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I love fish-out-of-water situations. Namesake gives me a setting that allows me to have a bit of that, so i'm happy. Most fantasy worlds don't have ipods, or they have stuff way better then ipods, so either way, it's funny.

Went to visit my family for the New Year's, watched a lot of movies so lame they are actually hilarious (looking at you, Journey 2). Kinda been sick since Christmas. Maybe i'm just burned out and I don't know it. I haven't really had much of a break since summer, so maybe that could be my goal for February. 

I don't really have any resolutions for 2013. I do have a few goals, like fixing up a few sites and projects that are lying around. I guess my only real resolution is that I want to make sure I have a bit more fun and relaxation because i'm really working a lot, and I think it's starting to affect my personality in a negative way. I'm envious (jealous, even) of a few of my friends who always seem to be lying down and yet get plenty achieved. Blergh. I should take it easier and not let the negative feelings take over my brain.

I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Back to book peddling and teaching in schools. I tried really hard to memorize my presentation over the holidays but it just would not work. The merry cheer was too distracting. Thankfully, I still have 4 days...


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