's so cool. Not to mention I would win once in a while. I even won a LIZARD once. He was my first (and only) pet. He was called Leon. My mother hated him XD

WEEKEND IS HERE *escapes tech support customers*

- Isa
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Hahahah. I secretly kept the bird hidden until early saturday morning and UNLEASHED THE FURY! Link was pretty sure I brought it with me, he even asked me on friday night. Too bad he's a fool that trusts me to tell the truth. THAT FOOL.

He was actually a pretty good sport about the annoyance. But I actually wasn't even that annoying - I played with it twice. Olivier, his twin-slash-roomie was more of an annoyance: while I was out visiting a friend in Montréal he propped the bird on Link's desk and came in to press on it every so often. Go, Olivier. Make me proud. 

Sooooo, yeah. Went to Montréal this weekend. Saw my friend Julie from College. It was pretty fun (we were due - it's been 4 years since we last saw each other). Link took a week off to work on his 3D portefolio that started with last weekend. Unfortunately, his computer crashed as he was reformating it to give it a fresh start before the week of 3D. Computer is now in the hand of a pro until tomorrow morning-noon. So, he'll still have 4 days to work. Which isn't bad, but it still sucks for him.

I myself am spending all my time drawing. I have a list of drawings I need to do for people and I try to get one page of Rose done every day (up to now I managed to make one every two days. I need to crank up my productivity.) I wish I could show you guys more Rose, but I can't post anymore pages on the web due to well... The editor doesn't want to publish a book if it's all over the web *laughs* Oopsie.

After all of the Avatar: TLA I posted, here is finally some Slayers. Inspired by THIS drawing. It's sortoff the action following it. It's inspired by the end of Evo-R. In the end, Rezo claims he wanted to come back to life despite the fact that it would endanger the world to see "that light". Then he opens his eyes and goes all MWAHAHAHA on our collective asses and orders Lina to gigaslave him. When I first saw the episode by "that Light" I though he meant Lina rather then the moon or whatnot. Because, let's face it, the only light around in the season one version of Shabby returning was Lina's big assed spell. Since the drawing that inspired this had a hinting of Rezo-Lina, it seemed fair to draw this as the follow up.


That is all.


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 Comic actually contains spoilers for Watchmen. (Believe it or not.)

I think this is hilarious. 

Also, more concept sketches for the Slayers Steampunk. I love how this one could be one of those old photographs of people in front of a clock! Maybe i'll color it that way!

I'm debating about Gourry's hair. Should I cut it?

Banner status report - 3 banners are in the works, my own, [ profile] earthstar_chan  's and [ profile] the_flowergirl  's. My own is in the process to be colored. Earthstar's is inked and flowergirl as concept sketches done :)

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 As you may recall :

I drew this comic:

based off a short fanfic dqbunny had written years ago.  
The fic lead to a comic. And the comic inspired in the original autor the following sort fanfic where Lina daydreams too.

After that happened, she kept writting, creating this short fanfic where Zel and Amelia express how tired they are of all this and Lina gets revenge for it.

And Finally, a second pack of comic pages come around to bring this story to a conclusion (maybe)

Make sure you read stuff in the right order, it's totally worth it. It's the daydream that never ends.

I also want to state that drawing amelia was hilarious.

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Yes, yes, more Slayers. I got my boxsets of the series in the mail this week and well... That's all I watch so... Slayers obsession for now. speaking of the first seasons though; woah, did the 80's hit that hard or WHAT? Hello, weird colors and animation.

The next post will most likely be back to normal lol.

My computer still has a virus. I know where the virus is, what it does and I tried deleting it a bunch of times and it's still there. May it be cursed.

So, these comic pages are dedicated to dqbunny (some kind of xmas-birthday thing) because I owe her a drawing and that these comics are based on a fanfic she wrote, altered in image by yours truly. I promise i'll finish and send all my xmas-slash-birthday drawings one day. Life is hard with two jobs, no more time to draw (woe.)

Onwards, to the funny comic!

(still no LJ cut because Lj is STILL a BIATCH@!)

So there you have it, a little comic about Gourry daydreaming. Before you all ask -
He wants to remain seated because of emotional and physical "trauma" due to having a pleasant dream interrupted by an angry orange blur.
Dream-Lina doesn't talk because I figured Gourry would not know what she would say in reality in that situation, so he can't imaging it.
I love naked-lina panel. Horray, random dream-nakeness.
Pocota was fun to draw.


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So yeah. I never found I was the most awesome storyteller in the land. But I still tried drawing some doujinshis (fan-made-comics) thru the years. This comic is fairly old (hence the fair drawings. I could do better now.) but I always found it to be one of my greater successes. I originally drew it for an art trade with

[ profile] ichiban_victory.

The plot is Amelia-centric, canon couplings (though not really any couple stuff happening. It's mostly just hinted at).

I've been meaning to post it for quite some time for all those on my f-list who have most likely never seen it. Such as [ profile] cottoncandykid, [ profile] eveshka, [ profile] gigabahamut666, [ profile] inverce, [ profile] lycorne, [ profile] neshel[ profile] snapdragon76, [ profile] the_flowergirl, [ profile] yukinoomoniand [ profile] zenavvy.

