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That's it folks. I'm down to two pages left, and two illustrations left. Then i'm going to scan the beezejus out of these pages and be done with it.


I gotta give myself a little pat on the back. 25 pages in 2 and a half weeks? I think that's pretty darn badass. I am the drawing version of Batman. woo-hoo-hoo.

Okay, done tooting my own horn now.

I want to take a little moment to talk about Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is the story that kinda inspired Rose, i'm not sure why. I'm not a huge fan of the Sakespearian play. I mean, for a french person, it's barely readable. I'm not a big fan of the really famous movies for it either. the 80's one was cheesy as hell and the modern one with guns was confusing (load battles over confused, complicated text. Yeah, that's easy to follow!) so I don't know. I guess I just like the idea being Romeo and Juliet. I mean, it's the story behind every story - two lovers and two sides. It can be used as a metaphor for so many things. However, a few people argue that this story could not happen in modern times (they could have just texted each other, or sued their parents, etc.) I think as long as there are people who can hate each other and arguments, there will be Romeos and Juliets.

Just watched Anastasia again. I know this movie is completely innacurate history wise but GOOD GOD is the animation AMAZING. All the little subtle movements.....ALL OF THEM. I think that is the main difference between Disney style and Don Bluth. Disney kinda exagerates movements (like a punch will be a nice, long, fluid swoop). Don bluth also exagerates them, but he exagerates all the little movements that define the action (a punch with be the character shifting from side to side with footwork, followed by an hesitant, then wide punch, then his weight follows the punch and he looses balance.) I think I like Don Bluth better. I love all the little motions. You can see a few of them in some of the disney movies he worked on (like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty.)

In unrelated news - Lo and behold - the banner I drew for [personal profile] the_flowergirl . Colored by a braver soul then me (I hate coloring). It looks great in colors!

Also - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESS FINK. Artist of the awesome (erotic) webcomic Chester 5000. If you don't mind the sex (It's...frequent...) it's a fun read. Very light a beautiful drawings. Plus, robots (sex-robots) in a victorian setting is really interesting...


Jun. 24th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Rose status Report : 34 pages on 55.



All that is left now is the final pages, the illustrations and writting my bio. Anybody has suggestions for my bio?

After Rose is done I want to finish Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky is a short comic (12-15 pages) based on the poem of the same name found in Lewis Carroll's Thru the looking Glass. And by based I mean inspired. And by inspired I mean loosely. *laughs* I pretty much just kept the idea of Alice, mirrors, Vorpal Swords and big beasties (so, basically, all the GOOD stuff.) Jabberwocky was suppose to be a short story included in the end of Rose, but as it turns out, I won't be able to finish it in time to send it to the printers... But I wanted to finish it anyways and maybe have it printed as a little booklet to give out to people who purchase Rose at the book lauch (and also, for you guys, because I am a sneaky artist).

The cover sketch is pretty rockin'....

Some may recall, but the idea for the whole comic came from this painting I did a while back...

Aside from that.... IT'S HOT DAMMIT. I decided to start working and sleeping in my living room because I have AC in there. It's the only room with AC because it's a tiny machine but it's mighty and refreshing --_--;;;;;; *sweat* *cuddles AC machine*

Aaah, I have so many fandom things I want to draw once Rose is over. I just got an idea for a bunch of cute versions of Disney Villains. Must. Draw.

In other news, I don't care what people say, I love Anastasia. I just watched my Dvd twice in the last two days....


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Good news! Rose is advancing quite at a stable pace. I have 31 pages done (31 pages on 55)  I calculated that if I drew two pages per week day (monday to tuesday) and 6 on every weekend day (Friday-staurday-sunday since I took friday off) I could have the remaining pages drawn by the end of this week. Boo-yah! I don't know if I can do it, but I'm definitly going to try...a lot. Then I can move on to illustrations and other random stuff.

Aside from that, i'm doing well. Link was around during the week and I ended up catching up on my sleep quite a bit. I also got my other book in. I did several illustration for a book, though I didn't write the text, this is the first official (aka with an ISBN) publication with my drawings in it. Rose will be the second (text and illustrations, even better).

I'm not doing to bad for a person just out of school. Several exhibits, contracts and books in only one year. I am, as they say, ON FIRE.

