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 Another late xmas gift for [ profile] ichiban_victory  : A crossover fanart of Slayers and the old Disney animated series "Gargoyles". Here, we have Lina and Gourry in Gargoyle form. I gave Lina a few of Demona's attributes since Demona was a Gargoyle who learned magic. Seemed to fit.

I've posted a lot of drawings lately but very few comics. I'm sorry! I'm more into a awesome colored drawing mood then a funny comic mood lately. I don't know why. But I have a few comics I want to draw - expect a comic on the next post!

Ooooh, I can't end the post without showing this to you guys! You know the Muse that pops from time to time on this journal? Well she gets fanart by the talented [ profile] kokumi009 ....


Over and out.

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It looks cool! I tried to keep the colors light. When I put black lines over strong colors it looks bleh. And I really wanted to put black lines.

Tomorrow, my friend Fauve and Melissa (along with a large cast of people) are coming over to Montréal to celebrate their birthday. I guess they think Montréal is DAH place to be or something. Whatever man, I get to party. With friends. And cake. And presents. And Rockband. Heee!



Jan. 12th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Slayers Fanart sketch, for dqbunny's late xmas present. At first, I was going to draw her a more adult themed Slayers fanart. But, then I started thinking about stuff and trying out sketches. I started thinking about the Slayers buddy-family unit ("Nakama") and how awesome it was. This is pretty much based on the anime, since they are somewhat separated a lot in the novels and in the manga. If they keep doing anime seasons, they might separate them there too for plot reasons (or not, god knows zel brings in the estrogen brigade...) So I kinda wanted a little friendship based picture, because this is one of the great characteristics of the anime and because it's also thanks to them that she and I are friends.

Also, I can't draw dirty scenes to save my life. I keep feeling like the character is about to turn around and glare at me for it. Heh. My sweet innocent soul.

And yep, the image is going to have a frame with body-soul-heart-mind symbols, one for each of the four characters.

And there will be bright colors!!!

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I'm not too sure what to say about this new year, aside from "Happy New Year, everybody". 2009 went okay, but sorta ended on this extreme fatigue professionally, emotionally and artistically. I seem to have lost some things with the end of 2009 as I was gaining others. I feel a little brain sick, maybe. I'm hoping 2010 will be better - it's full of promise. A new year for comics, for travelling to the USA and to Japan, for comics about travelling (lol) and of course, a brand new year to finally learn the tips and trick to good photoshop coloring (you people on my f-list who color? Please tell me your secrets!)

My internet is still crappy. Link and I bought a new router, more powerful then the scrappy one we had. We assumed our internet stopped a lot because the wireless signal was too weak (the building is full of wireless signals. They interfere). The new router is actually broken. We both agreed our internet connection is cursed.

For new years I didn't do much - I don't havbe many friends in this new city and i'm sure the few I have were quite busy. I just went to see Sherlock Holmes with Link and hate some delicious restaurant food. Sherlock was cool, it kinda felt like someone put a bunch of books in a mixer and added some american movie spirit... But it was still a fun and distracting movie.

I made some drawings for a few secret santas on various communities (Mainly, Slayers and Princess Tutu). If you are on my f-list and I am possibly your secret santa, please don't click on the link to see the picture XD.

Slayers secret santa: click here for image
I call this one "Shadow over your heart". It's a piece about Lina's relation to the villains of the series. It's about her fear of them, her regret over killing some of them and also about her learning from them (as LON is in the group). Both bad and good influences of the "villains" casted a shadow on her heart. But friendly support is present is the form of the hands of her friends (and in a way... didn't zel use to be an enemy? Sorta adds to it.)

Princess tutu secret santa : click here for image
"Told Backwards" is an image showing the protagonists in different roles then the ones from the anime. Ahiru is the heartless golden bird, Tutu is her crow-cursed form. Rue is the female knight looking over her. Fakir is the son of the monster crow. And Mytho is the transforming swan trying to gather missing heart shards. If Princess tutu was a deconstructiong of classic fairytales, I think having Mytho as the heart seeker would have been an interesting deconstruction of the magical girl genre...

