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So, let's start with the artness!

I drew a picture of Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus looking badass. Well, Venus looks badass anyways. She looks a bit too... butch-ish. But I kinda wanted her to looked bigger and stronger then in other fanarts (I Xena-fied her or something). Plus, in their past lives, she and the other senshi are a bit older then the princess, which might explain the height difference. Anyways. It's not the great art, but I do love it so...

Sketches and lineart below cut. )

In other news, oh god oh god, why is there so much crap on my computer? I'm slowly trying to re-build my online porfolio. It's hard to find images and decide which ones to take. I'm also in a bit of a pickle, since I seen to be lacking recent "original" art I can use. Lately, I seen to be drawing a lot of fanart or comic pages. I don't seem to be taking the time to draw original non-comic-formatted things. I really should get on that. My portfolio needs more originals...

Maybe fairy tale stuff? and some pretty ladies?

So for the next few weeks, I might be focusing on drawing some cool, non-fandom related things! If you have suggestions, let me know!

It's crazy cold today. I wish I was home in my warm bed...

- Isa
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Another day, another page. Namesake updated this morning. Recently, me and [ profile] dqbunny  noticed that we got two reviews for Namesake on the internet, here and here. Generally good/encouraging reviews. One of the main recurring elements in reviews such as these and in many, many, many comments by friends is the fact that the art is gorgeous, but the sporadic coloring is annoying and distracting. Basically, for those of you who don't know, the comic goes from color to black and white more-or-less randomly because I don't have the free time needed to color. Also, i'm not much of a colorist to start off with. Though I myself like this type of coloring, it seems most people don't.

With chapter 4 coming in, we need to take a decision on what to do next. Among our options, we can :
  • Make the webcomic full color. This will however require us to either purchase a time machine, make the update schedule more sporadic or outsource the coloring. The problem with this idea is that i'm not Doctor Who, I don't want to make the updates more spaced out (3 times a week already doesn't seem like enough!) and hired help usually likes getting paid.
  • Make the webcomic fully in black and white. The problem with this issue is the fact that color is often important to the story.

So what then?

The best compromise I found was not to eliminate the color, but to regularize it. I mean, what's annoying for Namesake readers is not the color itself, but rather how random it is. So from now on (aka, starting chapter 4), I was thinking doing things like this :
  • The chapter page and the first 2 to 3 pages of each chapter are in color.
  • The rest of the chapter is in black and white, with small details or isolated characters in color, as seen on these two page :

I think it's the best idea to keep the comic regularly updated, have me survive the process and keep things pretty. What do you guys think? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

- Isa

p.s. Have some sketches of Emma. I love drawing her so much it's crazy. Mostly it's her nose and hair. I can't wait to get to put her hair up.

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I think 2010 was a good year for me. Not the best, but good. I grew as a person. I went thru some good and bad stuff. I made new friends, lost old ones, kept good ones. But even the ones I lost are good people. I'm just not compatible with them anymore. there's no hatred though. I've got friends that love me, support me when i'm grouchy-mc-grouchypants and I got to talk to amazing artists that I adore... I even got to talk to some of my heroes. It's been a good year for me for that. And I got really better at inking. And of course, I have the most amazing significant other and parents I could ask for.

For 2011, I want to do more. I want to see all my friends. I want to develop as an artist like never before. I want to try new things. I want to get away as much as possible from the dark spot in my brain. I think i'll never get rid of the depression. It's always there. Like this black spider spreading thru my cranium, and everything it touches rots. I think i'm too much like my father. I'm going to get foul moods and be disappointed about life as much as he is. But i'm going to try to do my best to drown it in love and happiness.

In 2011, i'm going to publish books, and read books, and be the person I want to be. Because i'm tired of being my own worse enemy. And i'm buying an agenda to keep track of things and make sure I talk to everyone regularly. So, once again, thanks guys. Even if all you do is silently check out my art, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your kind words, your hilarious encouragements and that fact that you people, and many other people in "real life" are helping me become a better artist and person. Those of you in close proximity? We are SO going to have coffee together this year. At least once. WATCH ME DO IT.

I feel all my posts lately are "I'm doing this, and I love you guys". But this is really how I feel right now.

I will not be useless.

One last cool drawing before I go! I really pushed myself inking and coloring wise for this, and I have a ton of fun drawing it. It's foxikun's characters Nor and Harriet, a fairy and an orc. I love their colorful, imperfect designs. So I went nuts. See the lineart here.

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 Well, Slayers is back it seems. Many people among my F-list are re-watching this anime right now, and expressing their love for it. It put me in the mood to draw the whole crew again. Not to mention I needed to try sketching and finishing a cover for the Fanbook contest. So here are the sketches.

