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Tomorrow is the big day - big ass manga conference time. I hope it goes well. It's in a high school, which is always fun. I had to "boob check" the books i'm bringing thought. To make sure nothing too revealing was in the example books I was bringing because the teachers at that school really, really have a lot of prejudice towards comics in general. I don't want to give them reasons to blindly hate what i'm showing.

I love you, shonen manga, but sometimes you go crazy with the fanservice.

I'm being anti-social this week, I think i'm recovering from the holidays. Hopefully by next week, i'll be back to my usual self.

I'm debating whether to go see the Hobbit and Les Miserables in theatres or not. I mean, i'm pretty sure both movies are excellent. But i'm like a kid. If a movie is over one hour and a half, I get really stir crazy. I wasn't able to sit through a single showing of Lord of the Rings. I always have to pause and come back later. It's also why I always watch movies while drawing. I need something else to distract me. So i'm thinking i'll wait for the DVD release. I'll probably enjoy it more at home then in the theatres while my brain is going "oh god is it over yet?".

I got the art book for the Hobbit. For a fantasy artist, it's great inspiration. The details in the locations and the costumes are insane. I especially like the part about the dwarves, but you guys know I adore dwarves.

I watched the live-action Kenshin movie with Link this week. It's pretty good! The story is sortoff a mashup of the first 3 storylines. It's pretty hard to follow if you haven't read the manga. But if you are a fan, you'll be very satisfied with it. The actors are incredibly well chosen. I think my only complaints would be that there is a small lack of awesome in the battle scenes (they went for realistic, so it lacks epic a bit). And Kaoru is really, really lacking... something. She doesn't feel badass or interesting in the least. Megumi was a far better character. The movie is mostly about Megumi and Kenshin. 

Finally, I started wearing fingerless gloves and thicker socks at work and... I'm less cold! I'm cold all the time, usually. But apparently, covering up my palms and feet makes a big different (I was burning up by the end of the day). I guess that's where my heat is leaving my body. I'm incredibly happy about this, because winters are really hard on me most of the time. I need to buy multi-colored fingerless gloves I think. :)

Finished the designs for Namesake's second books cover. I'm rather proud.

Date: 2013-01-10 12:12 pm (UTC)
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The cover looks fantastic! =D Of course green and purple being my fave colors are extra win for it LOL!

Good luck on the conference! You'll do fine and hopefully change minds about comics especially where the instructors are concerned when giving those opportunities to their students.

Fidgety? I can understand why sitting through a 2.5 hour movie could get a bit much. I get too engrossed and the time flies for me. I really do want to go see the Hobbit in the theater if I can.


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