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 Welp, Princeless pages are going really well. Got 4 sketched out. I could probably sketch all seven in a day if I wanted, but I decided to take my time more. This is a bit more "pro" then Namesake, so I might as well chillax.

Next week, classes in schools are starting for me. Got about 5 to give before September ends (whew), and then it's back to about 2 per month (yaaaay). I do love teaching kids and teens about comics. I was nervous about it last yeah. Now i'm a lot more confident. Also, I love drawing in front of them and watch them freeze in horror at the amount of time it took me. Heehhehe. So, the next weeks are going to be busy. But that's life. I'm going to try to keep October as quiet as  I can, because there's a couple of things I never have time to do that I want to do, and that includes seeing folks I never get to see (I mean you, Sandra). I also kinda want to do something massively fun for Halloween. 

Because Halloween is awesome. I kinda like how some little towns in the USA and Alberta make like... labyrinth and giant pumpkins and stuff for Halloween. They take that stuff as seriously as I do. Big cities lack a bit of Halloween spirit. 

Drew a little Adventure Time fanart of Fionna, somewhat influenced by my re-reading of Alice in Wonderland. 

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Yesterday, I was responsible and made list of my tasks for 2012-2013, to meet the goals I had previously listed. Everything from "draw this comic" to "buy a rice cooker". So, the short-to-long termness varies. Feels good to have this. Makes me feel less...idle? Seems to have re-ignited my motivation a bit, which is good.

I'm trying to find something creative I can do that isn't drawing. To relax. Because when I draw, although i'm always having fun, it's still somewhat "work" in my brain. I dunno. It needs to be something I know i'll do. I was thinking either learning a language or starting painting. I never really learned painting all that much (preferring to work with ink and watercolors rather then acrylic). Mostly because colors and me don't get along all too well. I figured i'm enough of a beginner at it for it to feel different from drawing. Either that or wood burning, maybe? Mwer.

In others news, I recently discovered the pure, granny talent that is Sheilah Beckett. Can someone please just publish an artbook of all her stuff? I promise everyone will buy it.

Kinda fell in love with a Cat's Cradle, a youth comic by Jo rioux. Which is interesting, becasue I knew Rioux's art from this series of books I found a bit flat (which she did not write), so I was happy to see her colorful and adorable art with a good story.

On Tuesday, at the bookstore,someone asked for :

“That book everyone reads, it’s by this like, popular guy, it’s about this guy that goes crazy and talks to dead people.”

Aka Hamlet.

Made me want to draw Hamlet. Maybe i'll draw Lady Macbeth later. 

That is all.


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I bring to you... Designs I did for the Namesake ads! Aw yeah. I'm very happy with the coloring in these. I also went for fanservice a little bit. In the characters chosen and scenes depicted. Because yeah, this is about attracting people. Once they get to the site, I get to dazzle them with the actual comic. I just need to get them there...

I can't wait for school to start again before I murder a parent or two. We are starting to have serious "parents who don't give a fuck" problems at our stores. Parents come in, sit down, read a magazine for two hours, letting the kids run free. And often wrecking havoc. And they usually are pretty indifferent when we try to get them to do something about it. I never get angry at the kids. They are kids. They will run around when bored. I get angry at the parents. how hard is it to buy the damn 2$ mag and go read at the park about a block away while the kids enjoy that little thing I like to call nature? 

Just... so many indifferent parents letting loose kids who clearly need to be playing outside. They have so much energy. It's like it never gets released. It's pretty dangerous in the store. We almost got a toddler waked by a door because her mother let her crawl on the floor in front of it. 

I understand that parents need a break, but a public store is not where they should be having it, especially when their children are 6 and younger. 

If I get arrested in the next week, let them know the murder was just.

- Isa

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On Sunday night and for most of Monday, the whole staff at the bookstore has been doing the thing all library folks dread - INVENTORY *crash of thunder*. It was long and hard work (hahaha), but everyone was diligent and awesome, so it went well. We all got divided in teams of two and got stuff done. Booyah. 

I felt a bit heartbroken because a lot of the books that have been around for a while are rather damaged. The book displays we have aren't too great for large-format comics. See, European mainstream comics kinda come in  3 sizes. The displays were designed for the smaller one, that was originally the most common size (aka TinTin size). The bigger format is now the norm, so the books are always criss-crossing and hitting each other. And now we also have graphic novels and other random sizes, so sometimes, placing books can feel like a Tetris game. 