And bonus, a study of Lina's body type.

I'm not too sure what i'm going to do on the globe. I wanted the main group (plus Sylphiel, Martina, Zangulus, Xellos and Filia) on some kind of "world". But i'm too lazy to re-draw the world map. Plus i'm not talented enough to make a globe look good. So maybe it will just be a shiny sphere? After all, there's a lot of those in Slayers.

It's drawing like this that make me realize how my style blends manga with European comic style or Disney style. I actually give the characters body types. When I drew more "manga-style" all my characters pretty much had the same face and body. Nowadays, for instance, I clearly draw Lina and Amelia with different bodies. I'm not really saying manga style is bad. But i'm happy my style shines thru in little details like that. Before my style just wasn't so defined. Now it's starting to be.

I feel like I draw too much cutesy stuff lately. I kinda miss drawing my dark and gloomy stuff. Maybe i'll work on a creepy drawing for the next post. Because, seriously, everything is perky around here lately. Though I suspect i'm drawing happiness to keep myself out of the deep hole that is my brain when it gets depressed. Heh. We'll see. Either way, it's fun to draw...

- Isa

EDIT : Almost forgot. I caved. I now have a Twitter account. Add me if you dare! Prepare to be annoyed by my antics on yet another medium!

EDIT 2 : My hatred for Twitter has died. Twitter is actually kinda fun.

Edit 3 : Hatred for facebook is still intact though.
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 Today was brutal. I was pretty much as unmotivated as I could ever be. EVER. So yeah. I pretty much did nothing all day. Answered calls and emails from worried clients who worry about their system. Then I cleaned for a bit and ate. I my brain just started working again when I sat down at the drawing table. Today, I inked two Namesake pages and designed/sketched/inked/colored the cover for Psychopompes. Yay! I was pretty blocked about what to do with this cover. Sometimes the idea really doesn't come to you. I went thru a few cover ideas...

And ended up with this one. WHICH I ADORE.

What is it with me and skulls? characters seem a little small. I might still modify it... But it's a good start and then some. At least, it serves as a great temporary cover.

So yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't answer any emails today. Or really looked at my f-list. It was a"blah" day. 

Change is needed. Or something.

Blah. Sleep now.

*goes to her blanket cave*

- Isa


Aug. 19th, 2010 01:03 am
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 Oh god. Why am I even still awake?

I'm going to head to bed after this post. 

I went out a bit tonight. Then came home. I applied to a job I saw online, because the job was too good to be true (part time, amazing pay, art domain, daily management). It was exactly what I wanted, right up my alley. I had to try and send in my resume. We,ll see what happens. Then I sketched for awhile. [ profile] dqbunny  has given me the dialogs for the first part of Namesake's first chapter. And starting a chapter usually starts with about 3 days of sketching the get into the mood and get the characters down. Woah, you guys. It's going to be epic. Drawing this first chapter is getting me a bit back into drawing fairy tale images and action scenes. I love it.

I watched The Prince Of Egypt while I drew. The animation is so gorgeous. I've seen it ten times and i'll keep watching it. Needless to say halfway thru the movie I kinda paused the drawing and focused on the watching a bit more. It's a good movie. I'm not gonna get into the religious themes of it, but as a story, a "mythical" story, I adore it. It's classic. Two brothers, two goals, divided... Pure movie magic.

I'm considering redesigning my portfolio website. This type with a Red Riding Hood theme.

That wolf plushy. It shall be mine.

Lately i'm really into drawing characters hugging, or intertwined in some way (lying around, fighting poses, whatever). Dunno why. There's something dance-like about it. 

Hey, I even found a sketch of the Wicked Warlock of the West hugging the main Namesake protagonist, Emma. This isn't currently a canon scene. But it's so cute, I may change my mind.

I really need to go get some new 0.005 ink pens. I kill them to fast! Stupid details! I'll intricate you!

- Isa
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Why is this so fun to draw? I don't even knoooooow. It makes no sense!

When Vladimir Nabokov wrote "Lolita", I bet he wasn't expecting to inspire Japanese fashion movements.

I'm pissed off. My carpets are now all smelly. Due to the leaking, yellow water. I want to go complain to my landlord and pin the cleaning bill for the carpets on him. Oh, my beautiful middle eastern carpet! Noooo! I'm really hoping nothing is dripping on my drawing table while i'm away. My fury will be limitless. Link thinks the elak is due to them emptying out the radiators upstairs and doing a half-assed job. Awesome.

