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Just some Potter art of the big seven and the twins calling in some Patronus firepower. Can everyone tell whom is whom?

On another note, woo, LJ is back online! It was offline for a couple of days. It's why I didn't post in a while.

Mood-wise, i'm still grumpy and anti-social. seems I truly am in a bit of a burn-out. Boo. This week, I need to make a list of all the fanexpo stuff I need for the end of August and start building THE ULTIMATE CON MATERIAL BOX. It's kinda like an item chest in Zelda. Maybe I can make it play music when I open it.

Yesterday, I got to watch the new Miyazaki film, arietty the borrower, with subtitles. Obviously, I love it. I have a thing for "mouse world" type of stories, with little people and humans as giants. And this one is just gorgeous and soft and romantic. It's lovely and I can't wait for Disney to release the official English/Japanese big daddy full of extras blue ray. Cause, goddamm! Isa wants her Miyazaki fix.

Also, for those of you who have bought "Jabberwocky" or seen the preview here on Lj, BEHOLD :

Yep, it's that creepy doll from the comic. Isn't she just adorable? :D

- Isa

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 Heya kids!

So, I counted how many Jabberwocky copies I have left after selling some at TCAF, to people in Montreal and at the opening yesterday. I have 12! So i'm letting you guys know that if you want to buy a copy of my comic book, you can by clicking here :

Because I don't have a lot of copies, it's first come, first serve. However, I already talked to my editor about doing a re-print, so if you can't get your hands on one, no worries, i'll have some more in a month or two. :D All books will of course by signed for you!

If you want to see preview art for Jabberwocky, click here :


I'm doing a lot of relaxed whimsical sketches this weekend. Loving it! I'll post some more tomorrow!

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 A couple of weeks ago, I designed a wedding invitation for one of my best friends. I,m quite proud of the end result. Took a lot of sketching and a couple of versions to get to this :

Here's my second favorite version :

I did a bunch of sketches. It was cool to try to find a bunch of ways for a couple to hold each other. In this case, there was an eztra challenge because he groom is actually shorter then the bride, so all the really classic swoon poses can look a bit strange. I had a ton of fun with the sketching.

Lots and lots of wedding sketches )

As a couple of you may know, yesterday was a bit of a breakdown for me. I slept a lot today. I feel better. I feel like a bit of a wuss nowadays, because my patience is running thin and I seem to get easily annoyed with a lot of things that don't usually get to me. This was accented yesterday by me having some kind of life crisis and people telling me to get over it rather then being supportive or at least quiet while I flip out. I mean... Yeah. Life is hard I guess. Mine lacks a lot of direction. And it's starting to worry me. I mean, sometimes I feel like Sisyphus, rolling up my rock up that hill, and as soon as I feel like i'm actually moving forward, it rolls back down. I know i'm not the only person in this situation. I know I probably don't have as much right to complain as a lot of people. But I still bitch and moan once in a while. It actually helps. I've been bitching way too much lately I suppose. So... I'm sorry i'm disappointing people. 

*sigh* watcha gonna do?

In a more positive note, there a launch for Jabberwocky this weekend in Montreal. It's on Saturday, June 4 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm at the "Cheval Blanc" ((809 Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H2L 1P1). come by and say hi! Get a cool book! We actually don't have a lot of Jabberwockies left (which is why I didn't do a "sell" post yet on here). But we should get some more reprinted soon. 

Over and out!

- Isa
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I told you guys I would draw this *laughs*. Dwarve couples! Playing with the proportions was really fun and interesting. Nothing like playing with proportions to practice mastering them!

So, to confirm, I WILL be in toronto for the TCAF on the weekend of May 7th-8th. I will let you guys know where exactly as soon as the floor plan is released. I'll be selling "Jabberwocky" and making drawing for those who ask! :D

In  other news, I might also be going to France in June. MIGHT. Thanks to my editor's hard work, I was invited as an artist to the Lyon comic festival. Both me and the editor are currently waiting to see if we get a grant from the Canadian art council so we can afford the trip. If I go, i'm sure it's going to be a great networking opportunity. However, money is needed. My editor doesn't want to go if he doesn't get the grant (which is understandable, it's a 3000$ trip). I,m pretty okay with the idea of going and not going. For sure, networking in Europe would be sweet. But I still have ways to do it and opportunities here if I don't go. I guess I just don't want to get my hopes up.

