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Yay. I finished it! Coloooors!

I seem to be getting better at coloring. Funny story, at first I was going to color the twins yellow. Considering they are Japanese, that would have been a little... unfortunate.

I have a strange urge to bake brownies. I love how brownies are better and more compact then sponge cake. Does anyone even like sponge cake? I for one hate it. That and the super sweet icing? Gurg. The types of cakes I like are cheesecake, ice cream, fruit cake and brownies. Sometimes I like mousse. But not sponge. I also enjoy pie. I guess I like having crusts on my things. Like pie. 

And you know you've run out of subjects when you start talking about cake. Ye gods.

I'm just... really thinking about cake right now. Brownies. Isa wants.

In other news, no wonder I love the song Clash At Demonhead (fake rock band from Scott Pilgrim) plays. It's METRIC! Since their last cd, my love for Metric was set aflame again. Aaaaah. :) They also sang a song for Twilight, unfortunately. Well, it's still a good song. even Twilight can't taint my love for Metric.

- Isa
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A little (fake?) history lesson?

St Valentine was persecuted as a Christian and interrogated by Roman Emperor Claudius II in person. He is portrayed in modern times as a priest who refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, allegedly ordering that young men remain single. The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. In an embellishment to The Golden Legend provided by American Greetings, Inc. to and widely repeated, on the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to a young girl variously identified as his beloved and as the jailer's blind daughter whom he had befriended and healed, or both. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."[17]

And the pope's mom ships it.

Thank god modern fangirls have the internet.

So, be you single or in the coupledom, please see today as a good day to ship, be happy and love everybody, not just your beloved. Also, lemme know what your favorite lame ass pickup line is. I love lame pick up lines.

In unrelated and unhappy news, I may have lost a sketchbook on the subway (unless I left it at work). Hopefully someone will return it. My address is in it...

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 A friend of mine, Valerie, dared me to draw a comic involving a sock puppet and a straw. It gave this. I am either really crazy, or some kind of god of memes. This is also a bit of a musing on a fact I learned when I started living with Link. Boys and Girls really don't have the same levels of stinky. Boy stinky creates zombie!socks.

Valerie also reminded me of this cool video. University of Montréal students did a giant 100 people sip sync of "I Gotta Feeling" that crosses a whole university building and involves various costumes (keep a lookout for Sakespear and Waldo). It's quite the thing to behold. It was so popular on youtube, CNN aired it. It's hilarious. The last little bit in french is a translation of the song.

That's all for today. Enjoy the crazy randomness.

- Isa
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I like Will Smith, personally. He's cute, cool and is one of the rare actors of color to actually be the main character of several films. However, it is true that he's got bad points, such as the fact that he seems to be scientologist and that his role are very type casted. Smith is the main character, true, but often he is a very <black> main character (aka badass antihero who speaks on and off in ebonics). Though, i'm not sure if he does those roles because they make him take them, because they bring him money or because he likes them. He rather seems to like badassery. So it will forever remain a mystery.

And for those of you who don't know (and to whom I encourage to crack said books) I am Legend and I, Robot are both great literature works (see links for details) that I really love and that have shattered the world of the written world when they got published. Their movies (though they are still pretty okay to good movies) are much more focused on action then on the book's plots. And in both movies, the ending seems dissociated from the rest of the movie. Apparently, in the case of I Am Legend, that is because the movie had an original ending that was the same as the book. The movie ending got changed because test audiences did not react well to Will Smith and his character being shown as the villain.

In the original movie ending (and book ending) of I Am Legend, the main character realises he is actually a monster to the monsters since he is the last of the human kind in a world of vampires and hunts them. He then sacrifices himself, accepting that this is a necessary step in human evolution. In the current movie ending, immune humans appear out of the blue and the main character suddently finds a cure to the vampirism and sacrifices himself to save said cure. Both endings are okay, but the whole dying as a hero one contradicts several parts of the movie, such as the vampires being shown as intelligent and having a leader, like a society, rather then just being the infected killing machines the immunes need to cure.

