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Okay, so, today I almost died. There's a giant snowstorm on Montréal today, trapping buses in the snow, stopping subways and killing electricity. It died down now, but during the day, it took me about 3 hours to come home after an attempt to get to work mostly failed. Most of the time was spent walking. So I was pretty frozen when I got home. 

I guess my point is, villains who have snow powers can actually be a pretty damn big threat.

Tomorrow, i'm going back to work for a day, and then I get a couple of days off to spend with my family in Ottawa. That shall be nice. And hopefully less snowy.

I'm currently preparing a tiny conference i,m suppose to give in January about manga for a group of teens in a school and their professors. I'm suppose to convince the teens and the profs that manga is not just fanservice and violence. It will be easy for the teens, but I get the feeling the professors are going to make it hard on me. It's a shame manga still has this reputation when there's so much diversity in what is being currently published. Along with a bunch of other librarians, i'm trying to entice schools to use manga as learning tools, to get kids to read and to analyse the content. Stuff like Bakuman (a manga about folks who want to do manga) are so perfect for schools...

In any case, I wrote down my speech and I think i'm going to use the two hour bus ride to Ottawa to learn it well.

Right now, my favorite shojo series are Princess Jellyfish, Kamisama Kiss and Bride Stories. I actually did a Kamisama kiss drawing for the conference since it's a pretty darn popular series in schools at the moment (I think because of the anime now being available on crunchy roll).

All this research gave me serious Slayers nostalgia, I drew a bunch of Lina Inverse sketches, among other things.

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 My parents came by for Christmas dinner, and as usual, since my mother expresses her love by feeding folks, everyone entered a food coma by 10 o'clock. Still awesome though! My brothers and I tried to give more gifts this year, so on top of my parent's annual generosity, it was a paper orgy in front of my dragon tree (there's a Toothless in it).

I love Christmas specials, so honestly, now that Namesake has a good bunch of readers, I really wanted to do a Christmas interlude. So I did. To me, it's an important thing. I'm re-posting it for you guys right here. I love to see how much Namesake has evolved in terms of story and drawings in only two years. Everyone looks so much rounder and livelier. 

I wanted this Christmas story to be about the main character, Emma, and her good friend Ben. Ben is a pretty chill dude form a big family, so Emma seems a lot lonelier then him, but in the end, they really need each other. 

Onwards to spend the day digesting and doodling.

Happy holidays, you guys.
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Hopefully people who think today is the end of the world won't get too crazy. Thankfully, most people seem to believe this is silly. so, good.

My drawing stuff is going incredibly slowly right now because my day job has basically taken over my life. But that's predictable, considering I work in a store. Holidays shoppers are mostly okay. Not one has been a jerk (although some are pushy or difficult). There's just a crap-ton of them.

Today is my first day off this week, so i'm taking it easy, doing a couple of chores and watching Christmas specials. I really want to re-watch the Nutcracker prince cartoon and the Muppet's version of Scrooge. I do love Christmas specials. For Namesake, we are even making a small Christmas story. Basically, the three updates of this week will form the story. I'll post it here too when all the updates are completed.

Still working on Kickstarter stuff, here's the sketch for the wallpaper tier :

I really want to eat Christmas cookies. Maybe I can trick people into making me some *laughs*

Also, ladies, check out this video : It's a TED talk about Anita Sarkeesian. She talks about online misogyny in the video game community, and her experience with harassment because of her work. She is a media critic and the creator of Feminist Frequency, a video webseries that explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives.

- Isa


Dec. 14th, 2012 08:32 pm
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Today definitely started on a sad note, as the first news on all news sites is the Connecticut shooting. I'd like to say I have trouble believing someone would do something so horrible, but then again, the rest of the news also features the killing of children on an International scale, so I guess bad people are just all over the place. Urgh. I'm disgusted. I don't really believe in Hell, but if it does exist, I hope the shooter is in it.

It’s moment like these I wish things like the Avengers or the Guardians of Childhood would really exist. They would swoop in, protect kids, prevent tragedies like these. Sadly, this is reality, so the only thing I can be is heartbroken.

I focused on doing my pages for the rest of the day. Next week is getting kinda crazy (long-ass week of work, ah, the holidays), so I tried to crank up the page drawing as much as I could.

Think i'm going to treat myself and draw something fun tonight to elevate my spirits. 

