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So, i'm still sick. I think i'm going to have to spend the week in bed. Sorry folks! I wish I could party. I do. But I have to stay here and look damn sexy in my baggy pajamas. Rrrrrrrr.

Good news today, Namesake is officially a year old. It's not doing quite as well as I would have hoped, but the updates go well, we seem to have a stable readership that goes up a bit every month and I still love doing it. So all and all, generally a success!

Other good news, the "Monster in Paris" soundtrack is available on the North American itunes. You have to type in the French name ("Un Monstre à Paris") to find it, but it's fun and includes the English songs. I can't wait to see this movie. I plan to go with a couple of the girls from the bookstore. :D

In... neutral news, one of my balcony chairs is pregnant. With a family of squirrels. We left the cushions on the chairs for too long, so a group of squirrels decided to dig inside of one to make a nest. We brought the undamaged cushion in and kinda let them have the other one for the winter. It's already ruined anyways. And it's kinda cute. There's babies and they stick their heads out for tiny holes. We'll probably take care of them a bit (remove the snow from the chair and such). It kinda sucks that they did that since the cushion was really comfortable and the chairs matched and they won't anymore if we buy another one... But...heh. Such is life. Sometimes stuff goes well, and other times, a squirrel eats your chairs.

Last and not least, you guys should check out this college humor video [ profile] ichiban_victory sent me while we were having a discussion about inappropriate female fantasy gear. Aka, nothing to protect those very vital vital organs.

Still working on commissions. I finished this one for [ profile] snapdragon!

That is all.

- Isa
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I think that my be my favorite portrait of myself ever. Of course, there's a skull, chubbiness and something causing me pain. I think this proves that I have a low self-esteem and a high appreciation for skulls. Now sure why. I wish I had a full, authentic crow skeleton in a frame I could display. Skeletons are really interesting to me. :D

Sooooooo, mostly i,m doing a post, because I figured I should. I got very distracted on this side and kinda forgot to speak to the internet. Hello internet! 

Things calmed down, but they are about to pick back up! I need to catch up on Namesake, and i've got another secret project starting. I think I just cursed myself to stay busy.

I'm very, very sad that Diana Wynne Jones, writer of many awesome fantasy books, including Howl's Moving Castle, has passed away this weekend. She was one of my favorite writers. I kinda feel like buying and re-reading all her books now. She was a pretty dynamic lady, with a lot of imagination. And she deserved to see her work adapted as an animation.

This weekend, I am visiting my family in Ottawa. My friend Fauve, who is in the process of preparing a wedding, as asked me to accompany her and her friends to a Wedding Convention thing while i'm there... I'm told it's a lot like a Comic Con, but with more loud females (I didn't think that was possible) and more revealing and poofy costumes (again, I didn't think it was possible to beat cosplayers). Hey, at least i'll have comic material, amiright? I'm also going to celebrate my brother's birthday and do my taxes. Woo. I kinda want to download a movie to watch on the trip. Two hours sure fly by when you are watching a 2 hour movie.

Music wise, I am currently in love with Kate Nash's Skeleton song and Sara Bareilles' Fairy Tale. Are my music tastes getting jazzy? Or something?

- Isa
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C'mon, you all know I love superhero movies like this. Of course i'm obsessed. I was pretty obsessed with Dr. Horrible 2 months ago :D

I kinda want to scrap this drawing because a) I got the Megamind art book yesterday and now that I have MODELS of the characters, I feel bad for not drawing them with the right facial shapes. And b) the perspective is AWFUL. But I liked the idea behind the drawing too much. So screw the perspective. I liked the expressions too much.

Speaking about expressions, someone on Deviant art as requested that I should do a facial expression tutorial, since i'm pretty good at it. It's not the first time I get this request. Seems like something that would be hard to ...tutorialize... But I think I might actually do it. Heck, if people find it helpful. Plus it might get more people to visit my page, and by extension, my webcomic. What do you guys think?

I'm really amused by itunes. They made a BIG DEAL out of the fact that they now have the Beatles as downloadable content. Well, I guess the Beatles are a big deal. Considering the "Beatles" version of Rockband also just came out, i'm wondering if someone in the Beatles estate just decided to do a big marketing push or something.

I just got the "Arietty the Borrower" soundtrack and the "Tangled" soundtrack (off itunes). Tangled as some really adorable songs. They seems to have kept the number of songs down in the movie. Perhaps to focus more on adventure. Arietty has music that sounds like...celtic remixed with traditionnal japanese. It's....AMAZING. If the movie is as good as it's music, it's going to be a great movie.

Oh, for you "Avatar the last airbender fans"... Remember the awful movie. Someone spoofed it. It's a lot better as a spoof. Behold.

- Isa
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Yay. I finished it! Coloooors!

I seem to be getting better at coloring. Funny story, at first I was going to color the twins yellow. Considering they are Japanese, that would have been a little... unfortunate.

I have a strange urge to bake brownies. I love how brownies are better and more compact then sponge cake. Does anyone even like sponge cake? I for one hate it. That and the super sweet icing? Gurg. The types of cakes I like are cheesecake, ice cream, fruit cake and brownies. Sometimes I like mousse. But not sponge. I also enjoy pie. I guess I like having crusts on my things. Like pie. 

And you know you've run out of subjects when you start talking about cake. Ye gods.

I'm just... really thinking about cake right now. Brownies. Isa wants.

In other news, no wonder I love the song Clash At Demonhead (fake rock band from Scott Pilgrim) plays. It's METRIC! Since their last cd, my love for Metric was set aflame again. Aaaaah. :) They also sang a song for Twilight, unfortunately. Well, it's still a good song. even Twilight can't taint my love for Metric.