S'all for now methinks. I'm gonna go play on the playstation. I got a game called "Mini-ninjas". It's... way too much fun.

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The gender switch contest on [ profile] ameliazellove seemed like a good excuse. Basically, you draw Zel and Amelia, two of the main characters of Slayers as they would be if they were of the opposite gender, either born that way or transformed suddently. I chose the *born that way* scenario, because then Zel would have been a kick-ass female from the start, and we always need more kick ass females. I wanted them to keep their personas despite the gender change, but obviously the personas would be similar, but different due to the fact that they got raised differently. Thru several drawings I wanted to explore these subtle differencences. So here we go:

The character sheet...


In a non-fanart note, I just worked another 12 hour day. I am dead. TGIF.


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Hahahah. I secretly kept the bird hidden until early saturday morning and UNLEASHED THE FURY! Link was pretty sure I brought it with me, he even asked me on friday night. Too bad he's a fool that trusts me to tell the truth. THAT FOOL.

He was actually a pretty good sport about the annoyance. But I actually wasn't even that annoying - I played with it twice. Olivier, his twin-slash-roomie was more of an annoyance: while I was out visiting a friend in Montréal he propped the bird on Link's desk and came in to press on it every so often. Go, Olivier. Make me proud. 

Sooooo, yeah. Went to Montréal this weekend. Saw my friend Julie from College. It was pretty fun (we were due - it's been 4 years since we last saw each other). Link took a week off to work on his 3D portefolio that started with last weekend. Unfortunately, his computer crashed as he was reformating it to give it a fresh start before the week of 3D. Computer is now in the hand of a pro until tomorrow morning-noon. So, he'll still have 4 days to work. Which isn't bad, but it still sucks for him.

I myself am spending all my time drawing. I have a list of drawings I need to do for people and I try to get one page of Rose done every day (up to now I managed to make one every two days. I need to crank up my productivity.) I wish I could show you guys more Rose, but I can't post anymore pages on the web due to well... The editor doesn't want to publish a book if it's all over the web *laughs* Oopsie.

After all of the Avatar: TLA I posted, here is finally some Slayers. Inspired by THIS drawing. It's sortoff the action following it. It's inspired by the end of Evo-R. In the end, Rezo claims he wanted to come back to life despite the fact that it would endanger the world to see "that light". Then he opens his eyes and goes all MWAHAHAHA on our collective asses and orders Lina to gigaslave him. When I first saw the episode by "that Light" I though he meant Lina rather then the moon or whatnot. Because, let's face it, the only light around in the season one version of Shabby returning was Lina's big assed spell. Since the drawing that inspired this had a hinting of Rezo-Lina, it seemed fair to draw this as the follow up.


That is all.


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Okay - Old contract person tells me he really needs me to refinish old drawings on a contract completed 4 months ago. Sure. I say yes. Then he tells me it's mega urgent. So I get it done on the same day. THEN he expresses how he dislikes the refinish I did and asks me to change things in the image that litterally calls for me to re-draw it. FINISH the job at 4am this morning. Goes into work half-asleep. Sent Invoice and drawing. Guy sends back drawing asking for more changes and claims he will not pay me since I only re-tweaked a drawing and it  (and I quote) *Can't possibly take that long*

*Isa brain twitch*

Should I -
  • Try to explain to him that I require payment and that I had to re-draw the thing and that I won't do any other changes before he pays me.
  • Tell him politly to keep this drawing since he already has it and doesn't want to pay me but that I won't make any more changes or deal with him again due to this attitude he has and has had in the past.
  • Tell him to stick the drawing where the sun don't shine and never deal with him again.
One of the reasons I decided to pause my contract work was because I was tired of dealing people who think making a drawing is like typing a word document. OBVIOUSLY, it takes FIVE SECONDS and if you don't like an inked section, you can just hit the backspace button and ink it again! Yooooweeeeeh! Drawing is, after all, a portal to a magical land where no work is required to create something that looks exactly how it does in your head!