- Isa

Santa box

Dec. 8th, 2012 10:00 pm
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As usual, December started and the money is a bit low. A combination of Christmas gifts (Yaaay), medical stuff (boooo) and taxes (aw man) have truly drained my bank account. I also wanted new boots because my feet are always cold, and that took a chunk (but the boots are amazing! I will never want for shoes again...) I just got paid for some illustration work. It's gonna go back up. I prefer to be low and get awesome gifts for all my friends. I still have money for food, rent, internet and Superhero movies, so i'm good. This made me think of all the people who have rotten Decembers because just the money require for rent, heating and food is putting such a strain on them.

So I took a little bit of the little bit I had, and donated. We have a thing at the bookstore, it's a book donation. They have it in all the bookstores in Quebec. It's basically - people donate a book, and it's sent as a present to a kid in a family in need. Books are still luxuries in this day and age (and public libraries are inestimable treasures for knowledge). The donated books are NEW. People buy the book at the store, and then place it in the box with a note or a drawing. If I have enough money by the end of the month, I want to donate another one. A really good one. With an epic story. and i'm going to make an awesome drawing to donate with it.

Hey, as anybody heard about the time capsule apartment? There's this apartment in Paris that has stayed untouched since WWII. I find this sort of thing fascinating....

A tiny Rise of the Guardians fanart has been doodled, as promised...

And by tiny, I mean look at them cuties.

Yesterday, I managed to finish the cover for Namesake's book two. now i'm working on the bonus story. So far so good! I have less time to do random art, but hey, such is life. The weather really makes me want to draw some Snow Queen inspired art.

That is all for now!


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This week was pretty much nothing but Namesake - [personal profile] savvyliterate  visited for us to start preparing all things relating to the second Namesake kickstarter. It was nothing but comic talk, awesome geekiness and tea. So, good week. I'm working on preparing the stuff for the kickstarter in advance this time, rather then rushing afterwards to get them done and sent to the folks who nicely toss money at us. January is when the kickstarter stars, so I still have a bit of time! Looking forwards to inking the cover. The image on top is the sketch for the exclusive kickstarter print.

In a few days it's December, time to decorate tiny apartment trees hehehehe!

Yesterday, I went to my friend Boum's booklaunch. It was for an amazing book with a Les Miserable feel called "little revolution". It's amazing. An English version is in the works, i'll be sure to link you guys when it's ready.

In other news, you guys, if you can (and love animation), please see Rise of the Guardians. The movie isn't doing too well box-office wise despite how awesome it is, and it's a shame, because there's so much story to tell with this super-team that not having a sequel would suck the big one. And there's so much fan and canon material to enjoy after. Rufftoon, a dreamworks employee, has magnificent fan comics on her deviant art page. And the original novels are delightful. I've already been thrice to toss money at this (don't worry, I see most animated movies at least twice, this is normal). The artbook is awesome too. Just saying - it's worth your money, if you have any you can spare.

Finally, my brain is giving me some chronological dreams with odd but intriguing storylines. I actually forced myself back to sleep all the way up to 11 am this morning to see where this one was going. It was about this kid going to an Utena-esque school who always wore a big black coat and long sleeves, apparently to hide something. The other students (mainly bullies) were curious, so they challenged him to a contest. If he would win, he'd get a date with the girl of his dreams. If he'd loose though, he has to show what was under the coat. The contest was... weird (ipad throwing contest over a gorge of flames, don't ask). After some character development, the boy ended up losing, and obviously I woke up before seeing what was under the coat WHY BRAIN WHY?

- Isa
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So, I saw Rise of the Guardians! It was really, really good! I think Wreck-it-Ralph had a more direct storyline and handled the emotions a lot better, but Rise of the Guardians had the EPIC and the AWESOME down to a T. I guess it's always like that though. Disney is better at making an emotional connection, and Dreamworks is better at creating sweeping universes composed of badasses.

The story kinda reminded me of the old books Frank Baum had written about Santa Claus, where Santa starts off as this normal dude and is eventually invested with the powers of fairies to give hope to children and protect them. I would not be surprised if that actually inspired in part the original book. 

My favorite was the Toothfairy. Expect art.