I can't wait for Rose to be finished so I can see the resulting book. I also can't wait to pick up other fandom and serious comic projects. I'm more motivated then ever. Drawing is so amazing :D And plotbunnies are attacking me!

On an unrelated note, you may notice the banner is gone. It's due to a technical difficulty. It should be fixed soon, though I might just remove the banner all together. I've been meaning to change it anyways... This might incite me to work on that.

On a second unrelated note, I am thinking of opening another blog. Either on LJ as well, or Dreamwidth or Blogger (some people suggested I could also do it on deviant art, but I don't like Deviant art that much...) This other blog would be created for me to show off my comic art in a more professional manner. Because even though I have my portfolio website and a Deviant art account, I don't update those often since I don't want to put unfinished things on them. I want something with more frequent updates and sketches... And I know I have it here, but I'm starting to find it creepy to give this URL to people...because yes, it's my comic work, but it's also my life and friends blog.... And some people I just really don't want reading this stuff, though I don't mind them seeing my art. Plus, it sucks to give to an editor an URL that does lead to art, but also to talk of geekery, shoes and sharpie poisoning....Unless they are into that XD.

Over and out!

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Finished! I finished the 5 pages I had to draw for the comic magazine (the same one that published that mini-comic about the girl and the tree of hands - some of you may recall). The theme this time was *Why do you draw comics?* It's a good question. I think I draw comics for the same reason as I keep getting involved in fandoms and keep this journal updated... First of all, because it amuses me. Greatly. Drawing is really, really fun, for no reason at all. Second, it makes people happy and allows me to meet new people. Seriously, some of you love my drawings so much sometimes It warms my heart. :) Last and not least - I think I use drawings to express myself (DUH). I have a weird imagination and those of you who know me well know i'm not *quite* as well connected to my emotions as a healthy human should be. With drawing I feel I can get the stuff out of my brain and on paper easily. It's awesome that way.

This little five-pager focuses on the communication aspect of why I draw. and yes, there's me in it, since it's suppose to focus on my persona and such.

Yet another comic without dialogues, despite the title being TALKBUBBLE. I think working on Rose (that has no dialogues) have made me used to silent comics. I gotta find some way to insert witty comebacks somewhere, quick!

Now I go do my laundry (yyyyyaaaay?)

Click here for the rest of the comic pages. )


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 Somedays are just weird. Today was a weird day. Felt like breaking some kneecaps.

Aside from that, oh LJ crowd, meet the most giant suck on my time after my day job (I'm like batman. Or sailor moon. Do one thing by day and the other by night. The other being drawing. I'm starting to wonder where Sailor Moon and Batman get their sleep. Because i'm lacking.) This giant time-suck goes by the name of Rose and it's a comic book. You've already seen the cover a while back, but here is a preview of some of the pages.

The story of Rose is pretty simple. It's basically a strange re-telling of Romeo and Juliet with little creatures that look like Miyazaki movie extras. The story starts off with a girl (who is unnamed. I call her "Rose" by default) who has a rose growing in her chest. The rose is a metaphor for her love. Then the guy dumps her ass, so she rips out the rose. From the blood of that wound are born these tiny all black and liquidy creatures. One of those creatures (the "Romeo") is special, different. After the little black creatures are born, the girl wraps herself in a strange cocoon (metaphor for her sorrow) and from the cocoon are born strange "white" creatures who look much more solid and human then the black ones. The black creatures serve the role of Montagues and the white creatures serve the role of Capulets. From the coccon is born a girl creature both white and black with a rose growing in her chest. She looks very similar to the girl who got dumped and wrapped herself in the cocoon. This is Juliet. She is urged by the "Whites" to choose one of them but she ends up choosing to fall in love with the Romeo.  Then a great battle happens, ends in their death and the dumped girl emerges from her cocoon. The whole story of Juliet and romeo was a metaphor for her hopes for love and her mourning of her relationship. 

"Rose" is not a funny story. It's closer to the style of the fairy tale drawings I did for my university graduation. It's deep, dramatic and has detailled drawings. The editing house i'm publishing this under specializes in the strange and original. So it fits very well and allows me to really get my "fairy tale" need to draw out. It's strange to do something less narrative and mostly bent on the images (there is barely any dialogue.)

