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But first, bask in Ichiban_Victory's awesomeness....

I just received in the mail an interesting gift from her. Dolls of my original characters. But not any characters!!!

So anywho, enough with the baskin' On with the OZ!

I wish I could draw more pages before I posted, but that's all I got for now and it's imperative I get down and dirty with my management homework.  (aaaargh) as well as a few art projects before the big critique next week (double aaaaaaargh).

The reason I wished I did more was because i'm leaving it a bit loose. What Meg calls Evillink in the last pages ("Pastellite") is relevant to the plot. So is his weird urge to flee. I wish I had time to draw the pages explaining it, but you'll just have to wait and suffer. Mwahahah. Lina also gets to wake up in the next comic batch, just in case you were a huge evilshoe fan. XD

Of course, if you have no idea what this Oz thing is, check the tags under "Oz miniseries" and have fun reading. It's basically the website characters being parodied in Oz. Lot's of fun.

Long live Ozma! ^_^

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Behold. The ultimate annoying bitch customer stereotype. I hate this customer.

I like strangers in paradise and how Terry Moore depicts caricatural characters like this though. It's a darn good read that series. And now it's over. The final issues actually came out during my last week in Toronto. I decided to re-read all my issues/trades today before and after my work shift. Like in Bone, I love how the artist uses white and black toning. I wish I was better at inking.

Ah. I got my internship approved, so this year, i'm going to go to school, work at tim hortons and be an intern for MASC, a program that organizes activities in schools that have to do with the arts. It seems like fun. It actually seems like i've got my work cut out for me. Apparently, there is lots and lots to do. I,m really motivated by the internship. At the same time I feel I should purchase a gravestone for my social life.

Speaking of gravestones, I also re-watched my Dead like Me dvds a bit. Apparently a movie is coming out soon. I love Rube. I love the fact that his first cinematographic career was as Inigo Montoya. I love the way he talks.

Anyways, Oz updates!!! I had a bit of time to draw. Enjoy.

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Ohayo gang!!! I wonder how you are all doing. I'm doing well. Well, sortoff.

I just got back from visiting my family up in Quebec City. I was glad to see my grandma and aunts, and it was all good fun. Link came with and got to see how things are up north. We also visited old quebec, which is what used to be the fortifications to keep the english out. Now it's a really touristy place, with lost of street artists and little shops. Very cute. I always forget how beautiful Quebec is. 

I'm also very happy. I'm starting school soon. That's going to be crazy. I have an internship, school, work and homework (and hopefully, a social life) all at once. The winter session should be much less crammed, since I don't have an internship, and only 4 classes. Things are definitly looking up : I got a grant. The university gave me money because of my "A" average (yes, i'm hermione. I have a love affair with fat books.). Since my mother works at the university's education departement ; I get a discount to attend (and no, I didn't attend because my mama was working there, I started attending before she started working there.) With the discount and the grant put together...I go to school for free. I was amazed to see that when I got my financial report. Hell, the university even owes me money. How sweet is that? Considering how the art building is as crappy stack of cards glued together, I feel quite good not having to pay. hahhha.

I can't wait to share a studio with my pal Tanya!!! 

I'm equaly very giddy because I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. As I mentionned to a friend no later than last night, when you don't know what you are doing, it tends to make you miserable. I want to go into event planning. I like that type of job because it's creative and yet as an administrative side. You do as much budgetting as color coding. It seems like the perfect job for me. Plus, you need some everywhere.

Right now, i,m trying to organise my future internship and my return to school. I,m also trying to kill off the few comissions I still have lingering (forgive me diane & daphne) so i'm a little stressed. But it will pass.

I've been also perfecting my personal style to try to make it less manga (mainly in serious drawings. I don't mind drawing manga for the blog since manga you draw fast.) So I did a few Oz drawings in that style:

Wind )

Fight )

Random )

That is all! 
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There. Left plenty of space in between spoilers and this text for those who wish not to see them. Just avoid the Lj cut.

So what else is new? I'm sick right now. A small throat allergy seems to have turned into a giant I-kick-your-ass throat and sinus cold that allied force with the time of the month to best me. It got so bad, I actually called in sick at work. I never call in sick. It's so rare, when it happens people just KNOW i'm dead in a gutter somewhere. Bah. At least it was just a 3 hour shift I was missing. So it's cool. ^_ ^

I spent most of the day dead on my couch watching scrubs. Got up to draw eventually. Drew a bunch of Oz pages. I felt rather inspired and light headed, so the drawings are a bit rushed. Hope you still like them.