Christmas shopping season seems to have started - it's totes crazy at the bookstore. The schools and public libraries are also pulling out their end of the year budgets, so we are pretty much selling books as fast as we can shelve them. Which is good news for my boss, but the employees are kinda tired *laughs*

The drawing accompanying this post is something I made for my Grandmother for Christmas. Last year, I gave her a blown up version of a fairy tale drawing I made, which my parents had the good idea to print on canvas. She liked it so much that I wanted to give her another. You know, matching set. This time, I chose the fairy tale "the Seven Crows", but I kinda screwed it up. Actually, the fairy tale illustrated should have been the seven Swans, or the twelve crows. In both those fairy tales, a young princess sees her brothers turned into birds by an evil queen, and she needs to make them clothing out of plants for seven years without speaking to break the spell, which only gets harder when she meets the love of her life. The 7 crows, by Grimm, is actually pretty different. So, oops. It's a hybrid between the crows and the swans, it seems. 

Birds are hilariously fun to draw.

- Isa
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... I fail at posting. This was such a crazy week - I din't even update tumblr or twitter. Crazy! This is my first real day off in a week. I'm going to spend it drawing some comic pages for something very special! I won a local contest here hosted by Hachette. Basically, you had to doodle a short story on the theme of lumberjacks and woods. So I did a comic based on an old Quebecois ghost story about a tree-lady (kinda like a nymph I guess, but not). I can't post the comic, but i'll show you guys the cover when it's done!

I'm proud of myself. I'm in the second stage of professional artist-ness. At least I feel like i'm on stage two. The first is "work like a crazy person and don't get paid". The second is "work even more, but get paid". The third is "work a normal amount because you do this full-time and get paid". I'm on stage two. This is exciting. I'm also getting a bunch more contracts in school, I suspect in part because I appeared on the news talking about manga. Go figure!

Rise of the Guardians comes out this week. You cannot believe how excited I am for this. When I was a kid, I wrote a story kinda like it, using childhood mythology folks as soldiers  protecting the dreams of kids. So, this is like my childhood dream movie. I really can't wait. 

The drawing on top is a commission for a friend of one of the protagonists of her version of Snow White. Not gonna lie, I drew this for the textures. It was really fun. 

It other news, Montreal is humid and it makes it really bloody cold. Urgh. 

- Isa


Nov. 8th, 2012 01:44 pm
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So, the cold started. just *poof* suddenly, everything went below zero. Mwer. I love you Canada, but your winters are harsh! 

Been drawing my butt off, but getting nice results. I drew the witch up there for a calendar, and finished some paid comic contracts. I'm going to have a comic in the upcoming Womanthology "Space" issue. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it! Here's a panel featuring a pushy friend :

Aside from that, the news! Two things - first, i'm going to be on the news here in Québec. Some folks were doing a report on manga for the annual literature festival. So they came to the bookstore I work at to get some footage and explanations about it. I'm glad! Since, you know, usually manga is shown rather negatively on the media as cheap comics with no content other then fighting and sexing. It's good to see a report in the mainstream media talking about how fun it is and why it communicates so well to teens. 

Second, elections! Even though i'm Canadian and basically have no say in it, i'm glad Obama got re-elected. Political discussion aside (aka, not considering what both parties should represent), I honestly feel that Obama cares a whole lot more about America in general then Romney did. I mean... the Republicans could have chosen someone way better to represent them then THAT. Here in Canada, we basically have a lot of folks who really don't give a crap "ruling" us. So yeah... I'm glad. For those of you who are republicans, I hope your next candidate will be more awesome. For you democrats out there, congrats. 

That is all.


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The short before it, Paperman, was really fun too. I marvelled at the new technology. I mean... 3D technology that makes stuff look like 2D? Do you guys have any idea how awesome this is? I hope they use it for the upcoming Snow Queen movie. In all honesty, even if Wreck-it-Ralph would have been bad, Paperman was still worth the ticket price. But it was good, so no issues here.

Lots of adorable things, fun plot twists, scary villains and powerful female characters. So, i'm happy. Definitely something video game fans need to see.

Link adored Vaneloppe. I preferred Ralph. THEM CUTIES.

- Isa
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So, first thing first - Halloween was awesome. I met up with a few friends and we had a miniature party - good food for starters, garlic sandwiches and tuna salad to ward off vampires. We chatted, wore costumes, and my buddy Fanie, who does make-up professionally, gave the whole group some really nice once. I was a fairy, so I got this awesome butterfly silver and red facepaint. But i'm an idiot and no photos were actually taken of it (i'm in the background of other people's photos, but none was taken directly of me). Then we watched Hocus Pocus while pigging out on candy. It was simple, but really fun. 