Fuck this guy.

Have some Slayers Fluff to counter-balance my foul mood.


p.s. I'm aware that i'm exagerating and that he's not that bad but iv'e had 2 hours of sleep, my REAL boss is riding my ass and this guy just sent me five emails asking when i'm gonna be done when I clearly told him I am at work and cannot complete this task. He's a moron.


Apr. 16th, 2009 11:58 pm
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 I really like onomatopoeia. I do. It's my favorite part of comic drawing I think. And it's not even the fact that you get to draw out the words and make them all pretty. No. It's that reading a sound (like a character falling on something mushy - SBLASFT!) is pretty much hilarious in it's own right. I like onomatopoeia so much, I even use them when I speak (which is a little weird, I admit to describe a printing problem to the repair men as "It when SCHLAKAKAKA BOM PTTTTTTCHHBBBLLLT"). But yeah, I have fun with those. And since i'm french, the onomatopoeia I put in has a tendancy to be neither the classic french ones you find in comics or the classic english ones but these brand new weird words that are just..funny.

Okay, weird part over.

Avatar : The last airbender is a good series. I honestly recommend it to the people on my f-list who, like me 2 weeks ago, still don't know it. Seriously, if you like reading the stuff I put here (fantasy and sarcastic humor, fluid drawings, personality of characters) you'll love Avatar. IT SERIOUSLY MESSES WITH MY PRODUCTIVITY. And yes, I know, it would not mess with my productivity if I had self control... But the hell with self control - IT'S ANIMATED.

In any case...

The_Flowergirl, here is your banner, finally. Sorry it took so long, but honestly, I had to re-draw it after I saw Avatar. It's hard to explain, but my drawings are based a lot on knowing a character and showing it's person through my lines. When I draw I character I don't know, they tend to feel... well, empty. So I really HAD to re-draw it. I put in the grope action, as requested by the fanartist whom's drawing you asked me to base Aang and Katara on. I included here the study sketch I did, because I find it gorgeous. You'll notice the sketch has more lines and less groping then the banner. I always reduce the details in banners because they are ment to be smaller. To compensate I put in DOUBLE GROPE POWER!

If you show this to Queen of the cute, please let me know her reactions :)

I still gotta color Johanne's banner too. Man, I wish I had a colorist. I'm kinda bad and slow at photoshop, but this is part of my training to get better. I'm usually better at traditional coloring methods. 

And no worries slayers fans, didn't forget you....

Too much focus on the butt?

Over and out!


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So, the final episode of Slayers Evolution played. As per usual, we watched as a group sharing comments (often sounding like BIG BADABOOM!) considering that the last episode was full of EPIC. It was fun. And we all kinda hope there will be more, but if there isn't, it's been at least really cool to see them hang around for a little while longer. Though honestly, Rezo? Die man. And don't come back this time. In any shape or form. 

I tried drawing Lina to underline the epic, but she wasn't cooperating.

Goodbye lina, it's been real.

I spent the week being sick with a fever. I did nothing but go to work and sleep when I got home. Really. I mean, no drawings, no cleaning. Just sleeping or watching movies if I felt like it. This week felt like a giant waste. I might have gotten better faster if I could have taken a day off. Being a contract-ee, I don't really get any. So the sickness dragged on. But now it's gone. So hopefully, this week is going to be a little more on the productive side!


Mar. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Art wise, i've discovered two things yesterday that can only be described by *OMG OMG OMG*

First - Masking Fluid. I finally got off my ass and did some research in the watercolor department. I learned there existed a thing called Masking Fluid that you can use to cover a section you colored previously or to cover a spot you wish to keep white. You just put it on and it makes a rubbery film you remove as soon as you are done. It's that easy. WOW.

