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Been working on pages lately, i'm trying to build an efficient buffer for May, when i'll be out and about at conventions and stuff. 

Aside from that, i've been working on costume designs, since most of the characters are getting a new wardrobe in the next chapters. I LOVE designing clothing. It is my favorite thing. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't go to fashion school or something. Designing weapons and clothing is something I love. I could have been a costumer or something *laughs*

I've also been re-watching Futurama while I ink and honestly, Futurama is still one of my favorite shows. I love how it's funny and sad at the same time, I love the characters, I love the silly-retro-futuristic universe....

I wanted to share with you guys a really great post by Gail Simone - an american comic writer - about breaking into the comic world. A lot of these ideas can also be applied to the writing and publishing world in general. She's a great lady. I adore her!

Date: 2013-04-12 05:31 pm (UTC)
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Oh I love the new outfits, unlike you, clothing is the bane of my artistic existence LOL!

Futurama is a damn cool show :) Fry and Leela were always my fave to watch in their awkward relationship. That's a good idea to have playing while you ink. I primarily listen to music when I draw or like to chat with a good friend. Jason and I used to draw or write together, and that was when I was happiest creatively I think :)

Gail Simone! I ADORE her! =D She seems like a cool person to know, and I REALLY miss her Secret Six run *pout*


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