Secondly, i'm feeling the pull of adulthood this week. Those who know me know i've always been the responsible type, but I always hated change that signified growing up. I'm usually okay with it after a week or two. But the initial shock always puts me in depression. Basically, i'm getting more and more drawing contracts. Like, full comics and stuff. I'm actually becoming successful. It's creeping me out almost as much as it's making me deliriously happy. The busy that comes from it is making it harder for me to see friends and family, even making it difficult to update this site. So, this distance, this busy time, makes me feel like i,m becoming a busy adult and that i'm losing something. It probably doesn't help that I technically do all my art stuff on the side of an actual job. Maybe if my art would be full-time, i'd have a more normal life and i'd stop feeling guilty about being so absent from the lives of the people I love. I can only hope that I can eventually reduce work hours. 

I also saw that LJ is being stupid again, and doing some stuff that makes people want to leave. This also gave me the whole "change fears". Because for the longest time, since teenagedom, Lj was my Cheers. It was that place I could go and write down my feelings and talk with awesome people. It's something i've had since forever, and even though I post less, i'm still in love with the idea of LJ (not the technical changes though, LJ, what the hell?). 

So, long story short, I hate change that slowly walks me to adulthood. It's a pretty immature thing. But yeah, every one has flaws. And stuff does need to evolve. I'm happy i'm moving forward in my dreams, even though it means time is becoming more and more precious and that i'm losing a few things. I don't know. Life needs to move forward. I don't resist it per se, I just mumble angrily about it in a corner. Bah.

I have a DW account, but i'm going to keep cross posting to LJ. I also have a deviant art and tumblr, and a twitter. I'll try really hard to update all of those more. And with actual text reather then just tossing images on it. Here are the links :

DW -
tumblr -
Deviantart -
twitter -

(yeah, i'm secondlina everywhere)

I'm going to go see Wreck-it-Ralph with Link tonight. I'll let you all know how it was!

Also, i'm glad that pretty much all my f-list was mostly spared by the storm. Hugs for all of you.

- Isa
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Now that Princeless is over, i'm switchign to other contracts, which includes drawing again for the Womanthology. This time, it's a two-page story about first love during the apocalypse. It's kinda awesome. I love it.

In winter, I think I want to start a new graphic novel. For the past year i've been doing Namesake and contracts. I haven't created something really personal in almost 2 years. I mean, Namesake is personal, but it's also serial, so it doesn't have the same feel. I kinda miss it. I need to make something, you know? I'm thinking of starting the Sparkgobbler. It's a fun story. And I think I got good enough at colouring to really play with the lights. 

I was going thru my stuff and realized I often don't finish drawings. I never get to the colouring step. I should do it more often. I need the practice. So i,m going to try to do that more. I just finished this one. Which I LOVE. I just adore this drawing. I'm happy with the result..

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I finished all the contracts I had to end with October. That includes the Princeless pages. and then I rushed to do my weekly Namesake pages. This week was all about drawing panels. I'm glad to be done so I can relax and party on Halloween (with candy).

Here's a preview of one of the panels of the Princeless comic :

I'm really proud of these pages. I did do a tiny mistake. Princeless is one of those comics that has an official bubble master and letterer. I didn't realize it, and inked my bubbles by hand, like I do for pretty much all my other comics. That may cause them a few issues during lettering. I told them i'd modify troublesome bubbles. I kinda feel dumb for not realizing it. It's true that a lot of comic artists actually ink their bubbles along with the rest (many, like me, aren't fond of the digitalkbubbles), but a lot of others do it digitally. Now, I learned my lesson - for all future contracts, i'll ask whether the bubbles need to be present or absent during inking.

In other news, I really adore Adventure Time. The show is pretty weird, and it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But I kinda like how they use the fantasy setting to subtly give out lessons about things that many kid's show don't really talk about. Like gender issues. Unrequited crushes. Sexual harassment (no, really). This week's episode was interesting. It used the characters of Marceline the vampire queen of the crazy Ice King, showing that they actually knew each other younger, during the apocalypse that forged the fantasy world. A lot of the dialogue reminded me of people dealing with family members who have Alzheimers or dementia. So yeah. Powerful episode.

