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Still working on making a zillion pages. Creating buffers is long!

The new Game of Throne episodes are quite tantalizing. It's too bad I don't have cable. I'll most likely do what I did for the first two seasons - watch them online and then buy the DVDs. I really like the ladies in this show. Especially Sansa and Dany, who display opposite spectrums of badass.

Last week I went to a Draw and Quarterly event : a talk by Alison Betchel (mostly know as the comic origin of the Betchel test). I picked up her books while I was there. I mostly knew her for her strips called Dykes to watch out for. This is my first time reading her graphic novels. The first, Fun Home, is about her father. The second, Are You My Mother, is about her mother. In both cases, it's also about how Alison grew up, about the evolution of her sexual identity, and the evolution of her general identity. I love the spot color used in both books. I love the drawing style that reminds me of classic strips drawings like those of For Better or for Worse. It really adds to the story, i'm not sure why. Maybe because cartoon strips are so associated with family life? The story is very interesting too. It's unique, just like it's composer, which is appropriate since it is her life. The book also analyses literature and the value of the memoir genre. In general - a great read. Cannot recommend enough.

On the subject of comics, I was surprised to learn that a rather dated French comic series (from the 70's) is being currently addapted to the big screen in an american/korean co-production. The original comic is called "Transperceneige", which translates to Snowpiercer, the title of the movie version.

The film is set in a future where a human engineered Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snow Piercer, a train that travels non-stop around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. The train is divided into a harsh class-system. The story is difficult to describe because it's so ambient in the books. Basically, picture this as a strange mix of Space Opera with the Hunger games. It's got virtual realities, revolutions, weird science, military conspiracies, religious sects, everything. The movie looks like it's going to kick-ass with it's multi-cultural badass cast. 

I'm looking forward to it because, let's face it, more cool European comics SHOULD be adapted in big budget movies. There's a lot of stories in European comics that are unique. It's a group of comics that needs more translations and adaptations because it's chock full of amazing things for all ages. 

I just hope that in the Snowpiercer that upgrade the gender roles a bit though - because in the 70's comic version, all the guys are stoic badasses and all the girls and sexy emotional minxes. So yeah.

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So... Apparently, Namesake is nominated for for the Oustanding Canadian Webcomics Creator / Creative Team Award offered by the Joe Shuster Awards jury. AND THAT'S PRETTY AWESOME.

I squee'd.

It's nice to see that whenever I feel like a crappy artist and friend, the universe sends me a message that I don't suck as much as I seem to think I do. Thank you, universe.

Also, the top image is an idea for a shirt I had. Basically playing with the idea that WE ARE THE GLOWY STICK GENERATION with our Wizard wands, our Elven swords, our moon wands, our wiimotes, or sonic screwdrivers, our lgihtsabers and our unicorns.

We kick ass and love the shiny.

In unrelated news, I am now obsessed with Game of Thrones, holy shit, people, can I have a wolf and a sky bison already? I promise to feed and walk both and not let them crush and destroy too many bystanders.

- Isa


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