In other news, i'm really getting into Yokais (aka Japanese folkloric monsters/ghosts/WTFness). I wrote an article for the bookstores (French) blog about them. I got some really cool reference books to write said article, and got back into reading a lot of manga series featuring Yokais, including the infamous Inu Yasha. I never finished reading it because it was long as hell. Now I can read them quietly for free in book format. I'm not gonna lie, borrowing books is definitely the biggest perk of this job. In any case, I love me that folklore. I kinda like this. I love diving back in fairy tales and stuff like that. Brings the flame of love I have for these tales back to burning hot.

Drew some more Korra. The premiere was this weekend. Apparently, Canadians can watch Korra off Nickelodeon's website if they don't mind waiting a day or two. HOT DAMN. I'm happy about that. They probably won't stay long, but long enough to be viewed, and that's good enough for me.

Drawing from to this sorta spoiler-ish and vulgar comic. Be warned. 

- Isa

Ponies :D

Feb. 28th, 2012 06:51 pm
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Drew some stuff relating to My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic.

This week, I am basically a wet towel on the floor while i'm at home and a robot while at work. I only get a half-day off this week due to the fact that i'm trying to balance out school classes and that people at the bookstore need me to come in an extra day. So yeah. This week is going to be heavy. But next week is going to be easier, and mostly empty, so it's all good! Next week will be full of sleeping in late, I can tell you that! I also need to start reconnecting with people slowly. Every time I go hermit because of a project, I kinda stop chatting with people on the phone, in person and on the web. It's normal, considering the project takes up all my time, but I still feel like a jerk for ignoring people for a couple of weeks.

I still generally feel tired and depressed, but whatever, like the rest, it's going to pass. I kinda feel like I did after the university finals. Strange, familiar feeling this is. But pretty much all my stuff for TCAF is ready, Meg takes care of the book editing and I can slowly do commissions. Woo!

I may be overworking myself too much lately. I read a couple of my old entries and they pretty much all go "so tired, can't go on, what the heck?". Either i'm very whiny, or too much of a workaholic. 

I really want to read something good with werewolves in it. Every book I seem to pick up on the theme is terrible. Any one knows some good ones?

I also picked up the graphic novel for "Friends with Boys" and it rocks. Got a copy as a birthday present for my Namesake partner in crime, Meg. Seriously guys, do yourself a favor and check out the online version. It's awesome.

- Isa
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Back from two days of convention. Oh god, it was kinda horrible. I'm not going to go into details right now, but I worked harder at this con then any other con before. And I had some pretty difficult cons before this! Long hours, alone for five tables for a good while, no change, etc, etc. It was. Yurk. Not as well organized as it could have been. The con itself was pretty fun, I got a couple of comics signed. But oh god, my legs. My brain. My eardrums. It all hurts. Ark. But the artists were friendly, and the people too, so it balances out.

Tomorrow, I work again, but only at the bookstore and on website stuff, so it's going to be quiet. And then, in the evening, i,m going to go see the Lion King with a friend. I promise i'll answer your comments tomorrow. But for today my brain is just going FDGDFGRGTRHGBGN CAN'T COMPUTE.

Also, apparently, it only takes the command of three people (asatira, Lily and Juba) to make me draw something. I was asked for a color drawing of Wendy.

So, no, it’s not ethnic River Song, though the resemblance is there. This is Wendy, one of the main cast of my webcomic Namesake. Wendy is the Namesake linked to the world of Neverland. She is part of Calliope, the organization that takes care of Namesakes like her, in a kick-ass team with Alice and Jack. Wendy can fly, has two daggers and a gun and she is the proud wearer of the seven league boots. She’s basically a little army on her own. Despite how much evil jerk she can destroy, she remains the heart of the team and the team mom. 

I love her.

In other news, check out this video kids. This man in a piano prodigy who composes emotional pieces on the fly at 16 with no formal training. He is some kind of genius. A Pollock of music. :D

I love him too.

And a vampire I drew to conclude things. I also love vampires. This is still for the kid's clothing thing.

Now, for a shower and bed. I feel like the con was a bit of a bath of B.O. I need to wash it off. It was pretty hot in the building so everyone suffered from it.