Enjoy the read guys! This comic has won the prize of having an ending that made all the fans who have read it tear up a bit XD


(Comic in the form of Links to photobucket because Lj is being a bitch.)

page 01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31 

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So, i'm back from the anime con. I went to the con with Fauve and her fiancé. After we went to Winterlude (basically a giant-winter festival complete with giant ice-slides, ice palaces, outdoor food, concerts and parades that lasts 2 weeks) since one of the parks that hosts Winterlude (there is 4 or so) is right in front of my house (and I mean, I cross the street and i'm there.)

We agreed that Winterlude was a lot more fun and cheaper then the con. The con had a pretty high entrance price and was small and somewhat odd. All three of us felt old and out of place since all the anime fans were about 16 to 18 years old and all the anime samplings playing were all these really new series we had never heard about (and frankly, they were WEIRD and contained a lot of pretty girls in small amounts of clothing). I much prefer Anime North. I'm not surprise that the con is small since it's the first year. I'm actually quite fine with it. The reason why I PREFER Anime North is because most of the con-goers there are more in our age group (18 to 26) so we feel less like... well, overgrown geeks.

The costumes were good though and the con people at least get an A for effort for trying to create a new con. It's hard work. I enjoyed their "Manga-librairy" where you could borrow for an hour a manga and read it and therefore sample some new series. Great idea.

Winterlude was awesome though. I love the ice sculptures and the slides. And the Beaver Tails. Oh yes, sugar baby, sugar.

All I have for your guys as a comic today is a drawing of a Slayers Novels Scene. Enjoy it!

Sorry about the lack of Lj-cut...but they won't work today for some reason! I curse them!

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I just want to point out, first and foremost, that Link will be moving his stuff to Montréal on the 25th. Meaning that I won't have any computer to update, and only the computer at work to answer my messages. Since i'm only going home from the internship on the second of july, don't panic if my email responses are slow until then. From the 25 of june to the 2nd of july, i'm not dead, i'm just in radio silence. Don't panic everyone XD.

Okay, now that that's done...

I'm currently listening to the Utena soundtrack of the movie. Damn it's good music! I actually saw at a comic store around here the special manga created for the movie. I really should buy it; i've been meaning to read it. I also want to buy the fifth book of Emma that came out today, which is an awesome manga! Good story, nice drawings, historical exactitude!

The story of Emma is about a maid in a victorian household that falls in love with a man from a higher social status. Yes, roll your eyes people, you see where this is going don't you? Well, you don't! Emma is a very researched manga, details of the Victorian area are included in almost every panel. Thus, the story is much more realistic and I don't think it's going to finish with a pink fluffy cheap ending. Up to now, it most certainly doesn't look like it will! So Emma. Look it up. Good manga. There's an anime as well.

I forgot to include in my to do list : Getting my driver's license. I need to pass my exam when I get home. I dread that. I'm very much out of practice right now. I think i'll try kicking in two weeks of intense driving before passing it. But i'm sure the exam itself will be fine as soon as I practice a bit more.

I'm currently finishing up a doujinshi for[profile] ichiban_victory . Sher and I often trade art for art, in this case, a doujin about a personal character (her D&D / WoW avatar) for an armada of Work creatures. Seems like a fair deal. The Doujin is relativly sort (only 15 pages this time!) but the drawings are really worked. I love the cover page I did...

For the cover I tried to explore not Relina's knight side, but her beautiful elf side (she has a blessed chest people. The girl is hot.) I like the shine and the toga effect.

The doujin itself is about Relina meeting again with an former travel companion who assumed she was deceased. THe former companion, named Ianil speaks to her for a while and helps Relina realise it's time she risked her life for her cause. Relina has a curse making so that killing her greater ennemy will result in her death. 

The pages look really full and good. I still hate inking though.

Extract )

That's all for now I believe.

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A strange coincidence came up today. A friend asked me to draw an inuyasha fanart. After I finished drawing the said fanart, I discovered that a very talented inuyasha fanart artist I adore has an LJ and is actually friends with [personal profile] savvyliterate...Woah! Was I surprise or what? 

The fanart in question is a Adult shippou/human kirara fanart. It's a bit of a strange fandom, I have to say but who am I to judge? Not to mention it gives me a great liberty in the character designing of the two fanshipped characters.

Things have changed a bit around here. I switched the colors again. My hair is pinkish once more, so I decided to go for a goth pink look ^^ I'm also trying to change my mood theme for a Work creature mood theme. It's kinda long, but i'll get it down eventually.

I finished another short story for the doujin. only 4 left! Mwahahaha! Soon it shall be done!
The story I just finished is the only serious and pencil-drawn one of the book. It's very dramatic and I LOVE IT SO!!!
Garanteed to make [profile] ichiban_victory cry.  Here's one of the final panels...

I drew that story lisening to Darkroom by Sarah Slean and My Weakness by Moby. Download those songs. They are so beautiful!

