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Good news! Rose is advancing quite at a stable pace. I have 31 pages done (31 pages on 55)  I calculated that if I drew two pages per week day (monday to tuesday) and 6 on every weekend day (Friday-staurday-sunday since I took friday off) I could have the remaining pages drawn by the end of this week. Boo-yah! I don't know if I can do it, but I'm definitly going to try...a lot. Then I can move on to illustrations and other random stuff.

Aside from that, i'm doing well. Link was around during the week and I ended up catching up on my sleep quite a bit. I also got my other book in. I did several illustration for a book, though I didn't write the text, this is the first official (aka with an ISBN) publication with my drawings in it. Rose will be the second (text and illustrations, even better).

I'm not doing to bad for a person just out of school. Several exhibits, contracts and books in only one year. I am, as they say, ON FIRE.

I can't wait for Rose to be finished so I can see the resulting book. I also can't wait to pick up other fandom and serious comic projects. I'm more motivated then ever. Drawing is so amazing :D And plotbunnies are attacking me!

On an unrelated note, you may notice the banner is gone. It's due to a technical difficulty. It should be fixed soon, though I might just remove the banner all together. I've been meaning to change it anyways... This might incite me to work on that.

On a second unrelated note, I am thinking of opening another blog. Either on LJ as well, or Dreamwidth or Blogger (some people suggested I could also do it on deviant art, but I don't like Deviant art that much...) This other blog would be created for me to show off my comic art in a more professional manner. Because even though I have my portfolio website and a Deviant art account, I don't update those often since I don't want to put unfinished things on them. I want something with more frequent updates and sketches... And I know I have it here, but I'm starting to find it creepy to give this URL to people...because yes, it's my comic work, but it's also my life and friends blog.... And some people I just really don't want reading this stuff, though I don't mind them seeing my art. Plus, it sucks to give to an editor an URL that does lead to art, but also to talk of geekery, shoes and sharpie poisoning....Unless they are into that XD.

Over and out!

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I'm a busy little bee. I haven't been online much lately and my number of posts/quality of drawings went down as of late. I kinda feel like I should apologize for that. But when most of your free time is consecrated to work or to drawing professional-looking things, time to draw *fun* things is so reduced. Insert here my eternal whine about lacking time. Seriously. It's my every other whine! *laughs*

Everybody else seems pretty busy too. I haven't seen many people online or posting. We are all trapped by things of reality it seems. I noticed more people tend to be online in the winter, because you're stuck inside... It's almost funny.

In other news, I decided to finish buying Tsubasa - Reservoir chronicles. I already own up to the 17th manga. I decided to stop buying them because even though I though the story was decent (okay to good in most chapters... but generally okay.) and the drawing style interesting, I was afraid this was one of those *DOOMED TO GO ON FOREVER!* series (like, say...inuyasha). And everybody knows I HATE stories that never end. However, the creators, Clamp, have stated that this series will end in 2009 in (most likely) the 26th book. They are stopping it to start a new shojo series. This encourages me to buy the rest of them and try to understand where there is like...3 or 4 Sakuras and Syaorans at the end of book 23...(something about...clones?).

I also officially gave up on CardCaptor Sakura. The english official releases are crazy expensive and/or unavailable. And the chinese bootleg is insanely expensive too (60$) for something that is most likely compressed to death (70 episodes on 8 DVDs? Heeeeelllloooo bad quality.) I think i'll stick to my somewhat illegal old downloads. The quality still sucks and i'm missing episodes but at least I didn't pay 60$ for something of most likely equivalent quality. I might still try to score the movie DVDs though. They aren't quite as hard to come by. I'll cross my fingers and hope someone picks up the rights to it someday. After all, Magic Knight Rayearth just got a special deluxe edition. Why not CCS? Maybe if it ride's on Tsubasa's popularity enough...

Poor little Sakura. you're a rare item now.

And with that, I bid thee Adieu.



May. 31st, 2009 10:51 pm
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I don't have much to say right now. My week made me tired. I saw my parents and my friends Tama and Fauve during the weekend. It was pretty fun. Tama gave me a nice cup for my birthday. I gave her this:

I rather like it.

Also, the Survival Blanket for an Underground city (known her as that funky quilt we made as a group) is currently on display at "Project Window" which is located at 185 Somerset Street West in downtown Ottawa. Come and see it if you want to!