Same with I, Robot. Granted, the main plot was always going to be robots taking over shit. But normally, humans would have lost. The supercomputer controlled everything. And yet, when they destroyed her, their world returned to normal, just like that, rather then having everything screw up on them after destroying the computer that, even evil, controlled EVERYTHING. When you destroy the main computer of something, stuff doesn't just go back to normal, usually.

In any case, I think i'm reading too much into action movies. But considering they are action movies based on jewels of literature, I would have expected more.

Oh well. At least Will Smith still has pecks of doom.

To me he will always be the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

p.s. Also - in the themes of Pride and Prejudice, did you know that a violent, action based version already exists? It's called Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. I kid you not. It's the same story. Just with Zombies. I plan to read it for the LOL.

- Isa

p.s. 2 God look at my awesome wall! This is a photo taken by [profile] earthstar_chan  of me and a wall in Toronto's Gay district. RAINBOW POWAH! I love rainbows.


Aug. 25th, 2007 08:44 pm
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For some reason, I love peanut butter and chocolate cakes. I don't really like stuff like reeses but I like that mix of tastes in cakes. Hummmm.

Last night was a strange shift. I was working night shift on my own, when usually there is two people on weekends. Lot's of weird stuff happened and we fell behind schedule. I even had to turn off two trash cans that had been lit on fire. There was a big storm outside so a lot of people came in dragging an ocean with them. Another customer even slipped. It was pretty busy but I think I managed fine.

I was rather tired today though. I slept all day. From 8 to 6. sleep.

I've been actually having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I'm restless, I have weird dreams and nightmares. I need to find tricks and tips to help me sleep. I also need to change my sleep pattern since i'm starting my internship next week and most of my shifts are early in the morning.

I'm really excited about the internship starting. I have a meeting on monday. And a drving exam on tuesday. Wish me luck!

I finally drew my meme, after being tagged by gigabahamut and earthstar XD
***♠ List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
***♠ Tag seven people to do the same.
***♠ Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do
I don't think i'll tag people though, since most people have already done it XD And i'm not a huge fan of chain mailthings.

meme )

I'm also finally getting my but in gear doujinshi wise. After a discussion with DQbunny, we though of a few good ideas. Hopefully, i'll manage to get some projects organized soon. It dawned on me how old slayers fandom was. Heck, I went to see a few websites about slayers for info and a lot of them still had floppy disk related humor.

I'll try to find a few newer fandoms to illustrate as well....maybe harry potter ^_^

I drew an amelia/Zel drawing I adore... Hehehe. Fluffy.


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So, yep. It's been a while. Four years to be exact. 
To be completly honest, when this whole thing started out I was much more clueless and...violent. Heck, after my friends told me that Link liked me THAt way I was going to push him in the Outaouais river that crossed our town. Then again, considering he jumped in it himself a few times, he might have taken that more as a come-on then a rejection. *laughs* 

But then I DIDN'T shove him in the river. Although on occasion i'd love to go fetch a bucket of the river's water to dunk it on his head i'm happy I didn't. *laughs* It's not a bad relationship and I can vouch that there is more occasions where I feel like cuddling then there is where I want to start  pommeling him with pillows.  I think the hardest part of this is most likely the distance and our respective prides/bubbles/independances. But Link makes me smile and i'm happy when he's around. ^_^

So yeah. Hit me with a frilly wand and call me girly cheesy.

Happy anniversary Link. ^_^

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As for ten couples I dislike:
1) Hermione / anyone but Ron (ESPECIALLY Snape or Lupin. Gah. Why?)
2)Hitomi / Allen (from escaflowne...hate it beyond words. Poor Van.)
3)Xelloss / Sylphiel (People followed the hair = couple pattern)
4)Sesshoumaru / kid Rin (hum. Especially those who write lemon fics. Scarring I say.)
5)Edward / Alphonse (Oh great. incestous stuff now. I don't mind it so much when it's platonic love, but when the doujin artist or fanfic writter shoves sex in's just odd.)
6) Edward / Roy mustang (Okay...if anything the whole miniskirt deal proves that he is not gay. And hate does not equal OMG OTP YES WEE!)
7) Anybody / invented mary sue that is mysteriously similar to the writter or artist (...)
8)Angel / Buffy (Yes it used to be canon. Now it's not. Get over it people. Let it go.)
9) Ryoga / Akane (Never saw it happen. Found it disturbing)
10) Nana / Takumi (From Nana....The guy is the worse asswipe ever. She could leave him and NOBODY would blame her. He cheats, lies and god knows what else. And she just keeps strolling along because she doesn't want to be alone, is dependant and feels guilty. Argh. This is more frustrating to read when you are aware that couples like that exist in reality.)

