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I posted this on tumblr recently... It's the resume and an illustration I drew of a story I wrote as a pre-teen :

Life is pretty hard for Josephine, fourteen. Her mom accidentally killed a witch, and is now turning into one. There’s boxes everywhere in their new house, formerly her uncle’s. He’s still around though. He’s the fire spirit in the hart. A couple of the boxes went missing, taken by the power-hungry miniature warlocks in the attic. To top it off, Josephine has a big magical key for an invisible door, and a crush on a strange boy who eats fairies. And it’s raining.

Josephine and the house nobody wanted is a story I wrote in junior high. It was heavily influenced by all the European comics I read as a kid, but I still love it and feel the need to draw these guys once in a while. I should definitely revisit it once day.

I wrote a ton of stories when I was a kid and teen. Sometimes I feel the need to revisit them. None of these stories are that good. Several have predictable twists and turns, and sometimes completely rip-off stuff I was reading at the time. But each story has a little something I can build upon, which is why I keep my kid notebooks preciously.

Lately, i've been poking at my muse a lot, trying to find new things to do with my comics. I've been thinking that I wanted to try the one-panel webcomic format some artists have been doing (namely Emily Carroll and Michelle Czajkowski). It's a format that works nicely for visual storytelling, and seems to work well for kid's stories. I've seen it used for a couple of French comics too, such as Yaya's Ballad, that use one to three panels per page in these small, rectangular shaped pages : 

I really like this format. I really, really want to try it.

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