Aside from that, I wish I had more free time to draw Rose and illustrate all the plotbunnies i'm getting. Curse you plotbunnies!



May. 7th, 2009 11:19 pm
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 Wow, you guys today was a horrible drawing day. whatever I tried to draw crapped out on me. I had to re-do a page of Rose twice before deciding to screw it. I guess some days are like that. *sign* Isa just tired.

On a positive note, I FINALLY got Slayers knight of Aqualord! In French! Wee. It's weird to read the characters in french (for the first time EVAR!!!). Amelia is very polite. I kinda found it funny when she compared Line to bankrupted business that needs to sell out it's items when she learned Lina could not do magic anymore. As for Lina and Gourry... They speak in slang. But not ANY kind of slang. Oh no. Most people might not know, but french-canadian slang and french of france slang differs greatly, much like british english and american english. So Lina and Gourry use really, really France french slang. And really pushed slang too in some pages! It's a little ridiculous sometimes. But it fits...I guess? How does Lina talk in japanese?

I spend a lot of my evenings lately going thru my boxes (and boxes and boxes!) of drawings to finally file them neatly in my BRAND NEW FILING CABINET (biotch, yeah!). It's kinda therapeutic and funny to see all my old drawings again (and scary too. Ah, my eyes! feel the burn!) I want to scan so many to show you!

I noticed that the greater majority of my drawings wither went to Secondlina's Panel's file or a file destined to a older idea for a series I created with a friend called Bizaar. Bizaar was kinda like Buffy meets Magic Knight Rayearth meets Strangers in Paradise. It's a strange little idea that has an enormous lot of potential that I still want to pick back up someday.

Here, have a drawing anyways. It's not by me, but it's by an artist that really influenced the Rose project called Moki. Moki is german and her wonderful book <Asleep in a foreign place> is on amazon but currently unavailable (DAMMIT). I love her. Feast your eyes my friends, feast your eyes!

I'm tired now.

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You know how in video games, when they are not moving for a while, sometimes characters start doing things? Like a little dance.

Well, i'm the same. And lo and behold - they took an official picture for our quilt at the Montréal all-nighter exhibit. It's a really cool 360 picture, so you see the quilt, the spectators and the environment really well. You even see two of the artists. Including one, who is dancing. *shame*

Click here to view the 360 or the exhibits. There's only a few photo because they took a photo of one work in every section. But it's really cool to see all the artworks in 360. It's like you're there! Our quilt is the 7th button from the top.


Edit - is it just me or have been posting at an almost daily rate for a month and a half?
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 This weekend was good! I went to Montréal with the art group for our Exhibit during Montréal 6pm to 6 am event, Nuit Blanche (french for all-nighter). The exhibit was awesome. I stayed after with Link to celebrate his birthday. Came for the art, stayed for the snuggles. But talk is cheap, here are the pictures!

Before the all nighter, we started off in bed, with our beloved collective project, the quilt! It's a pretty functional quilt, it's got a backing and filling and everything. Very comfty. There's everyone under it. We were missing two artists. One could not be among us for personal reasons. The other was coming in a bit later the next day during the actual event.

Read more... )

And now i'm back in Ottawa for Job. Ah, montréal, how you are fun sometimes!


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I have so many pages to scan and photos to post, i'm at the point where i'm performing triage. I think I should just upload the whole thing and update a little everyday. I really think I should tweak my scanner's settings a bit and clean it's window, poor thing. It suffers under my rule.

So yeah, got a few projects done, and finished my last shift yesterday. Whew. I feel good about that. I've been feeling like i'm living in a bookfort lately. I'm reading far too many boring things. Now i'll hopefully have more straight drawing time  (aka 5 hours of it without interruptions! Yippeee!) and time to see friends.

I actually saw my friend tama the other day. Although she's not in the greatest moment of her life right now, she seemed well and it made me feel happy. She even mentionned picking up writting again. Me and Tama have plotted often in the past to create comic stories... Maybe she's got a few storyboards in stores for me!