So anyways, here is a 5 page preview of Rose. Tell me what you think. I'm still in the process of drawing and inking the thing. Only 40 pages to go... *dies*



Drawing blood is hard. How does the guy who draw Hellsing stand it?



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I'm slightly disapointed in Futurama. The fourth season has the best episodes and then, nada. I only hope the tv movies will bring a few plots to conclusion (mostly i'd like Leela to acknowledge Fry loves her. I mean c'mon!? What's a guy to do? He risked his life for her and told her he loved her almost once per episode. Sheesh)

I am, however, totally into Bender. Go Bender.

I drew a few skecthes a while back for a silly love story. Unfortunatly my plot seems to be going nowhere.

The basic story was about a japanese child who's father - a famous tea ceremony expert - had discovered the secret of the tea of immortality. To protect this secret, he wrapped up a pouch of the immortality tea around his son's heart and destroyed the parchemin with the recipe. His son becomes a cool samurai who's wounds heal very quickly due to the tea. An evil sorceress finds out and tries to convince him to give up his heart to her. He says nay (cuz he rocks that way) and she's pissed. She zaps him to a hellish place - which turns out to victorian england. He roams the streets until he meets a young shopkeeper who works in her father's teahouse. She and the samurai work together and the teahouse becomes the toast of london. the sorceress gets angry, zaps to england and menaces the teashop girl. The samurai then wants to save her or something. Gah, my ending is non-existent.


And yes, the tea can turn people into zombies.

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For some reason, men seem to think holding a pencil requires balls. 
Go to any special comic meeting and the idiot in charge of the interviews will spot you, hunt you down and ask you the same damn question the've been asking for 20 years thinking they are helping out a feminist statement doing so.


I'm wondering why this is still a question that needs to be asked. 

In european and american comics, the place of women is still relatively minimal. In european, comics for girls tend to be either unisex comics or sinfully girly ones. The comic audience is still men. I remember reading Spirou (the france equivalent of Jump but for french comics) and they had this special about women in comics. They showed a bunch of "comic heroines" and did a little article about female comic autors. The comic heroines almost all came from series where they serve as eye candy on the side. The article showed a few women from the beginning of the comic book industrie, followed by a gap in time and then a few more artists. American comics have the same odd problem. Comic for girls tend to be unisex (like runaways) or girly (Mary-oh-shoot-me-now-jane). I appreciate the quality of the unisex comics but i'm not sure I appreciate the girly side too much, especially since a lot of those girly comics and written and illustrated by men. 

I remember reading an article about the artist from Y: the last man who is female. She was telling the journalist how she was denied to work on several series because her artwork was "girly" Girly? GIRLY?!! It's the most basic american style ever! It's very similar to fable's drawing style...So how is it girly?

Manga is by far the comic industrie that gives the most space to women, which is most likely why so many of the anime fans are girls. They can relate more to that product. Even then though, Japan is a pretty darn sexist country: Ozamu Tekuza had to cross dress one of his heroins so that she could ride a horse and fight with a sword without putting some of the reader's parents into comatose shock. 

So what is the place of woman in the comic world? I'm not sure. Their place in the fanbase is obviously growing as the place of geek-ess is becoming less and less diminitive socially and more and an association with a group of people.  Geek is not something that marginalizes you anymore. The internet helps a lot. Most of the internet is porn, but a very good segment is dedicated to fandom. Inside the panels, some women still dress with string. I don't think that will ever change. I mean, they style make Jame bond style movies. It's difficult to stop treating women like objects. Men are also starting to be treated like objects in the media too. It's definitly a problem to be looked into.

As for woman in comiking. Humm. That role is growing too. In Japan and Europe, there is a lot of mangaka and bédéistes who are female. However not all of them can find serious work, often because of their "girly (?????)" style. (un)Suprisingly, the american comic business is still pretty hard to get into. It's totally a boy's club there. But then again, it's also a very dog-eat-dog world, so it's hard for everybody. Being the "weaker" (sic) sex just makes you look like an easier victim.


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Okay, so I haven't drawn any more of the Halloween comics. I spent these past two days sitting on my ass composing rather lame essays --_-- (well, one of them is lame anyways...must restart.) I took a break earlier and drew this: Anlise the fangirl makes another glomp victim! ^^
I love to draw those two characters...I also adore to draw Victoria. I did a few drawings of all the characters, which I still need to scan.