But it's a good thing, even if I end up not going. People are interested in what I can do. They like my art. It reassures me that I can truly go forward...

I'm currently building presentation documents for a couple of comic ideas... i'll let you guys know about these soon!

Also, i'm watching Moulin Rouge for like the first time tonight under the orders of a friend. Let's see how i'll like it.

Apologies to all my local friends and chat friends... i've been so anti-social lately. Dunno why. I just feel like staying in bed a lot... Maybe it's because the cold keeps coming back. Spring, stop being such a tease!

- Isa


Mar. 23rd, 2011 02:05 pm
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I love this drawing. It's going to be the "inner cover" for Jabberwocky. Double-page spread time! Woo! I kinda want a plushy of those magical snakes. Hahaha. Maybe i'll make one!

I think this is the last "big job" I gotta do for Jabberwocky. Whew. For the next week, I'm going to try to focus on Namesake pages and get a buffer built up again. During the whole month of March, pages were pretty much done right before being posted. I find that a little stressful. So it's time to try to accumulate a security blanket again.

I talked to my parents, who wanted to give me a big gift for a my birthday. They are going to help me find and purchase a sewing machine. So soon, i'll be able to sew and create little crafts. I'm really looking forward to that.

I need to make a to-do list now that Jabberwocky is done. I have so many little things to take care of. Link was amazed by how little stress I had when I was doing Jabberwocky. But honestly, large amounts of work don't stress me if it's all that I do. What stresses me is having a bunch of little things to do, and being stuck remembering everything and running around for them. I'm rather awful at that. But things need to be done. Starting with my taxes.

Strangely motivated by curiosity, I decided to buy makeup last week, mainly eyeliner. I kinda like the look of eyeliner. I never put any on in my life, but it's a pencil, and i'm an artist. So I can totally do this right? Right? This shit should be easy.

....They have tutorials on youtube, right?

I should probably buy makeup remover because I try to test this out. The horrors it could create.

I'm also letting my hair grow. I guess I want to change my look a bit. I doubt i'll wear makeup regularly (I don't like the feel of makeup, and I don't need it, really), but it's nice to have the option you know? I think I might try to re-pierce my ears too. They used to be but the closed up after I got an infection.

Isa is headed on the girly train, or something.

That train has ponies on it.

- Isa


Mar. 20th, 2011 01:10 pm
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 Okay then. 

I managed to finish all the inking/shading/coloring of all the Jabberwocky pages, illustrations and covers. Whew. The biggest part of the job is done. Huzzah. Now we are entering the preparation for printing stages, but that's handled mostly by my editor, so on my side, i'm pretty much done.

And i'm never, ever doing such a large comic on such a tight deadline again. That was insane. The resulting comic is pretty okay. As said before, I could have done a better job if I had a couple of months to work on it. But for something made in the space of a single month during my free time (because I was still going to work at my tech support job, mind you!), it's pretty good. It was an interesting experience. This also proves that I totally have badass cartoonist blood in me. Badass. Aw yeah.

So I guess I can start being social again pretty soon! I might take a few relaxing non-busy days just to chill and recovered from the whole "Going to bed at 2 am every day" deal I was going through. I'm gonna draw some Namesake pages to catch up as soon as i'm done chilling for the day.

Have some more Jabberwocky pages! Sorry if it's not many. I though I could post the whole thing here, but turns out, that's probably a stupid idea, all things considered. Though, if you're interested to see where this creepy tale goes, you can purchase the book when it comes out. I'll be sure to set up a selling post here on LJ as soon as it's printed.

Jabberwocky pages 1-4

Page 06 )

Page 07 )

Page 08 )
Page 09 )

That's all for now! 

- Isa


Mar. 17th, 2011 10:45 am
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First off, Happy St-Patrick's day to all! It's a good day to dance to jaunty music. Or drink booze. Whichever Irish stereotype you prefer, really.

Good god. I need so much sleep. But Jabberwocky is almost over. I plan on finishing the pages and illustrations on Sunday. Then all that will be left to do during the upcoming week will be touch-ups, wording and the cover. Oh my god. I actually did this. I will actually have managed to compete a full comic in a month. Jeez louise. I honestly never ever want such a crazy deadline ever again.