At home (which is only metaphorically a bookfort), there's a big change a-coming : we are getting rid of our pool. See, we have a in-ground pool at my house. Here's a tip, when you buy a house, avoid those with in-ground pools. Round out-ground pools are easier to manage. In-ground pools...basically if you don't care for them almost everyday they crack and break and become disgusting. Due to my family's rather hectic schedule (and to the fact that me being gone to Toronto for two months didn't make me very available to swin & clean in the said pool) our pool cracked. Turns out it's cheaper to fill it and buy another then fix the in-ground pool. So yeah... Never buy a house with an in-ground pool. Unless you have a pool boy.

My parents emptied out the pool today. Tomorrow, people will come to fill it up. I poked my nose out of a book to go take a walk in my pool....

Aside from that, I finished my neverland cup. For the character of Wendy in my lost girl theme, I designed a "mother" cup that will contain a miniture of neveland "floating" on green tea. The set comes with a green tea pouch I designed. It's very cute I find:

Tea time! )

The cup is obviously a reference to Wendy's victorian setting. The mother word represents how she is a mother for peter but also how she leaves Neverland to be able to be a real mother. Neverland becomes some sort of escapism, lost in her usual routine (the 5'o clock tea).

Gah, all this thinking for lost girl projects makes me want to read Lost Girls by Alan Moore depicting the meeting of Wendy, Alice and Dorothy. Unfortunatly, the graphic novel, no matter how much of an important book is it for comic artists, also happen to be erotic. I've got no problem with the erotic part honestly. I own several borderline erotic graphic novels that I purchased because they were rose stones of graphic art. I mean, if everybody tells you you have to read something because it's part of comic history, you just do it. Besides, reading european comics made me quite used to graphic nudity and sexuality (the french are quite generous in that department). So, it's erotic. That's stil la problem though, because I can't buy it. It's 80$ and since it's erotic, it's impossible to find in a local librairy. To boot, i'd have to order on the web because the comic book shops here don't have to connections to order the book (because it's UK based) and/or can't order erotic materials because they are family oriented. Looks like I won't get to read that for a while. I don't think it's necessary for the evolution of this year's project, but it's definitly something that would have been interesting to check out.

I also rented out a million fairy tale movies and disneys to watch as I work. :)


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No comic today. I've draw a few but they remain mostly incomplete. I really need to sit down and draw something, honestly.

I do however want to share a comic with you :

If you are a disney fan and an alice fan like me, you will LOVE this. Plus the drawings are AWESOME. Just go to the archive (available on the top over the user info) to see the full story. It's cheesy. It's full of diney characters. It's Hatter x Alice and did I mention it's AWESOME?

Fear t3h fluff.

Oh, and Yeah, been having funwith some ink lately. I think I never actually showed you guys any of my ink drawings! Well, here's one, and it's red riding hood themed.


EDIT: Okay. Belle cameo, Hades cameo and Jack friggin' Sparrow CAMEO???? I've been Fangirled!!!!!!!
*new banner pops in user info*
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Time for a happier update...I shall annoy you people with my artstuff mwahahah!

No. Really.

Here's a project people will like: I emptied out a computer screen and scratched the letters off a keyboard. Then, I glued on the keyboard a different set of symbols: all the letters have been replaced by web acronyms (Like WTF, OMG and LOL), all the numbers have been replaced by emoticons (both american :-) and japanese ^_^) and all the f-commands were replaced by status acronyms (BRB, EAK, etc.) I then bent a piece of plexiglass and bolted it inside the screen. I printed on a transparent sticker paper a copy of my desktop with msn and livejournals open upon it (sorry Megs, your Lj has been exposed to my class). Behind the glass & sticker, I did a mobile of several transparent sheets with HTML code on them, creating several layers of mismatched internet visul and text support. Behind that I installed a light bulb illuminating the screen and the remaining hardware pieces I left inside the screen after removing the glass and lighting parts. 

It was a big project.

I did it in the context of my drawing class. The project theme was "Drawing with objects" You might ask "Where the hell did you draw with this?"
Technicly, text is associated to drawing (calligraphie) and I put in the HTML codes to create drawings. The emoticons are also a part of creative drawing. I was trying to comment on webart and on virtual life, which is something I feel touches me more and more.

