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 So, lack of posting again. I'm sorry. Lately, it feels difficult to put one word in front of the other. Which is probably why i've been preferring tumblr-slash-deviant art where I can just silently toss drawings into the internet's void. I feel like I lack things to say. Generally, things go well, but i've been just working, sleeping and drawing day in and day out. I'm attempting to finish some comics. It's going well. I'm not feeling stressed in the least. I do feel a bit like a printer though.

At least I still have time to draw some magical girls. I've been obsessing over that genre lately.

Tomorrow, I get to meet one of my heroes. Neil Gaiman is coming to Montréal to talk about his new book and I managed to get tickets. I'm really excited. I love him because he's the type of writer I want to be. One that calculates when he writes his stories, so that every detail matters and is awesome. Not to mention his love and knowledge of mythology is impressive. I'm just... really psyched for this!

I'm putting the finishing touches on the inking for the final page of Namesake's third book. It's like, woah. I can't believe I managed to draw this much. This is like... 300 and then some pages of comics. It's far from being over, but I think at this point I know i'm going to see this through. I'm proud of myself for getting this far. There was a few slip ups along the way, story and art wise (and management wise, sorry about the kickstarter being slow, you guys). But still, I think we did good. Working on a webcomic is special, because it's more then a storytelling platform. It's a freaking masters class in comicking. Working every day, interacting with artists online, you are just always learning and improving. And you are never as close to your readers as you are on the internet, and they teach you a lot when they interact with you. Oh. And shipping is fun to mess around with.

It's cool during the night now. I love this time of year where I can just open the window and be snug in the blankets and feel awesome. This is a good month, you guys. 

Because it opens with a confty bed and some Neil Gaiman. Hee.

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