- Isa

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For some reason, today, it was really difficult to stay awake. I kept falling asleep all over the place, while I read, drew and cooked. It was kinda awful sleepiness. Not the warm relaxed kind. More like the i'm-struggling-to-stay-awake-in-class kind (which I haven't felt in a while). I feel like my first relaxed day off disappeared in a fog of confusion. Bleh.

Time to get a few contracts done and a couple of comic ideas running. I,m so motivated to make new comics right now. I feel like I could make 4 books in a row!

They changed my work shifts. I now work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. I'm going to be working on the bookstore website on top of my usual duties. In the next two months, i'll also get to go to Comiccon for free (at the bookstore's table) and do class presentations about comics at a catholic girl's college. These things are really cool and exciting to me. :D

In other news. EVERYONE! Check out the art of  Rebecca Dart. It's here on Lj. And it blows my mind.

Have a drawing folks! It's a fat black mage and a slender white mage. Commission sketch!

That is all.

- Isa

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[ profile] ilikebigtoes  and [ profile] elle_white  have already posted this, but since this journal is pretty much a dumping pile for all fairy tale things and animation things I find awesome, i'll post it too.

Ex-Disney employees (EDIT : They don't work there. But they are clearly talented enough to do awesome stuff) made a video  "animation" of a storyboard for a scene from a potential "Wicked" animated adaptation. This would be an adaptation of the musical or course, not the book per say. First off, I love this video and this idea. "Wicked" the musical had a very Disney-esque quality to it (despite the storyline itself being more the type of scenario Dreamworks would pick up). This would make a great animation. And the people who did this story board clearly know that. The tracks used are from the "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and "Wicked".

Click image for video.

I love this type of thing. Animated storyboards? Love it. I adore this type of crude animation with a voice-over. It's so simple and beautiful. "How to train your dragon" had 3 animated storyboards and I think i've watched them all 10 or so times. The worse part is, I could totalyl make this type of thing. This requires no knowledge of animation programs. Just some good old pencil drawings, a basic editing program and a soundtrack. So why didn't I EVER do this? I guess I need an idea and a song/dialog.

I'm kinda amused by how many guards Elphaba is tossing aside with a BROOM. One of the recurring gags in the Oz books is that fact that the Emerald city has barely any guards. I guess they all quit after getting their ass handed to them by a broom. It's pretty embarrassing.

Aside from that, what is new? Well, I pretty much spent the weekend recovering from my horrible, stressful week. I'm never doing that much stuff ever again. I also realized i'm way behind on stuff I need to do, emails, rps and coloring drawings. I need to make a to-do list again. I want to try dividing my time more. I want to see people (so i'm not quite so horribly lifeless and boring) while still keeping enough time to draw.

Pascal really wants me to find a part-time job and invest more time into becoming a comic artist. It was a plan I had formed myself, but like most plans I make, this one seemed to translate into a bad idea. I didn't really like the idea of cutting back on work. It made me feel like I was irresponsible or ungrateful, since so many people seek full-time work. But Pascal says I should try to develop my artistic career while I can and make the monetary sacrifices while it's still actually possible. He's right? I'm right? I don't know. I would love to be able to draw more and focus on really getting into the comic world. Maybe i'm afraid to take on the part time job because i'm also afraid it officially means i'll have to really start being a "professional" artist. And that's a lot of work and scary things.

What do you guys think?

Well, as a random finishing touch, I drew some sailor moon. I'm really unhappy with these sketches... But I like the feel of them, so i'll post them anyways. For some reason, I seem to adore the pre-destruction-silver-moon-millenium-kingdom. Why could they not give us more scenes from that?

Over and out.

- Isa


Jan. 12th, 2011 09:46 am
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Now, i'm the type of person that has a very specific type of concentration abilities. Much as if it was a pokemon, i'll call it a "rock" type, in the sense that my ability to concentrate is kinda like a giant boulder blocking the road. Try to move it, it remains whole. Chisel away at it and it crumbles. The general point of this metaphor is that "big" stressful events don't seem to really get to me. Prior to major exams during university I kinda just shrugged, rolled over and took a nap. However, a large amount of small annoyances will make it impossible for me to concentrate and potentially drive me insane.

Yesterday was a big pile of small annoyances.