You know, I liked doing this. Given more time, money, actual working computers I could tinker with and minions with programming knowledge to do my bidding, I would have pushed this project further. I would have reallt tried to create the ultimate geek puter. I would have created an extra keyboard that would have completed and not replaced the actual keyboard. And I would have tried building a program that would really allow the extra keyboard to directly create emoticons and acronyms on the screen. That would have been wicked. Maybe some day...

Drawing class is back to normal now. The new project is about body. I'm going to work with hair, because hair is very reprentitive of one's body and it's also a very sexual and ritual part of us. And it's soft and colorable too (bonus). Heck, mine's orange. My friend Tama's used to be popsicle style, but she dyed it black, so the cool blond/purple/reddish/darker effect is gone.

Here's the sketch. I'm inspiring myself from geisha and marie-antoinette style hairdos. I'm trying to make huge, exagerated...The real drawing will be 2 meters by 3 meters and yes I already want to shoot myself. Good god, why do I always pick projects made of little lines?

Finally, I took a break from home work today and decided to manipulate an old photograph I took (some might remember the renge cosplay pics) Turns out I look great without glasses, giving a slight photoshop montage! *laughs* Fear the sky in my eyes.

Oh man, tomorrow i'm going to interview a gallery owner and film that interview. I'M BLOODY NERVOUS TO HELL!!! And to think I picked a job in Public relations...Well I need to get better a this but still.
Oh, and saturday night, i'm going to go take photos of a dress rehersal at the theatre departement of the U of ottawa. Nice photos are to come! ^^

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My friend[profile] tuppa_tuppa sent me an email with some odd news. She read the following about Inuyasha on : 

-> During the latter half of the 1990s, Rumiko Takahashi continued with short stories and her installments of Mermaid Saga and One-Pound Gospel until beginning her fourth major work, InuYasha. While Ranma ½, Urusei Yatsura, and Maison Ikkoku all were heavily seated in the romantic comedy genre, InuYasha was more akin to her dark Mermaid Saga. The series became her most eclectic work, featuring action, romance, horror, fantasy, (folklore-based) historical fiction, and comedy. This series remains ongoing in Shônen Sunday and is as of this writing 48 volumes. Rumiko Takahashi recently stated that the series will continue to be at least 500 chapters, or 50 volumes, making it her longest work by far.

My friend in question was a bit taken aback. She's been re-reading her series and after 8 volumes, she's already fed up of Kagome's and Inu's sexual tension. I think all this waiting is going to stress the hell out of you all. Wikipedia also mentionned how fans either though Takahashi was an awesome writer or a sellout that adapted her style to please the crowds. I think she's a bit of both. Her style did evolve with the times after all. The article also mentionned she was one of the richest women in japan. 

Oddly enough, apparently, Takahashi-sensei as been known to have made the worse ever manga endings with Ranma and Urusei Yatsura. But, with Maison Ikkoku, apparently, she did one of the best. So...Will inuyasha end well or not? I truly wonder.

Aside from that, i'm already working on my first project: I'm planning to make ome kind of paper sculpture from a book. The artist Su Blackwell was a great inspiration. I discovered her while I was looking for book designs. Look at her stuff, it's great!

Here she did this with the Snow Queen fairy tale book (one of my favorites!)

Here we got the transformation of the Alice in wonderland book.

And this one is just beautiful....

What i'm planning to do is recreate failling rain. Wish me luck!
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Okay, so maybe I do. Who knows XD

My art history book fell off my shelf and almost smashed my head.
Din't feel like studying art history much after that.
I think I did about 200 photocopies today. I've got a few essays to write. 


On a brither note, my departement responsable is helping me find some places to do my intership next summer in Toronto! YEAH! I love the fact that she's helping me. People take a teacher much more seriously then a student. She will give me a list a contacts. Then I need to call them all and it's still a lot of work but at least I know that the person i'm contacting is actually interested and that's a step farther then I have been up to now.

I'm trying to find a magazine or an event-organising place to work in. I wanna do work than will involve a bit more then just paperwork.

Ah! In other great news, a friend the read here I was doing a project on fairy tales sent me some photos done by an artist in that theme for the magazine Vogue. Those are so beautiful O_O As [personal profile] savvyliterate would say, I feel my muse attacking me.

The colors are beautiful, so old fairy tale. And the design is awesome! I can't believe this is fashion related! Or actually I can...Say what you may but fashion photographers are by far some of the best ones alive! The've got a talent and an eye for things.