- Isa
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-" I pledged to dance like nobody was watching. Which I do, in my living room, at home, with the drapes closed, just in CASE somebody is watching..."
-Elliott quote from Scrubs.

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You know that band, called Barenaked Ladies?
Well, once upon a time, they had a tour. And on that tour, they had a halt. That half was called Kanata. And at that halt, close to Ottawa, fans gathered to see them play. And among those fans there was a amateur cartoonist, a 16-year-old amateur punk, an anime amateur and a comic book amateur. Lots of amateurs. Yes. Indeedy. And the concert continued late in the evening (midnight) and it was a success. 

Aka, I was there with Tama, her sister and her boyfriend and it looked a lot like this:

The barenaked ladies are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
And that's a word I only use for wickedly awesome stuff.

They played several songs, including two of our favorites (One Week and It's all been done) and they even honored us with a little dance you can find on[profile] tuppa_tuppa's journal. It was a great concert. We had awesome seats, the performance was great. Me and tama had swore to scream our lungs out, but I thing I took it more to heart then her, since apparently, I was the loudest thing in the room (Tama and her boyfriend Kevin did give a good yell too though). We even got t-shirts WOO!

There's only 3 things that kinda bugged me about the concert. A) it was a bit of an older crowd (a lot of 30 year olds and families) and we were in a section that was very quiet (though extremly well seated!). So our energetic support eventually got annoying to some people behind us. Of course, there was also two girls behind us talking during the whole concert about sex, but nobody stopping them. Tsk. Listen to the guys sing! They rock!
Other annoying point: Some little 16 year old creep kept spilling over Kevin's seat to stare at Jessica (Tama's sister) and me apparently. I did notice the guy looking our way, but I didn't thing he was doing it the whole concert and you know...that way. Urgh. 

Finally, despite the awesomness of the concert, it broke my eardrums. Litterally. 

I got home with a bit of a cold. The next day (thursday) I still had a minor cold and a headache but I didn't do much about it. Finally, friday, I was stuck in bed with a fever and apparently delerious (or so people say, I don't recall). My mother called Tama and got her sister Jessica to fill in for me at work on saturday. Which is good, since when saturday came, though I was now concsious of where I was, I still had a fever and coughed everywhere. Let's admit it, it's not very good publicity when you work in a restaurant (Why yes, i'd love a thin layer of bacteria on my food!). On sunday, my father drove me to the clinic where I discovered my sinus was infected and my eardrums where also infected.


Apparently, since they were not used to loud sound, they had been weakened and damaged by the concert and the extreme hot-to-cold environnement of that evening (I admit it, I left my tuque at home) so when a bacteria decided to lodge itself in the water cavities of my brain (sinuses) it also saw a great oppurtunity and invested itself in my eardrums. Hence the fever, lack of balance and delerium. Wah.

Now i'm on antibiotics for ten days. Since I got the medication, I feel better, my ears hurt much less. And a positive point: the volume of the tv has never been so low in my house! Unfortunatly, I can't use my mp3 player for a while (man, I don't even wanna think about stiking that thing in my ear!) because it might further damage the eardrums and also become invested with bacteria. 

I'm not saying the concert caused this. I'm saying I had pretty rotten luck for this to happen. Because even if my eardrums would have gotten damaged, they would have been fine without the bacteria that popped from god knows where. 

Despite all this, if the barenaked ladies come back to town, I am so there...I'll just bring earmuffs this time!


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I finished coloring the Lina/Gourry couple picture. I've called "Light my Way"
Here is what the print will look like : 

Sorry for the text right smack in the middle, but since I wish to sell this, I need to protect it a bit more. I think it's funny that this picture is the first of a lot of things. It's the first picture I sell through my Lj, it's the first picture I post here on which I have spent more then 3 hours (aaah, yes, the quality of Lj works...) and also it's the first picture I post here that i'm actually protecting.

I'm very proud of it, I love the atmosphere in it a lot and I like how the colors are "incorrect"...There's actually a version of this without all the shadow work... And yet this seemed more powerful to me then the "clear" version where all the colors are correct and the light work took me a zillion hours (the light work is still present on this picture but it's kinda destroyed a bit because of the effects)

I really like Lina's spell hand. It was a bitch to draw, but it turned out well. Gourry is also a bitch to draw. I feel sorry for those who were stuck animating him.

It costs me 1$ to print this, 2$ to laminate it and 2 to 3 $ to send it (need to buy envelops and stamps) so I was thinking of charging between 12 0r 15 dollards for these prints. I'll leave it to you guys to decide what you wish to pay for this picture if it is your desire to aquire it. The format is letter size (8.5 inches by 11) but if you want I can also go legal size (8,5 by 14) or register size (11 by 14) The bigger prints will be a dollars to two dollards more because it's more costy to print and laminate.

If this is a popular thing, I might just draw some more ^^

Oh, if you have slayers loving friends you think might like this, direct them to my Lj. Depending on the response I get, I might do a post of the slayers community ,although I think i'll wait until I have more prints to sell before posting there.

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My Discman is dying...I'm thinking about going Ipod.

Aside from that, i've been noticing a lot of people are going through the post winter break blues and wondering if they are doing the right thing with their life and/or being depressed in general. I can happily report that I support you guys and that i'm glad i'm not in your shoes because despite the teasing, the work, the annoying relatives, the people dying and the soon to be single status of myself, i'm happy where I am right now. I'm taking it all in and appreciating it for what it is.

It's been a while. Thanks you guys, love you all!


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