I'm kinda liking how recent cartoons, like Adventure Time, My little Pony, Green Lantern corps, Avatar, etc, really try to give worthy elssons and create strong characters, both female and male. C.S. Lewis once said  - "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest." A youth story needs to be potent, strong, true. You can't dumb something down "for kids". You need to tell it a bit different. Dumbing down, and using the language of children is not the same thing.


I live!

Oct. 12th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Namesake is now officially 2 years old. And doing quite well. I don't want to give anything away, but we have great plans for 2012-1013. 

The illness is gone! Woot woot! I still have a mysterious cough, but that's probably my stupidly weak lungs have a party. 

Still working on the Princeless comics. Got 4 pages out of 7 done, with about half a month to spare. I'm rather proud of myself. It's odd to do full-colour pages, but I rather like them. The whoel story happens at night, so all the colours are dark. My kind of colours!

I started watching the first season of Once Upon a Time while drawing. I was trying to keep away from it at first, because I was afraid of it influencing Namesake. I remember when it first aired I got a couple of crazy emails telling me Namesake was a rip-off of Once Upon a Time. I think these people didn't realize how long it takes to draw a comic. But, aside from the heroine having the same name, I gotta say there's no resemblance. I ended up deciding to watch it because, apparently, all the fairy tales are actually based on the Disney versions. Since Disney owns ABC. I figured that made it "safe" for me to watch it without worry. 

It was actually interesting to spot all the Disney references. There's a lot. And I like that the whoel show centers around Snow White. aka, the first princess. This is the year of Snow Whites, I think.

Generally, I love the show. Good intrigue, nice costumes, fun characters, and of course, the Disney stuff. I like the kid who plays Henry too. You've got moxy, kid. 

Sorry it's been so long since I posted... But it took me a while because I don't have any drawings to post! All the stuff i've been doing lately is contract related and can't be shown! And it felt weird posting without a drawing *laughs*

- Isa

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So, status report, i'm still sick. I got better, but I still get bouts of fever, and dizziness and my voice sounds like a lawnmower starting. This flu is though. But I am getting better, gradually.

I think I might be ordering too many things online, because i'm developing a friendship with my UPS delivery man *laughs*. We recognize each other and ask about our mutual days and everything. He actually came by on Thursday and Friday this week. I'm sorry for making you go up all those stairs every time, man.... He's a nice guy! He saw me all sniffly and pathetically ill and told me to rest well and get better soon. D'awwww.

I'm currently excited for the upcoming Les Miserables movie. This adaptation isn't an adaptation of the book, but an adaptation of the musical (so it's an adaptation, twice removed). Seems pretty neat. What seems the most interesting about it is that all the songs are sung live while filming, rather then being a lip-synced playback. The actors have microphones in their ears that play the music. So it's really a high-budget live musical. There's a couple of videos on youtube exploring the makings of it. Makes me pretty excited for it.

Speaking of musicals, this may seem like blasphemy to some fans of the original, but i’d love to see a remake of the Labyrinth one day. You know, as a high-fantasy musical. A real musical, where everyone sings. And Sarah is twice as badass. And the costumes and puppets are even crazier then before. And the Goblin King is played by an awesome actor closer to Sarah’s age group. But Bowie still gets a role somewhere, as a teller of stories-badass-grampa. Plus, Sarah could be dressed basically the same way and STILL be in fashion.

Welp, back to dying slowly and sipping tea while photoshopping.

- Isa


Sep. 28th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Well, it seems all this work and tired mood made me a prime target for the flue. There's a lot of flue going around at work. Probably because our bookstore is right next to a clinic. Oh well.

I'm nothing but an oozing pile of yuck today, so I did useless doodles all day. It was fun.

Link is now addicted to baby animal videos. It's a pretty cute background sound.

Onwards to crashing on my couch and watching the Avengers.

- Isa
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Okay, so now i'm looking forward to being done with the crazy amount of school activities. I'm going back to one per three weeks at a specific library after this week (I take care of their manga reading club). And i'm glad. This month was crazy, i'm tired, and I want to draw more. Thank god September is done. We hired a newbie for the comic section too, so i'm back to part-time work too (aka four days rather then 5 per week, but I like it that way). I made some money, had fun, but now I need resting and drawing time.

Soon it will be October.

AKA Halloween month.


I'm still working on commissions and the Princeless comic pages (due for Halloween). And I started the work on the second Namesake book. Link too, since he's helping me by re-shading some of the pages. I,m trying to think of things I could create for the kickstarter of the book. One thing someone suggested was "Namesake plushies". I have to admit, having one or two as a prize could be awesome... I'll have to ponder that. I'm also thinking of making some cool prints, and bookmarks. And necklaces again, those did good! And bonus stories...

