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The Namesake book 2 kickstarter ended and, i'm sure you're all shocked, we made our goal! WOO! Now on to step two - working on finishing the book's design and working on the ad campaign. The good news aboutt he kickstarter too is that we actually made enough to print HARCOVER VERSIONS. I'm thrilled about that. You might not know this, but European comics are almost always printed by default with hardcovers, to the contrary of american editions (where hardcovers tend to be a big, fancy deal).

So doing hardcovers feels kinda special for me.

I'm planning on designing covers specifically for the hardcover edition, with a wrap-around cover style (like they do for comics like Fables).

I'm pretty excited about this, guys.

In other news, I'm shopping in baby stores a lot lately. Many of y friends are pregnant, and I've never been to so many baby showers in my life. The store clerks are starting to look at me funny....

I've also been thinking of trying out Scandinavian baths in an almost desperate attempts to relax the stress out of my poor back by using something I love to do - aka dunking in warm water. It would probably work better then stuff like massages, which I hate (just like Kuzko, i,m not big on the touchy). They have a couple of pretty cheap bath houses in Montréal... So it's very tempting. Hummmm. Yes. Isa likes warm things.

We got a pretty neat Namesake review today - be sure to check it out :

And here a few of the ads I designed. You might see these around Deviant art!


Date: 2013-02-25 01:54 am (UTC)
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Woot to hard covers! I am glad to hear you were able to raise what you needed and then some :) The adds look great! Also, congrats on the awesome review! =D I'm starting to love Fred more and more! :P


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