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I love these characters. Buzz and Jessie are such cute Toy Story characters.  I love their animation. Buzz moves in such a precise manner. And Jessie is just... *dangle dangle dangle hyper*. Heh.

I get another long weekend this week due to Canada day. I don't really have anything specific to do though. I wonder when was the last time I went to Ottawa? Maybe I could do that. Or draw.

I've been feeling a little meh lately. I feel like I have almost no friends close by. Yeah, I know I have friends online, friends back in Ottawa and all that stuff. But I feel like I have barely anybody I can hang out with around here. Most of my local friends are very busy, or have conflicting schedules. Maybe it's because it's summer. Everyone I know seems so busy in the summer because i'm so idle (seriously, in the summer, I am a lazy slug). At least I get to hang out with Link, but I aways feel like i'm going to get on his nerves...

I wish I have a magical imaginary friend or something. Or a teleporting machine.

- Isa

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So... I didn't get to meet the wiseman again.

It took me a while to post this, probably because it made me sadder then it should have. For those of you who don't know, the street wiseman was a homeless guy with a screwy eye that gave me hilarious advice that became a comic. He apparently knew the secret of life. It was a good secret.

I don't know why this affected me so much. Maybe it's the whole though of him dying alone, frozen to death, on a street corner. It seemed sad. It seemed to be the very definition of dying alone and unknown. I wonder if he had any papers on him? Or would he just be another Jonh Smith in a hospital mortuary and a government cremation center?

Unknown wiseman, I give thee these two comics. People might have forgotten who you were. But the people on this journal will remember you as a man with a good laugh.

- Isa
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Finished! I finished the 5 pages I had to draw for the comic magazine (the same one that published that mini-comic about the girl and the tree of hands - some of you may recall). The theme this time was *Why do you draw comics?* It's a good question. I think I draw comics for the same reason as I keep getting involved in fandoms and keep this journal updated... First of all, because it amuses me. Greatly. Drawing is really, really fun, for no reason at all. Second, it makes people happy and allows me to meet new people. Seriously, some of you love my drawings so much sometimes It warms my heart. :) Last and not least - I think I use drawings to express myself (DUH). I have a weird imagination and those of you who know me well know i'm not *quite* as well connected to my emotions as a healthy human should be. With drawing I feel I can get the stuff out of my brain and on paper easily. It's awesome that way.

This little five-pager focuses on the communication aspect of why I draw. and yes, there's me in it, since it's suppose to focus on my persona and such.

Yet another comic without dialogues, despite the title being TALKBUBBLE. I think working on Rose (that has no dialogues) have made me used to silent comics. I gotta find some way to insert witty comebacks somewhere, quick!

Now I go do my laundry (yyyyyaaaay?)

Click here for the rest of the comic pages. )



Mar. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Art wise, i've discovered two things yesterday that can only be described by *OMG OMG OMG*

First - Masking Fluid. I finally got off my ass and did some research in the watercolor department. I learned there existed a thing called Masking Fluid that you can use to cover a section you colored previously or to cover a spot you wish to keep white. You just put it on and it makes a rubbery film you remove as soon as you are done. It's that easy. WOW.

I spend 2 years painting small watercolor things as complicated as this one:

Using nothing but kleenexes, wet brushes and dumb luck to prevent my colors from mixing and my white areas white. Now I just learned a magic product actually painlessly does that for me. I feel kinda dumb I guess, but then I tried the Masking Fluid and lemme tell you, it's AMAZING. It's going to give me a whole new boost in the department of what I can do with watercolors. This is going to rock.

The second thing I discovered was XKCD - a really funny webcomic. that is insanly smart.

This Lj is turning into a review board! Must post more comics --_--

I didn't draw much, most of my time is spend drawing comic pages for ROSE. But I can give you guys a preview if you want!

Oh, one final note - Link now has a niece. His older brother, Nikolas (he has 3 brothers and a sister) and Niko's wife Maria just had a baby girl. Considering her mom is from Finland, i'm betting... Blond baby.



Jan. 30th, 2007 08:41 pm
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Yes, i'm aware that it's not a word...

