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One of my favorite comic book artist is Kerascoët. He is an god in human form. I just learned today that one of my favorite books in all time called *miss pas touche* (which translates as *miss don't touch*) is now available in english. Here it is, on for really cheap. I garantee the story is excellent, the drawings beautiful and the price really cheap (you guys get the book for 10$ when in french we have to pay 20!) The book won several awards. It's pretty rare for french series of this type to be translated in english.

The story resumes itself like this:

Paris in the thirties. The ‘Butcher of the Dances’ is on the prowl for young loose women. Blanche works as a maid along with the only family she knows, her sister, fun-loving Agatha. Suddenly, Blanche loses her to what she saw was murder but others only write off as suicide. She decides to take matters into her own hands. In her pursuit, she ends up hired into a luxury house of call-girls. She even becomes quite good at certain lascivious practices while still remaining a virgin! But she also doesn’t lose sight of her goal: find the Butcher.

C'mon, history, pretty drawings and mystery? For 10$? Garanteed by your favorite comic artist that it rocks? How can you NOT want to read this XD

This guy just releashed another work called *Jolies Ténèbres* (Translates as *pretty darkness*) that is a story about a little girl who died and her imagination escapes her body and runs wild. It's only in french for now, and i'm really exited to buy it.

All this makes me want to go home and do watercolors. Too bad work calls. *returns to filing*

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