Link is going to be shading my namesake pages for the next two weeks. He's so sweet. Check out today's page if you want to see his handywork.

I'm currently pondering some ideas. At home, I have several fabric bracelets kinda like these :

Mine have monsters and robots and dinosaurs on them (you know why). Well, just yesterday, I found this website where you can print your own fabric and then buy it by the yard. So I though "These fabric bracelets of mine are really cool. And they sold really well at the con where I bought them. IDEA!". I'm thinking of printing some fabric with pretty drawings and making some of these bracelets. I already found instructions on how to make them. I wish I knew where I could buy the buttons to close them... But this plan could be awesome.

Anyways... Have some more Jabberwocky...

Page 1 )
Page 2 )

Page 3 (Potential Not safe for Work - Childbirth) )

Aw, crap. I just realised "Adjacent" is spelled badly. If you guys see any more of these, please let me know.

- Isa
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This post is going to be a mix-match pile of stuff methinks. 

First off, my boyfriend is really awesome. I,m glad I have him around. He'll be doing all the coloring and shading for "Namesake" until i'm done with "Jabberwocky". This helps a lot. It's a good 6 hours of work I don't have to do every week. Yay! Plus i'm not very good at it so...

I found an amusing drawing on the internet showing how to create an icecream cake. I want to make this so bad. As soon as I have more free time, you bet this is happening! (Original art by the French Toast Girl). I love ice cream cakes. This one is like... custom. I should use soft sunday ice cream though. And maybe mix the cookie crumbs directly in it.... YUM.

For a lactose intolerant girl, I sure like eating them forbidden things.

Oh, and awesomeness - The studio behind the Gorgeous film "Secret of Kells" is working on a new movie called "The song of the sea". This movie seems inspired by fairy tales such as the "Mermaid Wife" or "The Seal woman". It's fairy tales similar to the "Feather dress" in the sense that it is about a fantastic being that sues a piece of cloth to change fro her magical form to a human form and that she is bound to a man who hides the cloth. Sometimes, the wife is truly in love. Other times, she is a prisoner. This type of tales are amazing, and i'm sure this animated film will be as well. I can't wait. 

Click here to watch the teaser trailer. Yes. You want to.

On this side, Jabberwocky is going well. Only 10 or so pages left, if I include all the extra drawings. Heck yeah.

As soon as Jabberwocky is done, I have a few commissions to work on (mostly, wedding invites for a few people). Then some storyboard work and some more comic work... I'm really busy but I love it. Though, as soon as Jabberwocky is over, i'll be able to put a bit more of my free time on the social side. The other projects aren't quite as insane. 

Drawing is awesome.

- Isa
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I got to use "boobs" in a title. One of my life goals is now completed.

Sooooooooo, anyways.... Yesterday was International Women's Day. I wish I had a joke or something, but all I feel is non-humorous. Women and women that are part of minorities came a long way. We still have a long way to go for equality in the worlds of politics, science and medias (poor women in animation...), but at least there's a clear evolution going on. The whole idea of having a special day to celebrate women seems a little odd to me. In a way, it's fun, since, yay, women! They be awesome. In another way, do people even know why we celebrate? And that's it's not really a celebration? More like a reminder that people worked hard and are still working hard for equality.

As a general rule, I feel proud of all the boys and gals supporting the improvement curve in the big graph of life. But there's still a long way to go. I'm not really the type of person the hopes that everybody will be equal and friends and signing in a big circle. That would be impossible, human nature and all. But I do hope for improvement. 

In other news, I love you guys. No, really. Since Monday night, all of you have been sending me videos for the upcoming second game of American McGees Alice. Hahahah! You know what I like! I know and love the game though, i've been awaiting for the release and watching all the videos. So, yes, I do know the game. and I agree it looks AWESOME.

Last but not least, have some Jabberwocky pages. Page two!

Page 1 (in case you haven't seen it) )

That's all for now!

- Isa
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Inspiration is a funny thing. I didn't have ideas for sketch comcis for like, ever. And now that i'm working on Jabberwocky and have no free time to speak of, I have a TON of ideas. Muse, you sneaky bitch. I noted all the ideas down though. So hopefully when i'm done... COMICS!