Some people might wonder what all the gay jokes in the Halloween comics about Renge were all about. Considering Megs just issued a rather commented post about Yaoi and Yuri, I figured It would be a good idea for me to clear that up for the other secondworld players.

No, Renge is not Gay. She will have somewhat homosexual tendancies because first of all, Raul, Anlise's ex, is possessing her. She herself is "in love" with Anlise. Not in love in the way we see a lesbian couple lock lips. It's a more general love then that. She's not going to try to get Anlise in her bed sheets. It's more like she feels Anlise is her soul mate. It's more platonic love. She's not in love with Anlise NOW in the story, but i'm planning to go into that direction because I've always dealed with straight couples up to know. I admire the Katchoo/francine relationship in Strangers in Paradise and the Xena/Gabrielle one in Xena, so I felt like going with that kind of female relationship for once.

And if Amelia's justice really prevails, this won't turn into cheap yuri. Really. Against. It. Turning. Out. That. WAY!

Anlise is not gay either. And wheter or not she will feel the same about Renge will depend on time and  her creator. ^_^ I,m thinking the whole discovering that her husband's spirit is still present will be a shocker on it's own.

Another plot twist i'm planning to incorporate is to make Renge-half dragon, thus explaining the purple hair and glassy eyes and the tendancies to attract and contain spirits. I figured I might has well tell everyone rather then try to incorporate it in the plot in a sneaky way. I'm not planning to reveal this twist until the gang at least gets to the prophecy, so no worries there either. I was thinking it would be a good idea because it would give the gang some sort of "guide" and also allow me to shove in the story some cool plot ideas for you guys ^^

I also have several ideas for all the other characters, but on that domain, i'll remain a sneaky bastard, and not tell you ^^

Ah, also, for those who wondered, here's what i'm currently working on school wise:


p.s. Link is visiting me this weekend. Ph34r the possibilities of weird posts...or no posts XD
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...This one Rocked to much to not be posted.

This touches both "actual" events and maybe perhaps an Rpg plot idea for the secondworld. I love drawing Renge fuming. It's so unique. ^^ I giggle to myself. Yes, I am evil, why do you ask?
I'm not as pissed as Renge though XD (actually, i'm not pissed at all, but I could understand how she could be ^^)
And Renge is not a man because the fire spell is not "casted" yet. It's just a magic-frustration buildup.

I also drew these: RP CHIBI POWER!

Aside from that, things are going well. I just finished a truck load of homework these past to days and it's all good stuff!!!! I'm really proud of my photos and presentations! ^^
Now I need to go catch my bus to school. 


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My school work and job are evil, evil things. I'm so busy, I can feel the work creatures breathing down my neck. It sucks a bit, because I don't exactly have time to, you know, slack off, and I still do it. I've slacked off more then I wished I did this week and I'm paying the price.

I'm glad that everyone came up with so many cool characters for the Secondworld! You guys are the creativity and beyond.

Most people are done with their characters, so the game might start soon (most likely next week)

I did a few stketches of all the characters. Some are based on drawings that were already given, others I just based off the descriptions...



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Well, it's official. If the univrse revolves around me, it's only because the universe wishes to kill me and is sending his evil little minions to do it.
I,ve been kicked out of the public librairy today, meaning I can't rent out comic books for a while. They needed proof that I lived in my home town, such as the one you would find on a driver's licence and apparently ONLY on a driver's licence because despite all my other papers saying, yes, I do live here, the other papers aren't fucking dated, therefore, I get no librairy card. Or at least not until I pass my driver's ed in two weeks.


This system sucks.

I'm still generally cranky in not all that much in a drawing mood, so here's another photo collage, but this time, the theme is me. Hey, I write jokes about myself, might has well do a collage! I can't always poke fun at me *laughs* I really like the photos I used, taken by a friend this week ^_^

Other then that, I also made a sketch of Earthstar's new character Toby and herself. Enjoy Earthy! ^_^

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Must. Rant. Now!

I was just wondering if anybody else in the universe had noticed a certain looseness in morality going about. I'm noticing the stupid rude not-caring women race is expending. I also noticed the mushy spineless guy race is ALSO expending.