I spend 2 years painting small watercolor things as complicated as this one:

Using nothing but kleenexes, wet brushes and dumb luck to prevent my colors from mixing and my white areas white. Now I just learned a magic product actually painlessly does that for me. I feel kinda dumb I guess, but then I tried the Masking Fluid and lemme tell you, it's AMAZING. It's going to give me a whole new boost in the department of what I can do with watercolors. This is going to rock.

The second thing I discovered was XKCD - a really funny webcomic. that is insanly smart.

This Lj is turning into a review board! Must post more comics --_--

I didn't draw much, most of my time is spend drawing comic pages for ROSE. But I can give you guys a preview if you want!

Oh, one final note - Link now has a niece. His older brother, Nikolas (he has 3 brothers and a sister) and Niko's wife Maria just had a baby girl. Considering her mom is from Finland, i'm betting... Blond baby.

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 Weirdest thing at work today. We had a seminar about the internet, more specifically internet networking and relationships. They put a lot of pressure on the internet not being instant even if it may look and seem like it is and that networking on the web took as much time as making real contacts in the real world. There was other rules too such as; only use a few networking tools and really get involved with one or too so that rather then being omnipresent, you are intergrated, which makes you seem like a better business person.

I found it funny how I already applied almost all of the rules mentioned in the seminar to my internet social life. 

Slayers evolution-r episode 11 was pretty cool. Except for what happened to Ozel. I am sad. I will draw her tomorrow :(

I've been thinking of re-starting the secondworld soon. It would be a reset, so basically restarting the story. However, the problem with the first story was that it was too long and complicated. So this time i'm going to create something that follows more the lines of mini-quests of D&D campaigns. People will be allowed to re-work their backstories accordingly to the new general story (which is pretty similar to the old one up to now.)... I'll most likely post something about this on the secondworld LJ soon enough (keep in mind i'm pretty busy guys XD) I don't know if all the players are gonna return, but i'm pretty sure most will. 

Finally drawings! More Slayers Steampunk!

Gourry, is that a giant wrench in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Lina's work overalls look familiar for some reason. Chibis inspired by artbook drawings.

Ozel!!! You'll have a role in the Slayers Steampunk. You have to. You're a bona-fide victorian ninja maid.

Visafrank (or however you spell it) hehehe cool.

I don't own slayers blah blah blah but I do enjoy drawing them.

I'm tired today --_--


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Love the twins. And by twins I means those two dorks (Link and his brother) living in Montréal. Gotta love'em.

Giant BAAAAAAAAAAAH phase right now. I pretty much just finished my contracts (top chrono - 5 minutes ago!) and now I have no more left to do. I'm only left with my personal projects (aka the comic book Rose, Slayers Steampunk and whatever else I decide to pick up.) and yet I barely feel like picking up a pencil. Without deadlines, I seem to be a real wuss. Baaaaah. Maybe I should just take a few days of break.

I did sketch out a few things slayers related though. 
Mainly this hero thing based on this post and a tiny inside joke. 


Blargh...stomach flue X_X

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 Here it is; the final costumes for the Slayers steampunk..

Don't everyone look awesome? I especially like Amelia. I wanted to do a photolike pose so I can add a background and color it sepia style. Oh yeah. I hope you guys look forward to reading it. I'm hoping the reception of this fic written by Earthstar and drawn by moi will be good and not a "oh hell, another alternate realiy fic!" Trust me when I say; you'll never expect what's going to come up in it XD

Aside from that, i'm currently working on my own new banner for the Lj. I like this one. I decided to go for less characters this time. The first theme was panel. This one was inspired by a lyric in a song I suddenly heard on the radio... "Photoshop the horizon!" Now if I only knew what the song was? anyways, it's basically very simplified. The background turns into colors. A single work is present, a yellow brick road runs towards the horizon and on it the Slayers cast will be walking. I like this banner. It's kinda peaceful...