In funner news, i'm going to go see Inception this weekend.  Seems like a good trippy movie. I want to see it.

In just occurred to me that, since I don't have cable, I won't be able to watch the new Futuramas or the new Avatar episodes when they come out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I think there's a few places I can find them online, but most of those places don't allow you to watch if you are in Canada. *sniffles*

- Isa


Jul. 14th, 2010 01:50 pm
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For those of you who wonder what Work Creatures are, it's this weird representation of my work load I started drawing a while back. I've re-drawn them several times since, but it's actually been a while since I drew them! Since I finished my big ROSE comic in fact. Well, now, it seems like a good time to bring them back out.

Work as a part-time artist is difficult. I work all day 9 to 5 at a tech support job. It's good, because it does take my mind off drawing and does allow me not to worry every month about where my money is coming from. And not having that "oh god, what am I going to eat!" stress is very, very good.

Art doesn't bring in that much money. It's sad to say, but true. A lot of people assume that art is not worth that much money. Many others disagree. But often, those you draw for will be those that don't value art as much since they just need your stuff to decorate an article or a cover.

So having a full time job is good. It allows me to take very little contracts and commissions, allowing me to focus most of my drawing time on projects that don't really pay, but have great artistic fufillement.

The downside to this is that my number of drawing hours have become very limited. they basically correspond to my free time. And as such, my art needs to share this time with my social life, my family life, my fandom life and my basic everyday chores and needs.

So once in a while, I get into something called a bottleneck.

A bottleneck happens when a) my social life is too dynamic to allow me to work or b) I picked up too much drawing work.

Usually when that happens, I cut down on my social life for about 2 to 3 weeks, seeing about one person per week, if any, and mostly just drawing.

Going thru bottlenecks is sometimes very stressful, other times, really fun. It's fun to draw so much. But having so many deadlines collapse at once is hard.

I'll probably still be online, but expect my answers to be a bit slow since i'll be drawing. And to all my "real-life" friends, apologies! I still want to see you guys a lot. I just need a bit of pencil time right now.

My priorities are currently kinda going like this :
  • Finish skydoll exhibit poster
  • Finish contracts and don't pick up any new ones for a few months
  • Finish commissions (sorry, bonemarch)
  • Work on comics like Namesake and Psychopomps
  • Update journal
  • Other stuff for "fun" (art trades, fanart, etc)
Time is really precious. But it seems that you always have to choose between getting money or getting time. Gah. Life. Amiriight?

Despite the bottleneck, i'm doing well, so don't worry about me!

Going to Ottawa this weekend for brother's birthday. Due to time constraints, it's going to be a quick visit late friday to mid-sunday.

- Isa
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Once more, it takes other people's eyes to get me to see obvious things *laughs*

In the last post where I whined about my coloring, the following points were brought up as a list of ways I could make it better :

- Fill backgrounds with lines, background elements or textures
- Work on the mood rather then exact coloring things (aka my sky is blue because skies are suppose to be blue)
- Keep shadowing discreet so it doesn't overpower the inking
- Dark ink lines should be associated with darker colors, or at least surrounded by darker colors (if the character is pale)
- work in various shades
- If the drawing is mostly white, do strong color accents.

I tried applying all the things you guys said in a test. Here it is!

I'm quite happy with the result. The drawing looks nice and the coloring looks nice too. What do you guys think?

I shoudl have seen this before. My "How to train your dragon" fanart that everybody adored was composed of dark colors. I basically need stuff to look balanced in relation to the strong, gritty, inked lines.

I still want to learn how to color the "painterly way" so that I have more then one coloring style. With more then one coloring style and more then one drawing style I will be UNSTOPPABLE !!!!! (MWAHAHAHAHA)


This weekend, I went to a convention meeting and friend's birthday. I'm going to be working at a Montréal convention called geek fest. Hosting a little drawing activity. It was a fun meeting. A lot of my suggestions were very appreciated!

The birthday party was for a college friend called Julie. It was also fun. The food was great! Thoguh it made me realise why I never eat in restaurants anymore. I can barely finish half my plates. I'm just not a big eater anymore.

During the con meeting, sketches were made. Behold :

Sketchiness )

Okay, so i'm like... very positive right now. Thank you guys. You are all made of awesome.

- Isa

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So i,ve been using HTTYD fanart and comics to practice sketching with the blue pencil, inking and coloring in the style I want to use for my webcomic Namesake.

Why "How to train your dragon" fanart? Because it's easier to focus on the technique if you don't think too hard on the character designs. Also, it's fun to draw.