Aside from that, things are going okay. A lot of my teachers told me that I lacked focus and direction. My photo teacher said (while looking at my more recent work) that I was gone in a completly different direction, that I did not really understand. He said I din't get the perpice of my own work and that I needed to go dig up what originally motivated me. Mwer.

Most of my teachers agree that my work lacks direction. My life in general does. I'm so disorganised it' scary. And usually, I never was. Last year alone I was more organised then a governement contract drawer. Something this year made my loose the balance I used to have. It's true that this year, I have a lot of stuff I don't have around anymore and new stuff in my life. I guess I never took the time to get used to it. Now I need to back up and regroup.

In other news, xmas is coming and Isa must start her shopping, since i'm probably gonna run to Toronto when school will be out. I have a few devious ideas on what to get people. ^^

Oh! I learned that the STO (Bus society of Outaouais, aka quebec area where I live) is changing the bus structure in our little town. 
See, the thing with me is that I don't really live in Ottawa. I say I do because then I don't have to explain to people in which area I do live. But I actually live in the Quebec province, right next to another city called Hull, that is next to a bridge that leads to Ottawa. I'm about 20 to 30 minutes from the center of ottawa if I drive a car...with no traffic jams of course. In a bus, it takes about 45 minutes to get to the center though, and then If I need to go elsewhere or whatnot, add walking time or extra bus time on another motorised vehicule. 

We usually have two buses that start in Aylmer (my home) and go directly to Ottawa going thru Hull. We also have a bus that goes to another city, and another bus that goes to another spot in Hull. On rush hour, we have two other buses headed for Ottawa. That's it. There's a bus every 45 minutes.

They are planning to get rid of all the buses that go to Ottawa and Hull and have several buses circulate in Aylmer. Then those buses will go to Rivermead, a center point between Aylmer and Hull and everybody needs to get off and go on new buses that will either take them to Ottawa or Hull. However, the numbers are supposed to alter, so sometimes, the said bus will not go at the same spot, and you need to ask the driver. Another thing: sometimes the number on the bus will change and go directly to Ottawa after it reaches rivermead. But you have to ask the driver about that too.

God, what the hell?

Their "new and improved" system looks damn complicated to me. Their excuse is that it already works like that in Hull and Gatineau (other city close by)...But Aylmer does not need internal circulation. We have no industries or large businesses. We are a sleeping town. Most people living in aylmer work in Ottawa. We need to get OUT not hover inside. And aylmer is much smaller then Hull. 

This system is going to make things suck.



Sep. 16th, 2006 09:53 am
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I din't make that drawing, but I like it...
What is it with japanese people and panties?
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Yeah, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a comic is worth a thousand multiplied by the number of panels, divided accordingly to the number of lines, in addition to the number of words calculated as a fraction with the number of bubbles.

aka comic make things clear.

Lately i've been shamefully indulging two of my greatests addictions, my boyfriend and my comic collection. First of all, i've purchased several books, including the megatokyo volumes. For those who do not know, megatokyo is an online comic found at that is just crackalicious. It's good humour. Really. Read it if you don't already know it. The drawings aren't the greatest i've ever seen, but the story is good. it's about two hardcore gamers stuck in tokyo with no money, where L33T ninjas, rent-a-zillas, darkly cute goth girls, frilly killer girls and zombies roam. My kind of town, basicly. 

Some might wonder why I purchased the books rather then just read it online for free. Well, it's fun to support the artist and I always have preffered reading things off a hard copy (I sometimes print my favorite fanfiction even)

As for my boyfriend, well, Link (as he calls himself online) is leaving soon for two years in Toronto (in 4 days to be accurate) so I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with him until then. For those who still wonder (and ask in emails) yes, Link and I ARE staying together. It's not a prank, and it's gonna be a long distance relantionship. No, I don't think we will change our minds again. It's the real deal here folks.