This last week, for some reason, people have come to me with issues. For some reason I did not know of, I suddenly felt I was wise and tried giving advice. Well, according to recent statistics, my advice sucks 9 times outta 10. 

I'm not sure why I give advice to people honestly...^^;; I'm not very reliable. I see situations from a completly random angle and give out weird advice that would probably only work in a comic book. I think I should foward people to my friend Tama or something... If you've got problems, i'll listen, i'll support but pray the lord I don't advise you on anything. It just got someone dumped today. My advice is no good.

Which makes me wonder all together why people look up to me. People should stop doing that. I'm just a kid with not actual valuable life experience then the one I seem to have cultivated in books...I don't think i'm stupid, but I definitly don't have a fresh perspective. Actually, I was always terrible at drawing perspective.

For those who wonder how it went, the expo went fine. My photos seem to have been generally liked.  

In a general way, my work is doing fine *pets the work creature* but I seem to be lacking organization and motivation. I though for sure this week was last week, so I forgot about an exam and kinda did badly. My friend Fauve gave me a little calendar to cross out the days so I don't get confused again. I really need more focus. 

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A friend of mine died this thursday. She was called Sarae and when I met her, I though she was the most fun loving person I met.
Turns out, she wasn't that happy. She was just hiding pain. 

Go hug someone you love for me.


p.s. to all those who have telephone access to me: I'm fine. You don't all need to call. I,m fine, and i'd rather not talk about anyway. Thanks.

Wet Dog

Oct. 17th, 2006 10:42 pm
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Nothing sucks more then being caught in cold wind and rain...except being caught in cold wind and rain during rush hour in Ottawa....oh, yeah, and being caught in cold wind and rain during rush hour in Ottawa while carrying two bags, a painting tube and two paintings bigger then you badly wrapped in plastic bags is no pinic either. I was rather happy when I got home. This experience would not have been quite as bad if it wasn't rush hour though. A bunch of people on the bus kept leaning on my paintings...But most people were very understanding and helpful, so that was cool. ^^

Reh, I still don't enjoy all this rain too much. Mainly because I carry so much paper around. I'm not a water-type person. I'm more wind or fire, thanks. I like my soothing heat and light, thanks.

I think I just knocked myself out of a weird phase I was in. Maybe rain was a cold shower I needed. I've been kindoff a brat and a whiny groutch since I got back from Toronto. I'm actually looking back and realising i'm annoying myself. I caused quite a lot of bullshit with schedules at work, which was stupid. I don't get why I took the whole schedule crap so badly. Honestly, I got called in at the last minute a good few times and it din't even bother me. So I wonder why that time did...I think I was just being a jerk. Oh well. My boss wants to talk to me and I don't blame her. I deserve a warning. I'm not gonna defend myself, it's really all my fault or at least mostly my fault, so i'm just going to take it like I should. It's no big deal. As long as I realise i've messed up, I think i'll be fine. I'm not at risk of getting fired either, which would suck, so I think it's cool. Obviously, i'm loosing some brownie points here, but i'll just have to make up for it by doing my work well. I wonder if i'll get back to two shifts a week next week. I don't want to ask my boss for it after all the turd I caused this week so I'm just going to let her do the schedules she wants. Basicly the wait and see.

On a brither note, I just subcrived to an internet art image database throught my university called Artstor. It has truckloads of wicked images for so many artists O_O I looked up some of my favorite ones and saw these wonderful pencil sketches by Mucha and Klimt. Lovely stuff. ^^

Well, tomorrow I think i'm gonna take an art day and concentrate on all my art-related homework. ^^ Maybe draw a comic or two.

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Shit happens is a motto of life. Shit happens while secondlina is away, is apparently the motto of my life.
Hello everyone, i'm back from Toronto! In the flesh and in front of  my computer. It was a great weekend, really fun. I enjoyed myself quite a lot.

So I figured, everybody is probably doing good too? Right?
Just to prove me wrong and attack my friends, the universe says "Hell no!"