I went to montreal last week to finally visit Link's new appartement. Appartements are less expensive in montreal then toronto. AND THEY ARE BETTER! Link did a really nice job on the place. Painted it, fixed it up. Even built some carved selves everywhere! The Toronto appartement never felt like home because the boys weren't allowed to paint or change much. In montreal, Link was free to do whatever he wanted. As a result, the appartement really feels like home.

I love how all the appartements in Montreal are half-houses and you have to climb winding staircases to get to them!

Also : Montreal as kitties everywhere.

Link spent 3 weeks in his appartement alone without his brother (who had left for BC to go work for 2 months) or any form of communication since the internet and phone could not be up before then (talk about a ripoff still). He saw a bit of his family a few days before I visited. Then he saw me. I think he was a bit crazy a first because of the lack of seeing people followed by (zounds!) people XD But it was still great to see him.

I was talking to tama and it made me realise how living in quebec is less expensive then Ontario. You usually pay less for similar living conditions. 

Speaking of money... In september, I start my final year of school and my second internship. I'm a little worried that with work i'll barely have time to have a life. I decided that I would try to find a job on campus (which pays more then Tim Hortons and is completly adapted to your schedule) or if I can, ask my boss to only have me work one shift a week. I'm a  bit tired of minimum wadge jobs. I always feel I barely get anything for hours of work. But I guess a student job is the best I can hope for, for now. I don't really want to quit Tims unless i'm offered a campus job because I don't have the time to learn a new job right now unless it's worth the pay. I had a few offers in stores close to my house, but they pay less then my current job if you count tips. So, despite how much i'd probably prefer to work with books or clothing then food (I hate working with food), I'm still going to stick to the plan of campus job or reduced time at Tims. I'm sticking with these options because I know a campus job would suit my needs idealy. However, Tims is very flexible, I know it well and I can quit it without feeling terrible if the work load becomes horrid.

Tomorrow i'm going at the U to fill in some graduation related papers and find out about jobs.

Anyways, enough life XD Here's the follow up of the OZ comics! (Yes finally) If you need a refresher, the last post was here:


Oz Resume )

- Secondlina
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For some reason the stress-related stomach pain as resurfaced. Gah. I need to find an adequate way to deal with this crap.

My intership is pulling to an end. In two weeks i'll be back home in Ottawa. Link is starting to say goodbye to everyone and packing up. The boys are also fixing some holes in the walls caused by the kitty's claws and such. When i'm going back to my home town, Link will move out. He going to Montreal this time, which is considerably closer to Ottawa then Toronto. Toronto is approximatly 5 hours when montreal is about 2 hours, depending on traffic and your ability to speed and not get caught.

As soon as i'm home I need to :
a) Return to work. God I miss that uniform *sarcasm* I wish that job didn't have a uniform. It's a pretty okay place to work at, but the uniform is beyond depressing. They managed to construct a piece of clothing that's unflattering on every existing human body. Who knew the research and developpement area of Tim Hortons was so evil?
b) Prepare Internship number 2. Yes, I have to do a second one. This one is imposed though. So it's in Ottawa
c) Compose the report of this internship.
d) Clean my room that my brother as claimed and probably messed up in my absence.
e) Get more doujinshi stuff done. I left a lot of my material behind.
f) Call everyone I know who keeps sending me odd emais (i'm looking at you, Stephan.)
g) Find photographs for Snapdragon.
h) Start drawing the art echange i'm doing with a fellow art classmate. It's a cool Red riding hood painting, in ink. In return, i'm getting a nice griffin painting. My classmate, named Daphne, can draw animals like there are circles. She's really, really good.

What else? Oh, party for my birthday with the people from home. Wee. XD

Lately i've been watching the 5th season of "Scrubs"...A video store close to here has them for rent, so I decided to go for it. I love Scrubs. I love how it mixes illogical humor and serious situations. Link doesn't really enjoy it that much, but he says he sees how I would like it. It's a humor similar to the one I put into my own work and I love it. So if you're looking for a good series to check out, go for scrubs. 

Funny fact: One of the 5th season's episode is a Wizard of Oz parody. Hehe

So anyways, here's more Oz updates people XD

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Well, yeah, I know, i'm slow at this update thing XD

What happened this past few days? Well, I finally saw Pirates of the Carribean 3. I liked it. 

No actual spoilers in the following text.

The character of Elisabeth, up to now annoying to me, we actually quite appealing! Though I think they pushed the growth of her character to much. I'm still a fan of Norrington (wah, poor norrie!) and I think the ending, though sad, was pretty good for a trilogie end. I hope they won't make a number four. I didn't like how the scenario seemed like it was going into one plot and then switched halfway. It made the movie confusing. A lot of those plots would have made good movies on their own. 