I don't get it.

More and more women seem to have lost all respect for their selves and bodies as long as they are popular/liked/get laid. One of my friend's little sister seems to be walking up that path. Gah! I feel like tackling her off it. She hangs with this huge group of stupid guys and also with a few really mean girls who treat her like crap and she doesn't care because she claims it beats being alone. I've been alone, and I can say I prefer my experience to the one she seems to be going through. Not cool. She's being called a bitch every 5 seconds and seems to be lined up for an octosome of sex orgy or something!

As for the guys well...Most of the guys I know (and meet lately) seem to have a serious spine problem: they don't have any. They don't take action. They just...lie there and wait for their girlfriends to do everything for them. Some of them then wonder why they got dumped! Gah. What is going on? Morals are dying! quick! someone do CPR!

On a more positive note, I just finished pulling 3 days of 12 to 10 hours shifts, and i'm enjoying sitting on my ass all day rather then run around a bakery *sigh* I was left in charge of everything while my boss was at a baker's convention in toronto (wow, cake convention!)
Me and the cook sammy are trying to convince my boss it's time to revamp the store. All the counters look fine from the customer's side, but from ours, they are all busted and cracked and they don't really cool things any more. Not to mention the make the noise of a giant mutant bee.
It sickens me a bit that my boss has the money to fix the store but doesn't bother with it. I mean, he's in a really great location. He could make so much money if the place looked a tad better. Not to mention i'de love having a nice corner counter with doors that actually close and possess handles.
Oh well. Right now i'm busy trying to fix the window's look with the cook. It's gradually improving in something that doesn't look like ?%?%$?%$. 
My boss really should revamp. He has the money for it, I know. He just bought a house and is sending his two daughters to college and both of them wear these high priced brands of clothing and they don't have jobs!
Apparently a lot of the revamping of the store where done by the cook when he joined the store 2 years ago. he's more annoyed by the store look then I am. He says his good pastries are going to waste in shitty counters! *Laughs*

Oh, aside from that, I'm thinking of buying the Howl's moving castle art book : I found it for 17. 99 O_O GIMMEE! 
I also saw some Calcifer plushies. Ever so cute, but a lot more expensive...

I drew these sketches today. It's characters for an Rpg i'm trying to start off with Cyberknight. I really like the designs. Especially Virginia's ^^

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Okay, finally, an update. May the crowd cheer!
I decided to color a drawing on photoshop, just for kicks again. Those of you who might recall my valentines day entry might 
reconize here my demon and angelic characters again (I rather like drawing those two) except here I tried to use a different style 
(which I kinda like!)
Aside from that, things are going well. Obviously, it's the exam period and i'm being graded by every living thing in my school, but
soon it shall be over. And when that's over, i'm getting down with some serious cleaning, much needed, yes yes.
I also got my hands on Runaways 5 and Chrono Crusade 7. Runaways was pretty funny as always, despite the Wolverine appearance 
(God, why is wolverine so overused? Well, still looking forward to that x-men movie) however, the ending of chrono crusade just doesn't look
like it's going to meet up my expectations. The 7th book feels a lot like the writter as creating a really complexe story in his head with a zillion characters but is only giving us the strict minimum. Like all those Magdalene order guards popping outta nowhere...They all look really cool and worked on and yet we know nothing of them.
I'm also currently working on a compilation of all the comics I drew using myself and my friends as characters. It sounds natural to do such a thing
but I realised lately  I used to hate using myself as a character. I kinda saw myself as plain and boring. Back in the day, the closest thing I had done to drawing myself was creating a sorceress alter-ego going by the name of Isabel Ashton. She was however only loosely based upon my personnality (she's a lot more fiesty and strong)
Oddly enough, I think I only really started drawing myself around the end of college. The birth of my numerous self portraits concide with the birth of my love life and also the birth of me, actually using other drawing styles then manga. Funny story: the actual creation of my new styles was caused by my boyfriend who commented that all I could draw was manga and that diversity would not kill me. I took that comment pretty bad but instead of doing what most manga-based fans do (which is claim that manga is holy, stick to it and suggest that the boyfriend in question goes to get his eyes poked out by volptures) I decided to prove him wrong by polishing up my drawing diversity for the following 6 months. I then showed it in is face, quite proud of myself and satisfied with the idea of proving him wrong (well, not wrong. But at least proving him good.) I never really said it, but I think i'm quite thankful for that. I now have a more diverse palette of styles so I can choose the style I want for the story I want (and I haven't dropped manga either). Not to mention that those 6 months where fateful for my comic persona since the main thing I was drawing in order to polish up my style was...myself.
It's crazy how little things can lead to very important things...

