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May was pretty crazy. I'm glad it's almost over. Work was crazy since the schools are finishing up their budgets. Home was crazy because art and cons and contracts. This was a rough month. Thankfully, after this last con this weekend, it's vacation time! I'm going to take some time to hang with friends and visit New York. Woot woot. I just finished packing my suitcase - starting tomorrow i'm going to be in the states for a week.

Despite the serious busy crazies, I took a day mostly off for my birthday. I was indulged by my boyfriend and got to see Epic. For anyone interested, Epic was pretty decent, probably Blue Sky's best up to date. Rich world. Kinda felt like a mix between Narnia and Ferngully. The characters are really fun, the forest world is gorgeous and this movie wins the prize for "best use of product placement in plot" (it's an iphone - keep your eyes peeled for it). The villains could have used more work. There's this weird trend lately in animated features where the villains are kinda weak-ish (they lack motivations and backstories). The best one I saw lately was the Wreck-it-Ralph one, who was pretty scary.

In other news, I drew a lot of fanart lately, to produce for cons. I did a few non-fanart things, mostly educative stuff. I really love doing prints or posters with lists, or diagrams, or maps. Sorta like "all the types of time travel" or "Types of swords." This time, I made one about Lolitas, as in the Japanese fashion trend.

Full poster under cut. )

It's a fashion trend I adore, because it's basically like small pockets of history, walking around, inspired by Rococo and Victorian fashion and design. I wanted to draw two posters, one showing the different types of Lolitas, and the other showing the proper layering required to achieve the Lolita look. So far, i've only done the "type" one, but it's a good start!

Technically, only 4 "types" are actual types, the others are more like themes. The main 4 types are classic, punk, gothic and sweet.

I posted this on tumblr and it got like 8000 notes, so this bodes well for con sales...

Welp, off I go! Time to zip up my bags and prepare for adventure. 

See you all later!


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