Davy Jone's love life makes me cry, poor bastard. The intro scene was awesome. If you still haven't seen it, make sure you don't come in late. It was a grat scene. It sent chills down my spine. Very powerful scene. 

Also: Now we know why Jack speaks funny don't we?

And finally: for those who have seen it...doesn't the crab-boat scene remind you of the work creatures?

End of movie squealing.

During the weekend, Link's family came down. It was fn to see all his brothers, his parents and his sister. Lot's of photos were taken. There was also a pool involved. We spent a day at Link's aunt's place, who lives here in Toronto. She had a pool. It was fun to splash around ^_^
The pool was actually full of salty water, which is apparently an alternative for chlorine. I like that idea. Pollutes less and stings less. Tastes just as funny.

How's work? My internship just moved into overdrive as it is coming to an end. The event is soon (two weeks) and therefore we are working like nutcases. But it's all good...

And yes, I am getting to a comic at some point! *laughs*

Finally, the follow up of the Oz miniseries! Woo!

I was actually wondering, do you guys like it when I update with a pack of drawings? Doing it like this makes it so that I take long brakes between my updates since I don't always have time to draw or idea to draw. Would you prefer if I showed these pages one by one or do you prefer the bunch updates? Anyways, tell me what you think...

For those who have missed them: The precedent Oz comics...
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Woo! Tonight, i'm going to go see Shrek the third. I've heard a few good things about it, so i'm happy to go! This is truly the summer of sequels. Next week the third segment to the Pirates will come out (woo, depp!) and i'm planning to go see that one too.

I wish there would be another neat animation movie about to come out. I think Ratatouille is supposed to. I kinda miss traditionnal animation, even though 3d is full of awesome possibilities (anybody see Arthurs and the invisibles? It was beautiful!)

These few days have been horrible for drawing. Bleh.

I'm also having a debate. Some of you might recall me mentionnaing the Labyrinth, a new store in the area, two posts ago. They could use an extra employee. The wife is in the store 7 days a week, with a kid while her husband goes to work so they can pay the bills. Since i'm working my internship for free, I though of asking them to let me work at their store once a week. I asked them before about why they didn't have an employee: They can't afford it. I don't think i'd really mind doing this, but i'm afraid they will think i'm psycho or something...



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The more I keep working on this stuff, the more I regret not seeing the Wicked Musical (It was in Toronto last summer too. What A dope I am!)
I wonder if it's still ongoing?

Anyways, more Oz!



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...For those who have read Runaways, don't you love when Chase says that? I do!

Allright, what's going on? My internship is doing well, Although it is a bit boring since all i'm doing at the moment is research. Starting thursday things will become a bit more hectic, so I think i'll be far from being bored. Life in Toronto is good: This place is a geek Mecca. A GEEK MECCA! There's stores with japanese-comic-drawing-animation-cute asian crap-yummy food- old awesome movies EVERYWHERE! I spent far too much in these first weeks, but i'm calming down. I need to save for the anime con (Anime North that is happening on the 25th of may (right after my birthday! Ah!) though considering how easy it is to find cool stuff around here, I don't know is i'll buy that much. 

I found this really nice place that opened last friday called the Labyrinth. They used to be a travelling store that went from con to con. The finally settled in a stable place because one of the two owners was pregnant (the owners are a married couple). It's a store that carries comics of every kind and rare comics and art books, and comics in french and sketch books and information books for animators and colorists. Link and I both spent a lot there. I returned to that place 4 days in a row. On the last day, I had a present for them: A big drawing I did. I took photos of it, so i'll post it up next time ^^

I'm also exited about shrek the third coming out on the 18th. Guess what i'm doing that weekend? Heh. 

Aside from that, I think I lost a lot of weight. I though I did, but since my weight fluctuates quite a bit, I wasen't certain. Link noticed too today, which makes me believe it is not my imagination anymore. I weighted myself: I used to weight between 125 and 130. I'm currently 117. O_O I need to fatten up. I've been eating a lot of fish since I got here, so that probably diminished my intake of fat. I should go eat chinese food. 

In a related food-though: There is like....11 sushi places on this one street called Bloor. I wanna try so many of them! And i want some more of that good deli pizza! Oh, and onigiri. Some places here sell onigiris and squid-shaped sausages. Ee! *is going crazy will all the food.*

Finally, I think it was about time I started another comic story here. I was originally supposed to start with the musical, but I wanted some sort of intro to it. Well, here it is. Reading far too many pages of the Wicked book while listening to the Wicked soundtrack as giving me this brainchild: Secondlina's panels in Oz. Enjoy.

p.s. Almost done with the Wicked book! Yeah!
p.s. 2 Hey, Yuki, you and I still need to meet or something!


Oz 7 :  )


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