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Hey guys!

First off, happy birthday to [ profile] asatira , [ profile] the_flowergirl  and [ profile] earthstar_moon ! Sorry for not having sketches you guys! Things got busy over here and I haven't drawn much. I'm distracted by major amounts or paperwork, teeth pain and people. Next week will be quieter. I shall draw then.

In other news, I really need to make a to-do list. I'm having trouble making heads and tails of what I gotta do. C'mon Isa. You are more organized then this! I think i've been pushing back the making of the list being seeing all my tasks lined up is a little scary.

Among the things on that list, I wish to include the acquiring of new skills. For starters, I want to learn how to use Illustrator. Second, I want to learn to draw with a graphic tablet, in Photoshop. Not just color. Draw. I also want to learning how to use new inking tools, like calligraphic pens. Art is beginning to take up more and more of my time. I think I may wanna look into getting a part-time job next year or something. Need to start saving money :D

Last post, [ profile] novabat  drew this.

Here is my reply.

Yep. Take that. :D Have a cuddly griffin!

This morning, on deviant art, I saw a fantastic fanart of Namesake by Hyacinth-Zofia. It's Ben, Emma and Elaine. I love how they all look in this. Especially Ben. Way to be badass.

Yesterday, I went to a conference about using the internet to promote yourself as an illustrator with a friend called Fanie. It was good. It was mostly stuff we knew already, but it was nice to see it all organized in bullet format. There was a lot of older illustrators though, that asked... good questions I guess, but about really basic internet stuff (so it kinda felt like I was back at work at that point. A the joys of working tech support). So we left to eat sushi. Oddly enough, I learned that Fanie as not seen Tangled or Beauty and the Beast. Clearly, I need to inflict these movies upon her.

After that, I got home, crashed on the couch with Link. He had started to watch a movie, so I joined him. The movie was called "The Blindness" and it promptly proceeded to violate my brain. No, really.

Tho take the resume from Tv tropes : "In an unnamed large city, an unexplainable and sudden outbreak of instant blindness is affecting people rapidly. In an attempt to prevent the epidemic from growing out of control, those suffering this are taken away and forced into a derelict mental asylum and held there until further notice. But the military guarding the place becomes increasingly hostile to the inmates, keeping them in at gunpoint. The government refuses to allow in basic medicines, so the hygiene and living conditions degrade horrifically within a short time.The protagonist is the wife of an eye doctor, who was among the first people to go blind. Because she is mysteriously immune to whatever is causing the blindness, she acts as a leader of her ward and tries to keep control over a situation which is rapidly deteriorating. It gets worse. Much, much worse."

This movie is TERRIFYING. Everything is realistic. You know people react this way. And that's scary. The wife, the only one who can still see, goes from a cute housewife to an amazing, badass leader. The movie ends on an uplifting note, which kinda makes me forgive it slightly for scaring the nervous system out of my brain. It's honestly a good movie, but it's not relaxing.

Looks like I got a cold now. I was freezing during the whole movie. I didn't notice the window was open. I guess I got a cold as a consequence. Nooooo! I don't have time to be sick!!

- Isa
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