I started my first drawing class today. The teaching looks nice. She's a super cute asian girl ^^

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Well, university is officially back on. I'm kinda looking forward to it actually. I'm a bit worried of course because I have a job, another smaller job, homework to do, learning to drive, classes to attend to and an internship to prepare all at the same time. Not to mention cartooning and doujinshis to draw...Well, like Link says, I whine about my workload a lot, but chances are, i'll enjoy every second of it (except maybe every second of my job...)

I got bad news today though.

I've been having stomach burn and indigestion and stomach related problems these last few days. I was wondering about it, and sick or hearing people suggest that maybe I was pregnant (My fucking stomach hurts you morons. How does that make me pregnant...) so I went to the doctors.

Turns out, either i'm having stress related acid reflux or I have blood rocks down there that are slowly trying to block my stomach and eventually will need to be removed...with a a hospital...


Considering that even when i'm calm and drawing, the pain is still there and very strong, i'm fearing that it might be the later.

Damn fuck. Fuck fuck dammit fuck.

The worse part, I most likely did this to myself by wanting to resist illness by my own free will instead of with meds.
Yes, i'm an idiot. Who are you? God? *sigh*

I guess i'll go for hospital tests soon enough.

On a more fun note, I finally got a professional haircut and dye for the first time in 4 years. My hair is now black, red and purple. ^^
I also scanned a page from the doujin to post here, to show a bit of progress ^^ It's from the serious story i'm putting in. I decided to choose a different feel for it. Rather then inking it, I'm going to work with pencil tones. It's fun and it gives a beautiful result (this scan does not do it the best justice).

I also though that the pencil work would take less time then the inking...Nope. It takes more.
It actually takes me about 5 hours per page rather then 4.
Again, i'm kindoff an idiot. Again, unless you're God, you can suck it up! *laughs*

The story is about Lina dying and meeting the piece of shabranickdo that is inside her. I read in some Slayers book (I can't recall which) that since one of shabranickdo's parts was sealed in a human, that human could be Lina. I though It was a cool storyline idea and kinda regret nobody seems to have exploited that. So I decided to. hehe.

As another ps. I changed my icon set again. I'm fickle. But change is good right --_ ^
Now I have corpse bride icons (Aside from my timeless "Wind is fashionnable").

I'll end this note here with a drawing for[personal profile] savvyliterate because she had a shitty day.

Oh, [profile] yukiomoni and the bunneh...if you want me to send you prints, I need addresses! Thank you. ^^
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(p.s : Watch out Bunneh, possible plotbunny attacks. Rabid.)

Well, i'm currently going through all my slayers crap (*picture Isa in front of giant pile of paper*) and I found a few loose sketches of Lina and Gourry. I rather like these sketches. They are in a bit of a non-anime style. I'm suprise at the number of times I used the characters to test out different styles. 

I'm wondering about a few things about the doujinshi. For those interested: here is the news:

completion status: 20%
Title: Slayers Clone (thanks Earthstar!)

I'm also wondering about this: I have a lot of material but most of it is drawings and sketches...So I was thinking of divinding the comics into two sets and adding a gallery to the book. Then i'de have two doujins rather then one.  (Slayers Clone and Slayers Copy). Aside from that, I'm also thinking of reprinting my older doujins created especially for Ichiban (Home and Poem). Those two have Amelia as a hero and are Zel/amelia canon. The Clone book(s) are both touching canon and fanon couples since I,m open to both so some jokes might be Lina/Gourry when others can be say Lina/Zelgadiss for instance)

I've also found the idea for the dramatic comic I'm going to add. I wanted to do a while back a wordless comic and just use the drawings to express emotions. So I decided to do an 8 page comic called "There are no words" based about the old "Goodbye Gourry" series of drawings. "There are no words" is about Lina coping with the death of her friends. 

So in the end, i'de like people's opinions about if I should do two doujins rather then one and hence add more material to it.

About the price as well...I've learned it would cost me between 7 to 10$ to photocopie and bind all the pages (about 50) so I will most likely charge people 20$ for the comic, plus shipping expenses. I hope it's not to much. I'de also like people's opinions about the price. It won't be a cheap book people, trust me. 

Here's the possible list of the contents:
(it's still just a draft)
Slayers Clone (Lina/ Gourry cover) / Slayers Copy (Zel/amelia cover)
Chibi Zel/amelia inside cover / Chibi Lina/Gourry cover

On the twelves days of christmas, the slayers gave to me...(song Parody)
I'm a believer (song Parody)
The devil in your eyes (song Parody)
There are no words (drama comic)
Why does Zel really hate being a chimera? (part one and two)
Behind the Studios Lina's day.
Behind the Studio's Zel's 
Behind the Studio's Gourry's day
Behind the Studio's Amelia's day.
Slayers Couple madness.
Accident (short story)
The Zelgadiss stripping series (7 parts)
Gallery one.
Gallery two.

In another subject, someone raised hell in my photobucket acocunt. I suspect the flamers. I really don't want to make this journal friends only, because most of my friends who pass by here do not have a journal! I don't know what to do to keep these freaks from...doing this!

And I don't want to close doing site again...

and now without delay, pictures!


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