Spent the evening working on storyboards, cleaning and packing. Off to Montréal for the weekend. Yay!

- Isa

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 Comic actually contains spoilers for Watchmen. (Believe it or not.)

I think this is hilarious. 

Also, more concept sketches for the Slayers Steampunk. I love how this one could be one of those old photographs of people in front of a clock! Maybe i'll color it that way!

I'm debating about Gourry's hair. Should I cut it?

Banner status report - 3 banners are in the works, my own, [ profile] earthstar_chan  's and [ profile] the_flowergirl  's. My own is in the process to be colored. Earthstar's is inked and flowergirl as concept sketches done :)

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 I picked up two movies last week; the Dead like me movie and the final segment of the Futurama movies. I didn't watch Futurama "Into the Wild Green Yonder" yet, but I did watch Dead Like me. The Dead Like Me movie was a little weird. It felt like they had a great plot idea in the intro and then it died half-way thru the plot. The camera blurs were annoying. I was sad that Rube was gone, though it worked well in the plot of Georga getting a "Raise"... I really didn't like the new Daisy, the actress wasn't pretty or classy enough. I was glad the kept the same actress as Reggie (she grew up so well!). I liked the whole Georga-Reggie thing going on, even if it was full of cheesiness (also, wtf Reggie boyfriend was a complete asshole.) 

You could tell the movie didn't go where the directors wanted it to, and it didn't answer any of the plotholes remaining in the series. I did like getting a spoonfull of George's attitude once more, getting to see Reaper murders was hilarious, and I love the movie introduction, done in comic form. But generally, it was kinda disapointing. I think they lacked budget and didn't get the actors or settings they wanted and had to make due. Meh, it was worth a try and die-heart fans will at least enjoy seeing the characters get one last run. Considering this was pretty much a flop I do believe it WILL be the last run. But that's okay, this way Dead like me and Death keeps it's mysteries.

I do have to say... POST ITS RAINING FROM THE SKY = Awesome.

Now for drawings; I,m in a big banner mood, so I drew the website banner [ profile] earthstar_chan  asked me to. The theme is "a sea of tea"... I really like it. Especially Ozel doing her super-robot-ninja-maid serving tea. The world needs more super-robot-ninja-maids. It only lacks color, I wait for Johanne to tell me what type of colors she would like to see in here.

Again, for a project with earthstar_chan ... Here is a few sketches. It's for a giant Slayers fanfic-with-illustrations based on the idea of transmitting the story to a steampunk universe (much like the one you can find in Howl's moving Castle or the webcomic Girl Genius). At first it seemed like we were going to do a very "Alternate universe" type of story, but more and more as we compose the plot, this is actually going to a be a story that ties in nicely with the series and the novels. You'll all see. Here are the costume designs for lina and Amelia...

The plot is somewhat secret for now, but it's going to be amazing! You'll see!

Bah, as a final note i'd like to express my extreme geekout over Watchmen and the Harry Potter trailer. WOW. Even if the movie WOULD suck (but that's impossible) they both look so beautiful O_O... It's crazy what you can do with digital cameras and special effects these days!

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 As you may recall :

I drew this comic:

based off a short fanfic dqbunny had written years ago.  
The fic lead to a comic. And the comic inspired in the original autor the following sort fanfic where Lina daydreams too.

After that happened, she kept writting, creating this short fanfic where Zel and Amelia express how tired they are of all this and Lina gets revenge for it.

And Finally, a second pack of comic pages come around to bring this story to a conclusion (maybe)

Make sure you read stuff in the right order, it's totally worth it. It's the daydream that never ends.

I also want to state that drawing amelia was hilarious.

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Yes, yes, more Slayers. I got my boxsets of the series in the mail this week and well... That's all I watch so... Slayers obsession for now. speaking of the first seasons though; woah, did the 80's hit that hard or WHAT? Hello, weird colors and animation.