The drawing above is a pretty good example of the inking, drawing and coloring style I want to use for Namesake. I find this to be decent looking while still being really fast. I started this drawing around 7h30pm last night. Finished around 1ham. So that's about... 4 and a half hours. That's pretty fast! At this speed, I could garantee three updates every week without it taking over my life or without it preventing me from working on my contracts, published comic pages, commissions or LJ posts.

What do you guys think? Would this count as good art? Good webcomic art? Should I change stuff? Would you read something drawn like this?

Thank you all for your opinion!


EDIT : if you're all interested - it's an "How to train your dragon" fanart that focused on Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless' scars, and kinda showed how Toothless was a big kitty that likes to crawl in bed. Hiccup is the proud owner of the biggest bed in all of Berk.
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Reh. Yeah, that solution seems really obvious now. The thing is, I usually use traditional mediums (read : watercolors and inks), so I kinda usually color by hand in between the clean pencil lines and the inking step. So I never really used blue pencil, only normal pencil, because you don't really want blue lines behind your watercolors. However, this would be a great time-saving method for digital art, such as the Namesake comic pages.

I guess it takes someone who draws and models on a computer to point it out.

No, I never learned animation or comic-drawing, so I think this is an honest mistake. And a great discovery! Good god does this ever make things faster! The finished pages look less pretty on paper (plenty of blue and ink) but since they are designed for the computer...

On another subject, I discovered Florence and the Machines 's cd "Lungs" which as really interesting music! The singer is intense and puts a lot of energy in the song. You can really feel the beat and the emotion. My favorite songs are "Cosmic Love", "Howl" and "Drumming song". Most of her songs start off slow and get really dynamic at the end. I really like that! Look her up, you guys!


p.s. I tagged everything on the journal! I did! I've only got half a year to tag left. I tagged about 300 posts up to now. And I plan to finish. So enjoy the tags :D


Mar. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Art wise, i've discovered two things yesterday that can only be described by *OMG OMG OMG*

First - Masking Fluid. I finally got off my ass and did some research in the watercolor department. I learned there existed a thing called Masking Fluid that you can use to cover a section you colored previously or to cover a spot you wish to keep white. You just put it on and it makes a rubbery film you remove as soon as you are done. It's that easy. WOW.

I spend 2 years painting small watercolor things as complicated as this one:

Using nothing but kleenexes, wet brushes and dumb luck to prevent my colors from mixing and my white areas white. Now I just learned a magic product actually painlessly does that for me. I feel kinda dumb I guess, but then I tried the Masking Fluid and lemme tell you, it's AMAZING. It's going to give me a whole new boost in the department of what I can do with watercolors. This is going to rock.

The second thing I discovered was XKCD - a really funny webcomic. that is insanly smart.

This Lj is turning into a review board! Must post more comics --_--

I didn't draw much, most of my time is spend drawing comic pages for ROSE. But I can give you guys a preview if you want!

Oh, one final note - Link now has a niece. His older brother, Nikolas (he has 3 brothers and a sister) and Niko's wife Maria just had a baby girl. Considering her mom is from Finland, i'm betting... Blond baby.

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Mwahaha. Just for you, Link.
You know, If I was really cruel, I would have resized this comic.

Yes, I love you too XD

As for this next drawing, I blame a certain someone. That's right. A certain someone who writes certain things of a certain nature. A certain someone knows who she is, her and her lemony ways. Her and her bunny, lemony, fangirly ways. Her and her bunny, lemony, fangirly ways that distract me from work.

I blame her.

It's cruel. 

But at the same time, I think she enjoys taking the credit.


Aside from that, I hate university homework. I takes forever. I worked all day and I din't finish anything. I got ONE thing almost finish though.

aaaah, the days where an essay could be written in 3 hours. I miss those.