Thank you Julie! ^^ My pokedot princess!

I got an email from an online artist I admire again...Why do these people look at my livejournal!? I am not worthy >_< Gaaaah!

Live is good. I love my friends! ^^ I'm super positive today!

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Shudder in fear before my photo post! MWAHAHAHA.
Seriously, I don't have much drawings to post this week. University is somewhat hectic because it's my second week. I'm still getting books and getting installed. Also, I kinda have driving classes and work this week as well, so drawing is somewhat optional until at least the half of next week.

I am taking a lot of pictures though. I need to get working on my photo projects. Right now, I playe with an idea and a mirror I had and got these:

The effects are very cool. I'll most likely tweak them a bit with photoshop ^^

*sigh* Damn shooter stirred up some mayhem and death in a school in montreal. Is there no end to people's stupidity and bloodlust?
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Yeah, okay.
I'll admit something here.
I make nice drawings, I make nice comics...
I need help. People please design me icons T_T I'll make you guys a drawing in return or something.
My theme character is Lina and the Lina lookalike Lena (sigh) is at this web comic . I also like those Lina images where she wears glasses. The theme is mainly Lina lookalikes (her copy, her chibi clone from the first series, Lina with glasses, Lena, etc)
Help me ^^;;;
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Damn it all. I curse layers.
It's been a while since I had photoshop fun though. I really like how this one turned out!

Aside from that, nothing much going on. I have my driver's ed test on monday. Odly enough, the examination bureau is located far far away in a place where it is impossible to get there without taking at least 3 buses. Basicly, you can only get there by car. Talk about motivating the troupes. Although I have a friend that can drive me there, so I'm overall fine. 
Work is okay, most of the customers are really nice (probably because they come by every morning. You don't mess with people who mess with your food...and remember you.) I am kinda sick of the day staff people thought (bunch of bitches) and amazed about how some people are lazy O_O I swear, some of the employees really do NOTHING. A whole lot of nothing. I've never seen such slackers in my life!
Some of the people there are really cool though. And it beats working alone like in my precedent job (okay, I wasn't always alone, but everybody spoke lebanese and the guys were perverts.)
I've got loads of scanning to do right now. I can hear my scanner beg me to stop, poor thing.

Anybody has a good Pirates of the carribean joke idea? I want to mess with Jack Sparrow a bit! ^^
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Well, it's official. If the univrse revolves around me, it's only because the universe wishes to kill me and is sending his evil little minions to do it.
I,ve been kicked out of the public librairy today, meaning I can't rent out comic books for a while. They needed proof that I lived in my home town, such as the one you would find on a driver's licence and apparently ONLY on a driver's licence because despite all my other papers saying, yes, I do live here, the other papers aren't fucking dated, therefore, I get no librairy card. Or at least not until I pass my driver's ed in two weeks.


This system sucks.

I'm still generally cranky in not all that much in a drawing mood, so here's another photo collage, but this time, the theme is me. Hey, I write jokes about myself, might has well do a collage! I can't always poke fun at me *laughs* I really like the photos I used, taken by a friend this week ^_^

Other then that, I also made a sketch of Earthstar's new character Toby and herself. Enjoy Earthy! ^_^


Jun. 4th, 2006 12:16 am
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Okay. For some reason, this day was decreated national "Let's all try to piss Isabel off" day.
I'm usually not this sensitive to people's general minor egocentrism (I mean, it's normal to be egocentric to an extent or you'd always be miserable) but for some odd reason (which due to a recent turn of events I think is PMS) I've been very edgy and bitchy all week and very easy to piss off today especially. Argh. I hate when i'm this bitchy. I feel annoying to people. But today, people feel annoying to me and they have, with their combined assholismes, destroyed my bubbly good mood of this morning.

So I decided to lock myself up in my room and play with photos and photoshop. I did a few montages with some random photos on my computer...

These are all photomontages of "posters" for some of my stories. "Horsemen" is an idea I had with a friend about a semi-humoristic story where the four riders of the apocalypst show up a bit early and can't destroy us all, but are forced to live among us. The two other images are about another idea I developped with the same friend about a men who gets changed into a women following the ancient tale of Tiresias, except in modern times.
I rather like these images.
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Must. Rant. Now!