Though, I don't think that would have happened if my boyfriend hadn't been so blunt or me so stubborn.
Heh. If one day I write my memoirs, i'll let posterity know it was because I was a genius, and now because I was ticked off. *laughs*
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Truly, this is a good name for this post, because it's going to be about a lot of things past.

Well, I haven't posted in a while (I blame my education *laughs*) and I though about posting something for Valentines day but I din't because of lack of time (exam to prepare, volonteer at a valentines day party to get money for stuff) and also because I didn't have an idea.
Now I had one, here it is :

Yes, it's two people kissing. I found these two pictures while goig through the pile of stuff on my desk. The interesting thing is that the colored one is a really old picture and the other is fairly recent (a few weeks back). I remember when I did the colored one, I was about 15 or 16. Maybe 17. Back then I hated drawing people kissing. I was no good at it, for one thing, and also I felt I was invading the character's privacy (yes, I created them, and yet I felt that way. Weird huh?) Nowadays, I don't feel quite so shy towards my characters. I believe it is due to my own life experiences and also to the fact that I've done a few naked drawings, some of them with a naked model before me (horray for life drawing classes) so...Drawing people kissing just dosen't seem so bad anymore. I've also practised drawing people kissing a lot to the demand of my friend and partner in crime who designs comic bok stories with me. I think I got better. The second drawing is clearly more dynamic. I still like the first one a lot though. Back then, that was one of my absolute bests shots at drawing kissing (that drawing took for ever!) and I also really love the characters in the colored one. It's and angel and a devil, and in the storyline actually illustrated here, the demon goes back to hell and the angel, with the help of an half-angel, deguises herself to go find out why the demon left her and their friends on earth. They eventually meet in hell, and the demon confesses his love for the angel, and tells her he left because their relantionship would never work and he just could not take that. 

The second drawing is a couple from a series we are working on now. It's a couple that hooks up fairly early in the story while the other couples don't hook up before a while. However, they may be cute and cuddly, they won't have it easy! When you're a wizard couple, hell thends to get in the way of alot of stuff. I rather like that coupe too.
Both drawings have a very different tension in them. One is very dynamic, and the other more painful. Hee. Like'em.

Other then that, on valentines day, my antivirus went viral. I kid you not. It was designed for windows 98 and I have xp, so it started going coo-coo this week and decided to give me the full blown insanity on that day. After a lot of effort and help from people with better computer knowledge then me, we finally managed to delete the evil anti-virus (it was hard and long) and I downloaded a temporary trial version of another until I get down to buying a new one. I've got 3 months to do so...

On a final note, i'm an idiot, and I'm very sorry. I was supposed to spend valentines day with someone I really wanted to see, but instead I called the poor guy up and told him not to come by since it was stupid because it was snowing, and a long bus trip for barely any time together. I also felt sick, had homework and school in the morning and so did he. I realise now that was stupid, because I ruined my day (and his) and got really nothing good out of it. I also lisened to a few people I know compain about valentines day and I realised that hating that day on the account of bad memories was an awful reason. It's easy to cure that with good memories after all, if I wasen't such a stubborn, prideful, idiotic woman.

*ahem* Well, if your reading this, do you forgive me?
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Today, I spent most of the day trying to frame something, only to have a friend come in and frame it perfectly in less then five minutes. Gah. ^^;; Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything right...those days, my brain is usually scrambled...

Other then that, i'm getting a few things done: mainly homework and a few other things. I'm currently under the process of designing a book for photo class and I had to re-start all my pages because the resolution on the original was horrible and the printout was awful. I'm thinking this a bad week for homework, Isa's a little demented, you know what I mean y'all? XD

Oh! Here's for Earthstar! A portrait and a tiny image to make an icon from ^^

the rest )


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