First off, getting to work. The subway kept having elongated stops because some twat though it would be hilarious to play with the emergency stop. Annoyance 1. This was followed by a longer walk then I had hoped, in deep slush where I got splashed by cars a lot. Annoyance 2. Get into work. Get annoyed by specific hated coworker for being wet. Annoyance 3. Get criticized for wearing the same clothing as yesterday despite the fact that said coworker is aware that all my clothing is in bags due to exterminators poisoning my apartment during the day. Annoyance 4. Notice and scratch several bedbug bites. Annoyance 5. Then big burly men come in and start building walls in the office. Yes. The management wishes to install more walls, to compress fun and sound no doubt, and the construction dudes absolutely have to do it during the day while we are trying to work. So the whole day was punctuated by the sound of hammers, saws, and other loud construction sounds that basically made it impossible to even answer the phone or talk to each other. This is annoyance 6 to 23.

To boot, for some reason, yesterday's clients seem to have eaten annoyance for breakfast and had this compelling need to spew it all in emails all day because yesterday goes on record for the largest amount of stupid questions I ever received in an angry, stupid tone. Annoyance 23 to 100. I eventually left early, since there was nothing I really could do to help these clients and the jumper saw was in use dangerously close to my desk. On the way home, ladidah, guess what, the subway is still on break. MORE WALKING YAY. I get home and splashed and try to go buy food and hopefully get change for laundry. I got some nice food at the grocery store, but getting the cashier to give me my change (5$) in quarters was like asking a monkey to preform open heart surgery. I asked 10 times and seeing that the line of clients was getting longer and that the cashier's response was "But.... buuutttt.....I can give you only 5$...." to every way I formulated the sentence I just gave up and went home.

There, huzzah, the apartment spells like poison! This is actually the good news of the day. It means Bedbugs are on the run. I opened all the windows so that I would be able to breathe and proceeded to wear my coat indoors. Link was smarter then me and had left for D&D for the night. I also tried to wash our bedsheets and all so we could sleep in the bed tonight. Some chick downstairs decided she was the queen of the washer-dryer and made it very hard for me to complete laundry (she kept pulling out my stuff to put hers). I was finally able to close the windows and make the bed.

This morning, I seem to still have bedbug bites, but since these bites are suppose to flare up 24-48h after you receive them, i'm not going to read too much into it.

And there you have it, my craptastic day. I probably should have drawn a comic about it, but by the time all these little annoyances piled on, I had the thinking ability of a drunk hummingbird and didn't really want to sit still and draw. Plus I think re-drawing kinda falls under the category of re-living it. And I don't want that.

I really should start drawing some joke comics again. Haven't put one up in a while.

Oh and in case you're all wondering, the construction goes on until Friday. Woo.

I did doodle. I doodled this :

- Isa
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Hiya guys!

I finally got my new glasses!

It took a good day to get used to them (since the prescription is lower my eyes suddenly went "What, we have to work more? Heck no. Have blurriness!") but I think i'm good. The headaches seem gone (aside from the default "change of prescription" one I always get). It's a really different style from before, but it must suit me nicely because NOBODY noticed. I take that as a sign of "it looks natural and good".

I doodled a bit, mostly catching up on my pages. But I drew this really cool image of Emma in "Emerald City" fashion (including the goggles of course). It's one of the rare times I've drawn her smiling. Emma never smiles. She smiles a bit on the promotional material, but that's it. I think this is the widest smile I ever drew on her. I like little details like that though. Deciding what expressions a character uses it a lot. The face is where the personality of a character is shown.

At work today. It's so quiet. Quiet quiet quiet. People are still on vacation methinks. I'm jealous.

- Isa


Nov. 4th, 2010 09:46 pm
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 Well damn.

I made this face a lot this week. And it's a face I keep for special occasions. First off, i'm annoyed with aspects of my job, mainly idiots calling. Second, I seem to be in a bit of a rut this week. I can't write a comic or an LJ post worth a damn. Third, holy flying macaroni Batman, what is the internet up to?

Blah blah fandomsecrets blah blah deviant art )
I won't quit deviant art (since I use it for work, among other things).

However, yesterday, me and [ profile] dqbunny  were considering advertising namesake on deviant art. Now? Not anymore. Not if we can avoid it.

So, if anyone knows good sites to advertise Namesake (either through project wonderful or not), please let us know! We appreciate all guidance and suggestions. 

Also, have cool namesake drawings I designed for the banners to make you feel better.

Sorry for not drawing comics this week guys. I am really void of joke ideas.

- Isa


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