Check out the sketches for the front and back covers. The characters featured are Selva and Warrick since the second book mostly focuses on them.

Yesterday, for fun, I got a Tarot reading done by my beloved friend Fanie. The results were hilariously awesome. I got a card with a Roman Emperor looking over the stuff he owned that represented spiritual and material prosperity. That card was bitchin'. 

- Isa
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Well, this week was kinda crazy. Felt like it flashed by. And work re-starts tomorrow, yow. I'm looking forward to October. I get to enjoy tea and leaves falling. The kids in the classes are fun! Although, i'm amazed that 10 year olds behave better then teens. Tsk. Hormones.

There’s this kickstarter I want to tell you about. It’s for an animated film friends of mine are doing, about two food samplers duelling it out in a food court. They basically need funding to rent out a server farm to finish the animation.

I did all the storyboards and some of the character design for the movie. So even though it’s not my project, the character’s expressions, movements and personalities are something I added a bit of my own color to. It would mean a lot to me to see the final product. and i’m sure you’ll all love it too!

Here's some art I did for it :

In other news, I want General Tao chicken pretty bad. Time for an escapade to Chinatown, perhaps?

And hey, here's an awesome article. It's about comic criticism. It's basically everything I wish I could tell to the morons  see in my store but can't... The author of the article is a comic artist I adore and quite the dynamite lady.

Back to (trying) to draw pages.


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 Welp, Princeless pages are going really well. Got 4 sketched out. I could probably sketch all seven in a day if I wanted, but I decided to take my time more. This is a bit more "pro" then Namesake, so I might as well chillax.

Next week, classes in schools are starting for me. Got about 5 to give before September ends (whew), and then it's back to about 2 per month (yaaaay). I do love teaching kids and teens about comics. I was nervous about it last yeah. Now i'm a lot more confident. Also, I love drawing in front of them and watch them freeze in horror at the amount of time it took me. Heehhehe. So, the next weeks are going to be busy. But that's life. I'm going to try to keep October as quiet as  I can, because there's a couple of things I never have time to do that I want to do, and that includes seeing folks I never get to see (I mean you, Sandra). I also kinda want to do something massively fun for Halloween. 

Because Halloween is awesome. I kinda like how some little towns in the USA and Alberta make like... labyrinth and giant pumpkins and stuff for Halloween. They take that stuff as seriously as I do. Big cities lack a bit of Halloween spirit. 

Drew a little Adventure Time fanart of Fionna, somewhat influenced by my re-reading of Alice in Wonderland. 

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A little something that truly illustrates the joys of fandom in all forms of blogging.

I think I might be getting a bit tired - i'm having another bad drawing day today. Aka, a day where I can't draw anything that satisfies me. I've been getting them more and more frequently. I'm pretty sure fatigue is what causes them. The weather got a bit colder and the comic store is getting busier, so it probably doesn't help. I've been thinking it might be a good idea at some point for me to go for a weekend in a tiny house in the woods to disconnect from comics and the web. Not that I dislike either of those things (I adore both). But my job is internet & comics, and my distractions are internet & comics, and my artwork is all about the internet and the comics. So even though i'm hardly tired of these things, a break would probably still do me some good. It's prevention.

In other (good) news, a good artist friend of mine is pregnant (YAY!) and I've been selected to draw a short story for an anthology in the Princeless series (a pretty fun comic for young girls). So, you guys can definitely look forward to happy sketches regarding both in a near future. The Princeless story needs to be done for Halloween (eek), so I might be rushing a bit for that.

Also, I started reading "blue Exorcist" and that is a pretty sweet manga. I've been re-reading old European comics (namely, Spirou) and I keep noticing all the detailed work put in the expressions and the hands. No wonder i'm obsessed with hands and eyes. This stuff was all over my childhood. I can't recall who said it, but I remember there was an animator that said that if you're going to mess up something in a character, don't mess up the eyes or the hands. The rest can have screwy little details if those parts are awesome. 

See what I mean about this whole "comics rule my life" thing?

Well, since this is already all about comics, might as well also tell you guys to check out this kickstarter for a pretty cool webcomic called Plume. Help me get this backed! I drew some fanart to encourage folks (and the artist). Enjoy!


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