I was just wondering if anybody else in the universe had noticed a certain looseness in morality going about. I'm noticing the stupid rude not-caring women race is expending. I also noticed the mushy spineless guy race is ALSO expending.

I don't get it.

More and more women seem to have lost all respect for their selves and bodies as long as they are popular/liked/get laid. One of my friend's little sister seems to be walking up that path. Gah! I feel like tackling her off it. She hangs with this huge group of stupid guys and also with a few really mean girls who treat her like crap and she doesn't care because she claims it beats being alone. I've been alone, and I can say I prefer my experience to the one she seems to be going through. Not cool. She's being called a bitch every 5 seconds and seems to be lined up for an octosome of sex orgy or something!

As for the guys well...Most of the guys I know (and meet lately) seem to have a serious spine problem: they don't have any. They don't take action. They just...lie there and wait for their girlfriends to do everything for them. Some of them then wonder why they got dumped! Gah. What is going on? Morals are dying! quick! someone do CPR!

On a more positive note, I just finished pulling 3 days of 12 to 10 hours shifts, and i'm enjoying sitting on my ass all day rather then run around a bakery *sigh* I was left in charge of everything while my boss was at a baker's convention in toronto (wow, cake convention!)
Me and the cook sammy are trying to convince my boss it's time to revamp the store. All the counters look fine from the customer's side, but from ours, they are all busted and cracked and they don't really cool things any more. Not to mention the make the noise of a giant mutant bee.
It sickens me a bit that my boss has the money to fix the store but doesn't bother with it. I mean, he's in a really great location. He could make so much money if the place looked a tad better. Not to mention i'de love having a nice corner counter with doors that actually close and possess handles.
Oh well. Right now i'm busy trying to fix the window's look with the cook. It's gradually improving in something that doesn't look like ?%?%$?%$. 
My boss really should revamp. He has the money for it, I know. He just bought a house and is sending his two daughters to college and both of them wear these high priced brands of clothing and they don't have jobs!
Apparently a lot of the revamping of the store where done by the cook when he joined the store 2 years ago. he's more annoyed by the store look then I am. He says his good pastries are going to waste in shitty counters! *Laughs*

Oh, aside from that, I'm thinking of buying the Howl's moving castle art book : I found it for 17. 99 O_O GIMMEE! 
I also saw some Calcifer plushies. Ever so cute, but a lot more expensive...

I drew these sketches today. It's characters for an Rpg i'm trying to start off with Cyberknight. I really like the designs. Especially Virginia's ^^

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Okay, finally, an update. May the crowd cheer!
I decided to color a drawing on photoshop, just for kicks again. Those of you who might recall my valentines day entry might 
reconize here my demon and angelic characters again (I rather like drawing those two) except here I tried to use a different style 
(which I kinda like!)
Aside from that, things are going well. Obviously, it's the exam period and i'm being graded by every living thing in my school, but
soon it shall be over. And when that's over, i'm getting down with some serious cleaning, much needed, yes yes.
I also got my hands on Runaways 5 and Chrono Crusade 7. Runaways was pretty funny as always, despite the Wolverine appearance 
(God, why is wolverine so overused? Well, still looking forward to that x-men movie) however, the ending of chrono crusade just doesn't look
like it's going to meet up my expectations. The 7th book feels a lot like the writter as creating a really complexe story in his head with a zillion characters but is only giving us the strict minimum. Like all those Magdalene order guards popping outta nowhere...They all look really cool and worked on and yet we know nothing of them.
I'm also currently working on a compilation of all the comics I drew using myself and my friends as characters. It sounds natural to do such a thing
but I realised lately  I used to hate using myself as a character. I kinda saw myself as plain and boring. Back in the day, the closest thing I had done to drawing myself was creating a sorceress alter-ego going by the name of Isabel Ashton. She was however only loosely based upon my personnality (she's a lot more fiesty and strong)
Oddly enough, I think I only really started drawing myself around the end of college. The birth of my numerous self portraits concide with the birth of my love life and also the birth of me, actually using other drawing styles then manga. Funny story: the actual creation of my new styles was caused by my boyfriend who commented that all I could draw was manga and that diversity would not kill me. I took that comment pretty bad but instead of doing what most manga-based fans do (which is claim that manga is holy, stick to it and suggest that the boyfriend in question goes to get his eyes poked out by volptures) I decided to prove him wrong by polishing up my drawing diversity for the following 6 months. I then showed it in is face, quite proud of myself and satisfied with the idea of proving him wrong (well, not wrong. But at least proving him good.) I never really said it, but I think i'm quite thankful for that. I now have a more diverse palette of styles so I can choose the style I want for the story I want (and I haven't dropped manga either). Not to mention that those 6 months where fateful for my comic persona since the main thing I was drawing in order to polish up my style was...myself.
It's crazy how little things can lead to very important things...