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Okay, finally, an update. May the crowd cheer!
I decided to color a drawing on photoshop, just for kicks again. Those of you who might recall my valentines day entry might 
reconize here my demon and angelic characters again (I rather like drawing those two) except here I tried to use a different style 
(which I kinda like!)
Aside from that, things are going well. Obviously, it's the exam period and i'm being graded by every living thing in my school, but
soon it shall be over. And when that's over, i'm getting down with some serious cleaning, much needed, yes yes.
I also got my hands on Runaways 5 and Chrono Crusade 7. Runaways was pretty funny as always, despite the Wolverine appearance 
(God, why is wolverine so overused? Well, still looking forward to that x-men movie) however, the ending of chrono crusade just doesn't look
like it's going to meet up my expectations. The 7th book feels a lot like the writter as creating a really complexe story in his head with a zillion characters but is only giving us the strict minimum. Like all those Magdalene order guards popping outta nowhere...They all look really cool and worked on and yet we know nothing of them.
I'm also currently working on a compilation of all the comics I drew using myself and my friends as characters. It sounds natural to do such a thing
but I realised lately  I used to hate using myself as a character. I kinda saw myself as plain and boring. Back in the day, the closest thing I had done to drawing myself was creating a sorceress alter-ego going by the name of Isabel Ashton. She was however only loosely based upon my personnality (she's a lot more fiesty and strong)
Oddly enough, I think I only really started drawing myself around the end of college. The birth of my numerous self portraits concide with the birth of my love life and also the birth of me, actually using other drawing styles then manga. Funny story: the actual creation of my new styles was caused by my boyfriend who commented that all I could draw was manga and that diversity would not kill me. I took that comment pretty bad but instead of doing what most manga-based fans do (which is claim that manga is holy, stick to it and suggest that the boyfriend in question goes to get his eyes poked out by volptures) I decided to prove him wrong by polishing up my drawing diversity for the following 6 months. I then showed it in is face, quite proud of myself and satisfied with the idea of proving him wrong (well, not wrong. But at least proving him good.) I never really said it, but I think i'm quite thankful for that. I now have a more diverse palette of styles so I can choose the style I want for the story I want (and I haven't dropped manga either). Not to mention that those 6 months where fateful for my comic persona since the main thing I was drawing in order to polish up my style was...myself.
It's crazy how little things can lead to very important things...

Though, I don't think that would have happened if my boyfriend hadn't been so blunt or me so stubborn.
Heh. If one day I write my memoirs, i'll let posterity know it was because I was a genius, and now because I was ticked off. *laughs*
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Truly, this is a good name for this post, because it's going to be about a lot of things past.

Well, I haven't posted in a while (I blame my education *laughs*) and I though about posting something for Valentines day but I din't because of lack of time (exam to prepare, volonteer at a valentines day party to get money for stuff) and also because I didn't have an idea.
Now I had one, here it is :

Yes, it's two people kissing. I found these two pictures while goig through the pile of stuff on my desk. The interesting thing is that the colored one is a really old picture and the other is fairly recent (a few weeks back). I remember when I did the colored one, I was about 15 or 16. Maybe 17. Back then I hated drawing people kissing. I was no good at it, for one thing, and also I felt I was invading the character's privacy (yes, I created them, and yet I felt that way. Weird huh?) Nowadays, I don't feel quite so shy towards my characters. I believe it is due to my own life experiences and also to the fact that I've done a few naked drawings, some of them with a naked model before me (horray for life drawing classes) so...Drawing people kissing just dosen't seem so bad anymore. I've also practised drawing people kissing a lot to the demand of my friend and partner in crime who designs comic bok stories with me. I think I got better. The second drawing is clearly more dynamic. I still like the first one a lot though. Back then, that was one of my absolute bests shots at drawing kissing (that drawing took for ever!) and I also really love the characters in the colored one. It's and angel and a devil, and in the storyline actually illustrated here, the demon goes back to hell and the angel, with the help of an half-angel, deguises herself to go find out why the demon left her and their friends on earth. They eventually meet in hell, and the demon confesses his love for the angel, and tells her he left because their relantionship would never work and he just could not take that. 

The second drawing is a couple from a series we are working on now. It's a couple that hooks up fairly early in the story while the other couples don't hook up before a while. However, they may be cute and cuddly, they won't have it easy! When you're a wizard couple, hell thends to get in the way of alot of stuff. I rather like that coupe too.
Both drawings have a very different tension in them. One is very dynamic, and the other more painful. Hee. Like'em.

Other then that, on valentines day, my antivirus went viral. I kid you not. It was designed for windows 98 and I have xp, so it started going coo-coo this week and decided to give me the full blown insanity on that day. After a lot of effort and help from people with better computer knowledge then me, we finally managed to delete the evil anti-virus (it was hard and long) and I downloaded a temporary trial version of another until I get down to buying a new one. I've got 3 months to do so...

On a final note, i'm an idiot, and I'm very sorry. I was supposed to spend valentines day with someone I really wanted to see, but instead I called the poor guy up and told him not to come by since it was stupid because it was snowing, and a long bus trip for barely any time together. I also felt sick, had homework and school in the morning and so did he. I realise now that was stupid, because I ruined my day (and his) and got really nothing good out of it. I also lisened to a few people I know compain about valentines day and I realised that hating that day on the account of bad memories was an awful reason. It's easy to cure that with good memories after all, if I wasen't such a stubborn, prideful, idiotic woman.

*ahem* Well, if your reading this, do you forgive me?


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