But for now, you guys get Jabberwocky! Page 1 :

I almost replaced the text with "Oh hai. I'm just here with mah sword. Being EPIC"

The art on my Jabberwocky pages is okay. If I had a whole year to work on this project, it totally would have been better. But for something done in a single month, it's quite good. Not bad, but not perfect either. Definitely got the woodcutter style down at least. I really hope people will find this comic pretty and pick it up. argh, so nervous. "Psychopompes" will definitely have better art. This is slightly above "Namesake" level. Don't get me wrong, "Namesake" still has some dang good art. But it's not perfect.

I'm a perfectionnist-obsessy-face-workaholic.


My art has levels and layers. Just like ogres. Or cake.

In other news, i'm happy. I love manga and anime, but I haven't had many series I was really excited about lately. We have more series and books being translated, but it kinda feels like a lot of it is crap. But, I found a few things I feel in love with. First off, FLCL. I'm falling in love again because they just re-realeased this OAV on blue-ray and despite being rather down on my cash right now, I bought it like it was on fire. I'm so happy.

My second great love of Japanese origin right now is Otomegatari (by Kaoru Mori), the story of a married couple living on the silk road back in the 1500's. Why do I love it? Well, first off, despite being manga, it feels like anyone could read it and understand the cultural aspect. The focus on the every day lives and characters is gorgeous. And finally : THE DETAILS.


This is an example of how I want my inking to look one day. awesome.

This book is getting translated to English and French and should be available for pruchase in May. For now, I read the scanlations online. But I really want to buy this printed. To really take in the lavish illustrations.

Gaaah so awesome.

- Isa
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What's that? It's a comic cover for Jabberwocky. With the help of friends, I managed to unblock on the story and i'm currently drawing it. My goal is for it to be available at the TCAF (I'm going to be at the "Trip Collection" editor table, for those who might want to find me). I'm going to post the page here as I get them done, so you guys will be able to read the full 20 page story. A few pages will be under LJ-cut for violence or bloodiness (this IS the story of a girl that goes to gut a monster, after all). I hope you'll all enjoy it! I even took some days off from work to work on these all over the month of March. Isa, thy name is motivation!

I'm really happy with the cover. I love how it turned out I tried using a limited palette or reds and plums. My inking style seems to work with limited palette coloring. If I recall correctly, one of the Namesake reviewers had underlined that fact. Well, I guess it's true.

I tried to base the Jabberwock off the original "Alice through the looking glass" illustration. I love the big buck-tooth teeth. A lot of other artists make the Jabberwock look less... ridiculous. He's suppose to be a feared beast, so they make him look less grotesque and more scary and dangerous (pointy?).

I really like white, immaculate swords...

In non-drawing news... Is my apartment gonna fall on my head. I swear the pipes are plotting to kill us. They tap in the walls. There's barely any hot water. They make noises that sound like they are about to explode when the upstairs neighbor takes a shower. The whole heating in the building is done with pipes too (hot-water-based heating). So I dunno. I feel like the building has a giant, rusty pipe snake in the walls. it going to eat me?

 - Isa


Jun. 24th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Rose status Report : 34 pages on 55.



All that is left now is the final pages, the illustrations and writting my bio. Anybody has suggestions for my bio?

After Rose is done I want to finish Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky is a short comic (12-15 pages) based on the poem of the same name found in Lewis Carroll's Thru the looking Glass. And by based I mean inspired. And by inspired I mean loosely. *laughs* I pretty much just kept the idea of Alice, mirrors, Vorpal Swords and big beasties (so, basically, all the GOOD stuff.) Jabberwocky was suppose to be a short story included in the end of Rose, but as it turns out, I won't be able to finish it in time to send it to the printers... But I wanted to finish it anyways and maybe have it printed as a little booklet to give out to people who purchase Rose at the book lauch (and also, for you guys, because I am a sneaky artist).

The cover sketch is pretty rockin'....

Some may recall, but the idea for the whole comic came from this painting I did a while back...

Aside from that.... IT'S HOT DAMMIT. I decided to start working and sleeping in my living room because I have AC in there. It's the only room with AC because it's a tiny machine but it's mighty and refreshing --_--;;;;;; *sweat* *cuddles AC machine*

Aaah, I have so many fandom things I want to draw once Rose is over. I just got an idea for a bunch of cute versions of Disney Villains. Must. Draw.

In other news, I don't care what people say, I love Anastasia. I just watched my Dvd twice in the last two days....



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