Though, I don't think that would have happened if my boyfriend hadn't been so blunt or me so stubborn.
Heh. If one day I write my memoirs, i'll let posterity know it was because I was a genius, and now because I was ticked off. *laughs*
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Yes, another colored illustration. *gasp* i'm going to have to stop before people get used to this kind of treatment! *laughs*
This time, this is actual work I get paid for. It's a publicity for natural products (the killer chi eggs I mentioned a while back, if anybody recalls). I rather like this one. So did the people that comissioned me ^^
It's fun, i'm getting more and more contracts to make illustrations for stuff lately! O_O How cool is that?
I still need to take care of my comic book selection for the bookstore...Damn...i'm late for that.
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Truly, this is a good name for this post, because it's going to be about a lot of things past.

Well, I haven't posted in a while (I blame my education *laughs*) and I though about posting something for Valentines day but I din't because of lack of time (exam to prepare, volonteer at a valentines day party to get money for stuff) and also because I didn't have an idea.
Now I had one, here it is :

Yes, it's two people kissing. I found these two pictures while goig through the pile of stuff on my desk. The interesting thing is that the colored one is a really old picture and the other is fairly recent (a few weeks back). I remember when I did the colored one, I was about 15 or 16. Maybe 17. Back then I hated drawing people kissing. I was no good at it, for one thing, and also I felt I was invading the character's privacy (yes, I created them, and yet I felt that way. Weird huh?) Nowadays, I don't feel quite so shy towards my characters. I believe it is due to my own life experiences and also to the fact that I've done a few naked drawings, some of them with a naked model before me (horray for life drawing classes) so...Drawing people kissing just dosen't seem so bad anymore. I've also practised drawing people kissing a lot to the demand of my friend and partner in crime who designs comic bok stories with me. I think I got better. The second drawing is clearly more dynamic. I still like the first one a lot though. Back then, that was one of my absolute bests shots at drawing kissing (that drawing took for ever!) and I also really love the characters in the colored one. It's and angel and a devil, and in the storyline actually illustrated here, the demon goes back to hell and the angel, with the help of an half-angel, deguises herself to go find out why the demon left her and their friends on earth. They eventually meet in hell, and the demon confesses his love for the angel, and tells her he left because their relantionship would never work and he just could not take that. 

The second drawing is a couple from a series we are working on now. It's a couple that hooks up fairly early in the story while the other couples don't hook up before a while. However, they may be cute and cuddly, they won't have it easy! When you're a wizard couple, hell thends to get in the way of alot of stuff. I rather like that coupe too.
Both drawings have a very different tension in them. One is very dynamic, and the other more painful. Hee. Like'em.

Other then that, on valentines day, my antivirus went viral. I kid you not. It was designed for windows 98 and I have xp, so it started going coo-coo this week and decided to give me the full blown insanity on that day. After a lot of effort and help from people with better computer knowledge then me, we finally managed to delete the evil anti-virus (it was hard and long) and I downloaded a temporary trial version of another until I get down to buying a new one. I've got 3 months to do so...

On a final note, i'm an idiot, and I'm very sorry. I was supposed to spend valentines day with someone I really wanted to see, but instead I called the poor guy up and told him not to come by since it was stupid because it was snowing, and a long bus trip for barely any time together. I also felt sick, had homework and school in the morning and so did he. I realise now that was stupid, because I ruined my day (and his) and got really nothing good out of it. I also lisened to a few people I know compain about valentines day and I realised that hating that day on the account of bad memories was an awful reason. It's easy to cure that with good memories after all, if I wasen't such a stubborn, prideful, idiotic woman.

*ahem* Well, if your reading this, do you forgive me?


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