Secondlina happy ^_^

Work wise, as the comic shows, i've been coming in a bit on the dot. Link lives relativly far from me even know, so it's a lot of traveling to get from his house (where I usually am as of late) to my job (that is right next to my house) In any case, all this traveling is wearing me off a bit, and i'm a total klutz as work right now (I "broke" - or helped with breaking - an ice cap machine, spilled some yogourt, killed some donuts, splashed my uniform, almost cracked a coofee pot, splashed a customer, dropped sugar and made a knife do some summersaults.) People should just send me home.

Home work wise, my house is a wreck because i'm gone most of the time and my brothers do almost nothing. It's a bit sad.

Drawing wise, i'm getting back in the groove. I'm actually thinking of making a humoristic slayers compilation of all the 3 or 4 pagers I drew of slayers during all these years. I'll most likely advertise it here, and on the slayers community. If I decide to do it, it will be a sold doujin, for a modest price, with shipping. I'm still wondering if it's a good idea, but these slayers jokes are really good. Well worth the effort. I'd still need a name for it though. I was thinking of slayers replica or something.

Tomorrow I work night shift. Damn it.
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Something slightly creepy happened to me at the ice cream parlor, two nights ago. To celebrate my ending of school, I decided I deserved ice cream (i'm lactose intolerant, so ice cream is a big treat for me!!!). So, I went to the local Dairy Queen Ice cream parlor with my two friends, Tama and Fauve, and Tama's younger sister. Over there over a few "Blizzards" (Yum, chocolate brownie sugar sludge!), we started discussing, of all things, sex. Mainly we were talking about contraception and late periods at the time. Fauve and Tama were deep in the conversation while I was blushing...since I had noticed the guy on the next table was staring at us something fierce!
He was giving us this look...Like he was outraged at our behavior and not really lisening, but at the same time really interested. Urgh. He was sitting around with his girlfriend (? Wife ?) and he seemed to be quite enjoying himself.
When he left, my friend Tama asked if we noticed him. Fauve joked that he probably had a taste for fresh little girls. I commented :
*pretends she is speaking to the man*
"Yes. We have sex, do you mind? Want a piece of me F-er!?"
The ladies on the next  then laughed, really amused. I mean...Urgh...pervert...
This is why I hate discussing sex in public places...

On a completly unrelated note, I went to see the exhibition of the 4th year visual art students. The Grad-show, as we call it, is where the graduating students present the work that will allow them to get their bachelor degree.
The stuff was so impressive! I felt speechless! It was beautiful. I feel pressured to outdo myself now...I want to be as good as they are!
Good thing I still have two years to get better.
Although, I'm thinking of using the theme of fairy tales in most of my work. I've always been fascinated with fairy tales and all the projects I do based upon that always turn out to be my best...

I also finished inking the 3rd part to the Zel gone Haywire mini series. I officially decided there would be 6 parts in total. I already have the ideas for all the other parts. I really like the idea for this series. I know it's slightly  "Badfic" (Bad fanfiction? How is that possible...oh aside from all the characters being horribly out of character. Duh!)...But i'm not trying to do a serious story here. It's just a big joke that sorta takes a "behind the scenes" type of approach. I know the characters don't work. I'm just kidding here XD You need to take these with good humor. This is what the Slayers might be if they suffered of our bad modern ifluence XD

I do also realise posting this joke with the Ice cream thing kinda makes me look like a pervert doesn't it? Oh well. I don't think i'm a pervert. This mini series is actually one of my first comics with openly suggestive material. I think i've truly outdone myself...

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Yeah, I know, i'm supposed to be too drained to draw and all that crap and stuff, but alas for you internet, I still have enough energy to make comics (stupid and short ones, but none the less) Take that world wide web! HAHAHAHA!

On a more serious tone, my hair is orange now (sorta) and i'm testing out a product linked to geobiology and natural healing that i'm supposed to "sell" in my marketing class. This better be good. It kinda looks cool though. It's like a super mega feng shui dispenser and it's shaped like an egg. A teamate as tried it this week and says he got the best sleep in his life. I'm intriged to try the egg that has killer chi. Stay tuned for the results...


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