My friend Wesley, who as  the rotten luck of suffering from a lot of emotinal bullcrap, now has a broken heart, the poor thing. I wish I could hug him.
My boyfirend Link, busted, no, fractured his ankle a bit before I got to Toronto and was in pain for the weekend, which got him to get babied a bit. I sure he enjoyed that.
One of my friends, Fauve, had an ashma attack that left her lungs at 33% of their capacity. She had to go to the hospital and she's now on a pile of medication. I worry T_T
Another of my aquittances was feeling down too. She was supposed to get a book untitled "Table Turners" to get published. Some may recall seeing a drawing of the main character I did in these pages: Odette St-Rémy. Well, she got turned down after the put her hopes up for 4 months. May they burn in hell.
Finally, my friend Tama, is planning to move because her landlord is sucking her money dry and screwing up her appartement is every possible way. But the fact that she has a dog limits the range of appartements she can move into. Not to mention she has a contracts that states she will live there one more year or have to compensate for it. Rawr.

I time I go to Toronto, are people gonna hang?

I worry, I worry.

I hope all these people will take good care of themselves and remember I love them.


p.s. I have my own share of evil: Exams for the weeks. Yay.

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It's weird...Lina is a very happy character, and yet I always seem to draw her in these very sad poses...
God. I. Want. Her. HAIR! >_>
I,m currently working on two things: the slayers booklet and my living room. My living room is being completly revamped, and so far, my dad and I do most of the work (nevermind the fact that I have two strong brothers!)
The whole living room/dining room just got finished being re-painted white. The smell is strong. Most likely because my hair is covered in it.

The slayers booklet is being finished (although not that fast right now. Priority on the house for we are in need of a place to sit and eat) and I still need an idea for a cover page. I'm also calling out to the slayers fans who read here: do you guys want to suggest me a short (8 to 10 comic page aka maybe 500 to 800 words) story to add in? I'm thinking because most of the material is of utter siliness, a good dramatic story would be a nice touch...
Then maybe i'll also make a short art gallery in it too...
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Okay. This post is directed to the two idiots who keep sending me emails.

Dear idiot number 1...
Stop saying my drawings are terrible and that I could do much better if I tried. I already KNEW that. The drawings I post on here are NOT drawings I have worked on for hours. I use this journal to post humor and little sketches I like. Obviously, the stuff I spend 12 hours on is much bigger, better, and important to me for me to want to post it on a place where any jack and jill can just save it on his computer.  I like the drawings I post here, because they are daily little drawings about my life that I do as fast as I can in a way, and that express loads of emotions I adore. I am AWARE that they sometimes suck, are not inked and sometimes not erased. Please fuck off and never speak to me again. If you want to see good art, go on deviant art or something. This is not a gallery. It's a diary. Learn the difference from a thesaurus.

Dear idiot number two...
Nor will I ever draw porn. And if ever by any chance I do, I will not post it here for your viewing pleasure. The fact that I have a boyfriend and drew one explicit joke about stripping does not mean i'm a hentai artist. Where the fucking fuck did you get an idea like that? Stop requesting comics about my sex life, what Link and I do in the bedroom is none of your fucking buiness. The simple fact that you asked that makes you a sick moron. 80% of the internet is porn. Why the hell do you fucking feel like harassing me? Type porn on google if you wanna see a girl fuck a fucking cactus for all I care BUT STOP BUGGING ME!

Please understand that I have deleted all your posts, emails and blocked you completly. Ever post anything on this site again, and I will delete it and send l33t ninjas to collect your heads. 

God, I can't believe I wasted a post on you people...
You people aren't friends, are even fans. You'Re web rejects. Please, go to hell.

On somewhat related news, never expect anybody to call you back, especially if they owe you money. I feel like ripping the eyelids off my ex-boss. He still owes me a whole paycheck. FUCKER! And other people still owe me 400$ for drawings. WHY DON'T PEOPLE EVER CALL BACK! CURSE ALL OF YOU!

Morning shift people at Tim horton can kiss the fastest part of my ass (right here baby) and go sit on a pincushion. I'm not their friggin' slave.

[personal profile] yukinoomoni, I hope my ranting skills make you proud!

I kinda like the drawing I put here. It's very gruesome. Kinda differs from my usual stuff. A bit like this post.


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