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For those wondering - the manga conference went well. None of the teachers showed up though, only the students. I was expecting the teachers to be a bit snobbish since they hardly consider manga a valid medium, but honestly, not having them show up at all seemed rude. The school principal was a bit angry about it too.

I'm almost done with the Namesake book 2 contents... I plan to put the finishing touches on the last of the art Friday. And then, done! That makes me really happy! The next big things to draw are going to be banner ads, as we are planning to do a big marketing push soon. 

I need to find good ideas for banner ads. 

I drew this crossover art based off stuff people wrote on tumblr. I want to draw more. I have no idea why Hogwarts is such a good spot to do alternative universe stories in. Most badass school of all time or something...

I really want to find good recipes for fish... I,m getting a bit tired of red meat, so lately i've been eating more and more fish. My stomach seems to like it better. Suggestions?

Date: 2013-01-18 01:53 pm (UTC)
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SImple Fish recipe I use

Chop up some fish, spinkle an enchilada packet on it, mix it in with peppers, onions, mushrooms in a lightly greased pan. Prepare some tortilla and shredded cheese.

1 fish fillet, 1 pepper, 1 onion and 4 ozs of mushroom makes enough for 3 small tortillas- which is one good-sized meal.

The other recipe I use (this is dude cooking) is fish, bread crumbs, cajin spice seasoning fried up, but that's greasy and unhealthy.


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