The next post will most likely be back to normal lol.

My computer still has a virus. I know where the virus is, what it does and I tried deleting it a bunch of times and it's still there. May it be cursed.

So, these comic pages are dedicated to dqbunny (some kind of xmas-birthday thing) because I owe her a drawing and that these comics are based on a fanfic she wrote, altered in image by yours truly. I promise i'll finish and send all my xmas-slash-birthday drawings one day. Life is hard with two jobs, no more time to draw (woe.)

Onwards, to the funny comic!

(still no LJ cut because Lj is STILL a BIATCH@!)

So there you have it, a little comic about Gourry daydreaming. Before you all ask -
He wants to remain seated because of emotional and physical "trauma" due to having a pleasant dream interrupted by an angry orange blur.
Dream-Lina doesn't talk because I figured Gourry would not know what she would say in reality in that situation, so he can't imaging it.
I love naked-lina panel. Horray, random dream-nakeness.
Pocota was fun to draw.


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For those who don't know, Slayers Knight of Aqualord is being translated in french by Ki-Oon. I'm a french-canadian, so that's good news for me. For the few among you who might have french as a first or a second language, it is too! Not to mention, french is a lot easier to understand then japanese.

Here is the link to Ki-Oon, you can also read the first 20 pages online. (of book one, two AND three) You need to click on the cover on the right side and then on the word 'planches' on the left side.

They are a great little editing house, and they are about to translate Tales of Symphonia too.

Go them!

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So yeah. I never found I was the most awesome storyteller in the land. But I still tried drawing some doujinshis (fan-made-comics) thru the years. This comic is fairly old (hence the fair drawings. I could do better now.) but I always found it to be one of my greater successes. I originally drew it for an art trade with

[ profile] ichiban_victory.

The plot is Amelia-centric, canon couplings (though not really any couple stuff happening. It's mostly just hinted at).

I've been meaning to post it for quite some time for all those on my f-list who have most likely never seen it. Such as [ profile] cottoncandykid, [ profile] eveshka, [ profile] gigabahamut666, [ profile] inverce, [ profile] lycorne, [ profile] neshel[ profile] snapdragon76, [ profile] the_flowergirl, [ profile] yukinoomoniand [ profile] zenavvy.

Enjoy the read guys! This comic has won the prize of having an ending that made all the fans who have read it tear up a bit XD


(Comic in the form of Links to photobucket because Lj is being a bitch.)

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So, i'm back from the anime con. I went to the con with Fauve and her fiancé. After we went to Winterlude (basically a giant-winter festival complete with giant ice-slides, ice palaces, outdoor food, concerts and parades that lasts 2 weeks) since one of the parks that hosts Winterlude (there is 4 or so) is right in front of my house (and I mean, I cross the street and i'm there.)

We agreed that Winterlude was a lot more fun and cheaper then the con. The con had a pretty high entrance price and was small and somewhat odd. All three of us felt old and out of place since all the anime fans were about 16 to 18 years old and all the anime samplings playing were all these really new series we had never heard about (and frankly, they were WEIRD and contained a lot of pretty girls in small amounts of clothing). I much prefer Anime North. I'm not surprise that the con is small since it's the first year. I'm actually quite fine with it. The reason why I PREFER Anime North is because most of the con-goers there are more in our age group (18 to 26) so we feel less like... well, overgrown geeks.

The costumes were good though and the con people at least get an A for effort for trying to create a new con. It's hard work. I enjoyed their "Manga-librairy" where you could borrow for an hour a manga and read it and therefore sample some new series. Great idea.

Winterlude was awesome though. I love the ice sculptures and the slides. And the Beaver Tails. Oh yes, sugar baby, sugar.

All I have for your guys as a comic today is a drawing of a Slayers Novels Scene. Enjoy it!

Sorry about the lack of Lj-cut...but they won't work today for some reason! I curse them!



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